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Although intelligent, Nila Nazareth Mirth is the downer of downers. Nearly everything that comes out of her mouth is negative, and her expression is always graced with a frown. Her mother having died in childbirth and her father out of the picture, social services soon picked her up. Tossed between foster families as a child, due to the fact that no family seemed to want to adopt her and her depressing demeanor, she went off on her own as soon as she turned eighteen. Bored, and without the attention span for a normal life, she ended up wandering into Camp Lakewood, attracted by it's ghost town nature and the rumors behind it's name.

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She wiped the cold sweat from her brow and continued up the steep and tiresome path, puny twigs crunching beneath her weary feet. The air was cool and fresh in the morning. What the hell was she doing up this early? The fucking dew was soaking into her shoes.
Where the hell was she, anyway? Her second cousin's rusty old pickup had stalled the night before, somewhere further down the mountain. Goddamn dusty piece of shit couldn't hold it together for a couple more miles. What is it with cars? You keep 'em for twenty years or so, and they just quit on you. While you're driving up a mountain. Just before nightfall. And she already suffered from insomnia.
She had an obnoxious cramp in her neck from spending the night in the thing. She rubbed at it irritably. The torn up asphalt she'd been driving on a while back had ended in a mass of gravel and tree, which she'd found after about two miles of grumbling. Even if the car hadn't stalled, she still wouldn't have been able to continue for much longer.
Still would've saved her ten thousand five hundred and sixty feet of energy.
The foot-trail she was on had come off of the crushed remain of the road. It was overgrown, barely there. Either very new or very old. Didn't change the fact that it took her about a half hour of yelling obscenities at the remains of the road to notice it. Probably didn't lead anywhere exciting. It probably didn't lead anywhere at all. A short little adventure with a disappointing end, as usual.
She swatted at a mosquito.
"Come any closer and you'll never taste blood again, you tiny whirring vampire bitch." She snarled. It didn't listen. She made good on her word.
The sack on her back, bearing the awesome power of a Kroger logo, was feeling ungodly heavy. How fucking long would it take her to get somewhere? Her patience was wearing thin. Just like her shoes. She needed a new pair.