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Minna Dietrich

Sometimes a memory is all you have left

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a character in “Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United”, as played by Elyon




If you've forgotten something, it wasn't important enough to you to remember.


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ImageName: Minna Dietrich

Nicknames/Titles: Min, Minnie

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nationality: German

Divine Parent: Mnemosyne - Goddess of Memories and Time; Inventor of Language and Words

Face Claim/Physical Appearance: Like her mother, Minna has thick auburn hair that blazes in the sun. The loose curls are her pride and joy. The bright blue eyes that sat upon her face held a curiosity for the world that is rarely rivaled. Her skin was a smooth porcelain with a few imperfections here and there: an abundance of freckles and a few scars litter her body. None of theses "imperfections" could be found on her face. Face Claim: Naida Esra

ImageBirthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Minna has a tattoo spanning almost the entirety of her left side. Beginning at her hip she has a flowering tree branch and winding up her waist and ending just below her clavicle. A large bird taking flight is just under the left side of her breast. She also has a tattoo of 3 black stars of varying sizes on the back of her neck. These are rarely seen and only when her thick hair is up. Her tattoos are secret to all as she was underage and her stepmother would never approve of them. Minna only has a few small scars throughout her body despite her abusive childhood, her stepmother was usually careful enough to not leave marks.

Height: 5'2

Weight: 100 lbs

Personality: Minna is a quiet girl, not shy necessarily, just quiet. Her calm demeanor attracts people of all types. She tends to be popular and can usually be found in the center of the crowd. Not often will she call attention upon herself, but at times she can be just as passionate as those that surround her. More often than not, she can be found daydreaming or lost in memories that may not be her own.

Minna takes after her mother's affinity for reason and is often regarded as wise, though she is still a teenager and can be impulsive at times. She is patient with all creatures and doesn't let negativity impact her life. She is strong in who she is and takes change in full stride. Minna, despite going to a camp that emphasizes weapons training, is a lover and is nearly helpless in a fight. She doesn't like harming others without reason.

Though her patience is seemingly endless, she does have her breaking point. It has only been reach a few times in her life, but she is not a force to be reckoned with. Once she has been angered to this point, her personality takes a complete turn. Irrational and acting on instinct alone, she will use her abilities actively and with little thought of the repercussions. Even Minna is terrified of herself.

ஃ Thinking of the past
ஃ Being around people
ஃ Being in the rain
ஃ Animals
ஃ Running

ஃ Her stepmother
ஃ Violence/Conflict
ஃ Swimming
ஃ Getting in trouble
ஃ Being cooped up

ஃ Determining weaknesses and strengths
ஃ Brave
ஃ Connecting to people and understanding them
ஃ Stealth

ஃ Severely incapable in a fight
ஃ Cannot swim
ஃ Not very strong physically
ஃ Reading and Writing

ஃ Drowning
ஃ Hurting someone due to her lack of control

Weapon: Her history with violence makes Minna reluctant to take up a weapon, though she is reasonable enough to realize that not everyone will want to talk out issues. She carries a small, simple dagger as it's use is fairly straight forward. She is eager to learn ways of disarming opponants without actually injuring them, though she has yet to do so.

ஃ Memory Reading: The ability to relive memories of others as though they were your own. (Though she's gotten better, sometimes this is unintentional)
ஃ Memory Manipulation: The ability to change a person's memory of an event, person, etc. (Takes a lot of energy)
ஃ Passive: As her mother was the inventor of language, she can usually understand people speaking languages she's never heard before. The same does not go for reading or writing.

Minna was born to the Titaness Mnemosyne and a human man, Harrison. Harrison was eccentric and loved to have fun. Part of what drew the Titaness to him was his ignorance to reason. He had never needed any reason to do anything besides how much fun he would get out of it. Though Harrison did care for the goddess, once Mnemosyne returned to Olympus, he didn't dwell on her leaving. Instead, he poured his heart into his baby girl that he loved dearly.

Raising her in Munich, Harrison hadn't noticed anything strange about Minna in her first years. He thought it was a little odd that she began talking much earlier than normal children, but nothing else out of the ordinary happened until she started school. As soon as she began attending, her teachers noticed that she was peculiar about learning to read. It was as if she couldn't see the letters at all! Writing was nearly the same. She had a wonderful grasp on speaking German and was taking up English rather quickly, but she couldn't manage a single sentence in either language when written. In response, the teachers began teaching her as though she were blind when it came to reading or writing assignments.

Soon after her 7th birthday, Harrison met a woman that he thought was wonderful, named Sophie. Sophie brought a lot of joy and spontaneity back into his life. They were happily married for years, though he never saw how she treated his beloved Minnie. Through years of mental and occasional physical abuse, Minna gradually became the quiet girl she is known as today.

Around the time of her 13th birthday, Minna began to remember things. At first, she couldn't distinguish between what were her memories and those of the invaders. She had always had an impeccable memory, but this was certainly odd, especially since she hadn't known that she was the invader. Eventually, she began to realize that she was seeing the memories of the people she would brush against as they passed by on the street. Usually, this was after a bout with Sophie. Minna was scared and confused. She could find no reason why this would be happening.

Unfortunately, her search for reason was disrupted by the untimely death of her father. Her emotions were in such an unusual disarray that when her stepmother approached her with another "punishment" in mind, she saw the murder of her father through the eyes of her stepmother. She could practically feel the cloth of his shirt on her hands as she pushed him down the stairs. Screaming in agony, this was the first time she discovered her second ability. Minna wanted nothing more than for Sophie to go away. Suddenly, Sophie couldn't remember what she was doing in the sobbing girls room. With a glare, she left without carrying out her intentions.

Minna had gathered that she was causing the strange things, but couldn't explain them. Eventually, she chalked it up to the universe and accepted it. It certainly didn't hurt that she practiced her Memory Manipulation, as she'd begun to call it, on her stepmother. The beatings became much less frequent, though she was absolutely exhausted after. However, Minna would take exhaustion over pain any day. Minna also began to hear memories just out of her reach, it was similar to a hundred quiet voices mumbling in her ears. She no longer had to touch the people, but could just be near enough to touch them with her mind. Physical touch always produced the strongest memories though. As her abilities strengthen, she was able to block out the memories enough to keep them from just slipping in. However, some memories demand to be seen and will slip through her walls.

Once the letter arrived sort of explaining what was happening, Minna couldn't help but wish her father was still alive. He could always make things make sense. She couldn't read the letter herself, thus her stepmother had to read it aloud. It was obvious she would be going to camp. Sophie was eager to get away from her, thinking she was an abomination. Minna was eager to learn more about who she was.

So begins...

Minna Dietrich's Story

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#, as written by Elyon

Minna sat alone in her cabin. It was not uncommon for the children of Titans to be the only in their cabin, but it was certainly a change from the bustle of Hermes' cabin. She had stayed there a few days of the first week of camp, but that was before she had been claimed. According to Amphytriton, it is strange for a hero to be claimed so quickly, but sure enough an hourglass symbol burned over her head one day in the mess hall for all to see. She had finally found the identity of her mother, Mnemosyne.

All too soon, she left the cabin of friendly faces and found her new, permanent home. She didn't mind being alone, but it had been over a week and she hadn't yet made any friends. Her goal for this week was to seem more approachable and to make this yearlong experience more fun.

Recently, she found a journal in the back of one of the cabinets. According to a boy she asked, it was a journal from the past few kids to pass through Mnemosyne's cabin. Unfortunately, she couldn't read the thoughts and experiences of her brothers or sisters. This only made her feel more alone. She finally had siblings, but there was no way she would ever know them. Minna had not yet met anyone she would trust enough to read it to her. They were a special gift that she wanted to keep to herself.

She ran her fingers over the pages, feeling the indent of the writing. With a frustrated sigh, she dropped the book onto her bed and pulled on her sweater. It was time to face the day and make some friends.

As soon as she saw the festivities going on outside, she broke into a grin. She'd never been to a festival before and she would certainly enjoy this.

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#, as written by Elyon

Minna smiled at Luke as he approached her. Step one of making friends, smile. More often then not, her face would be pulled into a small frown as she thought about whatever caught her fancy at that moment. "Good morning, Luke." Minna was unusually chipper this morning, despite her early frustrations. "While I would love to join you in a prank, I don't think I would be any good at it." She shrugged in disappointment. Tapping her finger to her chin, she added, "You could teach me."

Minna dutifully followed Luke as he showed her the ropes of pulling a prank. She wasn't one to be mean-spirited, but the harmless jokes gave her a good laugh.

Hearing another familiar voice call out to her, she turned to face Wallace. She returned his smile at his antics. "Hey there, Wallace. I'm having a lot of fun today. This festival was just what I needed, honestly." Minna slumped against the wall a little, just realizing how taxing it was to be around all these memories. They'd been buzzing in her ears all day, peculiarly frantic. She brushed it off as still being around all the new people. "I think I need some lunch."

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(Double post, whoopsie! I got it for ya Bella. ~Shishi)

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Mira woke up when she felt a slight breeze fall upon her body and gave goosebumps. She shivered and sat up   stretching then fixing her small ruffled pink skirt. She ran a hand through her white hair and looked around. She saw a large group of guys trying to flirt with her half sisters but the hot springs and she giggled and quickly getting up and running in the other direction, not wanting to been seen by them all. She rubbed her arms and walked towards the food booths and browsed through the offerings and shrugged feeling not in the mood for the food at the moment. 

As she walked away she saw Wallace, Luke and Minna standing around talking. Mirajane ran over to the group and shyly hugged wallace's side like a little kid would. She shivered and said, "Hello everyone. It's a lovely day out don't you think?" she shivered then added, "but I'm just feeling a bit cold is all." she looked up at wallace and smiled blushing a little. "wally can you keep warm? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?" she asked him, looking innocently and hopefully up at him as she still hugged tightly or lightly onto him since her strength is not that great in comparison to most others.

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#, as written by Soki

He had been showing Minna how to pull harmless pranks on the festival goers, innocent little jokes buckets of water splashing down over heads; tap of the shoulder and walk away. He didn't think to pull anything that could be taken offensively at the very least not with Minna around. He reserved those types of pranks to the people he felt needed a bit of comedy in their lives, even if it had to be forced.

It didn't take long though for someone else to spot them. Wallace; someone he wasn't expecting to find them, well not yet anyway he hadn't thought of a really good prank to pull on the male so he wasn't outwardly searching for him. He shook his head a bit, as the male waved like one of those inflatable tube men as he ran towards them. (course it was with one hand not both) Once he reached them, and began to comment on the festival going on around them. He gave a slight shrug as Minna said her piece. He had been about to open his mouth when she finished, but before he could someone else appeared. Mirajane; She hugged at his waist much like a shy child would a sibling's. When she finished talking he waited a bit before he finally decided to talk. "I guess this has been interesting, I'm not one for festivals; to many weird memories and such; but it has been fun having so many people near by to prank and them not know it was me." He said with a Cheshire grin upon his face. "And it's been a nice day; I was relaxing at the beach a nice nap until a couple of people showed up and ruined the silence." He took a small breath and continued, "If you're hungry you can go ahead and go grab a bite to eat Minna, I can show you more pranks later, or whenever we get another chance." He said with a cheerful smile in her direction.

It had been a couple of minutes and his name wasn't being screamed out-loud for all to hear yet. Which was bothersome. It meant he wasn't somehow terrorizing people with his bad puns, and funny pranks; and that just wasn't fair! He had to share his comedy with everyone, wither they liked it or not. Wallace, Minna, and Mira could tag along, but he was getting restless standing still, part of it being the ADHD being half-blood and all, but most of it was he hadn't pranked enough people yet. "Well I'd stick around to talk more, but I feel people are a little to draw for my liking, and there's more suckers to be had you know?" He said taking one, two steps back. "So I'm going to go ahead and find some more easy prey; You three are welcome to tag a long, but you don't need to feel pressured too, specially you Minna; I'd rather you go eat if you're really hungry. I can walk you over there if you want" Though when he realized what he said he added in haste. "I mean; there could be people over there too comfortable, I'll need to give them their due; I can't play favorites with my pranks you know!" He added with a wag of his left index finger and a wink. "Everyone gets at least one prank a day, and if i can't get to you in that twenty-four hours, i'll get you twice the next day!" He added with a warning for the three there, course he added a large smile; which he hoped they took as it wouldn't be too bad since he wasn't really into hurting people's feelings. "Either way, before the best part of the day; I've got more humor to spread!"