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Cristina Parker

"Seems like an Okay, Camp."

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a character in “Camp Keystone: Under new ownership”, as played by Ahimgina


What are you: Werewolf
FC: Young Katy Perry

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Cristina is the type of person that people find to be sweet and a pack of goodies if you will. She's fun loving and a hell a lot of fun to be around, always cracking jokes or just making people smile. Sure she has her ups and downs being a werewolf and all the hard temptations to keep from using some of her powers. Other than those she's really a normal teenage girl. She'll listen to your problems and often try and help you sort out what ever that person is going through no matter what it is she'd love to help. One thing that helps hold Cristina's were wolf come out is being in a tree watching the clouds or just being outside. Her self-confidence helps a lot as well.

-Can jump high
-Run fast
-Poison in claws.
Cabin #:
Outdoors| Camp Fires | Party's | Camping| Cats | Sushi | Star Gazing |

Reptiles| Jerks | Drunks | Spiders | Hospitals | Sharp objects|

Art| Running |Cooking | Being Silly | Flirting | Listen to music

Crush: Not Sure Yet
Enemies: Not Sure Yet
Cristina was born an only child, no sibling or even an imaginary friend growing up. Not to say she didn't enjoy being the only child of her parents, she did enjoy her time spent with them until the day her father left her mother when he found out what Cristina actually was. Her Father obviously didn't accept the fact she was one of the few special kids to be inhuman. It wasn't usually for there to be werewolf's born into the family it was kinda an honor in her family if you were one. During her time spent at regular public school up to just a year ago, she had lots of friends and was pretty popular. Most of the time she was remembered as the Class clown, and have a brightest smile. That was until she began to loose control of her wolf side and would frequently get anger at every little thing that bugged her. Not to mention her super hearing, she'd hear some pretty harsh things that people were whispering behind her back. Her so called friends abandoned her at the beginning of 11th grade. That's when she dropped out and came here to this camp.

So begins...

Cristina Parker's Story

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The new owners stood at the gate waiting for their new Camp Director to arrive. The gates were already open and the cabins have been cleaned. The owners had the keys that the director was going to need for the camp, everything from the main gates all the way down to the yard tool shed. The camp had been under major construction for the past few years, to prepare for this moment, the moment that Camp Keystone was reopened for the supposedly mythical creatures that were going there. The owners were going to keep a close eye on the camp and director, to ensure the highest standard is kept, and that all creature was ensure the best safety there could be.

Jacob was riding in the cab watching as trees flew by. He was truely in the middle of no where, seeing that he was being forced to attend this camp. He swore he had complete control of his wolf, but his grandparents didn't believe him. The five foot five inch, one hundred fifteen pound werewolf was tried of traveling, especially since he's been on the road for nearly three days. Finally, the fog was starting to clear and a large wall with gates appeared. Camp Keystone was up ahead, how long before they arrived, he didn't know.

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Cristina sat back in her seat as the car, came to a rolling stop. They were 3 miles away from Camp Keystone. She sighed as she starred out the window, sure she felt like she needed to go but Cristina isn't the kind of person who actually thought Camp was fun. She just hopes the people there aren't to bad. The car began in motion again, she leaned up and turned the radio up, she didn't like silence only if she's outside by herself but with someone she'd like there to be noise not silence. Her mother peered over at Cristina, while keeping the car straight and in motion. The smiled at her and looked back at the road. "Come on, camp isn't going to be that bad..." Her mother told her, "Cheer up" Her mother finishes with before pulling over to the toll booth. The man inside the booth looked at them and gave a warm smile. He took the money and waved us goodbye. Cristina wasn't going to lie, she knew camp couldn't be as bad as she's imaging it to be.

They rolled onto the dirt road that leads to the camp. As they get further and further into the woods a smile merges on Cristina's face. She was beginning to like this place, it's nice and far away from people, and cars. Plenty of room to get a better grip on her wolf side. Cristina sat up in her seat and peered out the window at their surroundings, "Nice" She whispered to herself. As the fog began to clear up ahead she saw the towering gates of the Camp, her mom slowed the car so it would be easier to stop if there were cars up ahead whom were stopped or stopping. Cristina smiled as they got closer to the Camp. "I think I'm going to like it here mom... She tells her mom with a big grin on her face. Cristina couldn't help but smile, this kind of location makes her feel at home and relaxed. The city life just makes her want to hide, which than makes her stressful. But this..this is peaceful and stress free. She just hopes the other campers and the one whom's in charge is not a jerk.

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They had been flying for quite some time now. Letting her wing tilt to the side, Aurora dove diagonally releasing a whoop of joy that sounded more like thunder if a normal person heard it. On the other hand her parents merely rolled their eyes at their daughter’s antics. “Aurora try not to go too low you don’t want to blow our cover amongst the clouds.” The sound of her father’s voice rumbled in the back of his throat sounding bored unlike her mother, “Oh let her be Arthur. She’s just having fun.” cooing at her daughter. Aurora giggled as she flipped over to her back which was a rare feat for someone her age.

The were-dragons had been flying in the clouds for quite some time now only stopping every now and then to rest their bodies and eat. Soon the cover provided by the clouds grew denser and denser becoming more like fog than anything else. “I’m guessing we’ll soon be arriving then?” The only form of response she got was a low grunt from her father. Glancing over her wing at her mother the two exchanged a look. Showing off her large teeth in a smile Aurora dove downwards not caring to stop despite her father’s protest. Bringing her wings in closer to her body Aurora cut through the water like a diver would when they hit the water.

She could feel herself accelerating however because of the fog she had misjudged the distance between where she had been a few seconds ago and the ground. Suddenly the fog disappeared to reveal green land. With a gasp she opened up her wings with a snap bringing herself up in time to not crash land. The young were-dragon did clip a few trees. Eventually her parents caught up to her but she drowned out the words of her father as he lectured her about the stunt she had just pulled. The trio passed over something filled with water and eventually her father pulled up in front her directing her towards a certain location. “The check in is right here Auroa.” Growling at her father the young woman began to slow down as they reached a clearing. Seeing that someone was already standing there Aurora narrowed her eyes to see that it was a man probably the camp director since he was on the campus side.

Flapping her wings to slow her descent Aurora began to shift as her wings folded in and soon enough a tall woman stood where a dragon had once been. The same thing occurred with her parents. They stood tall and proud and walked over to where the man stood. “Am I to assume you are the camp director?” pausing long enough for him to answer Arthur waved to his daughter who had separated from them. “My daughter will be attending your camp is there anything we, as parents, need to do before we leave?”

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Ellis was extremely unhappy his father was forcing him to go to He didn't need to get along with people, he was a demon for crying out loud.

"Father this is stupid, Zara doesn't have to go, you just want rid of me because you know I'm fucking better than you" he growled at his father who didn't look please by his comment. His father merely waved his hand to dismiss Ellis.

Ellis growled and transported himself in smoke to his room where he started breaking anything he could get his hands on. He heard a small knock on his door and he turned to see his twin sister walking in.

"Go away Zara....I don't want to talk to anyone" he said angrily. He sat on his bed with a sigh and she came in and sat next to him.

"Brother....maybe this is a good can go and make some friend there" she said softly but Ellis didn't understand it.

"WHY MUST I MAKE FRIENDS! I'M A DEMON! WE DON'T NEED ANY FRIENDS ZARA!" he shouted angrily. She just sighed and started summoning smoke.

Ellis turned away until he felt a powerful force hit is back sending him upwards through the surface of they're domain and he landed hard on soft green grass.

He lifted his head up a little to see a camp sign and sighed. He stood up and then suddenly realised he was about to be hit by a cab.