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Mari Rosila

You seem to be under the impression that I care.

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a character in “Camp Pokemon”, as played by BelleOceane


Name: Mari Rosila

Age: 16

Gender: female

Orienation: Heterosexual

Image: Image

Personality: She is laid back and sort of a rebel. She was forced to go to camp. She has an "I-really-don't-care-about-you-or-anyone-or-anything-else" attitude, but that's only because she likes to seem tough. She rarely would cry, but if she did, it would be on her own away from everyone else. She'd never let you see her cry. She is the girl most likely to skip activities that she doesn't like and go somewhere else by herself. She is also most likely not to be missed because she is often rude to her elders. She also enjoys sneaking out at night to go play guitar or steal something or just snoop around. To anything smaller or weaker than she is, she is kind and caring. She would often be the first one to comfort a crying child. She likes to be the oldest and hates to be taken care of. She can make friends quickly. Once she's someone's friend, she'll be their friend for life unless they wrong her in any way. In that case, revenge isn't pleasant. But once she meets someone who will look up to her and care about her, she will be just like an older sister and protect them and care for them. All she really wants is to be an older sister.

Likes: Playing guitar, skipping activities to do other things, stealing small things, caring about others, being looked up to, singing.

Dislikes: Boring activities, being looked down upon, being treated like a child, people yelling at her.

History: She group up in a family where she was the youngest of six. She had five older brothers who would bully and harrass her. Her mother died when she was two and she was the only girl in the family. When she was 13, her father became very sick. She became a motherly type figure until she was 14 and her father died. She went to live with a family friend who became like a mother to her. She acted like she wasn't happy, though, until her Auntie (what she called the friend) sent her to camp to see if she could make some friends.

Crush: TBA. Likes the "bad-boy" who likes to be alone. She wants a guy who won't take care of her but won't need her to take care of him. She tends to fall in love quickly.

Other: Her favorite color is purple. She brought a guitar to camp which she often plays for everyone. She can play it well and also likes to sing (she's very good, but doesn't believe she is).

So begins...

Mari Rosila's Story


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Character Portrait: Lenta 'Len' Lulu the Gothita Character Portrait: Mari Rosila
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Mari walked ahead of the group of girls and to the cabin first. She hated talking to people and really hated being separated from all the guys. She just got along better with guys. Girls were so catty.

Taking the pokeball on her bed, she slipped outside. This has to be a joke she thought. Pokemon couldn't be real. She used to play the game when she was a kid. There wasa stack of the trading cards in her room, too. But a real Pokemon? That couldn't be right.

Still, she cliked the ball out of curiosity. It expanded. She clicked it again and dropped it as it opened. With a gasp, she jumped back. Quickly reclaiming the pokeball as it rolled back to her. She looked at the unusual creature. It was a pokemon, yes, but she didn't recognize it. She thought of how she really only knew the earliest generations and wondered if this was from a newer one. Still, she thought it looked rather silly.

"What are you supposed to be?" she asked with a scoff.


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Character Portrait: Lenta 'Len' Lulu the Gothita Character Portrait: Mari Rosila
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"....Uwah?" Len looked around slowly and curiously, then raised a eyebrow. "My name is Len, un, and I'm a gothita.....what, you haven't seen one before?" He turned around, then stared at the girl. "Un! A human!" He frowned, staring. "Why....why are you here?" He looked around, and then looked at the pokeball. "A-agh! They've captured me for purposes of slavery! I won't be your slave! No way, no how, un!" He snapped, hopping down and glaring at the girl. "I'm a boy of refined tastes, and you don't look like a very rich--" He suddenly dove under the bed. "Can't reach me here, human." He tauntingly sing-songed, waving his arms up and down with a smirk. "No work for you~"