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I'm a leaf on the wind, I come and go.

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a character in “Camp Keystone”, as played by Tonks


Name: Piper
Age: 18-ish
What are you: Bound to a demon
Human Appearance: ... e_001.html She has a spunky sense of style and is proud of it. She also has a tattoo to be the mark of her demon. ( ... medium.jpg )
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 5'8"
Personality: A very open and bubbly person dispite her brothers out look on life, kinda a drifter though.
Power(s): With the demon: Super speed,super strength, can bend any nearby element. Without: Empathic, can take the pain away from anyone.
Cabin #: (I will assign you one. leave blank for now.)
Likes/Interests/hobbies: Drawing,Boys, Action movies, Martial arts, anything crafty, laying on the ground with her brother.
Dislikes: people talking down to her, being ignored, people thiking they are better than her.
Crush: (edit this throughout the roleplay)
Enemies:(edit this throughout the roleplay)
History/Bio: she was raised by her brother, that is all she knew. For a long time she secretly thought he was her dad but just was too young to raise her in that role. Still does actulally. She has never staied in on place for too long, she likes to think of her self as a gypsy ( they did live with some for a while so she could be called one of them). She has a easier time handling her demon, she doesn't talk to as much as her brother does sometimes.

So begins...

Piper's Story


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#, as written by Tonks
Piper walks out on to the green space in front of her cabin. she closes her eyes and lets all the pain and suffering around her soak in to her. Last night was a hell of a night. she thinks and banishing the pain starts to go through the first level of Rimgar or the Dance of Snake and Crane. (borrowed from eragon) She keeps her breath even as she goes through the motions. this is harder than when I left the temple. she thinks after twenty minutes of it. She takes the starting position for the second level. Here goes nothing. she thinks because she has never made it through this level.

Marmoru seeing his sister practicing Rimgar, decides to go join her. He walks over and says in manderin " May I join you sister?" Piper stops moiving and smiles at him. " Of corse," Then goes back to pracicing. Marmoru starts in on the first level, and is pleased to discover that he can still do it with ease. As he move on to the next level he focuses on geting every las movement perfect.