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Connor Tanabe

"I flick the switch on the generator, so I can turn you on"

0 · 973 views · located in Camp Liberty, California

a character in “Camp Liberty”, as played by Boomerang



Ι flick the switch on the generator, so I can turn you on. You better get to know your operator, before you pick that tone. ”
[url=songLink]Heart and soul[/url] || [url=songLink]Sing[/url] ||


Connor Ricky Tanabe






New York


Pacific Islander (Tongan)



|Years at Camp Liberty|


"You own the lock and the key, for the window to my soul, t




Tonga. Obviously, he used to live there, but he still loves the culture.


Anything by Ed Sheeran


The first Hangover

|Decade of the 1900's?|



Summer, obviously.


Honey badger


Green, obviously


Chris Lilley




Any food

"Cause it must have been something. Out of control. Yeah, it must have been worth it- Cause I had nothing left to show. How you put my life in your hands"


Summer || Smiles || Friends || Tonga || His family || Food || Swimming || New shoes || Bow ties || His phone || Pranks || Funny people || Thrift shops || 'Camp Popsicles' || Breakdancing || Green || His bed || Canoeing ||


Miserable weather || Hill-walking || Most of the Blues || Crying || Being hungry || Hospitals ||


|| Drug Dealer ||
No one knows of his old, drug dealing ways.

|| Depression ||
He still has bouts of depression, especially when others are depressed. As such, he only surrounds himself with happy people.


Disease || Starvation || Loneliness || Being hated || Depression ||


Has a collection of vintage sneakers || Dances when he's happy || Will put letters in front of curse words so he can say them in front of supervisors "Motherpucker!"||

"Open up your heart and your soul. Take my love and never grow old, yeah."


Connor Tanabe is happy, and he wants you to clap your hands. Years spent in deep depression over his mother's death, and you'd expect the kid to be as happy as he can.

He loves to break dance because it gives him the opportunity to feel as though he is a whole new being, the music flows through his limbs and he, as if it is instinct, moves with it. When the music is playing he feels like he is at his best, he feels as though he can do anything.

Connor can get a little cocky within his happiness, though. This extra spark of somethin' somethin' is enough to make Connor feel like he always has a reason to get his swagger on. Strutting down the street with his head held high and perhaps a little too much swing in his hips, there's never a day that passes where he's not foolishly convinced he's completely untouchable. Perhaps this is what gives him the brazen confidence to let his words run unchecked, prattling on as if supervisors were little more than troublesome puppies he hasn't finished house training yet, but he'd rather give credit to his mouth itself. The boy has a big ol' grin and knows how to use it, baring his pearly whites any time he finds himself caught in a stitch of trouble, as if the reflection off them might be enough to blind people to his misconducts. One would think he'd be content to rely on his full lips to attract notice to that cheeky smirk, he's a connoisseur when it comes to overkill.

Slander and cockiness aside, He loves to break dance because it gives him the opportunity to feel as though he is a whole new being, the music flows through her limbs and he, as if it is instinct, moves with it. When the music is playing he feels like he is at his best, he feels as though he can do anything.

Not even his harshest critics would imply that he is truly incapable of making sacrifices for the sake of another person. If there's one thing he's willing to risk his precious neck to protect, of course it's himself, but he also knows he's bigger than his own body. Blood is a connective bond that can't be broken and, in his mind, that means the friends he shares it with has a little piece of Connor Tanabe in each of them too. Likewise, proof of loyalty to his friends can only be shown in one way: a blood bond. A blood brother earns his allegiance for life, which is no small commitment especially coming from someone so selfish. Other friendships are simply a sea of attentive faces that live to bask in his glory and reaffirm his shallow sense of self-worth.

Now, don't get the wrong idea. This kind of vanity is a virtue — it inspires self-confidence and that's something that can't be easily taken from you unlike houses, loved ones, and respect. When things start to slip away, you need to hold onto whatever's left and make the best of it: smile at a girl even though she's so much like your dead mother; strut like a golden god regardless of your empty pockets. Insist with conviction — and a flex of your biceps — and you can convince people of anything. A silver tongue can quickly turn you into a smooth criminal with your pranks despite the way you clumsily trip over yourself when no one is looking and kick the wall in petty, short tempered retaliation. Words will return you to grace and gracefulness. Sound as if you know what you're doing and people will forget that you're making everything up as you go along.


Please keep this in mind: Connor doesn't want your two-bit pity; doesn't want your charitable words; doesn't want your sympathetic looks. Such things don't pay rent or buy food — they only make him feel small. His childhood often feels like someone else's memory, a wistful hallucination he can't shake off and he wouldn't want to mess up that carefully styled hair trying to. The carefree days of his youth, spent practicing magic and attending his sister's imaginary tea parties, have turned into fairy tales against the aftermath of their mother's death and Connor has grown far too manly for story time.

Life was blissful for Connor in the beginning and, by his neighbourhood's standards, the Tanabe family lived an extremely fortunate life. His mother, Eleanor, was a well respected and successful pharmaceutical developer, responsible for several ground-breaking discoveries in vaccinations. Days were never passed with empty stomachs, even after their father, Parker, lost an arm in a factory accident and was unable to continue working. Their three children were bright and carefree, doing well in school and finding themselves with enough free time to cause plenty of good-natured mischief.

The brothers Tanabe, Connor and Napoleon (who is often called Poe, now 18), were pint-sized imps from the start. Their interest in magic tricks began innocently enough, conjuring coins from behind their mother's ear or making flowers disappear into handkerchiefs with a flourish. It came most naturally to Napoleon, his quick-handed illusions fooling even the keenest of watchful eyes. Everything from card tricks to a specialty in juggling unconventional objects found its way into his repertoire, but as their lives took a turn for the worse, so did their tricks.

After accidentally contracting a lung disease she had been studying in her lab, their mother unexpectedly passed away, throwing the thunderstruck Tanabe family into mourning and destitution. With a disabled father unable to find work and a younger sister to care for, Connor and Napoleon turned from magicians to juvenile con men, adapting their once innocent deceptions for financial gain. Pickpocketing became routine and although Napoleon was as subtle as a phantom, Connor's clumsier fingers soon outed them as notorious swindlers. Desperate for a new way to save their family from starvation, the pair of young teenagers talked their way into jobs in the local medical factories.

Old habits died hard, or rather, didn't die at all. Discovering that their minimal factory wages alone weren't enough to make ends meet, the brothers plotted new scams that utilized their individual strengths far better than their previous cons. With Napoleon's unrivaled slight of hand skills and new position working the conveyor belts that transported unbottled medications for packaging, he began stealing from the loose pills. The pilfered capsules and tablets would be passed along to Connor, whose silver-tongued street smarts made his transition into the friendly neighborhood drug dealer look effortless.

It was only when his school found out that he was a drug dealer that his life turned around. Connor was put in a juvenile diversion program along with his brother. Luckily, their father got a new job of a motivational speaker, giving the family that extra bit of money. Their father wanted the kids to have a bit more of a normal life, and so here he is in Camp Liberty.


FC is Calum Hood

So begins...

Connor Tanabe's Story

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Temperature: 30 degrees Celsius // 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although warm, an apparent breeze laces the warmth with an edge of balance.

Date: Monday May 29th

Time: 9:00 AM

What's happening?: All the campers have arrived, some the night before and some in the small hours of the morning. The campers have just found out their activity groups for the year. The first activity is introductions, basically a kind of 'getting to know me' although most know each other already, it is standard protocol and must be done type set up, held in the media room for activity group six. We begin as the characters arrive to the media room.



Pretending happiness was a part of Ariadne's life was becoming simply unbearable. Was it really all that much to ask for? Safe from gunshots, her friends, her past in general. Her head bounced against the side of the car with every rut they ran over. They were already deep within the countryside of California and the sun was beginning to peek through wisps of grey. Almost there, almost there. Her deep breaths refused to pull the sickening feeling she had within the pit of her stomach, and her mind couldn't find the reason she felt nausea on what she usually took in as a holiday.

Sleep had come and gone for her. It wasn't as if she couldn't sleep. No, her body would shut down when his head hit the pillow no matter how nervous she was. Exhaustion triumphed all, in that case. But nightmares triumphed exhaustion, and the times she'd woken up in cold sweat and shaking was pitiful. She replayed everything over and over in her head, making sure she wasn't missing anything. She remembered the horrific videos that the media obtained from within the school. Blow after blow landed on hollow bodies, feet rushing to and fro without direction. They did have a direction - all those children, armed with hope and despair and love and loss, those children were all headed somewhere. Even Nick and Liam.

But now they're not.

"Ari, dear" Her mother spoke softly, and Ariadne's eyes lifted from the floor "We're nearly at camp, so you best get sorted."

She pulled the blanket off of herself and on to the floor, cold sweeping on to her pale skin. She laced up old sneakers that laid idly untied on her feet. Dainty fingers clasped the small and elegant book she carried, running along every one of the cracks that ran across the leather surface.

"Sorted." Ari's voice was as solid as wind, almost ethereal but definitely uncertain.

The scenery looked all too familiar, with the trees that stretched above her and bubbling brooks at each side of the road. Soon enough, the wooden arch engraved with the words 'Camp Liberty' appeared before her, and the car stopped at the parking lot. Cars dotted the place, familar faces arriving by the second. It was just all too much.

She grasped her suitcase with surprising force, her mother arriving from the front seat of the car to see her off. It would be hard. Her parents had been the only thing standing between Ariadne and complete destruction. Her mother pulled her in for a hug.

"Are you sure you're going to be fine? I've spoken to the camp directors, they say you can come home whenever you want."

"I'll be fine." The smile pasted across her lips hurt. A deep aching within her cheeks, a small price to pay for the fake happiness that spread within her. A dying fire left burning from her childhood adventures with a future murderer, now a fading memory. "See you soon." Ari waved until her mother's Ford pulled of of the parking lot and into the forest.

Dragging her suitcase behind her, she fixed her eyes to the ground and made her way to the Pink cabin she resided. It was one of the places she didn't really want to go right now. Ari was sure a mixtape from Nick graced her walls with what once was. So, she arrived at the cabin and placed her suitcase upright at her door, making sure not to look inside the cabin. She'd cross that bridge when she had to, just... not now.

Instead, she decided to check the activity groups for this year. Being early in the morning, it was likely only few would be there. The main has wasn't far from the pink cabin, and it took a few seconds to register before she could take tentative steps to the information board.

'Activity group 1'


'Activity group 2'


'Activity group 3'


Everything was a resounding no until she saw the names for Activity group 6. Sure enough, Ariadne Brooks was on the list. Without thinking to check the other names, she dashed to the reception to request a time table before everyone woke up and the desk was flooded with sleepy teenagers. It had happened last year and she still hasn't forgotten the look on poor Ms. Boyle's face. The receptionist, Ms. Boyle, was a senile old woman, terribly forgetful but loved dearly throughout the camp.

"Hello, Ms. Boyle!" Ari greeted cheerfully, plastering on another painful smile. "Could I get a schedule for activity group six?"

"Sure, dearie." She flicked through a stack of papers meticulously, and handed Ari a schedule.

"Thank you."

Ari walked while reading the piece of paper resting on her hands.


Morning- Introductions

Morning & Evening- Hill-walking

Her stomach tightened and she rolled her eyes in distaste. It was the first time she had hill-walking on the first week, let alone the first day of camp. Great. At least there was time to get mentally prepared before the ordeal. Introductions, held in the Media Room.

Shrugging, she carefully folded the piece of paper, and decided to get to the media room. She knew that no one would be there, but she could probably watch some TV before they arrived. Come to think of it, she didn't know who was actually in her activity group. Too lazy to go back to the Main Hall and check, she carried on to the media room. Empty, as she thought. The only person there was Adam, one of the supervisors. Notorious for being younger than he looked and well, attractive, Adam was a favourite supervisor around camp.

Without saying a word, she stepped into the room and sat on the sofa, tracing circles in the bleached leather.

"Is this where activity group six is meeting?" Adam turned around and clutched his heart.

"Oh, Ari, you scared me!" He chuckled, "Yes, this is where Activity group six is meeting. It's not for half and hour though, so you can watch some TV if you'd like."

She nodded politely, picked up the remote and turned on the TV. Not much was on apart from morning shows and telemarketing, but she saw a fleck of gold in among stone. Breaking Bad. An old episode, perhaps, but good enough. She lay back on the leather sofa as Adam wrote things on a clipboard.

Outfit ; X Song ; X



Today he was up early, and he couldn’t remember why. He stared at his alarm clock with bleary eyes as the frantic, high-pitched buzz continued to prod at his eardrums. Isn’t today his day off? He sat up and rubbed itchy eyelids, trying to remember why he had planned on being an early bird instead of sleeping in. It had to be important if he was using this obnoxious alarm. Yawning, he reluctantly and sluggishly crawled out of bed, turned the sound off with a press of a button and noticed the white sticky-note attached to his nightstand. I left a note for myself, so it must be important after all. He grabbed it and saw the word “camp” scrawled across it neatly in pencil. The memories bombarded him all at once; camp, today. He had been in his cabin for maybe two days now, surviving on beef jerky, vodka and maybe the occasional Cola. His father dropped him off early, but he didn't know why. Anyway, better get drinking if he was gonna survive the day ahead.

The descent into intoxication yesterday was a disorganized series of events- shriveling taste buds, painful coughs and embarrassing hiccups. What had started as fire between his teeth had morphed into warm tendrils reaching inside of his chest, into his throat and around the edges of his conscience, and ended with what he could only describe as a ‘fuzzy sensation’ inside of his skull that followed his eyes wherever they lingered. He could stare at a fixed point in the room, like the leg of a chair or a stain on the floor, but no matter how desperately he tried to focus he simply could not focus. One attempt at a coherent thought led to strings of other incomplete thoughts, which led to fragments of stuff and things he had no idea how to approach at the moment. Example: why was he on the floor? How did he end up on the floor, and when?

Checking his alarm clock, he realized it was 8:30, and decided to get dressed in an attempt to make himself appear socially acceptable.

Although he intended to go to the Main Hall, he ended up at the gym. There has always been something soothing about punching and kicking the shit out of a bag. There are no mercy stops with this opponent, all there is is the satisfying thud the bag makes with each hit. He remembers how when he was little the bag would barely move with each kick I gave, now it swings hard each time. He's always ready for it though, always ready with another of my limbs to introduce it to. His body jarrs each time, the reaction spreads the longer he goes for. It's the first time he's been in his actual gym all week, having spent his two days at camp just running around being an asshole.

After a satisfying few minutes, he sighed and made his way to his intended destination- The Main Hall. After all, he'd have to know what activity group he's in. The main hall was already filled with bodies, but he pushed his way past them to look at the information board. Heads blocked his eyesight, and he shouted "Move, morons" with venom intertwining its way through each letter. Luckily, it worked, and he could push his way through the crowd. He was in activity group six, he noted mentally.

Ms. Boyle wasn't paying too much attention so he slipped to the front of the queue. There was no qualms from those behind him, and to make sure he gave a lethal stare, complete with putting one finger two his lips. He laughed a breathy laugh, and turned to Ms. Boyle.

"Activity group six." He said, and Ms. Boyle quickly handed him the slip of paper. Sauntering off, he let his eyes drop to the words... Hill-walking. First day. Shit.

But before that, the words instructed him to go to the media room, for introductions or whatever it was. He already knew half of these fuckers, whats the point? Nate strolled lazily to the Media room, hoping to be the first one there. But he wasn't. It was that Ari girl, sat on the sofa enthralled in the TV, Adam, one of the supervisors. sat on of carpeted floor, scribbling on his clipboard.

Awkwardly, he sat down, not speaking a word.

Outfit ; X Song ; X



Every single year, Connor got the #2 bus to Camp Liberty

And, every single year, something mysterious would happen on the #2 bus to Camp Liberty.

This year, a pungent khaki fog filled the bus, curling around heads. All the windows were open in attempt to rid of the fog, but stubborn and thick, the fog stayed put. Luckily, they'd found a sheet of plastic to protect the driver, but the kids- no such luck. Most of the kids on the #2 bus to Camp Liberty had grown used to Connor tricks- odd chemicals and carefully pulled off pranks. Truth be told, most of the kids on the #2 bus to Camp Liberty were tired of Connor.

Words cannot describe how much Connor was looking forward to this trip, or, in his mind - this escape from the verbal battlefield that was his home. His siblings were getting more and more agitated with each other lately, for reasons he made a point not to care for.

He readjusted the straps of his bag resting against his back, hefting it farther up onto his shoulders in an attempt to ease some of the aching that has already begun to twist the muscles in the back of his neck. Staring out the window through the fog, he spotted a camper, warming himself by a fire next to his text. He was not sure what kind of person would actually spend their free time sleeping alongside insects and wild animals and things of that nature, and the just the thought of hunkering down in some dark corner of the forest with things that crawl and bite and scratch is almost enough to bring his thug level down a little. Almost. The smell he created creeped up his nostrils, sending him into chemical slumber.


His life might suck, but at least he's a badass .

It's one thing to watch other people be badasses, wheeling and dealing on the backstreets and ruining the lives of junkies for a profit.

There are five fat stacks of dirty cash lined up on the floor in front of him, one for each pound of crystal meth he's just sold off to a drug lord who seems to think he's the christ-child of chemical cooking. He's belly-down on the livingroom rug, the side of his face smushed into the floorboards as he shuts one eye and stares with her mouth agape. Like this, the only thing she can see is one bill on top of another and there is far more green and less red ink than she is used to seeing piled up in her honor. A punchdrunk giggle of disbelief shivers in his lungs, because no one in the Tanabe family has had their hands on this much money in more than a decade and here he is, thirteen and a third and new royalty in the drug underworld.

Just because all of this was done out of necessity and against his will, evidently that doesn't mean he can't still enjoy the backwards glory of it. Just a little.

That thought is reason enough for her to sweep his arm around and up, sending a flurry of paper bills whirling through the air around him as he rolls over and screams with enthusiasm as they drift back down to blanket her in temporary wealth. Tomorrow she will roll every last bit of it up and hand it over to the bill collections at the hospital, but right now he grabs fistful after fistful and throws it back at the ceiling like the world's most expensive confetti.

"Suuuuuuck iiiiiiiiiit," He taunts, although her brother cannot hear him anymore, "Poe Tanabe, I am so much better at this than you."

He wakes to the sound of gentle chatter, and the death glare of the anonymous person beside him. He guessed he had been snoring... loudly.

"I have to warn you, stranger, if you stare too long you might spontaneously combust..." He paused, looking at the stranger. "Because I'm so hot!" Mouth wide, fingers pointing, eyes bright, waiting for a reaction. Nothing.

"Can't win 'em all..." He mumbled incoherently under his breath, shrugging.

"Alright kiddos, we're in Camp now." The bus driver grimaced as Connor sprung from his seat and hugged him.

"Thank you... Seamus ... For every... thing"

"Alright, alright Connor, now get yer ass of the bus!" Connor laughed as Seamus tried to peel Connors small form off of his doughy body.

Connor bounded off the bus and into the fresh air, hugging the ground with gusto as if it were an old friend. Jumping up from the ground, he skipped to high-five people as he passed. Arriving at the Main Hall, he slid through people and looked up at the sheet-

"Move, morons" A toxic voice, with an apparent Russian accent, made Connor recognize the person immediately. Nate Goravich. I swear this guy is Voldemort. He thought to himself, hoping that Nate secretly wasn't some mutant rich-boy mind reader.

Checking each activity group for his name, he finally came to it.

'Aaron Addison, Alexandria Bennett, Ariadne Brooks, Avelyn Vison, Coby Clarkson, Connor Tanabe, Daniel Bailey, Destiny Hill, Eddie Andrews, Emily Willis, Evelyn Nichols, Grayson Carter, James Vincze, Lacey Chung, Liliana Baker, Molly Kingsley, Nate Goravich and Oliver Hale.

Changes may be made.'

"Oh shit, I've got Nate!" He laughed, then looked behind him. "Did I just say that out loud?" Connor turned on his heels to the front desk where Ms. Boyle was handing out schedules.

"Activity group six, please." He smiled at the old lady. "Thank you!"

Feeling infallible, he swung out the door and started strolling with a bouncing rhythm to the Media room where they were meeting for introductions.

"What's crack-a-lack-" He stopped as Nate glared at him. "-in"

The only people not looking like they want to murder him were Ari and their instructor Adam.

"Adam, my man!" He high-fived the instructor.

"Ari, m'lady" He bowed, and sat next to the girl. She seemed interested in the TV, which was playing Breaking Bad.

"Meth... cool." He nodded his head, waiting for more people to arrive.

Outfit ; X Song ; X

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"I can't believe you've had two tattoos for two months and never told me," Eric Chung complained, eyes fixed on the road. Won't be long now...a few more minutes and you'll be at camp,Lacey told herself mentally, throwing her head back in absolute boredom and annoyance. She would have been at Camp Liberty last night had her brother not seen the more obvious tattoo on her lower back. He only saw the second one on her nape because he demanded to know if there were more.

"They're just tattoos," she drawled, opting to check her nails. They were painted a teal shade this time, one that she approved of simply because the color looked kinda sexy. And it fit the summer feel. "Not like I gave my soul to the devil or anything." Eric's glare pierced the side of her face; he was not impressed.

"Hardy-fucking-har, Lace!" Just a few more feet and we're home-free... He glanced at her right foot, which she had been tapping the entire time. "Any other secrets I should be aware of...? Something you wanna let me know?" Lacey rolled her eyes, cursing under her breath. She hated when Eric got like this; all fatherly and not his usual cool self. Sure, he had to play as her father her entire life, but that didn't mean he wasn't her brother anymore. She was going to graduate soon. He should be focused on the drills he was going to teach at the army base and that pretty blonde, Sarah, Lacey saw him eyeing three days ago.

"Actually there is," she exclaimed suddenly, sitting up straight now that they had pulled into the drop off sector of Camp Liberty. There were other cars and two of the buses present. She turned to her brother, eyes blazing with seriousness. She had pretty much begged Oliver to hurry over through a text she sent five minutes ago. "They didn't want me to tell you and I've always wanted to, but orders are orders. And I know I'm young and this is a lot of pressure on me but they gave me strict orders - "

"Who?" He inquired and the expressionless stare she gave him actually had Eric perplexed.

"Shield." Lacey couldn't help it. A giggle burst past her thinly pressed lips and she hurried to place a hand over her mouth to conceal it further. Her eyes lit with amusement at the flash of annoyance and then finally, amusement that danced across Eric's face. Grinning, she kissed her brother on the cheek, grabbed her laptop bag, shoved her phone into her pocket, and hurried out of the car before he could grab her. Just as she was about to head over to the trunk of her brother's truck, she heard the lid being popped and grinned.

"You sure took your time, shorty," Oliver Hale commented and pulled out her suitcase. He had met Eric too many times to not be considered family at this point. He closed the trunk and tapped it, nodding to Eric through the rear view mirror. "Nice outfit." Lacey rolled her eyes, the grin never fading from her face.

"Nice to see you too, Robot," she replied sarcastically. Oliver only approached her and clasped a warm hand on her right shoulder, thumb gently grazing her collarbone through her shirt. Lacey only smiled gently, knowing they had a lot to talk about. After watching her brother depart (he gave her a stern lecture about behaving before he left), Oliver led her to her cabin, allowed her to put her suitcase by a bed, and then they proceeded towards the main hall.

Once getting her schedule from Ms. Boyle and a little triumphant dance from Lacey for being in the same activity group, they headed over to the media room. Lacey wanted to charge her phone and that was where everyone was meeting. Lacey's eyes immediately brightened when she saw who was present.

"Hey, guys," she exclaimed followed by a similar greeting from Oliver. She gave a bright smile to Connor and slightly uneasy one to Nate, hoping that one of these days he would actually reply. Satisfied that the males were greeted, she hurried over to Ariadne, her smile bright yet comforting and her arms spread for a hug. "Hey, gorgeous."

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It was the end of the grueling school year and summer had officially begun. No more late night studying and crappy after school jobs. It was time to give herself a break. Her Grandpa was on his way to get her as she looked through her dimly lit bedroom one last time. She had hidden her extra money away out of her Mother's reach and packed all her belongings. Adelyn had made sure her Mother would be well taken care of in her absence. Walking out of her room she closed the door behind her gently. The soft sound of her Mother snoring quietly on the couch made her cautious, as she didn't want to wake the beast. Her keys made a slight jingling sound as Adelyn grabbed them off the kitchen counter, but they were silence as soon as they were in her hands. Have a good summer Mom. She thought to herself when she went out the front door and locked it behind her. In the driveway her Grandpa was waiting patiently in his maroon SUV. The luge black suitcase that took Avelyn forever to close went in the back of his car along with her grey backpack. Sitting down in the comfortable leather seat in the front, Avelyn breathed a sigh of content.
"Thank you for doing this Grandpa, it means a lot" she said sincerely looking over at the elderly man with circular glasses.
"It's the least I can do Ava. You deserve a break from your Mom, she can be a handful" her Grandfather softy spoke as he backed out of the driveway of her apartment complex. The car filled with silence soon after and the trip was only beginning. Digging into the back pocket of her shorts she pulled out black ear buds and her iPod.
"You don't mind if I doze off for awhile, do you Grandpa?" she asked politely, already knowing the answer, but asking out of respect. He nodded in response and Avelyn put in her ear buds and allowed herself to get lost in her music, specifically Guns N' Roses.

Avelyn was awoken by the gentle touch of her Grandpa's hand on her shoulder. The car was parked and around them thick green foliage covered the area. Quickly her eyes darted open and she moved her head from its position laying against the car window. Removing one of the ear buds so she could hear her Grandfather she smiled wearily.
"I'm guessing we're here" she spoke softly.
"You'd be right darling" he replied simply as Avelyn opened her car door. She slung her backpack over her shoulder, and grabbed her suitcase. Avelyn walked to the driver side window that her Grandpa had rolled down.
"Thank you again Grandpa" she said. Her Grandfather quickly shook his head."Will you stop thanking me, it's no problem. Try to have fun - you only get to do this once a year" he smiled before waving and driving off.
So...grey cabin. Same as last time. I think it's this way, or is it...oh there is the sign! she thought to herself as she walked through the grounds. Finally finding a directory her memory was refreshed.It felt good to be back at Camp Liberty once again, and such a long way from what she called home. Ambling along to the grey cabin, she took in the familiar sights of the camp grounds. Once Avelyn arrived at her cabin she put her suitcase and backpack inside onto the top bunk of the bunk bed. A small smile crept onto her face as she looked around her room. Nothing had changed in the room. It was almost like it was left untouched since last summer (although she had to admit to herself they did clean it). Apart from being far away from home, the fact that Camp Liberty always remained untouched was a reason she loved it.No matter how many things had happened to her in the past year, this was where it all remained the same.

Avelyn decided to finally go check the activity board after simply looking around her room. Her grey eyes scanned the board until she found her name.

Activity Group Six
Aaron Addison, Alexandria Bennett, Ariadne Brooks, Avelyn Vison, Coby Clarkson, Connor Tanabe, Daniel Bailey, Destiny Hill, Eddie Andrews, Emily Willis, Evelyn Nichols, Grayson Carter, James Vincze, Lacey Chung, Liliana Baker, Molly Kingsley, Nate Goravich and Oliver Hale. least I know some of the people though she said in her mind when she walked away from the board, and followed to pathway to the main cabin. An orderly line of people were getting their schedules, and Avelyn placed herself in that line as well. It took a few minutes to get to the front, but she didn't mind. With one ear bud in, she gave Ms.Boyle a small smile.
"Can I get the schedule for activity group 6 please?" Avelyn asked in her normal modulated voice.
"Of course! Here it is" the old lady said, handing Avelyn the paper. "Thank you" she said as she walked towards the media room. The steps she took seemed to be in the same beat as the song she was listening to, and when she opened the door she saw a few familiar faces in the room. It took her a moment to put names to the faces, but she identified them after a few seconds.
"Hello" she said directed at the few people in the room and with a smile as she sat down onto the couch on the cushion next to Ariadne. Ariadne seemed to watched the T.V rather closely as did Connor. Lacey and Oliver were in there as well. Lacey greeted Adriadne warmly, and it made Avelyn remember the atmosphere of Camp Liberty. Avelyn tried not to look in the direction of Nate, but couldn't stop herself. His deadly eyes were the same as they were last year, and she quickly averted her gaze to the T.V. With no idea what was on, she watched the bald man on the screen, waiting for the rest of the people to arrive.

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All Aaron saw was blurred road. That was all he had seen for the entire ride to this dreaded
camp. His parents were in the front seat. One woman with hair of gold and another with scarlet
hair. It wasn't normal for the car to be silent on long car rides but Aaron wasn't particularly
happy with his mothers. He had heard about Camp Liberty. Some parents sent their kids there
because they were troubled. Some because they were sick of dealing with them and needed a
break from the kids. In Aaron's case, his mothers thought it was a good idea for him since he
barely had any friends. It wasn't that Aaron didn't want friends... It was that the last time he had
friends, he ended up getting tied to a football post stark naked. Aaron sighed in unhappiness as
the color of the sky changed from the light grey and dark sky mixture that he was so familiar
to a orange, yellow and red mixture that seemed like a sunlit ocean setting. He thought about
that day a few months ago. He remembered the next day it was viral. Not only had they stripped
him, they video taped it and then sent it over the internet. His mothers tried to get it taken
down but not until it had gotten almost a million views. He was publicly disgraced and just
hoped that these people haven't seen it. His mother tried to talk to him along the way there,
but Aaron often just tuned them both out. "Aaron! Are you listening? Don't let these people
get to you. Show them you are unafraid."
Aaron had heard this comment but then scoffed at
it. "It's easier said than done mom. Have you ever been tied to a football goal post while
When he was met with silence he spoke again. "That's what I thought." He uttered,
turning his attention back to the scenery. He knew he was being kind of mean but his mothers
knew that he was confused and angry at not only himself but his classmates. The scenery passed by
and in the blink of an eye, Aaron found that they were pulling into Camp Liberty. He sighed again as
he saw the people getting their belongings and even some just playing around. "This is going to be
He uttered then as the car came to a halt, he got out of the car. Kids around the camp just
stared as with the young man, two women came out. Whispers began and then Cameron concluded
that he would never have a normal life anywhere he went. He grabbed his bags and one by one his
mothers kissed him on the cheek. "Have fun sweetie. We love you." His mother said then he put
on a fake smile. "Love you too mom. Have fun this summer." He told them then headed off to
where he thought the reception desk was. He approached the desk and the woman greeted him.
"Yes, hello. How will I know what cabin I am in?"
He began, still holding his bags. He was welcomed
and then walked to his cabin by a young man wearing a red shirt. "Here is the red cabin." He was left
alone then went in, looking around. He could see the bunks and then saw the names. One had the
name Nate carved into the wood. He sighed then dropped his bags onto the bed that wasn't taken
which happened to be under the one that had Nate's name on it. He didn't know what to do now so
he decided to walk around. He stuffed his hands in his pockets. He didn't want to talk to anyone,
especially not the ones that saw him get out of the car. He continued and then looked in the
reception desk again. One bulletin board said Camp Activity Groups. He walked over and scanned
for his name. He found it, Group Six. He read the other names just to know.

Aaron Addison, Alexandria Bennett, Ariadne Brooks, Avelyn Vison, Coby Clarkson, Connor Tanabe, Daniel Bailey,
Destiny Hill, Eddie Andrews, Emily Willis, Evelyn Nichols, Grayson Carter, James Vincze, Lacey Chung, Liliana Baker,
Molly Kingsley, Nate Goravich and Oliver Hale.

He had paused for a moment when he saw the name Alexandria Bennett. He thought he knew her
from somewhere. He knew the name at least. He saw where they were supposed to go then he headed
in that direction, getting a few directions here and there. He put his hand on the door and then hesitated
slightly. Alright. Deep breath. Just act normal. He thought to himself then slowly opened the door
trying not to make eye contact with any particular person. He was just trying to be a normal teenager for
once. He took his seat away from the others, almost facing away from them, isolating himself as he normally did.




The light shone in on the purple girl's cabin. There weren't many purple girls that had gotten
here the night before because most had graduated high school the year before and now were
no longer able to stay at camp. There was one girl in the Purple cabin that was still young
enough to be here. This girl was currently asleep in her bunk. As the light poured in, the girl
rumbled in her bed then found herself pulling her out of her bed. She pulled a bag out from
under her bed and then pulled out a bag of Cheez-its. She started eating them slowly as she
looked through the closet that she had partially filled with her clothes. It was the first day and
she wanted to look nice so she would make a good impression. She didn't care what she wore
sometimes but she liked to look nice even though she didn't care about designer clothes or
anything like that. She pulled out a nice dress and then some comfortable sandals that would
be okay for hill walking that was happening today. She exited the cabin after that then did her
normal greetings to people. She seemed to always be smiling, never did a frown find her face.
The reception desk was her destination. She wanted to know who she was in an activity group
with. She nearly ran over to the activities board but she nearly knocked someone over. She
paused and apologized to the person then found herself going to the group board. "Come on..
Be with Connor."
She pleaded. Of course, she could see him after activities but it would
be no fun if she only got to see him then. She looked for his name and found it on group six.
She scanned the rest of the names and found her own name. "Yay!" She exclaimed
then headed off to the meeting room. She couldn't hold her excitement in as she went to the
meeting room. She found herself opening the door and seeing Connor sitting with Ariadne.
She smiled then told the people in the room to stay quiet with putting a finger to her lips. She
giggled lightly then walked up behind him, grabbing him in a hug. "Hello there! Why
didn't you tell me you got here?"
She questioned then slid onto the couch, beside him. "Missed you."


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Just as Oliver was about to chide Lacey and tell her let Ari get a few moments of peace before more people filled in, more people filled in. A few other campers entered the room; one in particular catching Lacey's eye for some odd reason. He was a male, a kid, and Lacey's eyes followed him like a hawk. Molly came in next and a small smile stretched over his face at the sight of her.

"Hey," he called out to her, though he wouldn't be surprised if she heard him clearly because just as he spoke, Grayson barged into the room. Oliver chuckled at his friend's words uneasily, rubbing the back of his head in slight shame.

It was true. He had not spoken to Grayson in nine months. The phone he did have to contact people was...compromised. His brother found out about Lacey and Eddie because for the first time in his entire life, Oliver left his cell phone out on the kitchen counter. He had only been given a phone to recieve orders from his family, not for friendships. His father even threatened to go all the way over to Arizona to get Lace and broke the phone. When he got a new one four months ago, he had only really spoken to Lacey and she was able (and why she didn't seem to know what she wanted to do with her life when she was good at this he didn't know) to tap into the phone and block all the numbers. After that, he monitored his communication and electronic devices.

"Yeah, sorry about that, Gray. Things...there's a lot we need to talk about," Oliver answered cryptically, opting to end it at that as a few more people entered the room. All in order, he nodded to Avelyn, Colby, and Eddie with a smile directed towards Eddie. Now, it was time for the rest of the group to enter.

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"How long until we get there?" Emily asks, not really directed at anyone as she keeps her attention on her phone reading texts from all her friends. Her mom in the front seat answers her question, "It is just over the hill." The sunlight streams in through the sunroof, Emily looks up for a brief moment only enough to see the treetops glistening. She smiles before returning back to her phone. This is the thing that Emily loves so much about Camp Liberty, the peace. Because where there is peace, there is Emily to ruffle up the feathers. Of course she loves to see all of her friends from around the country but there is also some others that call to the Camp during Summer. Others that she would see broken under her luxury heels. Emily finds that she would be compared to a goddess, of course she would never tell that to anyone but she sometimes considers herself one. Helping those in need, especially if it is a crime of fashion, being kind, compassionate, beautiful, are all features of a goddess.

Emily smirks at the thought of seeing Oliver again. Ever since last time at Camp, Emily has been dead set in love with the hottie. Yet, with all her popularity and power within the camp he has never really talked to her, he hasn't noticed her. Which is strange because everyone notices Emily, whether for good cause or not. A memory seems to creep back into Emily's mind, causing her to remember what had happened to her at the age of 10.

Darkness shrouds around her, it is like she is in a bottomless pit of doom which she will never escape. It is cold to, the only thing keeping her warm in the pink dressing gown that is now probably stained from the darkness. I don't want to speak, I don't want to wake the sleeping tiger that is my kidnapper. I don't know why this is happening to me, why do I have to suffer from terror. Maybe it is because of my dad, he is a important politician after all. But why take his adopted daughter? What will taking a fragile girl do? Maybe this person wants to kill me, I do not know. I may never see sunlight ever again, I will die; without a family.

A single tear streaks down Emilys cheek, she wipes it off quickly and turns her attention to the Camp that is coming into view. Good memories come from this place, fond memories shared with friends. It is good to be back. . .And this year, Pink will win. The expensive silver car comes to a stop in the parking lot, Emily gets out of the car and puts her phone in her pocket. Her 'parents' get out of the car. Her father getting her pink suitcase from the trunk while Emily hugs her mom, "Now you just call and we will come straight away," her mom says, before stepping back with dad. "I know, I know. I will be fine" I reassure them, as I take the handle of the suitcase. My dad pats me on the shoulder and smiles before getting into the car with my mother, I step onto the pathway and wave as they disappear off into the trees, leaving only a cloud of smoke. I turn around and make my way to the Pink Cabin. It isn't that far away from the main building that sticks out like a sore thumb in the forest. My heels click across the stone pavement, the only time I regret my shoe choice. Yet I brave on and come to the door of my cabin. Various suitcases are already here, from the various material and colour choice Emily can already tell that Aria and Audrey are here. Without another second Emily places her suitcase in front of the cabin door and makes her way to the main building.

Lifting her sunglasses onto her head Emily strides confidently into the building, catching the attention of those still waiting in the line. That does not apply to Emily as she walks straight up to the desk and notices Ms. Boyle, "Hi Ms. Boyle, how is the bestest woman in Camp doing? Is it all right if I can find out what Activity Group I am in?" The woman gives Emily a great big smile and gives her the activity group schedule, "Emily, you are in Activity Group 6 honey pie. Now get to the Media room, everyone would want to see how fabulous you have gotten!" Emily gives Ms. Boyle a wave and a smile before striding down the hall again. Over the years Emily has been here at the Camp she has warmed up to Ms. Boyle a lot, well everyone has really, she is probably the nicest person on the planet. As I am about to reach my destination I begin to count down in my head, wanting the perfect intro. One. . .Two. . .Three! Reaching the Media room, Emily opens up the doors and opens up her arms into mid-air with a pearly white smile on her face, "Emily Willis is in the HOUSE everybody!"


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Taste was subjective, but Ariadne liked Breaking Bad, and it was miles better than anything on at the moment. The episode she was watching turned out to be one of the most dramatic, taking twists and turns at every corner. Connor, although he didn't watch much of the show, liked what he saw, and that was enough for his attention to be drawn to the screen. Nate, however, was brooding in his quiet corner of the opposite sofa. Lost in thought, Ari could almost see the gears whirring erractically in his head. It's fair to say Nate was never her favorite guy at camp, especially now as some of the odd mannerisms he carried reminded her of Liam.

"Hey, gorgeous" A voice that meant familiarity to her sounded, and she couldn't help but smile. It was real, she knew, for her mood lifted and the smile didn't cut into her cheeks so. She saw Lacey, her best friend, open her arms and she grabbed her into a hug.

"Lacey, you have no idea how much I missed you!" She gushed, words flowing like the river that surrounded the camp. "I was almost ready to get the plane to Arizona."

"You like Breaking Bad? It was the only thing on-" Ari paused to glance at the screen, but realised it had turned to commercials now. "Well, I guess it's finished."

The Media room filled with faces both recognized and unrecognized, chatter filling the room to the brim with inside jokes and friendly banter. If it wasn't for hill-walking, she'd be excited for what the day would hold.

But, as always, something brought her from the clouds to her personal hell.

"Hello, and welcome to the news for today. Our first story, a new chapter in the unfolding mystery of the shooting at Montgomery High School, Colorado."

Her head snapped back to look at the TV once more. It was a woman, blonde, immaculately dressed, polished and pretty.

"Disturbing videos have been uncovered from the shooter's rooms, explaining to a camera why they would later go on to shoot sixteen people and then themselves in a previously unexplained massacre."

"We cannot show the full video due to legal reasons, but here is an excerpt."

The screen changed to the sickeningly recognized faces of her friends Nick Holland and Liam Howell. They seemed to be sitting in Liam's bedroom. Nick. With his usually innocent goofy smile, coppery hair and freckles, was smirking and Liam, with curly dark hair and perpetually widened pale green eyes was holding a shotgun, twirling in between his hands.

Liam spoke first, "Sorry to Mark and Dan. We used them to get us the guns. Don't arrest them, don't arrest fucking anyone. Friends, family, co-workers, they had no clue. It was all us."

Nick spoke next, "Yep, sorry Mom and Dad for any shit this might bring your way. You are good people, I hope you know it. Sorry friends. Especially Ari, I know how much this will hurt you.

The scene cut to the inside of Nick's car. Seemingly, the camera had been placed on the dashboard.

"It's only half an hour to our little judgement day. It's kind of weird knowing I'm going to die today, but a relief. Of course I will miss things. But you deserve what comes to you." Nick was scarily indifferent as he spoke.

"I just want some of you to know, and you know who you are- that I will get you. Find you. Rip off your damn head, get a shotgun and shove it so far up your ass, bullets will be shooting out your neck! You worthless pieces of crap! Do you know how long I've stood here and took shit from you- jocks, popular kids,- you criticize my face, my hair, the shirts I wear? This rage has built up and you'll pay. You'll all pay. The human race is stupid."

Nick didn't seem taken aback from Liam's outburst. He just took a gun from his coat and motioned shooting.

"Bye. See you on the other side." Nick chuckled, turning off the camera.

You see your face through this vague bubble of people. A slip of the eye, an illusion. You're not there. And her mind snaps from this temporary trance that she stumbled into involuntarily. Daydreams morph back into solid reality. Nothing about hearing "I'm terribly sorry" gets any easier, no matter how many times it tumbles into your head.

The scene cut to a zoomed in picture of their class yearbook photo, Ari smiling to the camera with her arm around Nick. Liam was at the other side, arms crossed back to back with another of his friends, Mark. Another picture flashed on the screen as the woman drawled on. It was another of Ari, obviously they were trying to make a point. It then switched to something more horrific. The surveillance videos from inside the school library. Liam and Nick strolled through the Library as if they were gods. By now, the students hid under tables. There was sound in the surveillance cameras, she could hear their voices again.

"Peekaboo!" Liam laughed, looking under a table. One gunshot. Two. Three.

"This is so cool!" Nick practically bounced, pointing his gun to the ceiling and shooting for fun. "Hope your all having fun! I know I am" He taunted.

Ari spoke loudly before it could go any further. "Turn it off! Please, turn it off."

Adam, the supervisor, reacted quickly, switching the TV off. The black nothingness comforted her, but whats done was done. She should have switched it on when mentioned, but the shock had paralysed her. Their voices. So familiar but not comforting.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was hoarse, eyes on the edge of tearing up. She took a deep breath. "I'm fine, though."

"If you're sure you're okay, we could go on with what was planned?"

"Sure." She nodded, lips pressed tightly against one another, embarrassed for creating a scene.

"Okay everyone, introduction time. I'm going to go round everyone, say your name, color, and three things you like. Go."

"I'm Ariadne Brooks, I'm in Pink, and I like good books, singing, and my friends." She looked at Lacey once more, giving a fleeting smile.

Outfit ; X Song ; X



When people were little, they always had the fascinating, larger-than-life dreams, Connor wanted to learn how to fly. It seemed like such a good thing for someone to be able to do. When he wanted to get away, all he had to do was flap his wings and soar away. There was nothing that could break him. It would have just been himself, the clouds, and the sun, but he never learned. The kid that wanted to be an astronaut went missing when he was only ten.

His entire life has been subjected to receiving terrible news. He can't remember hearing the words his father did that sent him over the edge "We're terribly sorry but your wife didn't make it" but he imagines they were complimented with "But she tried. She fought" (Not that that made him want to care anyway, it's like both of his parents died that day. Cancer killed them both - but it just took his father a little longer to wither away.) Even hearing "I'm sorry Connor, but your getting put to Juvenile diversion for drug dealing" ended with him coming to Camp Liberty


Connor really didn't know what was happening on this show.

Okay, a few things he did know.

1) There is a bald guy with glasses. He looks cool. He is a drug dealer/chemistry teacher/what?

2) Meth.

3) This was surprisingly similar to his drug-dealing days. Except for the dying/killing part. He's still alive.

4) What?

I mean, the bald guy with glasses did look cool, so he might have to check the show out. Breaking Bad, he thought it was. Wait, what is that title? Why is he breaking bad? What is bad? Is he breaking Nate? In all seriousness, Ari looked really into what was happening on the show, but Connor had no clue. Nate was just being... Nate.

"Hello there! Why didn't you tell me you got here?" It was Lilliana, one person he really wanted to see right now. "Missed you."

"Greetings and salutations!" He laughed, stealing a kiss on her cheek. "I was on the bus. Long story short, I feel asleep from green fog and kinda, sorta forgot you were here... sorry."

"You ever seen..." He paused to think of the title of the TV programme, "'Breaking Bad?' I have no idea what's going on, but it seems pretty cool."

He noticed that a couple people came in. He'd hardly say nameless, anonymous faces, with secrets he didn't know and stories he didn't care to delve deep into. Luckily, most, were friends, acquaintances, haters, people of that sort. Of course, there must of been one or two to slip between the cracks of what was Connor Tanabe, but they were either new or, simply didn't really cross paths with the boy. Poor souls. He recognized most, namely, Lacey- who gave a hello, which he waved back to- Oliver, Avelyn, Eddie, Coby, Molly, Destiny, Daniel ... Grayson. He rolled his eyes in distaste. His hater was officially here, but at least considerably far away, and talking to someone else.

"Yep, sorry Mom and Dad for any shit this might bring your way. You are good people, I hope you know it. Sorry friends. Especially Ari, I know how much this will hurt you.

The boy was about to turn to Ari to tell her she was famous, but he noticed what was on the television. It was two boys, one freckled and short, the other curly haired and tall. One held in his hand and sawn off shotgun twirling through his fingers. He realised what the situation was. Ari looked somewhere between shocked and disgusted, but she seemed paralysed.

He began to watch the TV intently.

"It's only half an hour to our little judgement day. It's kind of weird knowing I'm going to die today, but a relief. Of course I will miss things. But you deserve what comes to you." The freckled one spoke about dying as if it was an eternal weekend. It was creepy.

"I just want some of you to know, and you know who you are- that I will get you. Find you. Rip off your damn head, get a shotgun and shove it so far up your ass, bullets will be shooting out your neck! You worthless pieces of crap! Do you know how long I've stood here and took shit from you- jocks, popular kids,- you criticize my face, my hair, the shirts I wear? This rage has built up and you'll pay. You'll all pay. The human race is stupid."

Connor's eyes widened at the curly haired boys outburst.

"Bye. See you on the other side." The freckled boy took a gun from his pocket and motioned shooting at the camera, before turning it off.

Before Connor knew it, pictures of Ari and the two boys flashed on the screen. It was odd seeing someone he knew with... killers. They looked normal in the pictures. Too normal. Then there was a surveillance video from inside Montgomery high, slightly bad quality but he could still make out the two boys walking calmly through the school library, peeking under tables and shooting. There was sound. He heard them taunt the people, laugh as they spoke poison.

"Turn it off! Please, turn it off." Ari spoke, and the supervisor Adam switched the damn TV off. They talked for a while before that Adam announced introductions were officially beginning,

"I'm Ariadne Brooks, I'm in Pink, and I like good books, singing, and my friends." Connor could tell Ari was trying to hold back tears. She smiled at Lacey. It was no secret they were best friends.

"My name may or may not be Connor Tanabe, I'm in Green, and I like food, My girlfriend , and Camp Liberty, it so happens"

Outfit ; X Song ; X

OOC ; Nate isn't included because I am lazy XD also, weird side note; seeing Connor's faceclaim in concert tommorow ^-^

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To Adelyn's displeasure, the more she looks at the activity sheet the more she wanted to get injured on the hill walk. See, hill walking isn't a problem for Avelyn. In fact she enjoys it a little. The worst part was the sport challenges. Games like Frisbee, tennis, and catch were okay, but things that required running across a giant field seemed pointless to her, although in her head it sounds silly that she wouldn't like running across fields. In frisbee that is pretty much all you do. Around her people were talking happily, catching up on the things that have happened over the year. Any person could tell the extroverts from the introverts in this room. From Emily announcing her presence, to someone like that new guy sitting alone in the corner - the room was filled with a large range of personalities. The scariest thing was, not everyone had arrived yet. One person in particular caught the attention of Avelyn, and that was her old bunk mate Destiny walking through the door. For a moment she pondered going up and saying "hello" to Destiny, but she figured her friend would come around.
Avelyn's attention went to the T.V as it started a news broadcast on a situation that happened in Colorado.
"Yep, sorry Mom and Dad for any shit this might bring your way. You are good people, I hope you know it. Sorry friends. Especially Ari, I know how much this will hurt you"
She looked over to Ariadne who seemed to be paralyzed when seeing the video on the television. Poor girl. No one deserves to go through things like that. But shit happens to the best of people Avelyn thought to herself, watching the remainder of the video until Ariadne finally spoke up. The look the girl had, she knew all too well. Trying not to cry when the tears threatened to fall. She genuinely felt sympathetic towards her. When Adam announced that they were doing intros, Adelyn figured it was best to get it over with early. She knew it was equally as painful for everyone else to listen to things they already knew. The only person she was wondering about however - was the boy that came in rather quietly. She was interested to see what he had to say.

"I'm Ariadne Brooks, I'm in Pink, and I like good books, singing, and my friends." I'm surprised she's even able to speak so soon was the first thought to pop into Avelyn's head.
"My name may or may not be Connor Tanabe, I'm in Green, and I like food, My girlfriend , and Camp Liberty, it so happens" When Connor was done, Avelyn coughed awkwardly.
[b]"Hello, I'm Avelyn Vison. It's a pleasure to be back, and I like listening to my music, photography, and the sound of thunderstorms[/b]" she said softly, yet loud enough for people to hear. Avelyn listened for the next person to speak up.

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Emily is greeted by the glowing Coby Clarkson who walks over to where Emily stands and hugs her, "My dear Emily!" Coby says. It is good to see Coby, there is so much planning to do, so much, fun to be had. "Coby, omg you look so good!" Emily says, putting on a fake British accent just for laughs. Ever since Emily had met Coby her first year they were instant besties. They are like two peas in a pod, a pod covered in sparkles and gold. It is strange for Emily to have such a kindled spirit and not be in the same colour, but the Universe does work in mysterious ways. She looks around and sees many familiar faces around her and Coby, some friends, and others enemies. Emily turns around as Coby stops on the other side of the room, and standing there is Grayson Carter. She resists the urge to backhand the pig and straightens her back, "Oh look what the dog dragged in. It is going to be wonderful time isn't it?" Emily says with a hostile tone, trying to keep casual.

Emily and Grayson have history together, going to the same private school, and practically being neighbours in L.A. However Emily truly knows that the Carter family are really pig heads, snobs, all high and mighty. Grayson would flaunt his wealth to any girl that he would want to take home and seduce. He even seduced one of her best friends, but she was weak to fall in love with him.

Even their fathers hate each other, only putting on a façade in case of public appearances and such. My family believes that the Carters are cheats and bullies and there will be no way that they could ever get to a cease fire. It is always a competition between the two houses. This is where Emily flourishes the most, wanting to pulverise Grayson at any chance she gets.

Before waiting for a response from Grayson, the introduction time is called. Even though it is only a formality because everyone pretty much knows each other Emily joins in, walking over to the group and standing in so she is seen. "I'm Ariadne Brooks, I'm in Pink, and I like good books, singing, and my friends." Aria kicks off the intros yet Emily can notice something off with her, its like she has seen a ghost. She shrugs it off listens to the others introducing themselves, "My name may or may not be Connor Tanabe, I'm in Green, and I like food, My girlfriend , and Camp Liberty, it so happens" Emily smiles at the sight of Connor, more fun factor. Before Emily opens up her mouth she turns her head at the sound of a cough, it is Avelyn. After her was Grayson's turn, she scoffed and turned up her head as he gave his introduction. When he was done Emily stood forward, flipping back her dark Auburn hair with her hand she boldly says, [color=#eb4481]"It is I, Emily Willis. I am in Pink, I like cats, sweets and anything colourful. And this year, I will be responsible for Pinks victory." Grinning, she steps back, waiting for the message to sink in and the other introductions.

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Aaron watched as the other people filed in. He didn't know really anyone since he was new so he
just stayed quiet. He saw a girl in a pretty dress file in and then speak with the male that had
been on the couch when he first arrived. He heard small sounds but could make out any words
since he wasn't particularly trying to make out words. He saw the male respond with a kiss and
then he concluded that they must have some sort of romantic feelings for one another. He tried
not to listen and started blocking everything out but he was jolted from his indifference when he
heard a gunshot on the TV followed by another and then another. He covered his ears and brought
his knees up to his chest where his feet were on the chair. It was a position he normally took when
he was getting beat up. A defensive mechanism if you would say. He listened to the Ari girl scream
to turn it off and then the noise subsided. He felt just as relieved as she did. He heard the person
in charge explain it was introduction time. First, he saw the Ari girl say she was in pink. Then the
male that kissed the girl in the dress was in green. Then another girl who was in grey named Avelyn.
He watched as the girl in the dress explained that she was in purple and then told everyone sweetly
that her name was Lilliana. Lilliana... Lilliana, I'll have to call her Lilly.
Then he heard
James speak and say he was in purple then another girl named Emily who was in pink. Then he saw
no one else was speaking up. "I'm in Red and my name is Aaron Addison. I like music, tea
and strawberry ice cream."

Lilliana smiled as the small peck was set on her cheek by her boyfriend. She was happy but that was
until she heard the shooting on the TV. Her instinct was to hide behind someone she trusted which
happened to be Connor. She put her face in his arm to hide her sight but she could still hear the
gunshots and each one meant a lost life. She finally got over it after it was shut off, after the people
finished with their introductions then Lilliana introduced herself. "I'm Lilliana, purple
cabin and I love Connor, sunlight and volleyball."
She listened to everyone else's introductions
as she still clung to her boyfriend.

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Eddie nodded to the girl as she left to the restroom. She had said her name was Audrey, Eddie would remember that. The young man was remarkably good at connecting faces with names, and often times would meet someone one day and be waving and calling them by their name the next day. That was just part of Eddie. He just remember people, which was probably why people thought he was so friendly. He knew that people liked to be known, and he was one of the few who took the time to know.

"Turn it off! Please, turn it off."

Eddie's attention was instantly brought to Ari. Who was seriously stupid enough to turn the television to the news? A little bit of red angry boiled inside of Eddie. He couldn't believe that already, with Ari trying to get away from this nightmare, the incident was on the TV. He let out a huff as he realized there was really no harm done and everyone began to introduce themselves. Eddie listened to each and every one of them introduce themselves, ranging from some of the lovely to some of the most disgusting. Eddie made eye contact with most everyone, save for Grayson. Quite frankly, Eddie wasn't in the mood for those kind of daggers. So, he pretended like he was preoccupied while the sleaze ball spoke.

Knowing that Molly would either avoid introductions all together or wait until the last moment, Eddie gave her a little encouraging nudge. The girl might as well just get it over with. He smiled at her stubborn words and rambling. Yup, that was Molly for you. She was so intelligent and constantly read, yet she couldn't take all the words that were in her head and form a proper sentence in front of a bunch of bozos.

Next Audrey spoke. Eddie nodded his head. He liked her already. Taking his moment the young man did his little intro. "Hi everyone. I'm Eddie Andrews," He sent a friendly wave around the room and continued saying "I'm grey. I like sports, chocolate milk, and watches." He then stuck up his hand to prove that indeed he did like watches by showing off a classy all black mens watch.

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Lacey and Oliver both stared at Ari, concern shining in their eyes despite the beginning of the introductions. While Oliver did note the arrival of more people, Lacey's eyes were fixed on Ari only, not at all comforted by the small smile Ariadne graced her with. She was about to whisper over to her when a soft nudge hit her shoulder and she glanced back at Oliver. He nodded towards the rest of the room and Lacey glanced at Adam, who gave her a very pointed look.

"Right, intros," she let out on an awkward pause. Getting ready to spoke, Lacey grasped a hold of Ari's hand, giving it a comforting squeeze. "So, I'm Lacey - "

"Alacia," Oliver coughed, correcting her. With her free hand, Lacey punched his shoulder.

"Shut up, Robot," she growled and turned back to the crowd, plucking at her shirt for emphasis. "I'm red. And I like Captain America obviously, computers and I've recently got a thing for winning, which...sorry to say, the Red team will be doing this year, so don't anyone get your hopes up." Everything that came out of her mouth was playful and Lacey even added a wink to the guy she heard was on her team. It was surprising that she could get out only three likes, but it wasn't important. She said her piece. That was what mattered. Now she could concentrate on Ari. With that in mind, Lacey shot Oliver a look over her shoulder. He only grinned.

"Sorry to disappoint, midget, but you and I both know who the real champs are," he told her smoothly, grinning at Grayson in particular. "I'm Oliver and I'm on blue. I like winning, sports, and video games."

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Coby played with the hem of her far too short skirt as people introduced themselves. She really didn't care to know all of these people's names and cabin, and she certainly didn't care about the three things that they liked. Coby planted herself back next to Grayson as the masses began to speak up about themselves. She rolled her eyes at Emily's comment. She was fully aware of Grayson and Emily's hatred for one another. Which is Coby's mind made her life a little more fun, actually. Her two best friends were actually enemies.

Coby only looked up when girls were speaking. Not for herself of course, but for Grayson. If she was going to do this whole thing with Gray this summer, she had to act like her normal self. And trying to find Grayson the perfect conquest for the summer was often one of the things that the girl helped with. But so far she wasn't sure about any of these girls. Except maybe the British one. A face of disinterest and distaste was stained across Coby's face. Then the girl yawned, taking the opportunity to be a little rude. Honestly, this whole introductions thing was dumb. If she wanted to know who someone was, she would ask.

Jokingly, the girl leaned against Grayson as if she were going to fall asleep as she continued to listen to people talk. Next, Coby took her opportunity to mock the introductions system. She raised her hand in an attention grabbing kind of way, "I'm Coby Clarkson. Red cabin..." She then went on to make fun of those who had already gone and spoke in a gawky, sarcastic way "I like good books, old movies, and... Oh, my boyfriend." She clapped her hands together as she said this, with a hug fake smile on he face. Then Coby went back to her default position, her hands on her hips, satisfied with her personal jabs at Ari, the British girl, and Lilly.

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Laying on the sofa absent minded , Nathan decided he had nothing but time. Time- the swift, coursing river that churns through a town as the moon rises and the sun sets. It does not embrace distraction, as light and sound do. Instead, it is the graceful swan that floats along with the current. Too good and too pure for anything beyond its little patch of water. The shore would never bother it because it was surrounded by its last serenity. It was one of those slow, pastel sunrises that painted the horizon line by line. They never seemed had colorful sunrises in Santa Fe, but maybe it was because he wasn't looking too hard for one. They had sunsets, yes, of copper and gold and blood red. But the mornings flipped from darkness to pale light with no transitions. It was one of the things he loved most about Camp, the quiet, beautiful dawn.

He noticed people come in, and it was easy to tell their personalities from the manner they entered the room. Some introduced themselves proudly , others waved to friends, others blended into the growing chaos that was the camp media room. It was like a plague, an overpopulation that was slowly encompassing every soul it could grasp. And soon there would be nothing. It wasn't so much of an exaggeration to his mind, but before his secondary though process grasped a hold of the grandiosity, it was a lot less poetic a bit more “teenagers everywhere, can't keep up", But in all his time reading dictionaries from front to back, he has decided to start using writing wisely , creating his words with elegance and ease and that poetic touch, not so much the moronic initial thought.

"-Introductions!" Was the only thing he heard as Adam spoke, and he snapped out of his thoughts to hear the rest of the group describing themselves. Everyone was just about finished when Adam looked directly at Nate.

"Nate? What about you?" Nate lifted his gaze from the window, stopping momentarily to glare at those in the room with eyes as cold and lifeless as steel.

"Nate Goravich." Nate himself couldn't hear the blade-sharp Russian accent that slithered his way into his words, but it was clear to anyone but the boy himself. He paused briefly to assume a more postured position, waiting slightly too long to finish the sentence. "- Red. Fire, fire and fire. Good enough?"

"Good enough" Adam gave a defeated sigh, turning to the rest of the group. "Well, I think that's about everyone."

"Okay, hill walking." Adam rubbed his hands together, pulling out his clipboard, glancing over his writing and facing the group again. "We're hiking up the Mountain Vuena" He leaned out of his chair and pointed to a bulbous mountain, only a five minute walk from their current position. "You're getting lucky I suppose, because it will only be a four hour hike, and no rock climbing at the moment. You will need to wear hiking boots and warm clothing. Preferably pants of some sort."

"For groups..." Adam paused, looking around the room, "Hm, for now it's an odd number. Oh well, I'll only say this once. Group One will be- Nate Goravich, Avelyn Vison, Aaron Addison, Destiny Hill, Eddie Andrews and James Vincze. Group Two will be- Oliver Hale, Audrey Mortenson, Molly Kingsley, Connor Tanabe, Lilliana Baker and Daniel Bailey. Group Three will be- Ariadne Brooks, Coby Clarkson, Lacey Chung, Emily Willis and Grayson Carter. I know they are all a bit strangely numbered, but it is needed for safety."

"Okay everyone! You only have ten minutes to get ready for the walk. Please meet me at the totem pole just a minutes walk from here." Adam pointed at a totem pole, considerably far in the distance.

Nate pushed his body out of the ever-sinking sofa and was the first out the door . It was fast that he arrived at the Red cabin, only to find another person's belongings on his bed. His bed. Quickly shoving them to the floor in a bout of rage, letting the belongings scatter along the floor, he slipped on a hoodie and some battered black jeans from days past, along with thick leather hiking boots his father's money bought. Out the door in a matter of seconds, he arrived at the totem pole with minutes to spare.

Outfit ; X and then X Song ; X

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Lacey squeezed Ariadne's hand once more, gently of course, when she heard that they would be in the same group. Of course, she was semi-disappointed that Oliver couldn't be with them to fight off a grizzly bear, but having Grayson as eye candy more than made up for it. She leaned over to whisper in Ari's ear, grinning.

"Hopefully, I don't get lost like I did last year," she jested lightly, recalling her little show of attitude when she decided that she didn't want to deal with the group and snuck off. It didn't do her any good because Adam had to come find her and if the small "detention" she served wasn't enough, Oliver teased her for an entire week for running from a raccoon. It's safe to say that Lacey learned her lesson and knew she was going to follow the group this year. When she stood and gathered her electronics, Oliver smirked.

"Think you can manage for four hours without me, midget?" He inquired and Lacey scoffed.

"Wow, the robot can crack a joke?" she retorted sarcastically and he chuckled. "C'mon, admit it - your life is boring without me. And you really think you can manage without your bestie over there?" Lacey gestured to Grayson inquisitively, eyebrow arched just barely in sign of playfulness. Oliver laughed and glanced over at the rest of the group, his eyes falling slowly on Molly Kingsley. She still seemed to fade away, but knowing they were in the same group caused her to become even more perceptible to his sight. He smiled softly at her before turning back to Lacey.

"I think I'll manage," he replied. Oliver nodded to Ariadne gently, grateful that Adam had enough sense to keep the two girls together. While it was obvious that Lacey was the source of comfort Ari needed, Ariadne was also a crutch for Lacey - a means to keep her grounded and remind her that she didn't have to shut everyone out. Of course, Oliver wasn't the best person to give advice about letting people in, but Lacey never came across to him as someone who should bottle herself up. She deserved to be open. Nodding to Lacey again, he told them both that he would see them in a few at the totem pole.

Lacey turned back to Ari, laptop bag clutched tightly in her hand.

"I'll get come get you at your cabin, kay?" She exclaimed and then headed out. Once at her cabin, Lacey finally moved her suitcase over to the bunk beds. She never had one and upon coming to Camp Liberty, she fell in love with the bottom bunk. Don't ask her why - she's just super weird like that. It was just comfortable and plus, it kept her close to a wall plug. It was probably horrible that she was so dependent on technology when surrounded by nature and what-have-you, but she didn't care. It took a record of five minutes for her to actually find something she liked, which wasn't that much to think about since all they were doing was walking. Lacey braided her hair before sliding the beanie over her head with minutes to spare. After checking her laces and grabbing the earphones for her phone, she left her cabin at a leisurely pace, heading over to the pink cabins.

Meanwhile, Oliver made his way over to the totem pole, dressed and earphones in place. He nodded to Avelyn when he arrived, pointedly ignoring Nate's presence altogether.

"Hey," he said. It wouldn't exactly hurt to start conversation while waiting, right?

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#, as written by Beffiye

Dan heard his name being called, and glanced over to the side at the big group next to him. It was James asking him to go over. What the heck? He didn’t want….

Scrap that, he did kind of want to. His feet were already moving towards the group anyway. He stood on the fringes, looking around. He moved over to stand near to Destiny and James, gave his mouse a flick on the ear, then chuckled and left her alone. She looked a little flustered, and though he did tease and pick on her a lot, he had grown slightly fond of her. He’d give her a tiny break. She was defiantly not going to be let off lightly this summer though.

Destiny flinched as Dan flicked her ear, but said nothing to him. She wasn’t feeling too embarrassed now, and she was rather occupied with thinking about the walk anyway. She did rather enjoy walking, and she was pleased with her hill walking group. It was full of almost nice people, although she was trying not to think about Nate. However, she wasn’t too sure how well she would cope with 4 hours of walking. She didn’t go out walking on a regular basis, especially not up hills. And especially not for four hours.

Dan sighed, and turned to James, begrudgingly deciding to start up conversation. “So, looking forward to hill walking?” He asked, trying to remember who was in his group as he scanned the crowd. They seemed like an alright bunch, but he guessed that he would soon find out if he was right or not. He himself wasn’t dreading hill walking too much – he didn’t like it, but hopefully he wouldn’t get as tired as some of the others.

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Ari was slowly but surely regaining composure, life ebbing back in to her body, warmth to her cheeks as she took a deep breath as everyone began to introduce themselves. She smiled to herself and her recovery. She could count on one dainty hand the weeks she would have just had a breakdown right then and there.

She didn’t listen during introductions, as per usual. They were just protocol, but she did listen as an unfamiliar voice introduced himself. The boy didn’t look much like red, but who knows, she could have been judging too hard. Maybe he had been sorted wrongly, but how would she know?

The last person concluded introductions, and Adam explained they were walking up Mt. Vuena. Ugh, really? It’s the hardest one!, she placed her face into her palm as he prattled on about safety. She felt Lacey squeeze her hand as it was notified they were in the same group. Her eyes danced and one corner of her mouth perked up.

”I’ll meet you at your cabin,” Lacey spoke, and Ari nodded and waved her off, not speaking a word. She figured she’d used them up for a few minutes, but it didn’t bother her.

Ari made her way to the pink cabin, the nearest to the media room. She brought her suitcase into the room, inhaling sharply as she remembered the mixtape. She’d just have to get through it. The girl placed her belongings on the bed which was hers, and zipped open the black suitcase that shone patent in the sunlight that streamed through the large window beside her bed. She opened the suitcase and brought out leggings and a thick woollen sweater, along with a black bobble hat and her favourite hiking boots. She took out of the drawer under her (bottom bunk) bed, a small backpack adorned with badges and patches from days past. Out of the suitcase she saw a box of cookies that her mom had made. Exactly half were cinnamon (special request from Ari as she knew cinnamon was Lacey’s favourite, and honestly Ariadne herself loved cinnamon) and the other half were classic chocolate chip. Among cookies she brought some medical supplies, water, crackers, and her phone. A few minutes, and she was ready to go. Ari made her way out of the pink cabin, where she saw Lacey.

”I brought something!” Ari smiled, shaking the box of cookies, ”But we’re getting to the totem pole first, I think we’re late” She was always one to fret about being late.

It wasn’t long until they arrived at the totem pole, where Adam was just beginning to talk.

”Okay everyone, I want you to get into your groups” Adam raised his voice so it could be heard throughout the group of kids milling around, and the kids followed, arranging themselves into their groups.

”Each group is getting a map, and you will all be going different ways that are the same difficulty level. I’ll be going up the lets say, easy way, that you don’t need to know about. The first group to the top is the winner, getting a point for their color each. Last one to the top- well, lets say there will be a forfeit. A bad one. So, don’t be last, okay?” He paused, handing out maps to one person in each group.

”Leader of group one is Eddie Andrews. Group one will be going the west route.” He pointed exactly west, to a rather dry, dusty path up the mountain, only rocks and bushes at each side of the path signifying life.

”Leader of group two is Daniel Bailey. You will be going the forest route.” He pointed directly above to a path snaking in between the tall evergreens, wildlife sprouting from every corner of the walk.

”Leader of group three is Emily Willis. You will be going the west route. Adam pointed again to a slightly more mountainous route that stayed next to the roaring waterfall. Everyone knew it lead to rivers and a few lakes that would unfortunately need crossing.

”One. Two. Three- go!”

”Well,” Ari smiled to Lacey while walking next to the rest of the group. ”Do you want a cookie? They’re cinnamon.”

Connor Tanabe sighed as he got into his group, but he laced his arm around his girlfriend’s waist as they walked.

”So, Daniel, do you have any idea where we’re going?” He asked the boy, genuinely of course. (Well, half geninuely) I mean, it wasn’t a secret ol’ Dan wasn’t the most well, sweet of people, so he treaded lightly, making his way up the forest path.

Nate felt a figure collide with his chest. Emily, it was. Emily something.

”Are you really? Sorry, I mean?” He growled, waiting for a response. ”Thought not. Just watch where you're going.” He dismissed the girl, walking off until Adam spoke up and said his share. Apparently, the routes would be the same difficulty level, but how does a bare path compare to a trek up the forest, or even a near gorge-walk through rivers and lakes? He was just lucky he was in group one. Hm, lucky. For once.

He just tried to walk at the back of his group as they began to take the path. Oh, and it was a race. Fuckin’ great.

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#, as written by Beffiye

Destiny stayed huddled next to Avelyn and James as Adam began to talk. They were in her group anyway, so she let other people arrange themselves around her. She was disappointed to hear that it was a race, though she should have been expecting it. She didn’t really have enough energy to be competitive – but she certainly didn’t want a forfeit. God knows she didn’t need any more hassle right now.

She was rather pleased to hear that Eddie was their group leader. He was a friend of hers, and patient and kind. He also wasn’t Nate, which was another good pointer. Yet another good outcome was that their walking path didn’t seem too hard. Sure, it would get hotter on their route than the other groups, as it was so dry and in the open, but there shouldn’t be any obstacles to tackle. Hopefully.

Dan was determined that he would not have to perform the forfeit either. When he heard that he was the group leader, he rolled his eyes as he took his map. Great. He’d been hoping to slack off a bit at the back. That wasn’t going to happen now. Sighing, he looked in the direction that Adam had pointed at. Why did group 1 get an easier path? Well, at least he wasn’t in group 3.

He studied the map intently as he waited for Adam to finish talking. Once he had pinpointed where they were and where they had to go, he looked up again. He wasn’t too bad at map reading at all – Geography was a subject he sometimes paid attention in, and he didn’t find it too boring.

As everyone set off, Destiny hovered a moment, wondering where she should walk. At the front, with Eddie, and James, who was already speeding ahead, or at the back?

Ugh, why the heck was James running? How could he have that energy? Destiny sighed as she made her decision to keep near the front. Walking wasn’t too bad, and she didn’t want to be held up by anyone who was going to be lazy. She walked behind Eddie, watching as James finally stopped and sat down to wait for them. He was going to be doing that a lot if he kept running ahead. He really needed to stick with the group.

“Hey Eddie,” she said, rolling up the sleeves of her jacket carefully. “I hope you know where we’re going,” she teased. “How have you been, anyway?”

Back in group 2, Dan lead his group up the forest path. He heard someone walking pretty close behind him, or maybe two people, and then a voice carried itself over his shoulder. Throwing a glance over the said body part, he saw Connor and Liliana walking behind him.

“It’s Dan,” he said through gritted teeth, trying to keep his tone neutral. “And yes I do, actually. I’m not too bad at map reading.” He looked over his shoulder again, and raised his voice. “Come on guys, keep up!” He hollered, then turned his back to them all once more and carried on walking.

He needed his group to win this. They might end up with some forfeits of their own from him if they didn’t.

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Aaron's Outfit & Lilliana's Outfit

As the walk began, Aaron already wanted to go home. Not only had he ran into the woman,
he now had to walk with her for four long hours. He tried to shrug this off as he stayed in
the back of the group, pulling out his guitar. He knows it sounds cliche but his guitar is really
the only thing that can calm him down. It disconnects him from reality taking him to his own
world where he was free and loved by all. It's like the song he would sing to himself before he
went to bed. Making your way in the world today takes everything you got. This concept
is something that Aaron takes to heart and often finds himself thinking about what he would
have to do to make it. This world of his is different. It's nothing like Alice in Wonderland but
more of just a small place in the back of his mind that he can go to. His mothers are there and
so is his little dog. It's almost like a traveling home. He doesn't speak to them because he knows
they aren't real. He's not anywhere near insane, just slightly lonely and confused. But anyway,
as Lilliana and Connor made their way down the path with Daniel running ahead she sighed.
That boy didn't have any sense. Not everything had to be a competition. She slid away from
Connor, running up to Daniel. Yes, she loved Connor, and he knew that because she normally
would never stop saying it but she also feels that her role is to calm people down and talk some
sense into them. It didn't take long for her to catch up and grab the boy's shoulder. She looked
at him then smiled. "Come back here and talk with us. It's the first day, have a little fun before
we start competing alright?"
She asked as the rest of the group was catching up quickly.
She didn't want to start competition this early, she wanted to have some fun.

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Lacey was bored as she waited for Ari to get ready. As always, she was on her phone, which surprisingly, still had a good amount of battery despite how long she fiddled with it in the car. Just as she was ready to look at a few more images through her Tumblr app, she heard the doors to the pink cabin and out came Ari, ready to go with a small box and a few supplies. She smiled brightly and put her gadget away, falling into step with her friend.

"I got something," Ari announced and wiggled the box. From the sound, Lacey practically squealed excitedly. Ariadne had a few cookies left one day last year; it had to be during the third week here. She came over and offered Lacey one and ever since, Lacey had become...well, rather addicted to Ari's mom's cookies. But only her mom's.

"Oooohhh!! Gimme!" She exclaimed only for her face to fall at Ari's next words.

"But we’re getting to the totem pole first, I think we’re late.” Lacey pouted and stomped behind her, all under extreme exxageration.

"Uuugghh,you are no fun," Lacey groaned, pouting even when they made it over to the group of campers at the totem pole. They waited for Adam's announcements and her frown grew when she realized where their group was going. Don't get her wrong; she loved the water and being near it. But also, it was water. Let's just say she had a few issues with keeping balance last year and she got wet more times than she would have wanted to. She'd rather not relive those moments.

Finally, when the group dispersed and they began following Emily, Lacey turned to Ariadne her best puppy dog eyes, leaning on her best friend in order to convince her to give her cookies.

"Well, do you want a cookie? They’re cinnamon.” Her face was rather comical at this point. Lacey's mouth was wide, her eyes lit with glee and hunger, and she clapped her hands enthusiastically. She even bounced on her toes for a moment.

"You are God-sent and I love you," Lacey exclaimed and gladly took a cinnamon cookie, taking a bite into the moist, chewy goodness that danced across her tastebuds. "Just so you know, your mom's adopting me. I can transfer and live out my life with cookies and bliss." Yeah, she was a dork, but who cares? She's got food!


If anything, Oliver's grin would have reminded anyone of a cheshire cat, pleased and rather prideful at the shy smile on Molly's face. Her answering blush just caused the grin to widen and he chuckled slightly, somewhat amused. Something told him this walk would be more interesting than he originally thought.

"Thanks, that's...that's nice of you," Molly replied. She seemed like she had more to say judging by the expression on her face and Oliver would have waited. But she didn't. He only smiled at her.

"No problem." And of course, like an idiot, he practically forgot that there was someone else here because Avelyn did not hesitate in adding her two cents.

"Are you sure her back is the only thing you'll be watching? I'd keep an eye on him, Molly." Molly wasn't the only one whose cheeks flushed. It had been awhile since Oliver actually blushed and he rubbed the back of his neck while pretending to slightly stretch just to play it off. But the color rose to his tanned face and if one looked close enough, they would have seen the slightly rosy tint.

"Haha, Avelyn," he said lamely, not even in any way refuting her statement. It wasn't like he wasn't going to watch out for Molly during their little hike, but that didn't mean his intentions were too innocent. It was selfish really. Watching out for her meant spending more time with her and subsequently, seeing her smile more. Instead of riddling his minds on the should's and shouldn'ts, Oliver listened on.

He laughed at Avelyn's complaint, surprised at how carefree he felt. This was why he loved camp. He didn't have to worry about whether or not he was going to have to tell his classmates at school that the black eye wasn't from his father, but from some random fight on the street. He didn't have to pretend that the only reason why he didn't wear the jersey during practice was because he had a few new bruises and a part of him still wasn't comfortable with having to explain the numerous scars on his chest and back. He could act his age and have a little fun. He could live.

When the groups finally went their separate ways, Oliver decidedly stuck with Molly, following the others behind Daniel, who happened to be their group leader and well, seemed rather competitive. He glanced over at Molly.

"Someone's in a rush," he commented, gesturing to a slightly irritated and frantic Daniel. "How was your year, anyway?"