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Camp LakeWood

Lake Tobanco


a part of Camp LakeWood, by GeishaMonroe.

A gorgeous body of water with a hidden secret.

GeishaMonroe holds sovereignty over Lake Tobanco, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Lake Tobanco, is a beautiful place with a hidden past of ancient burial grounds, uncontrollable visions of the past and a place that some find peace.
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Lake Tobanco

A gorgeous body of water with a hidden secret.


Lake Tobanco is a part of Camp LakeWood.

2 Places in Lake Tobanco:

2 Characters Here

Jericho [1] Retired Navy Seal searching for his missing wife and daughter
Elizabeth Feilds [0] The only remaing resident of Lake Tobanco

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The woods were thick and dark in the early morning. A heavy fog swept eerily off the dark calm waters of Lake Tobanco. Tendrils of fog swept up from a small fire on the edge of an overgrown beach. Sitting next to the small cooking fire a man tends to an old tin coffee pot. He pours a dark brew into a beat-up tin mug. Steam rises from the mug as he draws it to his lips. He sips slowly and reaches in to a pocket to pull out a pack of Marlboro Reds. With a flourish He flicks the top of a worn Zippo lighter. The silver lightning bolt insignia over a black shield reflecting in the fire light. He strikes the flint in a practiced motion, lighting the cigarette and inhaling deeply. Smoke drifts from his mouth as he exhales slowly. He looks down at the freshly caught fish hanging over the fire, then up and across the lake. The fog is thick, but, he was sure that he saw it. A light was on in the abandoned camp across the lake. Who would be foolish enough to go into that God forsaken place? Suddenly, he heard movement in the woods. His clear blue eyes focused through the fog looking for what might emerge from the dark wood. His hand slid automatically down to the powder black Desert Eagle at his side. The bush parted and a scruffy German Shepard emerged from the woods. He stared at the man sitting there and hesitated only a moment when he saw his hand on the gun. The tension melted away as he recognized the mangy mutt that had adopted him in his travels. The dog came up beside him and whimpered as he looked at the fish over the fire. “What’s the matter Sampson? You didn’t catch your own breakfast this morning?” The dog licked his lips and sat next to the man waiting to share his meal. The man looked down at the dog and scratched behind his ear receiving an appreciative whine from the dog, who kept his eyes on the fish cooking on the fire. A smile softened the strong jaw of the man as he reached for the fish. As they finished breakfast the man’s attention was once again drawn to the light across the lake. How many people would die this time, he wondered? The sky began to lighten as the sun neared the horizon. Wisps of fog rose slowly off the lake and began to dissipate in the cool air of morning. The man slowly rose from the fire, stretching his long legs and walked slowly towards an old shack that was his temporary home in this dreary empty wood. He looked back over his shoulder and noticed Sampson staring at the building across the lake. He heard a low growl coming from the dog. He called him and the dog hesitated a moment before turning and following the man that he had heard people call Jericho. They entered the shack and the man walked over to an old cracked mirror. He reached down to an old enamel pan and drew an old white washcloth to his face. He slowly scrubbed his weathered face. He stared at the face in the mirror. Three days of a grizzled beard adorned an angular tanned face. His hair was black and just starting to grey. He stared into the icy blue eyes and decided that he would need to find out what was going on at Camp Lakewood. He grimaced at the thought. He didn’t scare easily. His time in Afghanistan had seen to that. The place just creeped him out. Too many people had died in that place. He set his jaw and decided that it would not happen again!