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Alexandra Lopez

Fine... here's your money back

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a character in “Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United”, as played by jackrules158



Call me Alexandra again and you’ll find more than just your stuff missing


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ImageAlexandra Lopez

Name: Alex:

Age: 16

Gender: Female:

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nationality: American with Latina heritage

Godparent: Hermes

Faceclaim: Selena Gomez


5 feet 6 inches

120 lbs

Alex has most of her life had a really bad reputation because she loves to steal. Well correction she likes to steal at least 75% of the time. The other 25% she can’t control her urge to steal it’s like a sneeze and its something that only children of Hermes understand. Alex has a pretty decent sense of fasion she likes to look good because well she’s a teenage girl. While Alex has a very bad reputation she does have groups of close friends. When she is caught stealing she is usually very apologetic and often gives the item back. Though this is most likely to avoid getting in trouble after being caught. Alex is very friendly is incredibly loyal to her friends. Alex acts on instinct or her emotions a lot. She is incredibly stubborn making it hard to change her mind once she’s decided what she’s going to do.

ImageLikes: Stealing, haning with friends, music, looking good, boys,girls, and her winged shoes

Dislikes: spiders, jerks, backstabbers, tomatoes,chick flicks

Talents: stealing, picking locks, sword fighting/fencing, archery,

Flaws: immaturity, stubbornness,

Fears: being alone, spiders,

Weapon: Celestial bronze Short sword

Teleportation: Alex can teleport various places due to her dad being the God of Travelers the farther the distance the more energy it costs her to do it and she can't telport from insie the camp to outsde the camp

Can break open virtually any lock magically

Can steal many things without being noticed

Image[color=purple]Bio: Alex was born and raised in The Big Apple. Her mother was a local police chief who happened to fall for a local crook who happened to be Hermes. Alex was the result of that brief affair. No one ever found out about it and shortly after Alex was born her mom met and fell in love with a big time prosecutor who also loved Alex.

ALex was spoiled rotten by her step father anything she wanted she could have. Shortly after she turned 10 her baby brother was born and everything changed. She was no longer spoiled like she was. So in order to get what she wanted and to get more attention she began to steal small things like candy from stores. I I took here a while to get caught. But by the time she turned 15 sshe had had been to Juvenille hall three times. Her mom filing most of the charges. During her last visit she gained a new parole officer by the name of Carmelita who finally sat down with alex and her mom where she gave ALex's mom the letter and they all agreed the best thing for Alex was to stay at Camp Fullblood year round to keep her out of trouble.

So begins...

Alexandra Lopez's Story

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Mirajane Stanhope

Mirajane woke up and looked around her cabin. She’d never gone to any sort of summer camp and had never in fact had any roommates before either. The whole having to wake up at a certain time in the daytime really bummed her out, being a girl who naturally loves sleeping…likes naps and stuff.

Anyways, Mira get dressed and prettied herself by brushing her hair and putting on her favorite sun dress (The lacey neck magenta colored dress). She liked how it fit her and how flattering it was to her figure, she just hoped that people wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about her choices in clothing as it was very feminine of her to almost always be wearing sun dresses or any kind of skirts or dresses for that matter.

After fulfilling her daily morning routine, Mira grabbed her latest reading book, “Greek Monsters: The Famous and Infamous.” She stepped out of the cabin and into the warm sunlight and fresh air. “Ahh.” She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly with a content smile. “What a perfect day.” She started walking around the camp and saw all kinds of people running about. She passed the training area and saw a couple of muscle-y guys trying to impress a few girls who were giggling and watching them. Mirajane looked closely between the girls and boys and saw that only one girl and one boy were actually in a relationship together…the others were just there to watch and flirt. Mirajane thought it innocent and a bit funny and giggled as she went on her way, unnoticed by them all. She then walked to the festivities in the center of the camp and looked around eagerly at the fun colorful games. She saw ring toss, javelin throwing, duels between a few skilled swordsmen, and of course the food. She went over and grabbed an apple then thanked the lady who gave it to her, then headed over to the picnic area. Mirajane hummed a lovely song to herself and found a spot on the soft, green grass and holding the apple in her mouth she began to sit down and read her book.

As she read she couldn’t help, but get a funny feeling about the upcoming events for the days. Even though she didn’t know what the counselors had planned for their activities, she felt like she would either be disappointed or frightened by it. As she was worrying about nothing to herself she caught a glimpse of a few people she knew; Alexandra, Kurai,and of course Lucas, who looked like he was up to trouble again…or maybe he looked like he was trying to find a place to nap, Mira couldn’t tell. After, finishing her apple and placed it next to her not wanting to throw it somewhere and potentially hurt someone and continued to read her book. As she read she couldn’t help but twist her golden bow that was in its current form, the ring.

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This carnival was a waste of his night. He didn't talk to many people and now he was surrounded by them. Mingling and having some sort of fun. They were demi gods for christ sakes. Something out there was trying to kill them, or trying to convince them to kill others. In his case it was the latter one.He hated that pressure especially when he was against it 100%. He doesn't want to hurt anybody and even if he did, he wasn't going to do it for his father.

Ten sighed and changed the song on his iPod. He needed something upbeat to keep him from getting upset with his father. Sail by Awolnation came on and it helped him calm down. Just then something in his pocket shifted and he stopped walking. Quickly he grabbed the hand that was in there and yanked it out. Keeping the tight grip on the hand he turned faced the owner of it. He came face to face with Alex. The thief of the camp. He had half a mind to snap her neck, but he didn't.

He pulled his headphones out and glared at her. He kept his grip on her hands. "What the hell were you doing in my pocket Alex?" he asked with a bitter tone. His glare was intense and he was making direct eye contact with her. He wasn't going to break it for one thing. He doesn't usually get angry unless thoughts of his father come about, but this girl was always trying to steal from him. He had nothing of value, but it still angered him.

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Ten didn't know how to take her confession. With her wrist in his hand he could easily break it with a flick of his wrist, but that wouldn't go over easy with Amphytriton. But she deserved it. So does everyone else that she has ever stolen from, but he dropped her wrist. He didn't break the glare. "If I catch you again, you can say goodbye to your hand," he threatened. His threat wasn't empty, he meant what he said.

With that he walked away from her to 'enjoy' the rest of this evening. But now he was angry and upset because Alex thought it was okay to steal from him. He took his headphones out and wrapped them neatly around his iPod. The sound of laughter and chatter annoyed him, but he wasn't in the mood to listen to his music any longer. Up a head he saw Phoenix. She was playing a game and he just stood there watching her.

You could say they were friends when really, he tolerated her. She didn't talk to much and she knew better than to irritate him. The encounter with Alex was a definite what not to do. "Hi," he said from behind Phoenix.