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Lucas O'Connell

"You are a Fool to fight The son of the Earth-shaker"

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a character in “Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United”, as played by Soki



"I didn't choose to be the son of Poseidon, but I'll live up to the Earth-Shaker's name."


Normal || Fine Again | Seether ||
Fighting || Carry on | Avenged Sevenfold ||
Emotional || The Kill | 30 Seconds To Mars ||
Crazy || Radioactive | Imagine Dragons ||


ImageName:Lucas O'Connell

Nicknames/Titles:Soki, Sokifish,Luke,O'Connell,Coral brain





Godly Parent:Poseidon




Personality:Lucas is very much like his father; or as most people compare to the sea. Most days he's calm and laid back, ready to go with the flow, but there are days where his temper is at an all time high and he can be mean, and cold to anyone in his wake. Though on his calm days he's a great person to be around, funny; and cheerful always ready to throw out a joke or give a hand to anyone who wants one.
He has a bit of a mischievous side as well, practical jokes being one of his main sorts of entertainment, a good bucket of water above a doorway, or even a simple stink bomb; he doesn't much care for the cunning of the joke, just the punch line.
Lucas does have a serious side when it comes to something he likes; sword fighting being the most prominent; though that doesn't stop him from trying to be the joker of the group.

Through all this though, Lucas tries to maintain the look of a fool; never serious; always joking, though in regards to that is due to his past, but deep down he is an able-bodied man, ready to jump at first notice to help someone, anyone in need even at the risk of life and limb, he always puts others first and foremost, before himself. Because of this, he is always ready for a good fight, to defend his friends and family.

Lazy days
practical Jokes
good books

overly busy days
scorching weather
sore losers
people without senses of humor
mean spirited people


loyal to a fault
never backs down

Fears: to return home and find his sisters and mother dead.

Weapon:Lucas uses a sword that was given to him by his father for his seventeenth birthday, the blade and hilt of the sword are of oriental make, a Large Japanese Katana. The blade itself decorated with cherry blossoms flowing along a wave on the length of the blade; giving it a blue sheen, The sword itself is magical granted it does not bolster his abilities in anyway, but helps him control it, instead of it being chaotic or temperamental like the waves of the ocean.

Abilities:Since Lucas is a son of Poseidon he has control over all things water, be it a small little puddle, to the vastness of the ocean. That and the ability to breath underwater and commune with horses due to his father being the creator of the first horse and it's decedents. The water also heals him significantly when injured and bolsters his strength, and abilities in battle when he is in water.

Bio:Lucas' life was pretty simple, born in Dublin Ireland to a tough as nails Irish woman, and a mysterious father whom was never there. His life was pretty quiet during his toddler years. Though it really started to change when he turned nine, his mother, who had fallen in love with an American; who was on leave from service, which to spare the boring details they were soon married with a daughter on the way, and it wasn't long after a second was born as well. Due to his new step-dad they were moved to America post-haste; Brooklyn New York to be exact, when he was roughly eleven. He spent most of his teenage years getting into trouble; to many practical jokes here or there, fights and such, but regardless off all the troubles he had with schooling he tended to try his hardest; or at least the hardest he could for his mother.

Life seemed okay until his step-dad seemingly died during service, breaking his mother's heart, and leaving him to fill the rule of "man of the house" so to speak. Thirteen years of age; Lucas matured quick, always putting on a happy-go-lucky smile and keeping his sisters laughing, and his mother smiling, even though she was broken hearted. His fighting with others slightly diminished, his pranks as well, unless they were to make his sisters smile, but other then that he started to grow up to help out more around the house. When he turned fifteen he got a small job to help pay the bills. It wasn't much but it was all he could do to make sure his sisters, had a good life and his mother didn't need to stress. He himself found in outlet in sports, Football, (since he's Irish he means Soccer) Track, and a Bushido team, as well as a minor extra credit language class: Japanese. Which he was giddy about taking, world history having been one of his top favorite class, a learning about japan had sparked in interest about the countries culture and history; which many of his friends and class mate's found strange, but with all the stress and hard-work at home, he needed a release in any form.

All was looking brighter for the family of four. Though for a Demigod, nothing good lasts forever, his sixteenth birthday was met with strange things, he began to run into bad luck sort of speak; the bullies became meaner, always goading him to fight; his literature teacher was replaced by a cold-hearted woman, and needless to say he couldn't go two blocks without running into someone who would stare at him like a four-course meal. Though upon his return home, he came across a present on his bed; a large one wrapped in blue gift wrapping; decorated with coral and other sea things. He was quite awe-struck by what he found in it. A large sword, of Japanese make, with oriental designs upon the blade itself giving it a dull blue sheen. The birthday gift was odd in the fact that when he picked it up the air around him smelled faintly of the sea, noticing a note in the box. "Let this ever serve to protect you my son, in your hour of need this blade will not fail you. To make it easier to travel with face the blade upside down and tap the pommel" He didn't quite understand what the, letter meant but all the same it was nice to get a gift from his father. After he studied the blade a little longer he did as the note suggested, and as soon as he tapped the pommel the sword shrunk almost instantly in his hand instead rested a ring decorated with the ocean waves with cherry blossoms flowing along, other then that it was a simple ring. He slid it onto his right ring finger. He spent the rest of the night with a smile on his face and a joke ready for both his sisters and his mother.

Throughout the next year the weirdness grew; more angry and mean teachers joined the staff, strange people on his walks home watching him, as if waiting to strike. It wasn't until he got home and his mother gave him a letter. A letter she had been keeping from him, for five years. Once opened and read his mind couldn't quite comprehend it, but with a smile from his mother and an explanation of what the letter meant, and who she suspected his father was He was packed light, and was on bus ride to the address of the letter.

So begins...

Lucas O'Connell's Story

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#, as written by Soki
Luke wasn't really into the whole 'festival' scene; to many bad horror movies with carny killers, regardless of the fact that he was a half-blood of a Greek God and that he didn't have to worry to much about mortal killers, as much as monsters. Though this didn't change the fact that he really didn't feel the need to participate It had nothing to do with his swordsmanship, nor his abilities with water, so he wasn't going to bother, in fact he was going to be lazy and just enjoy the silence of the beach area. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the company of others, it was just more to his style to enjoy areas where he could easily take a nice cat-nap.

His life had camp had been a series of punks on random campers, and realistic excuses to get out of things he didn't enjoy, as he had understood they were here to learn how to survive out in the world that was literally out to kill them, not make wallets and sing camp-fire songs, did he seem like the type to sing a camp-fire song? A surfboard shoved into the sand and his head rested against his arms that braced his back against the surfboard.

A gentle breeze, and the calm sounds of the water slapping the shore, was more soothing then the happy noises and terrible carny music playing behind him. Luke was perfectly relaxed and nearly asleep, but few stray campers who's laughs and loud voices made him open his eyes with a sigh. "Never a moment of peace.." He mumbled to himself standing up and brushing the sand off the back of him. Once he finished with that he grabbed his board and moved his way back towards his cabin.

The only son of Poseidon was fine with him, an entire cabin all to himself meant he could sleep there without the worry of some half-sibling interrupting his naps, that and with the sea-foam fountain, and the coral decorations on the wall, as well as the wall being build with different types of coral, and other sea things. Once he put his board away, and exited the cabin. He let out a light sigh, a nap interrupted; a safe-heaven invaded he was left with no other choice but to try and enjoy a bit of the festival; maybe the dinning pavilion after sleeping a good meal sounded, well good.

A short walk to the dining pavilion, stopped by a recognized face. Minna; "Hey there" he called out. "why aren't you hitting up the festivities, I didn't take you for the type to skip out on the possibility of making new friends." He said this with a simple shrug of his shoulders. He personally wouldn't be skipping out on it either if he found something he liked to do, but he had to have the urge to find something he liked to do there, it was a circle of hypocritical laziness. Though it was sometimes just an act, he normally wasn't really lazy half the time when he'd escape out of doing something he didn't like, he could be found practicing his swordsmanship, or he could actually be found sleeping it was a fifty/fifty kinda thing. "I know, wanna take in the sights together? maybe you could even help me prank some other campers?" He suggested it could be fun having someone along on one of his pranks. Though even if they didn't do that, at least hanging around with someone could be a way for him to get out of the habit of always getting out of situations to nap.

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Mirajane Stanhope

Mirajane woke up and looked around her cabin. She’d never gone to any sort of summer camp and had never in fact had any roommates before either. The whole having to wake up at a certain time in the daytime really bummed her out, being a girl who naturally loves sleeping…likes naps and stuff.

Anyways, Mira get dressed and prettied herself by brushing her hair and putting on her favorite sun dress (The lacey neck magenta colored dress). She liked how it fit her and how flattering it was to her figure, she just hoped that people wouldn’t jump to any conclusions about her choices in clothing as it was very feminine of her to almost always be wearing sun dresses or any kind of skirts or dresses for that matter.

After fulfilling her daily morning routine, Mira grabbed her latest reading book, “Greek Monsters: The Famous and Infamous.” She stepped out of the cabin and into the warm sunlight and fresh air. “Ahh.” She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly with a content smile. “What a perfect day.” She started walking around the camp and saw all kinds of people running about. She passed the training area and saw a couple of muscle-y guys trying to impress a few girls who were giggling and watching them. Mirajane looked closely between the girls and boys and saw that only one girl and one boy were actually in a relationship together…the others were just there to watch and flirt. Mirajane thought it innocent and a bit funny and giggled as she went on her way, unnoticed by them all. She then walked to the festivities in the center of the camp and looked around eagerly at the fun colorful games. She saw ring toss, javelin throwing, duels between a few skilled swordsmen, and of course the food. She went over and grabbed an apple then thanked the lady who gave it to her, then headed over to the picnic area. Mirajane hummed a lovely song to herself and found a spot on the soft, green grass and holding the apple in her mouth she began to sit down and read her book.

As she read she couldn’t help, but get a funny feeling about the upcoming events for the days. Even though she didn’t know what the counselors had planned for their activities, she felt like she would either be disappointed or frightened by it. As she was worrying about nothing to herself she caught a glimpse of a few people she knew; Alexandra, Kurai,and of course Lucas, who looked like he was up to trouble again…or maybe he looked like he was trying to find a place to nap, Mira couldn’t tell. After, finishing her apple and placed it next to her not wanting to throw it somewhere and potentially hurt someone and continued to read her book. As she read she couldn’t help but twist her golden bow that was in its current form, the ring.

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#, as written by Elyon

Minna smiled at Luke as he approached her. Step one of making friends, smile. More often then not, her face would be pulled into a small frown as she thought about whatever caught her fancy at that moment. "Good morning, Luke." Minna was unusually chipper this morning, despite her early frustrations. "While I would love to join you in a prank, I don't think I would be any good at it." She shrugged in disappointment. Tapping her finger to her chin, she added, "You could teach me."

Minna dutifully followed Luke as he showed her the ropes of pulling a prank. She wasn't one to be mean-spirited, but the harmless jokes gave her a good laugh.

Hearing another familiar voice call out to her, she turned to face Wallace. She returned his smile at his antics. "Hey there, Wallace. I'm having a lot of fun today. This festival was just what I needed, honestly." Minna slumped against the wall a little, just realizing how taxing it was to be around all these memories. They'd been buzzing in her ears all day, peculiarly frantic. She brushed it off as still being around all the new people. "I think I need some lunch."

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(Double post, whoopsie! I got it for ya Bella. ~Shishi)

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Mira woke up when she felt a slight breeze fall upon her body and gave goosebumps. She shivered and sat up   stretching then fixing her small ruffled pink skirt. She ran a hand through her white hair and looked around. She saw a large group of guys trying to flirt with her half sisters but the hot springs and she giggled and quickly getting up and running in the other direction, not wanting to been seen by them all. She rubbed her arms and walked towards the food booths and browsed through the offerings and shrugged feeling not in the mood for the food at the moment. 

As she walked away she saw Wallace, Luke and Minna standing around talking. Mirajane ran over to the group and shyly hugged wallace's side like a little kid would. She shivered and said, "Hello everyone. It's a lovely day out don't you think?" she shivered then added, "but I'm just feeling a bit cold is all." she looked up at wallace and smiled blushing a little. "wally can you keep warm? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?" she asked him, looking innocently and hopefully up at him as she still hugged tightly or lightly onto him since her strength is not that great in comparison to most others.

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#, as written by Soki

He had been showing Minna how to pull harmless pranks on the festival goers, innocent little jokes buckets of water splashing down over heads; tap of the shoulder and walk away. He didn't think to pull anything that could be taken offensively at the very least not with Minna around. He reserved those types of pranks to the people he felt needed a bit of comedy in their lives, even if it had to be forced.

It didn't take long though for someone else to spot them. Wallace; someone he wasn't expecting to find them, well not yet anyway he hadn't thought of a really good prank to pull on the male so he wasn't outwardly searching for him. He shook his head a bit, as the male waved like one of those inflatable tube men as he ran towards them. (course it was with one hand not both) Once he reached them, and began to comment on the festival going on around them. He gave a slight shrug as Minna said her piece. He had been about to open his mouth when she finished, but before he could someone else appeared. Mirajane; She hugged at his waist much like a shy child would a sibling's. When she finished talking he waited a bit before he finally decided to talk. "I guess this has been interesting, I'm not one for festivals; to many weird memories and such; but it has been fun having so many people near by to prank and them not know it was me." He said with a Cheshire grin upon his face. "And it's been a nice day; I was relaxing at the beach a nice nap until a couple of people showed up and ruined the silence." He took a small breath and continued, "If you're hungry you can go ahead and go grab a bite to eat Minna, I can show you more pranks later, or whenever we get another chance." He said with a cheerful smile in her direction.

It had been a couple of minutes and his name wasn't being screamed out-loud for all to hear yet. Which was bothersome. It meant he wasn't somehow terrorizing people with his bad puns, and funny pranks; and that just wasn't fair! He had to share his comedy with everyone, wither they liked it or not. Wallace, Minna, and Mira could tag along, but he was getting restless standing still, part of it being the ADHD being half-blood and all, but most of it was he hadn't pranked enough people yet. "Well I'd stick around to talk more, but I feel people are a little to draw for my liking, and there's more suckers to be had you know?" He said taking one, two steps back. "So I'm going to go ahead and find some more easy prey; You three are welcome to tag a long, but you don't need to feel pressured too, specially you Minna; I'd rather you go eat if you're really hungry. I can walk you over there if you want" Though when he realized what he said he added in haste. "I mean; there could be people over there too comfortable, I'll need to give them their due; I can't play favorites with my pranks you know!" He added with a wag of his left index finger and a wink. "Everyone gets at least one prank a day, and if i can't get to you in that twenty-four hours, i'll get you twice the next day!" He added with a warning for the three there, course he added a large smile; which he hoped they took as it wouldn't be too bad since he wasn't really into hurting people's feelings. "Either way, before the best part of the day; I've got more humor to spread!"