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Nicholas Soren

Darkness has two sides, the side that defends the helpless, and the side that destroys the helpless....

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a character in “Camp Keystone vs. Camp Bloodlust”, as played by deathrisesagain


Name: Nicholas Kyle Soren

Age: 20

What are you: Shadronian

Human Appearance: Image He stands at five feet seven inches tall and weighs no more than one hundred forty pounds. Though he weighs that much, he doesn’t have a single ounce of fat on him. Nick has wavy/curly dirty-blonde hair and blueish grey eyes. He has a nice tan and six-packed abs. Nick happens to be a bit stronger than what he appears to be.

Eye Colour: Blueish grey

Hair Colour: Dirty-blonde

Height: Five foot seven inches

Weight: One hundred forty pounds

Personality: Nick tends to be friendly, fun and outgoing. He will stick with his friends through thick and thin. Though Nick is friendly, when it comes to his abilities, Nick tends to hold back a lot. He lacks the confidence with his abilities. He's affraid that if he goes all out, that he'll turn evil and start hurting the ones he cares about the most.

Shadow manipulation: The ability to control shadows to use as a weapon, or a shield.
Shadow walk: The ability to walk through shadows to another location. Once inside the shadows, he can't be seen, sensed, smelt, nor heard.
Shadow speed: The ability to allow a Shadronian to move much faster then anything else. The older the Shadronian, the faster they become. A Shadronian from the ages of 3 to 8 moves three times faster than a human, 9 to 13 moves just as fast as a werewolf or vampire, 14 to 18 moves five times faster then a vampire, and so on so forth.
Superior sense: They can hear, smell and sense someone or something coming at a much further distance, as well as having the ability to see in the dark, like it was day.

Role: Camp Coach

Camp: Keystone

Cabin #: Staff Cabin

Likes/Interests/hobbies: manipulating shadows to play pranks on people, soccer, swimming, running.

Dislikes: Nick dislikes humans, snakes, jocks and cheerleaders

Crush: None at the moment

Enemies: None at the moment.

History/Bio: Nick doesn’t remember anything of his life before he was adopted at the age of 5. Even though his adoptive parents knew that Nick was different, besides being able to see, hear, smell and sense things in shadows, and being able to step into shadows and completely disappear, his physical features were normal except when it came to his teeth. Nick has a mouth full of fangs. Nick’s entire life he tried to be as friendly as possible, but other kids just found it easy to make fun of him, instead of being friends with him. Though Nick has had a rough life of being picked on, he continued to be friendly and try to make friends. The past two years, Nick traveled, though he traveled as if he was searching for something. He was indeed searching for something, any and all signs of his race. Nick had come across some rumors about his race living in the high mountains of the Alps, but once he got there, there was no signs of any life. Several villages had burned to the ground along torn banners that bare the Shadronian mark, but what upset him the most was the hundreds of skeletons that were scattered all about. After Nick finished rumaging through the rubble, he received the called that Keystone was reopened, and he headed back. Nick has spoken to no one of what he found, though it places a ton of weight upon his shoulders.

Other: Nick is of a very old, very rare race, a race that is believed to be of myth, even amongst other mythical creatures. The last known sighting of the Shadronian race is believed to be several hundred years earlier. Though Nick knows what race he is, he plays it off as if he wasn’t one of the Shadronian race, and is just a mere Shadow Elementalist and the fact that everyone knows that a shadronian has black hair and black eyes, while standing at five feet ten inches, his appearance plays to his advantage in his cover story.. Nick has came out and announced himself as the last Shadronian, most people couldn't believe it, until he revealed the mark on his back, the mark of a Shadronian.

Penguins are my favorite animals

So begins...

Nicholas Soren's Story