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Daniel Bailey

0 · 801 views · located in Camp Liberty, California

a character in “Camp Liberty”, as played by Beffiye



"In a bang with the gang/They gotta catch me if they want me to hang.”
-AC/DC, Back In Black
Back In Black || Catalyst || Gorgeous Nightmare |

Daniel Bailey
“Call me Dan. If you call me Daniel, I’ll break your nose before you can blink.”





|Years at Camp Liberty|

Favourite things
"So look at me now I'm just makin' my play/Don't try to push your luck just get out of my way.”



“Duh, that’s where I am right now.”

Back In Black - ACDC

Fast & Furious 6

|Decade of the 1900's?|
“Some of the best cars came into existence then.”

“Sometimes I would rather not be at Camp Liberty, but on the whole, I have got used to it.”



“Do you really think I give a damn about that stuff?”

“As long as it’s food, who cares?”


Little Things
"Back in black I hit the sack/I been too long I'm glad to be back.”



Smoking (He does it on and off) || Fighting || Being right || Feeling like the bigger person || Money || Cars || Coffee || Hoodies || The dark || Chocolate || Hot girls (for quick flings) || Swimming


Goody two shoes || Being wrong || Being teased || Having broken objects || Grapes || Cycling || Serious relationships || Clingy girls


|| OCD ||
He had OCD when he was younger, and still suffers from it mildly today. He takes medication for it. His type is filed under “Magical Thinking Intrusive Thoughts.”

|| Bullied at school ||
He was bullied at school a lot for his OCD, but it wasn’t long until he morphed into the man he is now and showed those suckers their place, with violence.


His mom will die || The number 3 || Friday 13th (paraskevidekatriaphobia)


He will not step on cracks in the pavement || He will not break chain letters/mail || If he hears the word “death” he will say the word “life” to prevent death from happening || He likes banana and mushroom sandwiches

The real you
"I got nine lives cat's eyes/Using every one of them and runnin' wild."

Dan isn’t always a nice guy – in fact, he rarely is – but he isn’t a bully. He has his enemies, and he picks on people, but he usually knows when to stop. He will not set out to make your life a misery on a day-to-day basis, but by no means does that mean that he will be nice to you all the time. He has few friends, and even they don’t know of his OCD. He tries to keep it hidden, so the less friends, the better.

The other reason that he has few friends is that he isn’t much of a likeable guy. He is very hot-headed, and won’t hesitate to shout or use violence if you make him angry. Some people are scared of him; others just don’t want to waste their time being with him. He smokes on and off, has tried many of the illegal drugs that are in existence but isn’t currently addicted to any. He has had many one night stands since he was legal, but he doesn’t do long term relationships. Truth be told, he is scared of them.

Dan can also be quite lazy, and doesn’t always participate in group activities, much like the rest of his team. He is harsh, and doesn’t consider anyone’s feelings when he speaks. He doesn’t care how you feel either way. He has made both boys and girls cry with his mean comments and threats, and the occasional prank, and counts it as an achievement. His threats aren’t empty either – if he says he will break your arm in the next 5 seconds if you don’t budge up and let him sit down, he will. So, get moving.

Is there a good side to this guy? Maybe, maybe not, but he has his weaknesses. His OCD has had him labelled as a freak in the past, and even today he often has to perform strange rituals. If someone says “death” he feels compelled to utter “life”, in his head or out loud, to stop death from happening around him. He won’t step on cracks in the pavement, is scared of Friday 13th, and does anything he can to avoid having anything with the number 3. He also won’t break chain mail…the list goes on. He believes that if he breaks any of these habits, like stepping on a crack in the pavement for instance, his mom will die. However, his medication – which he has to secretly take when no one is looking – is helping with this. He can act like a normal guy on Friday 13th, he can deal with the number 3 when he really has to.

His OCD is a secret at Camp Liberty, because he is scared that he will be teased and bullied if anyone finds out. Especially in his cabin.

Dan was born in a middle class family in California, his family being his mother and brother, and that is where he has always stayed. His OCD was discovered when he became a teenager and threatened to stab himself if his mom ate a third biscuit. From there he was diagnosed, given medication and taken to therapy. He still does this today.

At school, Dan was bullied and teased for his disorder. He was labelled as someone who was off their head and/or insane, which is obviously not true and hurt him. His older brother took him under his wing, and soon he was street smart and in with the wrong crowd. All the bullies backed off in a matter of days, after a lot of threats and violence from both Dan and his gang. Now, he is still feared at school.

Dan’s mom was worried about the bullying and Dan’s way of dealing, so she sent him to Camp Liberty as soon as he was old enough. He didn’t want to go, and still would rather be at home during the summer, but he has made at least some acquaintances. He doesn’t always show up to his activities, instead opting to sit somewhere quiet and flick through a car magazine or manual. At home, he likes to fix cars and is hoping to get a job at the local garage after attending the camp this summer.

This year, Dan has turned up with a resolve to be a tiny bit more active, and maybe team Red will win. Will you learn to deal with Dan this year, or will Dan learn to deal with you?


Faceclaim | Garrett Hedlund

So begins...

Daniel Bailey's Story

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#, as written by Beffiye

“Honey, we’re here,” Dan’s mom says as they pull up in the parking lot. He looks up from his phone, and unplugs his earphones. “Be careful, okay?”

“Yes mom,” he replies in a monotone, putting his phone in his pocket.

“I love you,” she murmurs, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He just smiles in return, and throws the car door open. Lifting his 6ft frame out, he turns back on himself and picks up his rucksack from where it was resting by his feet.

“Have you got your meds?” His mom asks just as he is about to close the door. His reply is to lift a container of them out of his pocket for her to see, before putting them back and swinging his rucksack onto his shoulders.

“Bye,” he says curtly, then slams the car door and walks away. He is running late, and he knows that, but his long legs are good at getting him to places quickly.

He puts his bags in the red cabin, or rather, tosses them in without really looking, then carries on walking up to the main building to find out which activity group he is in. On his way up, he sees a smaller, female figure walking a little way in front of him, her steps calm, steady and rhythmic as her blonde hair bounces on her shoulders. Another straggler – and he knows exactly who it is too.

He easily catches up with her, and lays a heavy hand on her shoulder, hoping to make her jump. “Hey Destiny,” he says to the younger, grey camper. “I see you’re running a little late too.”

Destiny does not scream, or squeal, as most girls would do. She does not even turn around, she just carries on walking at a steady, unchangeable pace, the only indication of her surprise being the slight flinching of her upper body when Dan’s hand lands on her shoulder. She remains silent, ignoring him.

“Alright, grumpy,” he mutters, removing his hand and moving to walk alongside her. “You really need to learn how to speak.”

Then, quick as a flash, he gives her a rough shove that sends her staggering to the side, then laughs and picks up his pace, speeding ahead of her.

He strides into the main building, his very presence making some of the younger campers cower away from him. He pushes his way over to the information board, and scans the group to see which one he is in. Activity Group 6. There are some bearable people in there.

He turns to go and find out what his schedule is, and is surprised to find Destiny at his side, her eyes focused on the lists in front of her. She has always been good at creeping up on people.

She turns on her heel and walks swiftly towards the reception, but Dan saw the look in her eyes; she isn’t happy that she is in the same group as him.

Destiny gives a barely audible sigh as she makes her way up to the desk. She is pleased to see that many of her friends are in her group, but why must Dan be there? The person in front of her moves away, and she approaches Ms. Boyle.

“Two schedules for Activity Group 6 please,” she says, and that is what she is given. She turns and gives one to Dan, who is now standing behind her. Maybe if she is nice to him, he will be nice to her.

“Thanks,” he says, sounding rather surprised, but Destiny has taken off again, in the direction of the Media room. He checks his schedule, and sure enough, that is where he is supposed to be now. He groans in disbelief when he sees that he has hill walking today, then hurries to catch up with Destiny. Though her silence can be aggravating, she is still fun to tease. He is already planning some mean tricks to play on her.

It takes Dan longer than usual to catch up with his favourite mouse to play cat to, as he is preoccupied with checking that there are no cracks that he must avoid in the pathway. Once that is settled, he speed walks up to the Media room, but Destiny has already gone in.

As soon as Destiny enters the Media room, she melts into the background, invisible. Just a fly on the wall. She can see some people that she would rather like to have a catch up with, but at the moment, she just needs to find somewhere in the crowd to hide from Dan. She hates his teasing at the best of times, especially when he is so mean he acts a little like Luke, and she is too tired to deal with it. As she was going away for a few months straight, Luke decided to give her a parting gift. He always does – it’s usually the longest night of abuse of the year, but not the worst, because it is predictable. She was up until the early hours of the morning, then she fell asleep in the cupboard under the stairs, trying to hide from her tormentor. Needless to say, her body is covered in fresh scars (which are in turn covered by her clothes), her eyes are sore, have dark rings under them, and she has a headache coming on. She was not pleased to see that she has hill walking first.

Dan enters the room and looks around, seeing if there is anyone in here that he might want to talk to. He decides that he will just wait until they go through the boring introduction process yet again.

Destiny's Outfit

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Taste was subjective, but Ariadne liked Breaking Bad, and it was miles better than anything on at the moment. The episode she was watching turned out to be one of the most dramatic, taking twists and turns at every corner. Connor, although he didn't watch much of the show, liked what he saw, and that was enough for his attention to be drawn to the screen. Nate, however, was brooding in his quiet corner of the opposite sofa. Lost in thought, Ari could almost see the gears whirring erractically in his head. It's fair to say Nate was never her favorite guy at camp, especially now as some of the odd mannerisms he carried reminded her of Liam.

"Hey, gorgeous" A voice that meant familiarity to her sounded, and she couldn't help but smile. It was real, she knew, for her mood lifted and the smile didn't cut into her cheeks so. She saw Lacey, her best friend, open her arms and she grabbed her into a hug.

"Lacey, you have no idea how much I missed you!" She gushed, words flowing like the river that surrounded the camp. "I was almost ready to get the plane to Arizona."

"You like Breaking Bad? It was the only thing on-" Ari paused to glance at the screen, but realised it had turned to commercials now. "Well, I guess it's finished."

The Media room filled with faces both recognized and unrecognized, chatter filling the room to the brim with inside jokes and friendly banter. If it wasn't for hill-walking, she'd be excited for what the day would hold.

But, as always, something brought her from the clouds to her personal hell.

"Hello, and welcome to the news for today. Our first story, a new chapter in the unfolding mystery of the shooting at Montgomery High School, Colorado."

Her head snapped back to look at the TV once more. It was a woman, blonde, immaculately dressed, polished and pretty.

"Disturbing videos have been uncovered from the shooter's rooms, explaining to a camera why they would later go on to shoot sixteen people and then themselves in a previously unexplained massacre."

"We cannot show the full video due to legal reasons, but here is an excerpt."

The screen changed to the sickeningly recognized faces of her friends Nick Holland and Liam Howell. They seemed to be sitting in Liam's bedroom. Nick. With his usually innocent goofy smile, coppery hair and freckles, was smirking and Liam, with curly dark hair and perpetually widened pale green eyes was holding a shotgun, twirling in between his hands.

Liam spoke first, "Sorry to Mark and Dan. We used them to get us the guns. Don't arrest them, don't arrest fucking anyone. Friends, family, co-workers, they had no clue. It was all us."

Nick spoke next, "Yep, sorry Mom and Dad for any shit this might bring your way. You are good people, I hope you know it. Sorry friends. Especially Ari, I know how much this will hurt you.

The scene cut to the inside of Nick's car. Seemingly, the camera had been placed on the dashboard.

"It's only half an hour to our little judgement day. It's kind of weird knowing I'm going to die today, but a relief. Of course I will miss things. But you deserve what comes to you." Nick was scarily indifferent as he spoke.

"I just want some of you to know, and you know who you are- that I will get you. Find you. Rip off your damn head, get a shotgun and shove it so far up your ass, bullets will be shooting out your neck! You worthless pieces of crap! Do you know how long I've stood here and took shit from you- jocks, popular kids,- you criticize my face, my hair, the shirts I wear? This rage has built up and you'll pay. You'll all pay. The human race is stupid."

Nick didn't seem taken aback from Liam's outburst. He just took a gun from his coat and motioned shooting.

"Bye. See you on the other side." Nick chuckled, turning off the camera.

You see your face through this vague bubble of people. A slip of the eye, an illusion. You're not there. And her mind snaps from this temporary trance that she stumbled into involuntarily. Daydreams morph back into solid reality. Nothing about hearing "I'm terribly sorry" gets any easier, no matter how many times it tumbles into your head.

The scene cut to a zoomed in picture of their class yearbook photo, Ari smiling to the camera with her arm around Nick. Liam was at the other side, arms crossed back to back with another of his friends, Mark. Another picture flashed on the screen as the woman drawled on. It was another of Ari, obviously they were trying to make a point. It then switched to something more horrific. The surveillance videos from inside the school library. Liam and Nick strolled through the Library as if they were gods. By now, the students hid under tables. There was sound in the surveillance cameras, she could hear their voices again.

"Peekaboo!" Liam laughed, looking under a table. One gunshot. Two. Three.

"This is so cool!" Nick practically bounced, pointing his gun to the ceiling and shooting for fun. "Hope your all having fun! I know I am" He taunted.

Ari spoke loudly before it could go any further. "Turn it off! Please, turn it off."

Adam, the supervisor, reacted quickly, switching the TV off. The black nothingness comforted her, but whats done was done. She should have switched it on when mentioned, but the shock had paralysed her. Their voices. So familiar but not comforting.

"I'm sorry." Her voice was hoarse, eyes on the edge of tearing up. She took a deep breath. "I'm fine, though."

"If you're sure you're okay, we could go on with what was planned?"

"Sure." She nodded, lips pressed tightly against one another, embarrassed for creating a scene.

"Okay everyone, introduction time. I'm going to go round everyone, say your name, color, and three things you like. Go."

"I'm Ariadne Brooks, I'm in Pink, and I like good books, singing, and my friends." She looked at Lacey once more, giving a fleeting smile.

Outfit ; X Song ; X



When people were little, they always had the fascinating, larger-than-life dreams, Connor wanted to learn how to fly. It seemed like such a good thing for someone to be able to do. When he wanted to get away, all he had to do was flap his wings and soar away. There was nothing that could break him. It would have just been himself, the clouds, and the sun, but he never learned. The kid that wanted to be an astronaut went missing when he was only ten.

His entire life has been subjected to receiving terrible news. He can't remember hearing the words his father did that sent him over the edge "We're terribly sorry but your wife didn't make it" but he imagines they were complimented with "But she tried. She fought" (Not that that made him want to care anyway, it's like both of his parents died that day. Cancer killed them both - but it just took his father a little longer to wither away.) Even hearing "I'm sorry Connor, but your getting put to Juvenile diversion for drug dealing" ended with him coming to Camp Liberty


Connor really didn't know what was happening on this show.

Okay, a few things he did know.

1) There is a bald guy with glasses. He looks cool. He is a drug dealer/chemistry teacher/what?

2) Meth.

3) This was surprisingly similar to his drug-dealing days. Except for the dying/killing part. He's still alive.

4) What?

I mean, the bald guy with glasses did look cool, so he might have to check the show out. Breaking Bad, he thought it was. Wait, what is that title? Why is he breaking bad? What is bad? Is he breaking Nate? In all seriousness, Ari looked really into what was happening on the show, but Connor had no clue. Nate was just being... Nate.

"Hello there! Why didn't you tell me you got here?" It was Lilliana, one person he really wanted to see right now. "Missed you."

"Greetings and salutations!" He laughed, stealing a kiss on her cheek. "I was on the bus. Long story short, I feel asleep from green fog and kinda, sorta forgot you were here... sorry."

"You ever seen..." He paused to think of the title of the TV programme, "'Breaking Bad?' I have no idea what's going on, but it seems pretty cool."

He noticed that a couple people came in. He'd hardly say nameless, anonymous faces, with secrets he didn't know and stories he didn't care to delve deep into. Luckily, most, were friends, acquaintances, haters, people of that sort. Of course, there must of been one or two to slip between the cracks of what was Connor Tanabe, but they were either new or, simply didn't really cross paths with the boy. Poor souls. He recognized most, namely, Lacey- who gave a hello, which he waved back to- Oliver, Avelyn, Eddie, Coby, Molly, Destiny, Daniel ... Grayson. He rolled his eyes in distaste. His hater was officially here, but at least considerably far away, and talking to someone else.

"Yep, sorry Mom and Dad for any shit this might bring your way. You are good people, I hope you know it. Sorry friends. Especially Ari, I know how much this will hurt you.

The boy was about to turn to Ari to tell her she was famous, but he noticed what was on the television. It was two boys, one freckled and short, the other curly haired and tall. One held in his hand and sawn off shotgun twirling through his fingers. He realised what the situation was. Ari looked somewhere between shocked and disgusted, but she seemed paralysed.

He began to watch the TV intently.

"It's only half an hour to our little judgement day. It's kind of weird knowing I'm going to die today, but a relief. Of course I will miss things. But you deserve what comes to you." The freckled one spoke about dying as if it was an eternal weekend. It was creepy.

"I just want some of you to know, and you know who you are- that I will get you. Find you. Rip off your damn head, get a shotgun and shove it so far up your ass, bullets will be shooting out your neck! You worthless pieces of crap! Do you know how long I've stood here and took shit from you- jocks, popular kids,- you criticize my face, my hair, the shirts I wear? This rage has built up and you'll pay. You'll all pay. The human race is stupid."

Connor's eyes widened at the curly haired boys outburst.

"Bye. See you on the other side." The freckled boy took a gun from his pocket and motioned shooting at the camera, before turning it off.

Before Connor knew it, pictures of Ari and the two boys flashed on the screen. It was odd seeing someone he knew with... killers. They looked normal in the pictures. Too normal. Then there was a surveillance video from inside Montgomery high, slightly bad quality but he could still make out the two boys walking calmly through the school library, peeking under tables and shooting. There was sound. He heard them taunt the people, laugh as they spoke poison.

"Turn it off! Please, turn it off." Ari spoke, and the supervisor Adam switched the damn TV off. They talked for a while before that Adam announced introductions were officially beginning,

"I'm Ariadne Brooks, I'm in Pink, and I like good books, singing, and my friends." Connor could tell Ari was trying to hold back tears. She smiled at Lacey. It was no secret they were best friends.

"My name may or may not be Connor Tanabe, I'm in Green, and I like food, My girlfriend , and Camp Liberty, it so happens"

Outfit ; X Song ; X

OOC ; Nate isn't included because I am lazy XD also, weird side note; seeing Connor's faceclaim in concert tommorow ^-^

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#, as written by Beffiye

Destiny waits until she has seen Dan walk in the room. Then waits a bit longer. She has spotted someone that she would really like to go and have a catch up with – Avelyn. However, her legs would much rather that she stayed still. Less moving means less energy wasted, and also less pain.

There is some commotion further down the room, but it doesn’t take Destiny long to figure out what is going on. There was something on the news about the shooting that happened in a school recently – she forgets where – that Aria had got caught up in. It has been turned off now, and she is not surprised. If she were Aria, she wouldn’t want to be seeing that either.

The introductions begin, and Destiny presses herself up against the wall, hidden behind other, taller campers. She would rather like it if no one notices her during the introductions – she has done that ever since she started coming here. Why should she tell people anything about herself? Though to be fair, she knows almost everyone who is in the room, and as the introductions continue, those who she didn’t recognise put names to their faces. Some people make her scowl as they say stupid things, others make her smile as she hears her old friends talk. She really needs to catch up with them all, once the stupid introductions are over.

Dan is half listening to the introductions, half not, but when silence fills the room once more and stays that way, he speaks up.
“I’m Dan Bailey. I’m in red,” he drawls, his tone bored. “I like cars, swimming, the dark, and not a lot else.”

Destiny shrinks even further into the wall if possible when she hears Dan speak up. She can't believe her luck at having him in her activity group this year. He scares her, loathe she is to admit it, and he seems amused by picking on her. She does not want to be the subject of his jokes and rough and tumble play. Any kind of violence, inflicted upon herself or not, makes her flinch. At school now, when a fight is happening, everyone will go and watch. Except for her. Destiny doesn't like seeing other people getting hurt, and she always feels as if, no matter how far away she stands, she will get abused.

Speaking of abuse, she is pretty sure that one of her recent scars is bleeding. Almost all her scars, old or new are covered up by clothing. The one that stings the most and feels wet with blood is on her right knee, hidden under her jeans – oh, how she used to love wearing skirts! - She must have stretched it to set it off again. Her other scars are everywhere on her legs, upper arms and torso. She even has a few old ones on her forearms, and if you look closely, a tiny one across her forehead, about the width of a thumbnail. Yet the scars on the outside are nothing compared to the fear and brokenness within.

She only realises that silence has been stretching out once more when Dan startles her out of her thoughts.

“Destiny, you haven’t been yet,” he says, his eyes browsing the students and somehow finding her, cowering at the back. “I know you usually like to hide away. Come on, introduce yourself.”

Destiny’s face flushes as the attention is put on her. She is also embarrassed that Dan has painted her as some kind of unsociable scaredy cat. Sighing inwardly to herself, she steps forward so that the other campers can see her better.

“Hi, I’m Destiny Hill,” she starts nervously. She hasn’t really planned what she is going to say about herself at all. “I’m in grey. I like photography, drawing, and uh-uhm…cookies.”

Pleased that she had finished speaking, Destiny walks over to where Avelyn is, feeling much calmer. The sofa seems kind of full, but she finds room and sits next to her friend. No words are spoken; she just smiles at Avelyn, with a look in her eyes that promises they will catch up later.

For now, silence falls once more.

Destiny's Outfit

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Laying on the sofa absent minded , Nathan decided he had nothing but time. Time- the swift, coursing river that churns through a town as the moon rises and the sun sets. It does not embrace distraction, as light and sound do. Instead, it is the graceful swan that floats along with the current. Too good and too pure for anything beyond its little patch of water. The shore would never bother it because it was surrounded by its last serenity. It was one of those slow, pastel sunrises that painted the horizon line by line. They never seemed had colorful sunrises in Santa Fe, but maybe it was because he wasn't looking too hard for one. They had sunsets, yes, of copper and gold and blood red. But the mornings flipped from darkness to pale light with no transitions. It was one of the things he loved most about Camp, the quiet, beautiful dawn.

He noticed people come in, and it was easy to tell their personalities from the manner they entered the room. Some introduced themselves proudly , others waved to friends, others blended into the growing chaos that was the camp media room. It was like a plague, an overpopulation that was slowly encompassing every soul it could grasp. And soon there would be nothing. It wasn't so much of an exaggeration to his mind, but before his secondary though process grasped a hold of the grandiosity, it was a lot less poetic a bit more “teenagers everywhere, can't keep up", But in all his time reading dictionaries from front to back, he has decided to start using writing wisely , creating his words with elegance and ease and that poetic touch, not so much the moronic initial thought.

"-Introductions!" Was the only thing he heard as Adam spoke, and he snapped out of his thoughts to hear the rest of the group describing themselves. Everyone was just about finished when Adam looked directly at Nate.

"Nate? What about you?" Nate lifted his gaze from the window, stopping momentarily to glare at those in the room with eyes as cold and lifeless as steel.

"Nate Goravich." Nate himself couldn't hear the blade-sharp Russian accent that slithered his way into his words, but it was clear to anyone but the boy himself. He paused briefly to assume a more postured position, waiting slightly too long to finish the sentence. "- Red. Fire, fire and fire. Good enough?"

"Good enough" Adam gave a defeated sigh, turning to the rest of the group. "Well, I think that's about everyone."

"Okay, hill walking." Adam rubbed his hands together, pulling out his clipboard, glancing over his writing and facing the group again. "We're hiking up the Mountain Vuena" He leaned out of his chair and pointed to a bulbous mountain, only a five minute walk from their current position. "You're getting lucky I suppose, because it will only be a four hour hike, and no rock climbing at the moment. You will need to wear hiking boots and warm clothing. Preferably pants of some sort."

"For groups..." Adam paused, looking around the room, "Hm, for now it's an odd number. Oh well, I'll only say this once. Group One will be- Nate Goravich, Avelyn Vison, Aaron Addison, Destiny Hill, Eddie Andrews and James Vincze. Group Two will be- Oliver Hale, Audrey Mortenson, Molly Kingsley, Connor Tanabe, Lilliana Baker and Daniel Bailey. Group Three will be- Ariadne Brooks, Coby Clarkson, Lacey Chung, Emily Willis and Grayson Carter. I know they are all a bit strangely numbered, but it is needed for safety."

"Okay everyone! You only have ten minutes to get ready for the walk. Please meet me at the totem pole just a minutes walk from here." Adam pointed at a totem pole, considerably far in the distance.

Nate pushed his body out of the ever-sinking sofa and was the first out the door . It was fast that he arrived at the Red cabin, only to find another person's belongings on his bed. His bed. Quickly shoving them to the floor in a bout of rage, letting the belongings scatter along the floor, he slipped on a hoodie and some battered black jeans from days past, along with thick leather hiking boots his father's money bought. Out the door in a matter of seconds, he arrived at the totem pole with minutes to spare.

Outfit ; X and then X Song ; X

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Lacey squeezed Ariadne's hand once more, gently of course, when she heard that they would be in the same group. Of course, she was semi-disappointed that Oliver couldn't be with them to fight off a grizzly bear, but having Grayson as eye candy more than made up for it. She leaned over to whisper in Ari's ear, grinning.

"Hopefully, I don't get lost like I did last year," she jested lightly, recalling her little show of attitude when she decided that she didn't want to deal with the group and snuck off. It didn't do her any good because Adam had to come find her and if the small "detention" she served wasn't enough, Oliver teased her for an entire week for running from a raccoon. It's safe to say that Lacey learned her lesson and knew she was going to follow the group this year. When she stood and gathered her electronics, Oliver smirked.

"Think you can manage for four hours without me, midget?" He inquired and Lacey scoffed.

"Wow, the robot can crack a joke?" she retorted sarcastically and he chuckled. "C'mon, admit it - your life is boring without me. And you really think you can manage without your bestie over there?" Lacey gestured to Grayson inquisitively, eyebrow arched just barely in sign of playfulness. Oliver laughed and glanced over at the rest of the group, his eyes falling slowly on Molly Kingsley. She still seemed to fade away, but knowing they were in the same group caused her to become even more perceptible to his sight. He smiled softly at her before turning back to Lacey.

"I think I'll manage," he replied. Oliver nodded to Ariadne gently, grateful that Adam had enough sense to keep the two girls together. While it was obvious that Lacey was the source of comfort Ari needed, Ariadne was also a crutch for Lacey - a means to keep her grounded and remind her that she didn't have to shut everyone out. Of course, Oliver wasn't the best person to give advice about letting people in, but Lacey never came across to him as someone who should bottle herself up. She deserved to be open. Nodding to Lacey again, he told them both that he would see them in a few at the totem pole.

Lacey turned back to Ari, laptop bag clutched tightly in her hand.

"I'll get come get you at your cabin, kay?" She exclaimed and then headed out. Once at her cabin, Lacey finally moved her suitcase over to the bunk beds. She never had one and upon coming to Camp Liberty, she fell in love with the bottom bunk. Don't ask her why - she's just super weird like that. It was just comfortable and plus, it kept her close to a wall plug. It was probably horrible that she was so dependent on technology when surrounded by nature and what-have-you, but she didn't care. It took a record of five minutes for her to actually find something she liked, which wasn't that much to think about since all they were doing was walking. Lacey braided her hair before sliding the beanie over her head with minutes to spare. After checking her laces and grabbing the earphones for her phone, she left her cabin at a leisurely pace, heading over to the pink cabins.

Meanwhile, Oliver made his way over to the totem pole, dressed and earphones in place. He nodded to Avelyn when he arrived, pointedly ignoring Nate's presence altogether.

"Hey," he said. It wouldn't exactly hurt to start conversation while waiting, right?

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#, as written by Beffiye

Destiny looks up as a taller shadow comes over her. It's James. She smiles back as she continues to pull on the door. "That would be good," she replies, sliding her hand along the door handle so that he can grab hold of it too. They carry on tugging fruitlessly at the door, and Destiny listens as James starts up conversation. "It was alright," she says, her tone neutral. "How was your year?"

Just as the words finish coming out of her mouth there is a sudden and unexpected shove from the other side of the door. It flies open, the door handle catching her in the stomach. Something heavy sends her hurdling off the porch, and though she tries to curl into a ball by instinct, the weight is stopping her.
Her back slams into the ground, and she gasps as she feels the extra weight fall down on top of her. She closes her eyes, then when she realises that it is all over, she hesitantly opens them again. What meets her eyes is a surprise.

The something is a someone; Aaron. And he is on top of her in very, well, awkward way. Destiny’s eyes widen, and she looks like a deer caught in the headlights. How did he end up on top of her like this? What the heck is going on?

She opens her mouth to speak, but Aaron pulls her to her feet before she gets the chance. Then, he apologises, and hurriedly walks away. Still confused, Destiny turns to James, her mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. The movement sends pain shooting up her back, and she bites back a wince. That was obviously going to be bruised in the morning.

James had fared a little better than her, he had been shoved over to the side. Destiny walks to the edge of the porch, staying on the ground as she looks up at him. She feels a little sore all over, but already it is starting to fade away. Which is good, because she is just about to go hill walking. She looks at him questioningly, then the door that looks like it is about to drop off its hinges, then Aaron’s back walking away. Now she realises what happened.

Sighing, she looks back at James again. She reaches behind her and brushes the dirt off the back of her jeans as she speaks, trying to avoid her arms even brushing against her back. “We’re in the same activity group, right? We should walk to the totem pole together.”

Destiny doesn’t wait for an answer, she just sets off towards the totem pole. That incident must have been embarrassing for Aaron, she reflects. It has also made her feel more self-aware than ever, and she has to fight the urge to make sure James isn’t going to touch her back. Or any part of her. Her whole body feels extremely sensitive now.

She walks in silence, biting her lip as she thinks about what happened. When she arrives at the totem pole at long last, she mooches over to stand with what appears to be her walking group. She hovers close to Avelyn, and offers a weak smile and a small “hi,” as she waits for James to join the group too. Then, that will hopefully be all of them.

Still feeling a bit shocked after the incident, Destiny waits a little longer before speaking to everyone who is gathered around. “Hi everyone.” Then, she turns to Avelyn. “Hello you! How have you been?”


Dan walks back to the cabin quickly after hearing which group he is in. He storms in, puts his hiking boots on, and heads swiftly back out again. His jeans and hoodie are fine as they are. He walks at a more leisurely pace in the direction of the totem pole, checking his phone and glaring at younger campers who pass him by.

He reaches the totem pole and plugs his earphones into his phone. He sticks them in his ears and occupies himself with listening to his music as he waits for the other campers to arrive. Slowly, the space around the totem pole starts to fill up, and he can hear the sound of laughter. Eventually, he stops his music and pockets his phone and earphones, and resorts to just standing and observing the people around him. He sees Destiny arrive, and some other people, but decides not to go and annoy them. Instead, he just stands by himself and waits.

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#, as written by Beffiye

Dan heard his name being called, and glanced over to the side at the big group next to him. It was James asking him to go over. What the heck? He didn’t want….

Scrap that, he did kind of want to. His feet were already moving towards the group anyway. He stood on the fringes, looking around. He moved over to stand near to Destiny and James, gave his mouse a flick on the ear, then chuckled and left her alone. She looked a little flustered, and though he did tease and pick on her a lot, he had grown slightly fond of her. He’d give her a tiny break. She was defiantly not going to be let off lightly this summer though.

Destiny flinched as Dan flicked her ear, but said nothing to him. She wasn’t feeling too embarrassed now, and she was rather occupied with thinking about the walk anyway. She did rather enjoy walking, and she was pleased with her hill walking group. It was full of almost nice people, although she was trying not to think about Nate. However, she wasn’t too sure how well she would cope with 4 hours of walking. She didn’t go out walking on a regular basis, especially not up hills. And especially not for four hours.

Dan sighed, and turned to James, begrudgingly deciding to start up conversation. “So, looking forward to hill walking?” He asked, trying to remember who was in his group as he scanned the crowd. They seemed like an alright bunch, but he guessed that he would soon find out if he was right or not. He himself wasn’t dreading hill walking too much – he didn’t like it, but hopefully he wouldn’t get as tired as some of the others.

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Ari was slowly but surely regaining composure, life ebbing back in to her body, warmth to her cheeks as she took a deep breath as everyone began to introduce themselves. She smiled to herself and her recovery. She could count on one dainty hand the weeks she would have just had a breakdown right then and there.

She didn’t listen during introductions, as per usual. They were just protocol, but she did listen as an unfamiliar voice introduced himself. The boy didn’t look much like red, but who knows, she could have been judging too hard. Maybe he had been sorted wrongly, but how would she know?

The last person concluded introductions, and Adam explained they were walking up Mt. Vuena. Ugh, really? It’s the hardest one!, she placed her face into her palm as he prattled on about safety. She felt Lacey squeeze her hand as it was notified they were in the same group. Her eyes danced and one corner of her mouth perked up.

”I’ll meet you at your cabin,” Lacey spoke, and Ari nodded and waved her off, not speaking a word. She figured she’d used them up for a few minutes, but it didn’t bother her.

Ari made her way to the pink cabin, the nearest to the media room. She brought her suitcase into the room, inhaling sharply as she remembered the mixtape. She’d just have to get through it. The girl placed her belongings on the bed which was hers, and zipped open the black suitcase that shone patent in the sunlight that streamed through the large window beside her bed. She opened the suitcase and brought out leggings and a thick woollen sweater, along with a black bobble hat and her favourite hiking boots. She took out of the drawer under her (bottom bunk) bed, a small backpack adorned with badges and patches from days past. Out of the suitcase she saw a box of cookies that her mom had made. Exactly half were cinnamon (special request from Ari as she knew cinnamon was Lacey’s favourite, and honestly Ariadne herself loved cinnamon) and the other half were classic chocolate chip. Among cookies she brought some medical supplies, water, crackers, and her phone. A few minutes, and she was ready to go. Ari made her way out of the pink cabin, where she saw Lacey.

”I brought something!” Ari smiled, shaking the box of cookies, ”But we’re getting to the totem pole first, I think we’re late” She was always one to fret about being late.

It wasn’t long until they arrived at the totem pole, where Adam was just beginning to talk.

”Okay everyone, I want you to get into your groups” Adam raised his voice so it could be heard throughout the group of kids milling around, and the kids followed, arranging themselves into their groups.

”Each group is getting a map, and you will all be going different ways that are the same difficulty level. I’ll be going up the lets say, easy way, that you don’t need to know about. The first group to the top is the winner, getting a point for their color each. Last one to the top- well, lets say there will be a forfeit. A bad one. So, don’t be last, okay?” He paused, handing out maps to one person in each group.

”Leader of group one is Eddie Andrews. Group one will be going the west route.” He pointed exactly west, to a rather dry, dusty path up the mountain, only rocks and bushes at each side of the path signifying life.

”Leader of group two is Daniel Bailey. You will be going the forest route.” He pointed directly above to a path snaking in between the tall evergreens, wildlife sprouting from every corner of the walk.

”Leader of group three is Emily Willis. You will be going the west route. Adam pointed again to a slightly more mountainous route that stayed next to the roaring waterfall. Everyone knew it lead to rivers and a few lakes that would unfortunately need crossing.

”One. Two. Three- go!”

”Well,” Ari smiled to Lacey while walking next to the rest of the group. ”Do you want a cookie? They’re cinnamon.”

Connor Tanabe sighed as he got into his group, but he laced his arm around his girlfriend’s waist as they walked.

”So, Daniel, do you have any idea where we’re going?” He asked the boy, genuinely of course. (Well, half geninuely) I mean, it wasn’t a secret ol’ Dan wasn’t the most well, sweet of people, so he treaded lightly, making his way up the forest path.

Nate felt a figure collide with his chest. Emily, it was. Emily something.

”Are you really? Sorry, I mean?” He growled, waiting for a response. ”Thought not. Just watch where you're going.” He dismissed the girl, walking off until Adam spoke up and said his share. Apparently, the routes would be the same difficulty level, but how does a bare path compare to a trek up the forest, or even a near gorge-walk through rivers and lakes? He was just lucky he was in group one. Hm, lucky. For once.

He just tried to walk at the back of his group as they began to take the path. Oh, and it was a race. Fuckin’ great.

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#, as written by Beffiye

Destiny stayed huddled next to Avelyn and James as Adam began to talk. They were in her group anyway, so she let other people arrange themselves around her. She was disappointed to hear that it was a race, though she should have been expecting it. She didn’t really have enough energy to be competitive – but she certainly didn’t want a forfeit. God knows she didn’t need any more hassle right now.

She was rather pleased to hear that Eddie was their group leader. He was a friend of hers, and patient and kind. He also wasn’t Nate, which was another good pointer. Yet another good outcome was that their walking path didn’t seem too hard. Sure, it would get hotter on their route than the other groups, as it was so dry and in the open, but there shouldn’t be any obstacles to tackle. Hopefully.

Dan was determined that he would not have to perform the forfeit either. When he heard that he was the group leader, he rolled his eyes as he took his map. Great. He’d been hoping to slack off a bit at the back. That wasn’t going to happen now. Sighing, he looked in the direction that Adam had pointed at. Why did group 1 get an easier path? Well, at least he wasn’t in group 3.

He studied the map intently as he waited for Adam to finish talking. Once he had pinpointed where they were and where they had to go, he looked up again. He wasn’t too bad at map reading at all – Geography was a subject he sometimes paid attention in, and he didn’t find it too boring.

As everyone set off, Destiny hovered a moment, wondering where she should walk. At the front, with Eddie, and James, who was already speeding ahead, or at the back?

Ugh, why the heck was James running? How could he have that energy? Destiny sighed as she made her decision to keep near the front. Walking wasn’t too bad, and she didn’t want to be held up by anyone who was going to be lazy. She walked behind Eddie, watching as James finally stopped and sat down to wait for them. He was going to be doing that a lot if he kept running ahead. He really needed to stick with the group.

“Hey Eddie,” she said, rolling up the sleeves of her jacket carefully. “I hope you know where we’re going,” she teased. “How have you been, anyway?”

Back in group 2, Dan lead his group up the forest path. He heard someone walking pretty close behind him, or maybe two people, and then a voice carried itself over his shoulder. Throwing a glance over the said body part, he saw Connor and Liliana walking behind him.

“It’s Dan,” he said through gritted teeth, trying to keep his tone neutral. “And yes I do, actually. I’m not too bad at map reading.” He looked over his shoulder again, and raised his voice. “Come on guys, keep up!” He hollered, then turned his back to them all once more and carried on walking.

He needed his group to win this. They might end up with some forfeits of their own from him if they didn’t.

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Aaron's Outfit & Lilliana's Outfit

As the walk began, Aaron already wanted to go home. Not only had he ran into the woman,
he now had to walk with her for four long hours. He tried to shrug this off as he stayed in
the back of the group, pulling out his guitar. He knows it sounds cliche but his guitar is really
the only thing that can calm him down. It disconnects him from reality taking him to his own
world where he was free and loved by all. It's like the song he would sing to himself before he
went to bed. Making your way in the world today takes everything you got. This concept
is something that Aaron takes to heart and often finds himself thinking about what he would
have to do to make it. This world of his is different. It's nothing like Alice in Wonderland but
more of just a small place in the back of his mind that he can go to. His mothers are there and
so is his little dog. It's almost like a traveling home. He doesn't speak to them because he knows
they aren't real. He's not anywhere near insane, just slightly lonely and confused. But anyway,
as Lilliana and Connor made their way down the path with Daniel running ahead she sighed.
That boy didn't have any sense. Not everything had to be a competition. She slid away from
Connor, running up to Daniel. Yes, she loved Connor, and he knew that because she normally
would never stop saying it but she also feels that her role is to calm people down and talk some
sense into them. It didn't take long for her to catch up and grab the boy's shoulder. She looked
at him then smiled. "Come back here and talk with us. It's the first day, have a little fun before
we start competing alright?"
She asked as the rest of the group was catching up quickly.
She didn't want to start competition this early, she wanted to have some fun.

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Lacey was bored as she waited for Ari to get ready. As always, she was on her phone, which surprisingly, still had a good amount of battery despite how long she fiddled with it in the car. Just as she was ready to look at a few more images through her Tumblr app, she heard the doors to the pink cabin and out came Ari, ready to go with a small box and a few supplies. She smiled brightly and put her gadget away, falling into step with her friend.

"I got something," Ari announced and wiggled the box. From the sound, Lacey practically squealed excitedly. Ariadne had a few cookies left one day last year; it had to be during the third week here. She came over and offered Lacey one and ever since, Lacey had become...well, rather addicted to Ari's mom's cookies. But only her mom's.

"Oooohhh!! Gimme!" She exclaimed only for her face to fall at Ari's next words.

"But we’re getting to the totem pole first, I think we’re late.” Lacey pouted and stomped behind her, all under extreme exxageration.

"Uuugghh,you are no fun," Lacey groaned, pouting even when they made it over to the group of campers at the totem pole. They waited for Adam's announcements and her frown grew when she realized where their group was going. Don't get her wrong; she loved the water and being near it. But also, it was water. Let's just say she had a few issues with keeping balance last year and she got wet more times than she would have wanted to. She'd rather not relive those moments.

Finally, when the group dispersed and they began following Emily, Lacey turned to Ariadne her best puppy dog eyes, leaning on her best friend in order to convince her to give her cookies.

"Well, do you want a cookie? They’re cinnamon.” Her face was rather comical at this point. Lacey's mouth was wide, her eyes lit with glee and hunger, and she clapped her hands enthusiastically. She even bounced on her toes for a moment.

"You are God-sent and I love you," Lacey exclaimed and gladly took a cinnamon cookie, taking a bite into the moist, chewy goodness that danced across her tastebuds. "Just so you know, your mom's adopting me. I can transfer and live out my life with cookies and bliss." Yeah, she was a dork, but who cares? She's got food!


If anything, Oliver's grin would have reminded anyone of a cheshire cat, pleased and rather prideful at the shy smile on Molly's face. Her answering blush just caused the grin to widen and he chuckled slightly, somewhat amused. Something told him this walk would be more interesting than he originally thought.

"Thanks, that's...that's nice of you," Molly replied. She seemed like she had more to say judging by the expression on her face and Oliver would have waited. But she didn't. He only smiled at her.

"No problem." And of course, like an idiot, he practically forgot that there was someone else here because Avelyn did not hesitate in adding her two cents.

"Are you sure her back is the only thing you'll be watching? I'd keep an eye on him, Molly." Molly wasn't the only one whose cheeks flushed. It had been awhile since Oliver actually blushed and he rubbed the back of his neck while pretending to slightly stretch just to play it off. But the color rose to his tanned face and if one looked close enough, they would have seen the slightly rosy tint.

"Haha, Avelyn," he said lamely, not even in any way refuting her statement. It wasn't like he wasn't going to watch out for Molly during their little hike, but that didn't mean his intentions were too innocent. It was selfish really. Watching out for her meant spending more time with her and subsequently, seeing her smile more. Instead of riddling his minds on the should's and shouldn'ts, Oliver listened on.

He laughed at Avelyn's complaint, surprised at how carefree he felt. This was why he loved camp. He didn't have to worry about whether or not he was going to have to tell his classmates at school that the black eye wasn't from his father, but from some random fight on the street. He didn't have to pretend that the only reason why he didn't wear the jersey during practice was because he had a few new bruises and a part of him still wasn't comfortable with having to explain the numerous scars on his chest and back. He could act his age and have a little fun. He could live.

When the groups finally went their separate ways, Oliver decidedly stuck with Molly, following the others behind Daniel, who happened to be their group leader and well, seemed rather competitive. He glanced over at Molly.

"Someone's in a rush," he commented, gesturing to a slightly irritated and frantic Daniel. "How was your year, anyway?"

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Still blushing slightly after Avelyn's comment, Molly directed her attention to Adam as he addressed the campers. "Leader of group two is Daniel Bailey. You will be going the forest route." Molly looked in the direction Adam had indicated, picking out a dirt trail that began between two towering evergreens. Only a few feet of the path were visible before it disappeared into the overgrown forest, and Molly bit her lip, picturing the things that awaited them in the thick of the wild woods. Beautiful as the forest was, Molly knew the lush greenery could paint a much rosier picture of the wooded area than what actually lurked in the thick undergrowth. No doubt the trail had been checked ahead of time, and Adam would certainly never endanger a camper, but that didn't mean the path would be without its challenges. Summers in California were pleasant, but Camp Liberty's high elevation meant it often received several feet of snow in the winter. There was no telling what winter snowfall or spring rains might have done to the forest trail, and Molly wondered what obstacles awaited them beneath the shade of the pine trees. Felled trees? Poisonous vegetation? Wild animals? She wasn't scared, but she was cautious, as those aware of their surroundings generally are.

She would have preferred the group create a plan before setting off on their trail, but, as Adam had declared their hike a race, most of the campers were eager to begin their walk as soon as possible. James in particular seemed excited to get going, and took off at a jog, calling over his shoulder to his group as he went. You could call James many things, but unenthusiastic wasn't one of them. Meanwhile, Dan, the designated leader of group 2, had set off quickly and quietly into the woods, setting a brisk pace for the group. Behind him were Connor and Lilly, walking hand in hand an looking quite at ease. Connor already seemed to be testing Dan's patience, which wasn't a good sign, and Molly silently prayed the group would make it through the hike without incident. “Come on guys, keep up!” Daniel's rough call from up the trail jarred her from her thoughts, and she readjusted her backpack on her shoulders before heading out onto the trail, walking quickly to insure she wouldn't be left behind. Molly wasn't particularly competitive (at least, the competition between cabins had never been her primary reason for attending camp), but she was a team player, and the last thing she wanted to do was aggravate Dan by letting him down. If that meant walking a bit faster than she'd planned, so be it.

Oliver fell into step beside her as they headed into the forest, and this time Molly couldn't conceal the smile that spread across her face. Though she and Oliver had never talked at length, his presence put Molly at ease; there was something disarming about his friendly smile and kind nature. "Someone's in a rush," he commented, gesturing to Daniel, who was yards ahead of them with his face buried in the map. Molly nodded, wondering how long she'd be able to sustain the rapid pace Dan had set. If her assumptions about the forest were correct, they wouldn't be able to maintain this pace for the whole hike; some obstacle was bound to get in their way. "How was your year, anyway?" She was sure his question was meant as a casual conversation starter, but Molly had never been very good at answering personal questions. Ask her opinion on post-impressionist art or how she felt about 19th century British literature and she could talk for hours, but a question about herself was another matter entirely. Her isolation throughout high school had convinced her, at least to some extent, that she just wasn't really worth knowing about.

In truth, her school year had been many things: confusing and demanding and difficult and, if she was being honest, overwhelmingly lonely. But how could she say all that? "Long. Very long," she answered, smiling wearily. "Junior year is..." she paused a moment, searching for the word, "Hectic. You're expected to have all these plans, you know? Where you want to go to college, what you want to study, where you're going to live, and with who. How much money you'll make and where you'll work and how many kids you're going to have and-" she caught herself rambling and blushed, suddenly self-conscious. "It's all a bit...overwhelming," she finished, looking downwards as she tucked a stray hair behind her ear. Eager to get the attention off of her, she re-directed his question, looking over at him as they walked. "But what about you? You've graduated, right? What are you going to do?" Molly had always thought herself a much better listener than speaker. She liked to hear people's stories, and she particularly wanted to hear Oliver's.

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Apparently, for some odd reason, it was Grayson that began leading the pack, not Emily. Lacey and Emily weren't the closest of the campers, but from what she surmised of the girl, the redhead would not take that too nicely. She walked closer to Ari, mindful of their rocky path.

"Something tells me the people in this group are gonna be more dangerous than this path," she said quietly to her friend. Coby could be rather intimidating at times, Emily was...Emily was Emily, Grayson was an arrogant hottie, and then there was Ari and Lacey. A group filled with girls and only one guy. "Adam and I are going to have a serious talk about these numbers."

Grayson was a head of the pack, walking a good few feet away, possibly to give himself some distance from Emily. No doubt, if they were as thick as theives as Lacey thought them to be, Coby would be behind him in no time. However, Lacey found herself frowning just a little when he called over his shoulder.

"Watch your step, I don't want to be carrying anyone the whole damn hike." Lacey rolled her eyes at his attitude and huffed, swiping at stray strand of hair; though the majority of her hair was in a braid, a few strands framed either side of her face. She gripped Ari's arm helpfully, this time managing to keep her balance on the slightly slippery rocks. She bought new hiking boots and actually wore them; last year, she wore converse.

"Slow down, Flash," she replied, giving Grayson a small and easy smile. "I know it's a race, but we've got one of the harder trails. And not all of us are blessed with long, strong legs like you."


"Long. Very long. Junior year was...hectic," Molly admitted and Oliver nodded, agreeing. Junior had been filled with a lot, though her issues were more normal than his. Not wanting to delve into his own past at the moment, he continued to listen to Molly speak. It was refreshing, listening her put words to her emotions rather just fade away. It was nice.

"You're expected to have all these plans, you know? Where you want to go to college, what you want to study, where you're going to live, and with who. How much money you'll make and where you'll work and how many kids you're going to have and-"

She blushed again, a thing she seemed to do a lot. Oliver only gave her a silent, encouraging smile as Molly appeared to struggle wording her thoughts and emotions. But he liked listening to her vent. Again, things like this were refreshing. There were no concerns about...other, unmentionable things; just normalcy. He found himself actually envying her for that simplicity.

"It's all a bit...overwhelming." Oliver nodded again, glaring up ahead at Dan who appeared unwilling to lessen his pace. The idiot acted like this hike wasn't going to be strenuous in any way or that there should be some kind of caution when entering the woody areas. Oliver was mildly surprised the others weren't complaining yet.

"Well, you made it. That's a plus." Oliver winked in good nature, grinning.

"But what about you? You've graduated, right? What are you going to do?" Molly asked and Oliver exhaled deeply, rubbing the back of his head. He even averted his gaze momentarily. He had not talked to many people about his post-graduation plans. Other than a counselor and a guy who wanted to follow in his footsteps, Oliver didn't know how to actually break it down without...without being completely honest. Sure, he could say that he wanted to join the army because it's in his blood, but then there was always this pressure in his chest...some part of him dying to let it out, to tell the truth.

"Uh, well...I honestly haven't really thought of college," he replied, being more truthful than he originally intended. No point in lying now, he told himself mentally. "I'm actually considering joining the army, right after we leave from here."

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#, as written by Beffiye

Destiny looked a little concerned when Eddie pressed his fingers against his black eye, drawing attention to it. How could she have not noticed before? Chewing her lip slightly, she refrained from saying anything. She could kind of guess where that came from.

His statement seemed to contradict his eye, but she let it pass. “Life is treating me as well as it usually does,” she said, knowing that Eddie would understand. “No change.” She had never verbally, straight out confirmed to anyone that she was abused, but those who were close to her usually realised what was going on. She would hint at it from time to time, too. Like right now.

A guitar was being strummed in the background, and Destiny glanced over her shoulder to see Avelyn and Aaron walking at the back of the group. She wanted to chat with her brilliant friend, she really did, but she felt a little awkward around Aaron now. It was silly, she knew, but she also got the feeling that he was really, really embarrassed. So he probably wouldn’t be over the moon if she dropped back to talk with Avelyn. Besides, it was a four hour hike. There would be plenty of time to spend with Avelyn, and she seemed to be trying to get to know Aaron. He was unlikely to feel comfortable with her if Destiny was there too.

So, she carried on walking at the front, keeping a comfortable silence with Eddie as she fiddled with her camera. Then she asked, “So, it’s your last year hear, huh? Will you miss it?” Personally, Destiny couldn’t bear the thought of leaving herself. Camp Liberty was her sanction, her escape. It was somewhere safe, somewhere where her body could take a well-earned holiday. Get a break from the abuse that was rained upon it.

Meanwhile, Dan felt something grab his shoulder, and was about to rather aggressively shove them off when they started talking. He gave a small sigh and slowed his pace down so that he could look at her properly. She was smiling, God dammit, and for some reason he could never bring himself to be mean to her.

“The competition’s already started, Lil,” he replied. “But I’ll slow down and socialise, just for you. We aren’t going to slack though, you hear me? I don’t want a forfeit.”