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Alphonse Andrews

"The difference between right and wrong is obvious."

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a character in “Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United”, as played by Venom0861


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[color=COLOR OF CHOICE] This world is perfectly imperfect. Those who wish to upset the balance will face the ultimate justice.[/color]


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Image[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Name:Alphonse Andrews[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Nicknames/Titles:[/color]Al

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Age:16[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Gender:Male[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Sexuality:Heterosexual[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Nationality:50% American, 25% German, 25% Other[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Divine Parent: Themis Titaness of Divine Law[/color]

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Face Claim/Physical Appearance:[/color] Death the Kid: Soul Eater
Alphonse stands rather tall at 6'4". While not outwardly muscle bound his body is lithe and covered in compact muscle. He is very solid. At first glance most people would pass over him as a weakling. His pitch black hair is flawless... other than the witches stripes around the left side of his head. No matter the amount of sun he gets his skin will stay a light pale. Not sickly, but he won't tan. Normally his eyes are a pale gold color but when enraged they will glow brightly becoming almost exceptionally luminous. Al always dresses with black being the primary color of his clothing. He's switched from his stand of wearing suits to a more comfortable and movement freeing jeans and t-shirt.

Image[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Birthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings:[/color]His skin is completely flawless. Any surface wounds he receives he will ten to "religiously" to ensure that they will seal and heal without leaving any trace of a scar.

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Height:[/color]6'4"

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Weight:[/color]190

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Personality:[/color] Alphonse in one word would be described as, decisive. Thanks to his mother he is quickly able to see through lies and deceit and will ensure swift judgment as to how he will remember and treat the offender in the future. That isn't to say he can't tell the difference between a little white lie and someone trying to trick their way close to him. If you gain his trust he will become one of the most steadfast friends you could have by your side always listening and watching. Other times he can be completely obsessive. Symmetry is quite important to him. While he won't be reduced to a nosebleed if things aren't in order it will certainly distract him. His OCD is mostly controllable when not in his own living area. If something in his room goes missing or is out of place he will become quite enraged.

Image[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Likes:[/color]
Seeing balance being preserved.
Pomegranates, The inside is symmetrical and the seeds are delicious.

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Dislikes:[/color]
His possessions being moved.
People pointing out his hair.
His mortal family.
People or creatures attempting to abuse their power

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Talents:[/color]
Truth's Eyes: He is able to detect and see through most lies.
Abnormal strength: For someone of his build and lineage his strength is more advanced than most would believe possible.
Flexibility: Alphonse is incredibly flexible

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Flaws:[/color]
Minor to moderate OCD
The slight headache brought by complete disorganization.

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Fears:[/color]
The camp closing and having to return to his mortal family.
His mother deserting him more than she has.

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Weapon:[/color]
Justice's Spear: While on his travels to camp Themis appeared to him for a short while and gave him two bronze bracers. The one on his right hand opens into an 8 foot spear. The one on his left is nothing special. It was just given to him so he could use the other. When thrown the spear will reappear in Al's hand approx. 5 seconds after coming to a stop.

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Ability(ies):[/color]
Defender of Justice: While in battle Al can call upon his power to charge his spear with the power of balance to harder hit those who seek to upset the balance of power.

Oracle's Vision: Themis was once an Oracle of Delphi. This heritage has given Al the ability to glance into the future. The visions last only a few seconds and rarely are useful. As he grows he will become able to make more use of the ability.

Image[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Bio:[/color]
Alphonse was born into a rather well off family. Normally this would lead off to a pleasant childhood. This was not the case. Al's father was a judge. One of the busiest and most often employed in the county.

His father never married after being with Themis. His heart was broken and every day living with Al was a reminder of what he could never again have. As often as possible he would avoid contact with Al to the point where up to a week would pass with no interaction between them. Al's childhood was a long and lonely one. In the mortal world those with witch's stripes are normally avoided to begin with. Add onto that ADHD OCD and dyslexia no one wanted anything to do with the boy.

The one time Al was with his father long enough to ask about his mother his father's response was to strike him across the face. As he stood over him he glared and with all of the hatred he could muster. "Never speak to me about her again." Somehow Al could see through what his father had said. He wasn't angry at all. Behind the anger was a pain so deep seeded that it had become his fathers entire being. Such the years passed. Al was never able to please his father, and he never did press the issue about his mother.

That is until one day right after turning 13 he got a very odd letter in the mail. He opened it up and started to read. The ease with which he read the letter surprised him as he rushed through it at least 3 times before noticing the red cloth in the envelope. Smiling wider than he ever had before he waited at the table for his dad to return home. After a very reluctant discussion about his past and his mother they agreed. It was time for Al to leave and become a year round camper at Camp Fullblood.

Al ran and hung up the flag in the biggest window he could find and skipping the last two weeks of school he and his new protector went to find the camp where he could finally be with people who may understand him.

[color=COLOR OF CHOICE]Other:[/color]

So begins...

Alphonse Andrews's Story

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Al jumped out of bed quickly getting ready for the camp activities. He looked around his room if you could call it that. He shared the Themis cabin with one other camper. She was alright by normal standards and decent by his. She was quiet and respectful and like him didn't have much time for those trying to further themselves. They'd reached a quick understanding about most of Al's oddities and hers as well. Which was good since for the first few days she wouldn't stop bothering him about his hair.

He shrugged as he fixed a few things putting them back in their place after he'd knocked them over last night. Once he'd finished fixing everything and getting ready he was about to walk out the door and join the festivities when he stopped turning around he grabbed the golden bracers his mother had given him. While it was unlikely he would need them it was comforting to know that he could defend him self when needed. Another flick of thought and he grabbed his cloak throwing the hood up. It wasn't cold but the fewer people who could see and question his hair the better day he'd have.

Having finally gotten ready for the day he walked out of the cabin and began to look through the different games. Finding nothing that interested him he walked to the dining pavilion for breakfast. Going through the line he grabbed two pomegranates. He deftly cut them open and as he walked by the ever burning fire knelt down and set two of the halves into the fire. It was more than they had to offer, but giving one of two to his mother seemed more fair even if the Titans didn't really need it it just seemed right that he did. He sat down towards the back corner of the pavilion and began picking through the seeds wondering when the big game announcement would come through telling everyone what their evening activities would be.