Camp Occult

Camp Occult


Supernatural species come together at Camp Occult as to try to mend the divide between the kinds, and to come to terms as to what they truly are. ((More Inside))

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It's not at all like they're trying to hide their existence exactly. In all truth, it's the opposite, they are working towards the goal of how to reveal to the rest of the world that yes, such creatures of supernatural lore exist, and yes, they aren't all that bad. Well, not all of them at least, can't say that necessarily about the rogues. But, it's hard to see yourself getting along with human kind, the population that takes up the rest of the %99 percent of the world, when even the different species of The Occult don't get along. That's been common knowledge since even the beginning of times that the tension is a little strong. The younger population, however better in dealing with these 'difference' issues than the older supernaturals, is still trying to make everyone come together, all the while trying to face their own personal problems and anxieties about who they truly are. This is where Camp Occult comes in, better know by its alias Camp Contrivance (con·triv·ance: thing that is created skillfully and inventively to serve a particular purpose) to the rest of the unknowing world.
There are four groups of supernatural species known, the vampires, werewolves, fae's, and witches. Each of the species gathers here the day after summer begins, in hopes of rekindling species bonds, and to help decide the paths they want to take with their life. Some want to push their powers away, others want to learn how to embrace and accept them, while others have the decision as to if they want to go rogue, or stay apart of the community. Around fifty to sixty campers attend every year, but not all attendees coming knowing exactly what awaits them. More and more occults don't know what they are, having been adopted, or changed into what they are. Some come to the camp believing it to be for delinquents, yet when they arrive they realize such isn't true. Most take the news as what they are as a relief, knowing full and well they now weren't going insane, but few choose not to accept it at first, finding it hard to come to terms with what they are.
It makes it even more hard to accept, especially this year, when they find out the camp had been reopened after two years after being shut down after a werewolf girl had disappeared during one year, never to return. But both camp leaders, Aly, a fairy with healing abilities, and Rain, a vampire, both assure that it shouldn't happen again and that the girl most likely ran away. At least, they hope thats what happened.


The knowledge of vampires history is probably the most well known out of all the Occult. They have increased speed, strength, and can hear longer distances. They do survive off blood and regular food, but cannot bite their victim. They often have there own needles and such as to tap out the blood from the vein, almost exactly the same process as if a human had donated blood. If a bite occurs, then the human will change into the species. Due to this reason, most vampires are born form vampire parents, and have a life span of around 150 years. Vampires have lowered bodily temperatures, and have a slight sensitivity to the sun, making them more uncomfortable then anything. They have a know rivalry with the Werewolves.

Werewolves are almost exactly as the stories are told. They change every full moon, as its the only time they can do so. The transformation is painful, however. They are born from two werewolf parents, or simply one. Their genetic genes are the most dominate. They have increased strength and speed, and have teh same life span as a normal human. They have a known rivalry with vampires.

The fae, most commonly known as Fairies, all have the base power of heightened senses, and intelligence. Each Fae, a half breed or not, has their own individual powers, that often manifest around their fifteenth or sixteenth birthday. They have a life span to around 150 years of age, and have a known rivalry to the witches.

The witches have the basic working of all humans, having the same life span. However, with different incarnations and spells, they can conjure up magic, often maturing into there full power around their thirtieth year of age. They have a known rivalry with the fae.



| Female | Vampire | Name: | Age:16-18 | FC: | Reserved

| Male | Vampire | Name: | Age:16-18 | FC: | Reserved
*This male vampire character comes to the camp not knowing what they are. They were just recently turned.


| Female | Werewolf | Name: | Age:16-18 | FC: | Reserved

| Male | Werewolf | Name: | Age:16-18 | FC: | Reserved


| Female | Fae | Power: Necromancy | Name: | Age:16-18 | FC: Danielle Campbell | Taken (Ameliaisghostly)
*This female fae character comes to camp not knowing what she is. She has the power of Necromancy.

| Male | Fae | Power: Emotional Manipulation | Name: | Age:16-18 | FC: | Taken (Dumisa)
*This male character has the power of emotional manipulation. They can feel other peoples emotion, and when in physically contact with another, can change or manipulate said emotions.


| Female | Witch | Name: | Age: 17 | FC: | Reserved
*This female witch characters comes to the camp having no idea what they are.

| Male | Witch | Name: | Age:16-18 | FC: | Reserved


Extra Information

  • Please make your characters ages sixteen or Eighteen.
  • The characters who are new and don't know what they are believe they are coming to a camp to straighten themselves out. They would have had a counsellor recommend them there, or something like that.
  • Please use real face claims. Just tell me in the OOC who they are and I'l add it to the front page.
  • If you need a character skeleton, just ask and I'll send you one, I'm not necessarily picky with them. Just be sure to include basic character info, personality, history, and such.
  • Reservations will last 48 hours, and I'm okay with you all send in WIPS, just as long as you finish them.
  • Once all characters are in, I'l add gifs of the FC's to the front page.
  • The Cabins are two roomed, connected by a living space, kitchen, and bathroom. So each girl will be paired off with another, as will each boy. (We will figure this out in the OOC, you can request who you want.)
  • I'll make a list of 'camp activities' and such and post it in the OOC, after i make a plotting thread. There we can all discuss different plots together.
  • All the occult can automatically 'read' what supernatural being one is.
  • If there are three or more people interested in the same role, I will hold auditions as to who gets it. Just send me in a sample post as that character, or of a previous character in another roleplay.

    1)Swearing is fine, just don't go overboard.
    2) Please, no god modding, Mary Sues etc.
    3) No killing anyones characters or harming them, at least not without their consent.
    4) Romance is great! Just don't go into some of the "details" that may occur.
    5) Try and include everyone!
    6) Post should really be above 300 words. I want you active! Please try to get a post in maybe twice per week. Let me know if you’ll be away an extended period of time so we can come up with an excuse for your characters absence.
    7) I your stuck not knowing what to post, ask me and I will help you and come up with a plot idea.
    8) Reservations last 48 hours unless reason for an extension!

    Special thanks to Dumisa for the help!
    This role play is loosely based off of the book Born at Midnight by C.C Hunter.

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