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Callidora Daines

What good is power if you do not have the wisdom to use it properly?

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a character in “Camp Halfblood: The love god's secret”, as played by anything14



Name- Callidora Daines

age- 18

godparent- Athena

mimicking voices- while her mother was able to shape shift into different animals and human beings, Callie has been given the ability to mimic sounds and voices.
Charisma- Athena was known for riling crowds and striking fear into the hearts of her opponents with her battle cry. Callie can be very persuasive and charismatic when she wishes, or is forced, to be.
increased strength- While she is no Heracles, her strength is most definitely above average.
increased agility/speed- again, though not Flash worthy, she is still quite fast.
fighting ability- Callie is trained in numerous types of hand to hand combat, as well as weaponry.
Wisdom- Callie is incredibly wise for her years, as her heritage would suggest. She can be a brilliant tactician and strategist, while at the same time she can be the peace maker,
invisibility- she has the ability to turn herself and others invisible for a short period of time, just so long as they are touching her, or she is touching the object.
summoning storms- when dealt with intense emotion, or concentrating intently, Callie has the ability to summon fierce storms, though she is still working on controlling them.

Description- The first thing one might notice about Callie are her striking gray eyes, a trait that, along with her dark brown main of loose, wavy curls, she had inherited from her mother. Callie has an elegant, and symmetrical bone structure, that compliments her pale skin. Despite training daily, she does not appear to have that much muscle, showing but a mere hint of it on her slender, 5'5”, body. Callie has a dimpled smile that seems to light up her entire face when it makes it's dazzling appearance.

personality- Callie has a hard time trusting others, especially those who she has just met, due, not only to witnessing her own father's murder, but because she has always felt a certain sense of abandonment in regards her mother giving her up. This also causes the daddy's girl to harbor feelings of a sort of resentment and borderline hatred towards her mother. Callie is a very strong, both physically and emotionally, and independent girl, who is not afraid to speak her mind. She is very thoughtful, thinking everything through quite thoroughly. Callidora is extremely intelligent, this in part due to her natural curiosity and yearning for knowledge, and her photographic memory. Callie can be very protective and loyal to those who she cares about. Guided by a deep set morals, she despises those who pick on others, like her mother she defends others, no matter what the consequences may be to herself. However, she is rarely one to instigate a fight, but if confronted to the point where the only possibility is fighting, then she will fight. Despite her rough exterior, Callie is really a sweet, kind person. She is extremely helpful, and is a great listener. Callie hates it when others don't get along, and tries to use her wisdom and charisma to work out the problem without the conflict resulting in a physical confrontation. Callidora fears that she will useless, one of the many reasons she has considered for why her mother gave her up, and also fears of being alone. While stubborn, hard-working, and determined, with perfectionist tendencies, she has a kind, nurturing heart that finds comfort when she is surrounded by friends. She will often ignore her own needs for the sake of others often proving in somewhat reckless actions that usually result in injury. If provoked, Callie can have quite a temper, something which she tries to keep under control. While mortified if anyone found out, Callie is a hopeless romantic at heart.

Bio- Callidora Minerva Daines was in all sense of the word an accident. The unwanted result from the romantic fling of the goddess Athena and a successful CEO, Johnathan Daines. However, Athena did not want, nor did she feel as though she was ready to take care of a child, so she gave the child to Hermes and instructed him to take the offspring to Johnathan and explain the situation. So, as the night turned into a new day, Johnathan Daines received a knock on the door. When he answered, he unwittingly introduced the small, squirming bundle, and a long forgotten secret into his life. After Hermes had explained who the mysterious stranger he had fell in love with not a year ago was, and that the baby was his, John just sat there flabbergasted. He was about to say that he simply couldn't take care of the child, when Hermes forced Callidora into his arms. Instantly, he fell in love as the baby giggled, starring back at him with wide, gray eyes. And so began ten long, happy years together. The duo traveled all over the world, Callie eagerly learning all she could about anything. Callie was enrolled in dance, gymnastic, and martial arts classes since she was small, attributing to her flexibility, speed, and prowess in fighting styles. However, these happy years were not meant to last. As Callie witnessed the murder of her father at the hands of bank robbers at the tender age of 10. Over come by emotion, Callie unwittingly summoned a powerful storm that knocked all of the bank robbers unconscious. The police took the new orphan to the station, where arrangements could be made to put her in the foster care system. However, while there, she was approached by a satyr named Aetes, disguised as a police officer, with an interesting proposition. Either stay and be put in the foster care system, or come with him to Camp Half-blood. Alone in the world, with no other siblings, she happily agreed to go with him. And her she has stayed, training intensely to try and control the powers her blood has given to her.

weapons- A silvery white sword with a golden hilt, though she can sometimes be seen using an elegant white spear. She always has a circular shield that she can carry on her back like a backpack.

flaws- Due to Callie's loyal and protective nature, she can tend to do things that are a little reckless, and can often result in self harm, as well as putting her needs last if someone needs her help. Callie can also be very proud, she thinks that unless she can do things by herself, others will not respect her or find her useless, so she can often shy away from the help of others.

So begins...

Callidora Daines's Story


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The sun was just peaking over the horizon when Ethan woke up. He stretched and got ready for his morning work out muttering to himself as he did. "Need to keep myself in top shape even with teaching the new campers the basics of combat I have to be able to challenge myself." He was up before the rest of the camp running laps around the lake wearing his full armor with his shield and spear. After that it was time for form practice then if he was lucky someone would be up and waiting to spar with him or asking for a lesson. Not the most approachable guy at camp he was used to working alone but when Charon asked him to lead the combat training for new campers even he was hard pressed to say no. By the time the sun was a quarter of the way up it's climb there was a small group of young campers watching him move as he cut down wave after wave of imaginary monsters.

Finally having worked up a sweat he turned to the campers. "Have all of you eaten?" They all nodded their heads looking rather nervous. "Don't worry my goal here is to train you not hurt you. Now everyone go to the armory and get yourselves some equipment find the weapon you find most suited to yourself. Test the grip and feeling of the blade before you choose because that will be yours for the rest of your time here." They quickly ran to the shed and after a few squabbles and minor injuries everyone was ready to begin. Ethan began leading them through the most basic combat stances before having them pair up to begin working on blocking.

Charon arrived to watch over the training. "How are they all doing?"

Ethan shrugged. "About the same as normal some get it faster some take a lot of pushing. I have the archers practicing on the targets if you want to go oversee them. No matter how much I practice I can't beat you at archery." Ethan chuckles as he watched over the twenty or so campers.

Charon laughed with him. "I've had many years of practice but your as good an archer as I've seen from Ares. So take that as you will." He began trotting off to coach the young archers.

The day progressed much the same Ethan watched over the training ground only breaking long enough to get some lunch.


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[code=D3D3D3]"She better not harm my locket or I swear to the gods I will wring her skinny little neck with my own two hands," [/code] Callidora thought angrily as she stormed around camp half blood searching for the soon to be dead, daughter of Hermes.
During her normal normal routine, Callie had noticed that a simple, brass locket, was missing from her dresser. While it might seem like a normal trinket to any outside observer, it was one of Callie's most prized possessions.The necklace had been a gift from her father, shortly before his death. Inside, it contained a small picture of the two of them, smiling ear to ear on a park bench beneath a large, oak tree in central park during one of their many visits to New York City. It was one of the few things that she had left of her beloved father, and she knew that Alex had taken it, this would not be the first time she had taken something of her's.
Callie's anger had softened slightly at that thought. She had never told Alex of the intense feelings attached to such a seemingly simple piece of jewelry, but that still did not quell her want to once again feel it's comforting weight on her sternum.
[code=FF3030]"Good morning Cals,"[/code] the all too chipper to be normal, Nerus, chided from a few paces behind her.
Callie sighed, she was definitely going to have a very long training session after she had gotten her locket back, perhaps with one of Ares's children, they were always fun to train with.
"Please not now Nerus, I'm not in a very good mood today," she said as she felt a headache begin to bubble up behind her eyes.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an object fluttering high above the ground. It was far to big to be a bird, which could only mean...."Alex," Callie yelled, running towards her, Nerus following close behind.
"Alex, give me back my locket," Callie said as they got closer to her, but Hermes offspring showed no signs of slowing down.
"ALEX!" She tried once more, desperation and utter sadness coated her voice that in any other circumstance would embarrass her to no end, but at this moment Callie could have cared less, she just wanted it back.
"I got her," Nerus said confidently, as shimmering golden bow and quiver appeared on his person, both a gracious gift from his godly father.
It took him but a few moments to load the arrow, and pull the string of the bow back with expert technique that, even in her state, infatuated Callie. Nerus took a deep breath, aimed, and let the arrow loose. It whizzed through the air with terrifying speed, as though it were a ray of sun flying from the bow of Apollo himself. The arrow narrowly missed hitting Alex's head, but instead went in front of her, bursting into a blinding light. Callie could only watched in pure terror and horror, as a small object began to to plummet to the Earth from the still hovering girls hand.