Alex Blackwood

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a character in “Camp Half Blood: The love God's secret”, as played by RPkitten


Name- Alexandrea Nicole Blackwood
age- 16
godparent- Hades
powers- As a child of Hades, Alex is able communicate with the dead and often helps to calm angry spirits. She is able to raise corpses and use them to her will but so far she has only tried it on dead animals. Alex also is able to tell when death near and can see someones life aura is flickering out. In the dark she has perfect vision and all her other senses are heightened as well. Shadow travel and manipulation comes easy to her, although she normally uses it defensively she is working on her offensive attacks. Currently she can make rocks levitate but her geokinesis skills need much improvement.
description- Alex is a small girl, standing at 5'2 and weighing 110lbs. She is a tad scrawny but still has noticeable curves. Alex has long, straight black hair and pale skin. Her eyes are bigs and so brown they simply appear black. She often hides most of her face in her hair.
weapons- None as of yet

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