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Yvonne Sams

"Sometimes, it's not the idiots that piss you off. It's the smart asses."

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a character in “Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United”, as played by FuyuHana




What makes you think you'll obtain peace by negotiations? Hell, peace doesn't even come after a war!


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ImageName: Yvonne Sams

Nicknames/Titles: Sam | Von || Child of Ares | Daughter of Ares

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Nationality: 3/4 American 1/4 British

Godly Parent: Ares - God of War

Face Claim: Ymir | Shingeki no Kyojin

ImageBirthmarks/Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Yvonne has a birthmark on her thigh, looking almost like someone accidentally spilt paint on her skin because of its shape. It's not very big, and hardly noticeable, but its something she likes to brag about at points. She has many scars, since she has a tendency to start fights, and they're mostly all over her body. Over time, they tend to blend in though. She has no piercings, surprisingly. The only tattoo Yvonne has is a pair of wings on her back that she got just before she left her home, Los Angeles; the city of angels.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 120 lbs

Personality: Taking mostly after her father, Yvonne is a very prideful, stubborn, and feisty person. She's very energetic, and, despite being a daughter of the god of war, is actually pretty friendly to most people. She has a sarcastic vibe amongst her whenever she speaks that does annoy some people because of her silly mockery, but usually, as long as she entertains herself, she could care less of what others think of her. Yvonne may be prideful, but she's not very self-conscious. She's pretty much bragging about anything she does, even if it's something everyone can do.

Even so, Yvonne is daughter of Ares, and being the daughter of Ares, she'd definitely be someone looking for a fight. She has quite a short temper, so staying on her good side is the best plan to stick to. Mostly, when fights start with her in it, it's almost always Yvonne that throws the first punch. If someone annoys her, she gives them one succinct warning, and if that person doesn't take it, a fist fight with break out, or even one with a weapon. She often gets in trouble because of this, but she's just like most of her other step-siblings. Being a child of Ares does have its pros and cons.

Yet knowing this, Yvonne is a very considerate person. She knows when someone's in pain, needs comfort, or just doesn't want company at all. She takes note of things that most people wouldn't, especially about someone's personality and how they behave. She believes it to be a battle strategy, and even while it is, Yvonne is still a pretty kind person at heart. She may not seem that way at first, but when the time suits it, she'll break from her typical Ares personality.

βœ” Fighting
βœ” Weapons
βœ” Hot Drinks/Food
βœ” Fall

✘ Dense/Stupid People
✘ Repeating Sounds
✘ Summer
✘ Judgmental People
✘ Water (Element)

βœ‚ Battle
βœ‚ Observing
βœ‚ Strength

✎ Stubborn
✎ Short Fuse
✎ Horrible At Anything If Soaked In Water

☼ Dying
☼ Losing Her Human Family

Yvonne has plenty of weapons, but often likes to use a regular one handed sword, a small knife, or just her bare fists. A shield was never her favorite since it represented defense rather than offense, but, unlike most, Yvonne doesn't have a certain weapon of her own.

Being the daughter of Ares, Yvonne's passive ability would be her incredible strength, even for a female. Its what she's mostly known for, and while she doesn't look too muscular, she has the strength of a grown man, or maybe even more strength. But as for her actual ability, it's simply heat. She's able to conjure up small flames, but nothing bigger than that or she'll almost most definitely lose control of them. She will mostly use this ability just to add heat to a weapon in her hands, or her hands alone, or flames to her weapon (but not her hands) for more damage to her opponent.

Yvonne was born from the Greek God of war, Ares and a human mother named Felecia. Felecia was a beautiful, polite, and kind woman who was very loyal to the god she had chosen as a partner. Because of this, after the god had left her, the woman never married nor found another man.

Yvonne was born five years after the two had met in Los Angeles, California, which was also her birthplace. She grew up as a very fit, healthy, and strong girl. No guy really looked at her in a romantic way, which she never wanted, and instead looked up to her, as she was more cool than cute through her childhood to preteens. That is, only when she wasn't giving another kid a bloody nose.

The only downside was her temper. Yvonne had an unbelievably short temper, even when she was at a mere age of seven. She was defensive with her toys as a child, was independent as a toddler, and punched anyone who dared to anger her as a teen.

Because of this, Yvonne had to take anger management classes, was bullied quite often, and sent to the principal's office for picking fights with other kids at her school. Other downsides were her failing grades and suspensions. Even the adults looked at her with disgust. The only person who understood her was her very own mother, practically the only person she truly cares about.

But all this ended when a letter arrived at Yvonne's house. A letter telling her that it was time to leave her home. Felecia wasn't very surprised and was actually hoping for the letter. Her daughter would live a much happier and better life there, at Camp Fullblood, rather than in a busy city of humans.

Just before she left, Yvonne got a pair of wings on her back that reminded her of her life outside of the camp. A memory of the cruel and wonderful world she knew before leaving for Camp Fullblood.

Ο‘ Yvonne has a tattoo of an angel's wings on her back because, just before she left for Camp Fullblood, she was leaving Los Angeles, otherwise known as the City of Angels, thus explaining her tattoo.

Ο‘ Most of Yvonne's scars are small, but unnoticeable to most people. The only big scars that most people point out is one on her hip to her stomach, one on her neck that extends near her cheek, and the final largest one that crosses her whole back, tearing her tattoo of wings apart.

Ο‘ Yvonne visits her mother, Felicia, every year, when possible, just to stop by and chat. She'll often bring a bouquet of sunflowers, as they are her mother's favorite flower.

Ο‘ At camp, Yvonne is rivals with the son of Poseidon, Lucas O'Connell and often tries to beat him in any way possible.

So begins...

Yvonne Sams's Story