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Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United

Percy Jackson and the Olympians


a part of Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United, by XShishioX.


XShishioX holds sovereignty over Percy Jackson and the Olympians, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a part of Camp Fullblood: The Rivals United.

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Kurai Tenma [15] "I'm here to please my mother...nothing more and nothing less."
Phoenix Hikari [14] "Maybe if I don't give in maybe the urges will go away..."
Lucas O'Connell [6] "You are a Fool to fight The son of the Earth-shaker"
Minna Dietrich [5] Sometimes a memory is all you have left
Wallace "Wally" Jennings [4] "Hee hee, yeah!"
Alexandra Lopez [3] Fine... here's your money back
Alphonse Andrews [1] "The difference between right and wrong is obvious."
Yvonne Sams [0] "Sometimes, it's not the idiots that piss you off. It's the smart asses."

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"Does burning all the food stands down count as 'something to do'?" That forced Ten to give a small smile. That was typical Phoenix. Of course if she did do that he would have to send her back to cabin. The last thing he needed was for her to get kicked out of the Camp for doing something like that. If she left then he would feel obligated to leave as well. There would be nothing here to keep him from going home. Except for Amphytriton, but it Kurai ran fast enough he would surpass him as well. "You don't have to worry, I already went crazy today you don't have to take me back to my cabin." Kurai raised an eyebrow at her. He was curious to what she did, but he didn't say anything. It wasn't his business. And it already happened.

"Just forget what I said. How about playing another game. Or we can go by the forest or the lake. Choose." Damn her! he cursed. She knew full and well Kurai doesn't like making decisions for anything or anyone. It freaks him out and he feels as though either decision ends badly. Why would she do that to him? "I'll make it easier, I hate the games here so you now have 2 options, choose wisely my young grasshopper. Kurai rolled his eyes. That didn't make it any better. It was as if she was teasing him. He had half a mind to strangle her, but kept his hands in his pocket. They balled into fist as he weighed out each option.

The forest was his go to place, but it was also going to be filled with other campers. Also it was still relatively close to the place they were trying to get away from. No difference would be made. He would still hear the others nearby. Laughing. Having 'fun'. The lake was another great option, but he didn't bring anything to swim with. His father needs a medium to communicate with Kurai. Water, fire, Dreams, anything. Kurai stopped walking and shut his eyes tight. The decision was going to be the death of him. Before he could change his mind he made a decision. "Forest."