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Camp For The Musically Gifted

Camp For The Musically Gifted


The kids of M.G. have retured again after Christmas break, only to find a bunch of new kids there. Will these newbies be able to handle the difficulties of music camp, with the added pressure of their peers?

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Camp for the Musically Gifted

A lot of the campers refer to the camp as M.G. since it's much easier than saying the whole thing. The camp is there to help kids with their dreams of having a career in music, and work to provide help and encouragment as they develop their skills. The kids will have to have permission from their parents before signing up, as they will be away from home for 3 years. Of course, they get major holidays off, unless they decide to spend it at the camp. There is no uniform for the camp, but they do have to attack ribbons to their jeans to show which year they're from. 1st Year have a black ribbon, 2nd Year have a blue ribbon, 3rd year have a white ribbon.

There are many living cabins in the camp. 3 for girls, 3 for boys, 1 for teachers. The student's cabins are reasonably sized, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room. The teacher's are just the same, but they each have a seperate bedroom and bathroom. The other cabins/buildings are:
+ The Dining Hall - Where kids will have their breakfast, lunch and dinner.
+ Snackbar - A small stall next to the dining hall where kids can buy little snacks and drinks inbetween their main meals.
+ Classroom 1 - This is specific to those who sing.
+ Classroom 2 - This is specific to those who play an instrument, whatever it may be.
+ Classroom 3 - This is specific to those who want to play both.
+ Activities House - Where kids go to take part in clubs that aren't being put on by the school. e.g. A capella groups, bands, orchestras, social clubs or possibly even just a party.
+ Mr. Allen's office - Where Mr. Allen, the head of camp, works. It may also be known as the reception.


[Wake up time: 1 hour] | [Breakfast: 1 hour] | [Period 1: 1 hour] | [Period 2: 1 hour] | [Lunch: 1 hour] | [Period 3: 1 hour] [Period 4: 1 hour] | [Dinner: 1 hour] | [Sparetime: Rest of the day]

Students will be given this timetable on a piece of paper. If they lose it, they must see Mr. Allen in his office to ask for a new one. They will be asked to follow the timetable strictly, no exceptions. Students wake up at 6am and go to bed at 10pm.


Camp Leader/Head Teacher

1: [Joseph Allen] | [28] | [Johnny Depp] | [Male] | [All subjects] | Taken by RawkFist


1: [Name] | [Age] | [Amy Lee] | [Female] | [Vocal Coach/Piano Teacher] | Reserved by Wolfheart
2: [Name] | [Age] | [Face Claim] | [Gender] | [Subject] | Open
3: [Name] | [Age] | [Face Claim] | [Gender] | [Subject] | Open

1st Year

1: [Jamie Sullivan] | [16] | [Anna Kendrick] | [Female] | [Voice] | Taken by RawkFist
2: [Name] | [Age] | [Sky Ferreira] | [Female] | [Instrument] | Reserved by Echo_Rose
3: [Name] | [Age] | [Face Claim] | [Gender] | [Instrument] | Open
4: [Name] | [Age] | [Face Claim] | [Gender] | [Instrument] | Open

2nd Year

1: [Thomas Sutton] | [17] | [Alex Evans] | [Male] | [Piano] | Taken by WhySoSerious?
2: [Name] | [Age] | [Lily Collins] | [Female] | [Voice & Harp] | Reserved by Missie
3: [Name] | [Age] | [Kelsey Chow] | [Female] | [Piano] | Reserved by akjadestar
4: [Name] | [Age] | [Face Claim] | [Gender] | [Instrument] | Open

3rd Year

1: [Name] | [Age] | [Emma Watson] | [Female] | [Instrument] | Reserved by SilverAngelWings
2: [Name] | [Age] | [Face Claim] | [Gender] | [Instrument] | Open
3: [Name] | [Age] | [Face Claim] | [Gender] | [Instrument] | Open
4: [Name] | [Age] | [Face Claim] | [Gender] | [Instrument] | Open

Character Skelly

Name: [Full]
Age: [1st Years are 16, 2nd are 17, 3rd are 18]
Year: [1, 2 or 3? The older the year, the more experienced they are]
Likes: [Atleast 3]
Dislikes: [Atleast 3]
Relationship Interest(s): [Who in the camp has caught your attention? Don't have to pick one, it's just nice to know. Can have more than 1, but don't go overboard and have every boy/girl here]
Instrument: [Yes, vocals count as an instrument. You must have atleast 1, no more than 3]
Voice Claim: [For singers only. Cannot have the same claim as someone else]
Face Claim:
Personality: [Limit of one decent sized paragraph]
Appearance: [A picture/gif is allowed if you don't want to write this out. I won't judge you if you use one. I know I did]
History: [Doesn't have to be in immense detail or go back to your birth, it can simply just be a few sentences about how you found the camp or what you did to make your parents send you there]

Name: [Full]
Age: [20-30]
Year: [Which year do you specialise in teaching?]
Likes: [Atleast 3]
Dislikes: [Atleast 3]
Subject: [Can have more than 1, but can't be any more than 4. All must be related to music. This isn't regular school, it's purely for music]
Preferred Instrument: [Can have more than 1, but no more than 4. Vocals count as an instrument]
Voice Claim: [For singers only, cannot have the same claim as someone else]
Face Claim:
Personality: [Are you strict, fun, etc? Remember, no one is perfect. Even the best of teachers have their flaws]
Appearance: [Can be a gif/picture if you don't want to write it out]


+ No drama in OOC. Save that for the roleplay.
+ Stick to your timetable.
+ Do not disrespect the teachers.
+ Don't claim to be the best musician in the world. If you're a 1st Year, chances are you're much less skilled than the higher years and the teachers. Remember that fact.
+ Romance is allowed, I just don't want the entire roleplay to be centered around it.
+ Drama is encouraged. But please, nothing inapropriate like rape, suicide, etc.
+ Be as literate as possible. Typos are allowed, so long as they are corrected if noticed. I know I tend to make a lot of typos, but I read through my posts regularly and fix anything noticed.
+Try to atleast post 100 words, nothing smaller. Also, don't have your posts like two pages long. I find it frustrating when I come on and find those, makes it boring to read.

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Character Portrait: Thomas Sutton
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Character Portrait: Danika Quellen
Danika Quellen

"Id rather sing then talk.."

Character Portrait: Thomas Sutton
Thomas Sutton

"What I wouldn't give to end all of this..."


Character Portrait: Thomas Sutton
Thomas Sutton

"What I wouldn't give to end all of this..."

Character Portrait: Danika Quellen
Danika Quellen

"Id rather sing then talk.."

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Character Portrait: Danika Quellen
Danika Quellen

"Id rather sing then talk.."

Character Portrait: Thomas Sutton
Thomas Sutton

"What I wouldn't give to end all of this..."

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Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Hi sorry for being late but can I change my Lilly Collins FC to candid swanepoel?

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Can I reserve a 3rd year, face claim Cher Lloyd?

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Im working onbmy character now but decided to change the fc to Melissa Benoist

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Hey you! Lol
Okay so can I reserve a year one girl, who plays the cello and may her faceclaim be Christina Millan?

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Everyone who asked for a reservation has been given one. I'm sorry for my impatience, but if you could put up your character application ASAP that would be great. Thank you.

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Sorry, after some reflection I probably shouldn't be joining another RP. Reservation request withdrawn.

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Can I reserve a 2nd year with Lily collins as the fc who sings and plays harp?

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Could I reserve a girl in the second year who plays piano? With Kelsey Chow as the faceclaim :)

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Hm, why not. This looks interesting. Could I reserve a boy in the second year, if you please?

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Can i reserve a teacher? If possible can she be the Piano Teacher and Vocal Coach? And if so her FC will be Amy Lee!

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

may i reserve a first year. fc Sky Ferreira. its 1am now so moat likely will be able to get her up tomorrow

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

Sure thing. Put her application up as soon as possible.

Re: Camp For The Musically Gifted

May I reserve a 3rd hear girl? Her faced claim will be emma watson

Camp For The Musically Gifted

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