Grayson Rongin

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a character in “Camp Keystone for Mythical Creatures”, as played by warthog


Name: Grayson Rongin
What are you:Werewolf
Human Appearance: Image
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Deep Brown
Weight:155 lbs.
Personality: A geek at hart but with his powers coming in he has the look and abilities of a athlete. He likes to just have a good time, he has the attitude that everyone likes, never trying to hurt anyone but won't hesitate to stop someone from hurting another physically or mentally. Can get a little out of hand sometimes with the change upon him.
Power(s): Extreme Strength, Enhanced Speed, Intense Senses, Wound Regeneration, Full Werewolf morph on full moons (partial change when heart rate rises/short claws, little more hairy, sharp bright eyes)
Cabin #:1
Likes/Interests/hobbies: Sports, Movies, Walks, Sleeping, Girls, Parties, Alone Time, Internet on his phone, working with his hands, learning of history
Dislikes: Bullies, Snobs, Hurting, Morphing into wolf, Being Commanded
Crush: Renee
Enemies: N/A
History/Bio:When Grayson was 15 he started getting into the change. He was in a deep line of Werewolf blood on his dad's side, but his mother was human. His dad had left the clan saying that they were nothing but savages and he wouldn't raise his family in that enviorment. Grayson's family was said to go back to Lieutents of the first, but with just one mixture of human blood Grayson is a half breed but with strong blood. The first night he turned he went on a rampage hunting for anything that moved, his dad tryed to stop him but Grayson's strength in that stage was weird even for his clans blood line. His dad was able to detain him after a the whole night of a alot fight. After that Grayson's dad trained him to keep his powers under control so it wouldn't happen again on the next moon but it was still a pain to control Grayson on the night. This summer his Dad decided to send him to Camp Keystone, Grayson was different and he needed to have his powers under control. The way his dad put it is that he needed to at least make some friends, he hadn't had a single friend since the first morph. As Grayson walked up onto the campus, He decided this was for the best and he was gona make it a good summer.

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Grayson Rongin's Story