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Madison Fields

0 · 529 views · located in The Camp

a character in “Camp DePrae for Troubled Youth”, as played by FanastyLife



•Name: Madison Fields

•Age: 16

•Gender: Female

•Sexual Preference: Open to both sides but usually goes with guys

•Appearance: Madison's skin is naturally bronze and tan. Her hair is long and comes down a couple of inches pass her back, her hair is brown althought depending on light it can look black. Her eyes are almond shaped and a coco brown color. She stands at 5'6 and weighs about 120 to 135 pounds.

•Personality: Madison tries to be the go with the flow type of person that everyone loves but she really likes to be in control. Mainly for the reason that she doesn't really trust people to do get things done at least not the way she wants it done, so like the saying goes "if you want something done right do it yourself". Lucky for friends and family she doesn't always have to be in control which makes her "able" to work with. Even thought her life seems to be full of drama she isn't much of a fan of it, althought when bored she is known for starting drama between people for her own enterianment. Madison has standards when it comes to accepting people as her friends they of course have to be friendly and not a total bitch, but her friends all in all have to be fun loving people who know have to just hang and party with no problem and when she needs them they have to be there for her. The thing that led Madison to this particular camp was her temper. Her temper over the years has gotten her into massive trouble including gotten her a record, got her kicked out on several occasions ( of course they always took her back thought) and she lost a couple of friends due to this one tiny issue.


. Shopping
. Getting What She Wants
. Cooking
. Animals execpt for bugs and insects becaust they are just nasty looking
. Partying
. Being With Friends
. Electronics
. Make up
. Designer Clothes
. Swimming
. Cheerleading


. Getting Finically Cut Off By Her Parents
. Police
. Demanding and Judgemental People
. Sushi
. The smell of Subways both the food place and train stations
. Hospitals
. Being Sick
. School

•History/Background: Madison like a lot of the campers at this place grew up in a rich household, she being an only child has always gotten what she wanted without a problem. Her mother is a former model who now owns her own fashion line selling clothes, jewerly, makeup, stuff of that nature and her father is the surgeon. Madison has always been an outgoing, crazy, wild child since she was little if her parents didn't give her want she wanted she through a tantrum until she got it, when she hit junior high she started shoplifting not really because she had to like come on her family is loaded, she just like the rush she got, and after she hit high school everything went downhill from there. Her and her mother started going added, she got arrested a lot which led to her record, she partied and did what she wanted. And now she has been sent to Camp Deprae, after hearing about the camp and its ability to change "problem" kids her parents made her deal that after a summer here if she changed she could stay with them no problem and if not she was being sent to a detention center.

Role: Troubled Youth at Camp

•Anything else: First off Madison has a record and not really that bad but she has been charged with the following:

~ Domestic Violence

~ Distributing Child Pornography

~ Alcohol and Drug Abuse

~ Assault

~ Shoplifting

Thes charges are the main reasons why she is here, according to her mother this is the last straw before she is sent away to a dentition center. She has a tatto on her lower back of a butterfly. She also has a yorkie named Starlight or Star for short.


So begins...

Madison Fields's Story