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Ethan Andrews

"I'm going to make him proud of me."

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a character in “Camp Halfblood: The love god's secret”, as played by Venom0861



Name: Ethan Andrews

Age: 20

Art of Combat- Being a son of Ares Ethan's powers in combat are substantially above average.

Endurance- Through extensive combat training and his bloodline Ethan is able to sustain himself through combat for 5-6 times that of a normal soldier. When he becomes fatigued he will sleep for up to 14 hours.

Skeletal Warriors- Only in times of great need or having received a blessing from Ares himself Ethan is able to summon and command legions of fallen soldiers who owe their allegiance to his father.

Strength- Ethan has formidable strength. In battle he's able to shatter shields and collapse armor almost effortlessly.

Aura of fear- When in combat Ethan gives off an aura of malice strong enough to make the creatures they battle falter and break rank.

Appearance Ethan stands at 6'6 towering over most all of the other campers. His normal clothing comprises of a worn pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and a pair of combat boots. His extensive training has left him obviously muscular. If they can get past his towering stance people will see this his eyes are dark green with a tinge of brown around the pupil. His hair is kept close and cropped. Rarely does he smiles but when he does his face lights up and his intimidating air fades giving him a friendly appearance.

Personality True the the personality of Ares, Ethan is cold to almost everyone he meats. Hardwired for combat Ethan is always observant looking and watching for threats only more pushed by his ADHD. If anyone was able to break through his shell he would be found to be one of the best and most loyal friends you could find.

Bio Ethan had a fairly normal life. Well as normal as a demigod's live could be what with the severe ADHD and dyslexia. Through school he struggled with paying attention and reading. At the age of his normal started becoming... well less normal. Things started changing his teacher suddenly had talons instead of fingers, but as soon as he noticed it it was gone. Luckily his best friend was there to ensure him that everything was alright. Though after time it just got worse.

At the age of 9 the changes just got to be to much Ethan was becoming more and more paranoid. He was sure that the teacher keep looking at him with a death glare. That night in his sleep he had a dream. Not the normal dream warning him of a terrible war but one of his father. In the dream his dad told him it was time to leave. He had to go to Camp Halfblood. The next morning he talked to his mother. As he sat down for breakfast he asked the question he asked more often than any other. "Mom, where's my dad at?"

She turned around with a sigh. "Your father had to leave shortly after you were born." She had that far away look that she always got when she talked about dad.

"I saw him last night in my dream. He told me I had to go to some place called Camp Halfblood. After that he left."

She gasped. "Already? I didn't think it'd be time so soon... but alright. You need to go pack get your things." Ethan was in shock but he knew better than to argue with his mom. He ran to his room and packed his clothes and the only thing his father had left for him, a pendant of a drakon. Once he was all packed he ran back downstairs where his mom was waiting. "I can't go with you. Camp Halfblood is a place for you to be safe." There were tears in her eyes as she spoke. The rest of the day was spent getting ready for travel and setting up a guide using something his mom called an Iris Message.

The next day it was time. Ethan's mom drove him to the airport and set him on the first plane destined for New York. As he stepped off the plane he saw his dad standing there waiting for him. "Dad? What are you doing here?"

He knelt down and looked Ethan in the eye. "Ethan we need to go somewhere to talk I've arranged for changing your guide to camp." Ethan nodded and followed his dad out to the parking lot where they were alone. "Ethan I have a lot to tell you and not a lot of time to do it so stay quite and listen close. I'm Ares the god of war. You are a demigod. All through your life you've been different. You have ADHD, that is your battle reflexes. Your going to learn to fight and you'll be damn good at it. Your dyslexia your brain having been hardwired to read Greek. You've been seeing things that don't quite make sense. Your beginning to see through the magic that hides our world from yours." Suddenly a flash of lightening flashed through the sky. "We don't have much more time. Go to Camp Halfblood and learn well. Make me proud and you will be rewarded." A van nearby honked and Ares looked over. "Your ride is here it's time for you to go. Take this." Ares handed him a drakon tooth. "This tooth will turn into a spear strong enough to withstand any attack. That pendant is a shield. Use them well." With that Ares turned and left quickly disappearing from sight.

Ethan quickly shouted out. "Bye Dad I promise I'm going to make you proud!" He then quickly boarded the van and was on his way to his new hime, Csamp Halfblood. Once he arrived he was quickly sorted into the Ares cabin. That day he started his training working as heard as he could to be the best he could. A son Ares himself would be proud of. When he turned 13 he went on his first mission leading two of his closest friends to recover some lost artifact. While they were returning to camp they were ambushed by a group of Harpies. Their screaming and darting antics were quickly countered, but not before one of them was able to badly mortally wound one of Ethan's companions. In a fit of rage he rose from the ground 30 skeletal archers who quickly finished off the harpies and returned to their eternal unrest. For the rest of the journey Ethan carried the corpse of his friend returning it to Camp Halfblood along with the pitcher they'd been sent to retrieve.

After that day something changed in Ethan. He became more distant and cold to the other campers turning down the position as head of the Ares cabin after multiple offers. Every mission after his first he chose to do on his own against the policies of the camp. He refuses to let another person to get hurt to protect him. He was the protector. This is how he saw himself and how he acted. He was a friend to no one yet the protector of all. Everything he has done has been for his father and to repay what was lost that day.

Drakon Tooth Spear
Drakon Bone Shield
Full set of Celestial Bronze Armor

So begins...

Ethan Andrews's Story


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The sun was just peaking over the horizon when Ethan woke up. He stretched and got ready for his morning work out muttering to himself as he did. "Need to keep myself in top shape even with teaching the new campers the basics of combat I have to be able to challenge myself." He was up before the rest of the camp running laps around the lake wearing his full armor with his shield and spear. After that it was time for form practice then if he was lucky someone would be up and waiting to spar with him or asking for a lesson. Not the most approachable guy at camp he was used to working alone but when Charon asked him to lead the combat training for new campers even he was hard pressed to say no. By the time the sun was a quarter of the way up it's climb there was a small group of young campers watching him move as he cut down wave after wave of imaginary monsters.

Finally having worked up a sweat he turned to the campers. "Have all of you eaten?" They all nodded their heads looking rather nervous. "Don't worry my goal here is to train you not hurt you. Now everyone go to the armory and get yourselves some equipment find the weapon you find most suited to yourself. Test the grip and feeling of the blade before you choose because that will be yours for the rest of your time here." They quickly ran to the shed and after a few squabbles and minor injuries everyone was ready to begin. Ethan began leading them through the most basic combat stances before having them pair up to begin working on blocking.

Charon arrived to watch over the training. "How are they all doing?"

Ethan shrugged. "About the same as normal some get it faster some take a lot of pushing. I have the archers practicing on the targets if you want to go oversee them. No matter how much I practice I can't beat you at archery." Ethan chuckles as he watched over the twenty or so campers.

Charon laughed with him. "I've had many years of practice but your as good an archer as I've seen from Ares. So take that as you will." He began trotting off to coach the young archers.

The day progressed much the same Ethan watched over the training ground only breaking long enough to get some lunch.


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[code=D3D3D3]"She better not harm my locket or I swear to the gods I will wring her skinny little neck with my own two hands," [/code] Callidora thought angrily as she stormed around camp half blood searching for the soon to be dead, daughter of Hermes.
During her normal normal routine, Callie had noticed that a simple, brass locket, was missing from her dresser. While it might seem like a normal trinket to any outside observer, it was one of Callie's most prized possessions.The necklace had been a gift from her father, shortly before his death. Inside, it contained a small picture of the two of them, smiling ear to ear on a park bench beneath a large, oak tree in central park during one of their many visits to New York City. It was one of the few things that she had left of her beloved father, and she knew that Alex had taken it, this would not be the first time she had taken something of her's.
Callie's anger had softened slightly at that thought. She had never told Alex of the intense feelings attached to such a seemingly simple piece of jewelry, but that still did not quell her want to once again feel it's comforting weight on her sternum.
[code=FF3030]"Good morning Cals,"[/code] the all too chipper to be normal, Nerus, chided from a few paces behind her.
Callie sighed, she was definitely going to have a very long training session after she had gotten her locket back, perhaps with one of Ares's children, they were always fun to train with.
"Please not now Nerus, I'm not in a very good mood today," she said as she felt a headache begin to bubble up behind her eyes.
Out of the corner of her eye, she saw an object fluttering high above the ground. It was far to big to be a bird, which could only mean...."Alex," Callie yelled, running towards her, Nerus following close behind.
"Alex, give me back my locket," Callie said as they got closer to her, but Hermes offspring showed no signs of slowing down.
"ALEX!" She tried once more, desperation and utter sadness coated her voice that in any other circumstance would embarrass her to no end, but at this moment Callie could have cared less, she just wanted it back.
"I got her," Nerus said confidently, as shimmering golden bow and quiver appeared on his person, both a gracious gift from his godly father.
It took him but a few moments to load the arrow, and pull the string of the bow back with expert technique that, even in her state, infatuated Callie. Nerus took a deep breath, aimed, and let the arrow loose. It whizzed through the air with terrifying speed, as though it were a ray of sun flying from the bow of Apollo himself. The arrow narrowly missed hitting Alex's head, but instead went in front of her, bursting into a blinding light. Callie could only watched in pure terror and horror, as a small object began to to plummet to the Earth from the still hovering girls hand.