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Wallace "Wally" Jennings

"Hee hee, yeah!"

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a character in “Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United”, as played by XShishioX




Afraid of the dark? It's ok, the only thing to be afraid of, is fear itself. After all, even the worst things hiding in the dark have nightmares about me.


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Name: Wallace Jennings

Nicknames/Titles: The only nickname Wallace has ever allowed someone to call him is, "Wally." However, only his father and half sister are allowed to call him "Wally", he won't let anyone else call him that unless they are extremely close to him.

Age: Wally's 16 years old. Dude was ESTATIC when he passed his driver's license test. He is often asked if he's older, as his long hair and natural height make him seem older.

Gender: Male, duh... Although, there is something to be said about the softness of his face, the length of his hair, and the amount of thought he puts into how he dresses.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

Nationality: Wally is 1/4 Assyrian, 1/8 Greek, and 1/8 Macedonan. The rest is... Titan? Divine beings don't really have DNA the way the science can explain it, but whatever Wally's mum gave him sure as heck muted his father's tanned skin to being as pasty pale as he is.

Divine Parent: Selene, Titaness of the Moon.

Face Claim/Physical Appearance: Wally's appearance is based on N from Pokémon Black and White.

Wallace is a bit... wild. His walking gait is lithe and smooth, almost as if he were gliding, not walking. His teeth are bright white and sharper than you'd expect. His hair grows thick and long, though he dyes it bimonthly, it resists all other attempts at civilization; he's broken combs and brushes. There are a few long dreads in his mop of hair, but they're all neatly pulled back into a ponytail unless he's let it out to go to sleep. Wally first dyed his hair by accident. He was helping a friend to clean the bathrooms after school, a volunteered task, when he accidentally got bleach into his hair. Wally still thinks his friend, at the time, purposely did it to get back at Wallace for volunteering them on a Friday evening. The bleach unnaturally and spottily blanched his blonde hair, turning it practically white. So, Wally did the only thing he could think of, he bleached the rest of it, then dyed it sea foam green. His little sister and his father loved it so much he's been doing it ever since. Other than his oddly colored hair, Wallace seems to live in two worlds simultaneously. On his wrist he wears a few golden bangles, and his outfits are always well put together, but his deep green eyes seem to hold a savagery that no human being should possess. Though normally calm, Wallace has been know to get out of fights purely by staring down his would be attackers. At times like those, his eyes light up, filled with a wild ferocity seen only in predatory animals. He is almost always seen sporting his father's ballcap. Though it's nothing special, it doesn't my even have a logo on it, Wallace loves his father's hat. He's almost never seen without it. Wallace's skin is very pale, despite his father's nationality, which Wallace chalks up to his mother. After all, the moon is pretty pale. His body is well toned for his size, and Wallace is very fit. His muscles are lean, and though he appears wiry, he can be deceptively strong. Finally, Wallace wears an odd selection of clothes, his father didn't have much money to give Wallace when he was growing up, so. Wally spent his allowance at the local thrift store, finding odd assortments of jeans, cargo pants, shirts, jackets, and shorts. Though slightly disjointed, the style works for Wallace, accentuating his wild appearance.

ImageBirthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Though they're hidden by his hair, Wallace's ears are gauged. In both ears he wears curved, fang like gauges, and will often mix and match them with his other gauges. He loves assymetricality. He sports no tattoos to date, but his pale skin is covered in numerous little scars. There are almost too many to count, but Wallace does have a few larger ones. There's a wicked slice above his navel where he got his appendix removed, a few nasty slash marks on his left shoulder that look suspiciously like claw marks, and a very small curve just off the right side of his mouth, it gives him the odd appearance of eternally smirking.

Height: Wallace is tall for his age, standing 5' 10", just under 6 feet.

Weight: Wallace is at a very healthy weight for his size, approximately 167 lbs.

Personality: Wallace is, in a word, passionate. He seems to suffer from extreme mood swings, however, that's not really the case. He simply wears his heart on his sleeve and feels everything passionately. When Wallace is mad, he's mad. When Wallace is happy, he couldn't possibly ever fall down from being so high on life. When Wallace is sad, he becomes so depressed and moody that he appears on the verge of complete mental breakdown. Most Psychologists and Doctors attribute this to bi-polar disorder, Wallace just thinks he's extreme. Both views are technically correct. Wallace can suffer from very extensive mood swings, however, hi-polar disorder is is uncontrollable. Wallace simply reacts strongly to everything around him. This means that people who suffer from bi-polar disorder have no control over their mood swings, they just happen. Wallace's mood swings are caused. They can be empirically proven to be linked to external stimuli. For example, as a small child, Wallace would often become terribly upset when he lost one of his toys, only to be completely estatic when he found a new one.

Powerful mood swings aside, Wallace is actually a very even-keeled young man. It takes a lot to rile him up, and once he's there, he's not calming down for quite some time, be his mood good or bad. This is actually a trait that Wallace adopted on his own. He knows that he is very prone to mood swings, so he tries to keep himself calm to avoid troublesome situations involving his wilder emotions. Wallace is friendly and cordial to a fault. He will almost always give someone the benefit of the doubt, and can often be seen sporting a wide smile, sometimes for no particular reason. He is vastly loyal to the people he considers his friends and would drop everything to help them. Wallace doesn't make friends very easily, it takes a while to earn his trust, not because he doesn't think of anything but the best in you. It's because he's worried to find the worst. However, should you manage to befriend the odd kid, you'll have earned yourself a friend for life. He's a touch quirky, often singing or humming nonsense songs that he's just made up, or even making unintelligible baby noises. It's something he does unconsciously, like a facial expression one might make when concentrating on something.

Lastly, Wallace kind of scared of himself. Though he hasn't quite admitted it to himself, his powers terrify him. His raw strength, his ability to create wicked blue fire, and his monthly freak-outs mortify him to no end. He'd much rather solve a problem with Lunatic, his Kopis, or a well placed trap. Though me may not look it, Wallace is surprisingly perceptive, and wise beyond his years. Though the boy could never figure out how to solve advanced differential equations in three dimensions, he could tell you 384 different uses for a sharpened stick. All in all, the divine side of Wallace is not something he likes to think about too much. He uses it when it's beneficial to him, discarding it when humanity would suit him better.

~ Warm Soup on a cold night. Soup is the best...
~ His makeshift family. Wallace would do anything for his father and sister.
~ Pets, Wallace is something of an animal whisperer, causing most pets to flock to him when they sense what a friendly presence he is.
~ Sleeping. Wallace could sleep forever. Sleeping is the best...
~ Sweet things, like candy or hot chocolate.

~ Ginger. Yucky.
~ People who aren't honest and lie frequently to get what they want.
~ Bullies or anyone who would prey on the weak. They're pathetic.
~ Cowards. Fear is one thing, it keeps you alive. However, Wallace despises people who lack courage and pointlessly take the easy way out.
~ Motorcycles. Driving is cool and all, but only when you've got a chaise around you. And a seat belt. And an airbag. And a 5 star all angles crash inspected vehicle.

~ Using Lunatic. The precise way with which one maneuvers a Kopis, is ever so different than how one would use a straight blade. Wallace excels in both theory and practice of curved blade swordplay.
~ Nighttime Tactics. At Night, Wallace is the perfect hunter, the perfect tracker, and the perfect soldier. He moves like a whisper, leaves fewer traces than a ghost, and will execute any Night Op without a moment's hesitation.
~ He is incredibly handy while on a low cost budget, fashioning whatever supplies might be needed from junkyard parts or thrift store merchandise. Further, he rarely uses any tools other that his own two hands or anything he could make on the spot.

~ Naïveté. Wallace always wants to believe the best in people, as a result, he gets fooled often.
~ Moon Haze Madness. If he is not incapacitated on the night of the full moon, Wallace will go on a destructive rampage, possibly harming precious friends.
~ Natural Sketchiness. People tend not to trust Wallace on first sight. Part of it's his scars; the other part is his strange hair.

Fears/Irrational Puzzlements:
~ Clowns. They're unnatural. No one's ever that happy. Not even Wallace.
~ Pumpkin Spice Lattés. They're unnatural. How did they fit a pumpkin into that tiny cup? Further, why would they spice it?
~ His powers. He's afraid of losing control of himself and hurting the few people he holds within his heart.
~ Cupcakes. While delicious, they are neither cups, nor cakes. Blasphemy.
~ Needles, specifically of the doctor's variety.
~ Enclosed spaces that he can't stretch out all the way in. Classic Claustrophobia.
~ Going to the Zoo. Why should I spend a whole day watching sad, overweight, animals sleep in front of me while some kid keeps screaming to make it move. No.

Weapon: When Wallace turned 15, he was given a gift from his mother. Forged from the same Silver used to make the arrowheads for the goddes Artemis herself, Selene gave her son a silver kopis. Instead of a more reliable, or perhaps orthodox, Greek weapon, Selene chose the kopis for Wallace because it more accurately represents the other side of his heritage. She wanted to consider both sides of Wallace's heritage when making the only gift she would ever give her son, and the Kopis truly acknowledges his duality. The curved blade is reminiscent of the ancient scimitars and khopesh's of old. It's lighter than a straight blade of the same size, but carries all the slashing power of an axe. The crescent shape of the blade represents the Divine side of Wallace, while the blade's origins hint at his Mediterranean heritage. Despite the obvious ability to kill monsters, the blade can also be used on mortal enemies, as the silver arrowheads of the goddess of the hunt must also be able to slay mortal prey. Further, when not in use, Wallace's kopis transforms into a silver bracelet that he wears amongst the gold ones on his left wrist. The bracelet would be almost indistinguishable from the others, were it not for it's engravings depicting the crescent moon, as well as beasts of the night. Wallace has named the silver blade, Lunatic. Yes, he enjoys puns. No, they're the highest form of comedy.

Passive~ Night Hunter: While Wallace is no slouch in the daylight, he's most certainly not at his best. Nighttime is where Wallace truly shines. At night he becomes stronger, faster, more alert, and reactive. As the moon waxes and wanes, so too does Wallace's strength. On nights where the moon is full, Wallace is at his strongest. This does not mean, by any extent, that Wallace is invincible on the night of the full moon, he simply benefits from Peak Human Athleticism. Conversely, while he will always be stronger at night than he will in the day, on nights when the moon is waning, or barely visible, Wallace isn't much stronger than his usual self. However, the nighttime itself seems to fill Wallace with energy. Wallace can even stay up for the entire night, and only require a short nap during the daylight hours before being ready to go again. Further, though Wallace does sport better nighttime vision than most other humans and godlings, his eyes glow eerily, as if he were an animal. Finally, at nighttime Wallace becomes strangely quiet, even while speaking, and he almost seems to disappear into the darkness. While this makes him nigh impossible to track, it makes him an even better hunter, allowing him to sneak up on unwitting opponents and strike them down with near impunity. This last function of Night Hunter only works on nights where there is no moon. (He will need at least 2 hours of sleep a day if he chooses to stay up all night. However, if left unmolested, Wallace will sleep until woken. Kid just likes sleep.)

Faerie-Fire/Will o' Wisp: Wallace is capable of producing and manipulating strange blue fire at night. Though he's been getting better, he still hasn't quite mastered this ability. The fire is icy cold, and saps the energy out of everything it touches. This fire can be used in two ways, the first is to distract his enemies. Will o' Wisps are often said to be spirits of the departed, guiding unwitting mortals into unfamiliar territory during the night, before consuming them. Wallace's fire can perform similar feats of hypnotism. By locking eyes with his opponent and eerily moving the fire around his body, Wallace can attempt to trick his target with ghostly flames. Most creatures aren't smart enough to recognize the faerie fire, and cannot be affected by it, however, human targets will find that the fire is strangely hypnotic. They find themsves unable to look away, not for the lack of trying. Most godlings are also immune to this power, being made of sturdier stuff, however, if Wallace is really trying, he might just trick you onto the end of his blade, or at least onto your knees where he can force you to surrender. Wallace can also use this flame to burn anything that is capable of being burned. He cannot use them to melt anything, as the flames sap energy rather than creating it, freezing anything that can be frozen, leaving nothing behind but frozen ashes. The flames do, however, affect monsters in the same way that Greek fire does, killing them if left unchecked. Using the flames this way takes vastly more energy than using them to trick or disillusion his opponents and is not something Wallace can do reliably.

Passive~ Moon Haze Madness: The legends of the Lycanthropes of old aren't entirely false. Most were simply cursed by a Lunar Deity, be it Artemis or Selene. Wallace, though his mother tried her best to keep him from getting it, is affected by a similar curse, with a few noted differences. Unless Wallace spends the night of the Full Moon sleeping, bound in Divine metal (Hunter's Silver/Celestial Bronze/Obsidian be they handcuffs, chains, or wire), deep meditation, or knocked unconscious, there is a chance he will lose himself to the primal instinct of a lunar beast. Wallace is NOT afflicted with Lycanthropy. Standard silver will NOT work. As of yet there is no known cure for Wally's affliction, however, he has worked around it long enough to know how to stop himself. Should the madness descend upon him, Wallace will completely lose control of his body. He will become a creature of instinct, hunting anything he seems to be prey. Both Friends and Enemies alike must be wary around Wallace on the night of the full moon. In exchange for the power he receives from the moon, Wallace is cursed by it.

ImageBio: Wallace's story is actually quite odd, much like the man himself. His mother, the Titaness of the Moon, wasn't met with such open arms as were her other Titanic Counterparts. Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, and all things wild, was already quite solidly set in her place. There really wasn't much room for her amongst the pantheon, but she managed to find a spot alongside Artemis, co-presiding over the title of Lunar Goddess. When all the immediate concerns were taken care of, Selene came down to visit Earth, to see what she had missed. Immediately upon arriving, Selene bumped into a man by the name of Andew Jennings somewhere in Brooklyn New York, and the rest is history. The two feel in love, somewhat famously according to Andrea's baffled relatives, who could never quite figure out just how their Andrew managed to find someone like her. Little did Andrew know that his girlfriend, someone who he was planning on marrying, was a Titaness.

Of course, the rest of the story is pretty much the same as all the others. Wallace was born, and everything changed. Selene wanted to stay with her first child in over a millennia, but to do so would put Wallace, and herself, in mortal danger. She explained the situation to Andrew, who was, as usual for mortals, shocked. Selena, his Selena, was some kind of god? Either way, what bothered him most was that she had to leave, to protect her son. Didn't she love them? Didn't she she love him? With a heavy heart Selene left Andrew and his son, little baby Wallace.

Growing up, Wallace was different from other children. It was almost like there were two of him, each completely different from the other. One Wallace was calm, amiable, and more precious than anything in the world to his father. The other Wallace was irritable, angry, and always hungry. One Wallace cooed and smiled, the other three tantrums and cried. Andrew was at his wit's send with his son, as a single father without much money, working in one of the poorer districts if New York. Anyone in that situation would have given up. That's when Andrew met Christy. Christy was a perfectly normal human woman, but she was perfect for Andrew, and was amazing wih baby Wallace. She managed to calm his tantrums, soothe his temper, and love him as if he were her own. For Andrew, that was more than enough. The two dated for 2 years before Andrew was confident enough to pop the question. The two were married almost immediately. They were such a happy couple, their child was adorable, and they were happy. Everything was going to work out. Little Wallace was three years old, and the ringbearer at their wedding.

The three lived together for a long time. They didn't have a lot in the way of money or possessions, but they had each other, and enough to pay the bills, and that was enough for them. They lived in a nice enough apartment, Waalace even had his own room. A year passed, Wallace was 4 years old. During that time, strange things began happening around him. He began to show signs of hyperactive senses, hearing things from half a block away, seeing exactly where the light switch was even though his room was perfectly dark. He could smell exactly what Christy was making for lunch and even what kind of spices she was using from the cabinet. This wasn't too odd, children were always surprisingly perceptive, and some kids were just better at it than the others. They were proud of Wallace's gifts, they embraced them. Wallace started going to school when he was five, and that's where the trouble started. When he was in kindergarten, it wasn't too bad. Sure he had his squabbles with the other children, but nothing serious ever developed. First grade was a big year for Wallace and his family. His father got promoted to the head of a regional branch of a small company that specialized in designing small ceramic parts for commercial grade aircraft. While the promotion wasn't that big of a deal, as Andrew had already been doing the head me job for quite a while anyway, the promotion meant a raise in pay. The three of them moved to a nicer side of town, and they had their own house. There was a yard to play in, a real yard! Then, just a few weeks after Wallace turned 7, there was some big news, Christy was pregnant, and Wallace was getting a little sister. The family was ecstatic. Wallace couldn't wait to be the best big brother ever.

However, in second grade, not everything was sunshine and unicorns for Wallace and his family. Though Christy's pregnancy was proceeding smoothly, she was getting sick. There was something wrong with the way she was breathing, and even though she had never smoked once in her life, Christy was diagnosed with severe lung cancer. The family was stricken with grief. Wallace didn't quite understand, but he knew something was wrong. His mommy was sick, and she was getting paper and paper all the time. That's when the bullying started. Wallace, being such a sweet-hearted and kind little boy, was immediately seen as weak, and the other kids picked on him. However, Wallace knew that tattling would only make him look weaker, so he out up with it. He didn't want to get anyone else in trouble, and he didn't want to worry his parents. Wallace found ways to explain away the cuts and bruises he got from when they beat him up, and he was always apologizing for losing the things the other boys took from him. As the year progressed, Christy got sicker and sicker. She could barely leave the couch in the living room, and she was so cold all the time. Finally, her delivery date came, and they rushed her to the hospital to have an emergency Cesarian Section delivery followed by immediate anti-cancer treatments. Though the delivery was a success, Christy was too exhausted, and too drained of energy to fight the cancer. After naming her daughter Molly, and holding the precious child close to her, Christy passed, leaving Andrew alone once again with two children and a heart full of sadness.

For the rest of Elementary school Wallace continued to be bullied. However, after his mother's passing, Wallace stopped doing so passively. When the bullies pushed him, he pushed back harder. It was during this time that Wallace found his affinity for fighting. He possessed an untrained prowess that not many trained students could match. He sent his bullies sprawling and finally stopped taking their crap. That, of course, was six schools and six years too late. Finally, high school happened, and things got a little better. Wallace stopped being picked on, but odd things continued to happen around him. The most famous, of course, was the incident that lead to his hair changing colors, but there were others. Wallace was almost completely fluent in Ancient Greek. He'd never seen the subject before, but when asked, could always answer perfectly. He was one hell of an athlete, but none of the teams wanted him. Instead, Wallace ended up practicing free running and loved every second of it. There was a rumor he'd been seen on top of the Chrysler Building., it was just a rumor, but the stories his peers told about him did inspire him to try things he never had before. Finally, though not a lot of people knew about it, Wallace had a kid sister. She was seven years younger than him, but when he was around her, his normal smile would cease to exist, replaced by the brightest, widest smile anyone had ever seen. He really loved his little sister Molly.

This odd happiness, it couldn't last. In tenth grade, just before he turned sixteen, Wallace's little sister was attacked by a lamia. She hadn't come home from school in hours, and the Police hadn't found her yet. Wallace heard the news as he was walking home from school. The amber alert had sounded. Wallace looked for her everywhere. He scoured the usual places she went , his nose working as furiously as a police dog's. Something changed within Wallace that night, maybe it was the light of the full moon, maybe it was the feral look behind his eyes, or maybe it was just that Wallace didn't give a single damn about anything else. He was going to find Molly, and rip apart the thug that took her. Finally, Wallace found her scent. He tracked it underground, into the sewer system. Though it was really gross, Wallace pressed on, until he found the stupid things lair. Just as he was about to free his little sister, the Lamia spotted him. Wallace, instead of feeling the rational fear he should have felt, experienced only rage. There wasn't much light down in the sewer, but Wallace solved that problem easily enough. He grappled with the Lamia, smashing her into walls, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her, and pushing and punching the whole way. As he fought, Wallace slowly forced her to stay in the small moonbeam made by an opening in a sewer cap. The light of the moon flooded Wallace with power, and he completely lost control of himself. When he woke, the monster was gone, but there were bits of snakeskin all over the place. Wallace rushed home to his father, successfully rescuing his little sister in the process.

When he finally got home, Wallace demanded some answers from his father, wanting to know what was going on. Andrew's façade broke. He almost began to cry he was so worried, and yet, so relieved. Wallace's father went back to his room, and from under his bed, he produced a letter, bound in dark brown paper and a red wax seal. It was for Wallace. After reading the letter, Wallace immediately packed his bags. Though he didn't want to leave his family, it was the best way to protect them. However, just before leaving, a silvery sword shimmered into existence on his bed. It came with a note. "I'm sorry my dear," the note began. "Your father and I should have told you much earlier than this. You needed to be warned, and you needed to be trained, but since you weren't attracting as much attention as we thought you might, your father and I wanted to let you live a normal life just a little longer. This sword is a gift for you, my son. It is not a toy. It is just as dangerous to any mortal as it is to monsters. Do not misuse it's power. To make it a little easier to move around with, spin the blade in your hand three times.." Incredulously, Wallace picked up the curved blade. He spun it in his hands, as asked, and the whole thing shrunk, miraculously, into a silver bracelet on his left wrist. By twisting the moon charm in the middle, Wallace found that the process was reversible. Ever since, Wallace has been spending his school years at Camp, and visits his family in the summer. Though the distance sucks, his family is only ever an iris message away.


So begins...

Wallace "Wally" Jennings's Story

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#, as written by Elyon

Minna smiled at Luke as he approached her. Step one of making friends, smile. More often then not, her face would be pulled into a small frown as she thought about whatever caught her fancy at that moment. "Good morning, Luke." Minna was unusually chipper this morning, despite her early frustrations. "While I would love to join you in a prank, I don't think I would be any good at it." She shrugged in disappointment. Tapping her finger to her chin, she added, "You could teach me."

Minna dutifully followed Luke as he showed her the ropes of pulling a prank. She wasn't one to be mean-spirited, but the harmless jokes gave her a good laugh.

Hearing another familiar voice call out to her, she turned to face Wallace. She returned his smile at his antics. "Hey there, Wallace. I'm having a lot of fun today. This festival was just what I needed, honestly." Minna slumped against the wall a little, just realizing how taxing it was to be around all these memories. They'd been buzzing in her ears all day, peculiarly frantic. She brushed it off as still being around all the new people. "I think I need some lunch."

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(Double post, whoopsie! I got it for ya Bella. ~Shishi)

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Mira woke up when she felt a slight breeze fall upon her body and gave goosebumps. She shivered and sat up   stretching then fixing her small ruffled pink skirt. She ran a hand through her white hair and looked around. She saw a large group of guys trying to flirt with her half sisters but the hot springs and she giggled and quickly getting up and running in the other direction, not wanting to been seen by them all. She rubbed her arms and walked towards the food booths and browsed through the offerings and shrugged feeling not in the mood for the food at the moment. 

As she walked away she saw Wallace, Luke and Minna standing around talking. Mirajane ran over to the group and shyly hugged wallace's side like a little kid would. She shivered and said, "Hello everyone. It's a lovely day out don't you think?" she shivered then added, "but I'm just feeling a bit cold is all." she looked up at wallace and smiled blushing a little. "wally can you keep warm? Pretty please with sprinkles on top?" she asked him, looking innocently and hopefully up at him as she still hugged tightly or lightly onto him since her strength is not that great in comparison to most others.

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#, as written by Soki

He had been showing Minna how to pull harmless pranks on the festival goers, innocent little jokes buckets of water splashing down over heads; tap of the shoulder and walk away. He didn't think to pull anything that could be taken offensively at the very least not with Minna around. He reserved those types of pranks to the people he felt needed a bit of comedy in their lives, even if it had to be forced.

It didn't take long though for someone else to spot them. Wallace; someone he wasn't expecting to find them, well not yet anyway he hadn't thought of a really good prank to pull on the male so he wasn't outwardly searching for him. He shook his head a bit, as the male waved like one of those inflatable tube men as he ran towards them. (course it was with one hand not both) Once he reached them, and began to comment on the festival going on around them. He gave a slight shrug as Minna said her piece. He had been about to open his mouth when she finished, but before he could someone else appeared. Mirajane; She hugged at his waist much like a shy child would a sibling's. When she finished talking he waited a bit before he finally decided to talk. "I guess this has been interesting, I'm not one for festivals; to many weird memories and such; but it has been fun having so many people near by to prank and them not know it was me." He said with a Cheshire grin upon his face. "And it's been a nice day; I was relaxing at the beach a nice nap until a couple of people showed up and ruined the silence." He took a small breath and continued, "If you're hungry you can go ahead and go grab a bite to eat Minna, I can show you more pranks later, or whenever we get another chance." He said with a cheerful smile in her direction.

It had been a couple of minutes and his name wasn't being screamed out-loud for all to hear yet. Which was bothersome. It meant he wasn't somehow terrorizing people with his bad puns, and funny pranks; and that just wasn't fair! He had to share his comedy with everyone, wither they liked it or not. Wallace, Minna, and Mira could tag along, but he was getting restless standing still, part of it being the ADHD being half-blood and all, but most of it was he hadn't pranked enough people yet. "Well I'd stick around to talk more, but I feel people are a little to draw for my liking, and there's more suckers to be had you know?" He said taking one, two steps back. "So I'm going to go ahead and find some more easy prey; You three are welcome to tag a long, but you don't need to feel pressured too, specially you Minna; I'd rather you go eat if you're really hungry. I can walk you over there if you want" Though when he realized what he said he added in haste. "I mean; there could be people over there too comfortable, I'll need to give them their due; I can't play favorites with my pranks you know!" He added with a wag of his left index finger and a wink. "Everyone gets at least one prank a day, and if i can't get to you in that twenty-four hours, i'll get you twice the next day!" He added with a warning for the three there, course he added a large smile; which he hoped they took as it wouldn't be too bad since he wasn't really into hurting people's feelings. "Either way, before the best part of the day; I've got more humor to spread!"