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Rylee Kaplan

"I just wanna be me. Why is that so difficult?"

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a character in “Camp Pride”, as played by Starlight77



{ Frozen Heart }

{"I just wanna be me. Why is that so difficult?" }

|Camper’s Full, Legal Name|
Rylee Rose Kaplan

|Prefered Name|

August 12

|Self Identified Gender|



|LGBTQA Status|

|Years At The Camp|
This is Rylee’s first year.

{"Well, I consider myself attractive." }


136 Pounds

|Hair Color|
Chocolate Brown

|Eye Color|
Electric Blue

Girly, Athletic

A long, thin scar stretches from the base of her neck to the edge of her left rib cage. She doesn’t like talking about how she got the scar.
Rylee has a small dragon tattooed over her ankle.
On the left side of her pelvis is a tiger tattoo about six inches tall. If she wears loose pants and lets them hang, you’ll be able to see the upper half of the tiger’s body.

|Physical Description|
Rylee reaches a slightly over-the-average height of 5’10’’, and weighs in around 136 pounds. She has an extremely athletic figure, with lean, powerful muscles. She has a faint six pack and what her last girlfriend called “Channing Tatum V-thingies” along her pelvis. Her hair is a dark, chocolate brown, straight, and reaches just below her shoulder blades. Her eyes can be described as the color of the sky; a light, electric blue comparable to pristine arctic ice. She is of a light complexion, however she doesn’t seem to burn. She has full, red lips that stick out against her white teeth.

Rylee doesn’t have much of a style. She prefers to wear loose, comfortable clothing, like jeans and sweatpants with button ups and t-shirts. She likes sneakers and running shoes. Although Rylee doesn’t accessorise very often, she loves wearing hats. Baseball caps, beanies, fedoras, anything. If she can wear a hat, she will.

{"I recommend you start taking notes." }

|Quirks & Habits|
✦ Biting Her Lip/Tapping || If Rylee begins to get anxious or nervous, its very easy to tell. She’ll start tapping her fingers on any surface she can find; a table, a wall, her thighs, etc. She will also glance around and bite her bottom lip, sometimes so much so that she draws blood.

✦ Humming || Rylee loves music, and finds it very easy to have a beat stuck in her head. She’s almost constantly humming under her breath, usually tapping along with it.

✦ Talking To Herself || Rylee, oddly enough, talks to herself. And this isn’t her saying things out loud to memorize or singing in the shower. She sustains conversations with herself by muttering under her breath.

|Talents(T) | Strengths(ST) | Skills(SK) |
Giving Massages
Martial Arts

Inability to Swim
Supernatural Things
Her Bluntness

✦ Mixed Martial Arts || Rylee has been practicing Martial Arts since she was about ten years old. She works and trains at a gym, which is why she has such an impressive physique for her age. She also participates in Mixed Martial Arts competitions and wins them a good amount of the time.

✦ Simple Gymnastics || Rylee has taken a few gymnastics classes for the past few months, mainly to keep her body flexible for fights.

✦ Cooking || Rylee, coming from a famous chef, is a decent cook. She’s not amazing like her mother, but she loves to cook for other people.

øDoctors and Needlesø

Her Inability to Swim

Rylee hopes to become a professional MMA fighter. She also wishes that her father would accept her as who she is, and not try to change her.

{"If you get me angry… you can try to run, but you’ll just die tired." }

{ | Fiery | Daring | Intimidating | Playful | Loud | Protective | }
Rylee isn’t exactly the most… approachable person. Her stature and generally intense facial expressions can make her seem like the kind of person who prefers solitude and silence. In public places, surrounded by people she doesn’t know, Rylee tends to be very stoic: standing off in the background, perhaps hiding in a corner. She’s never been good at making friends, nevermind socializing with total strangers. It takes a bit of time for her to come out of her shell, but once she does, she’s an entirely different person.

Rylee has a fiery, daring personality. She’s loud, proud, and bold about everything she does, however, this is only after she’s grown comfortable with the people around her. She can be rambunctious and playful, like that of an energetic puppy. She’s naturally curious and easily distracted, so keeping her attention can be very hard to do. She loves being physically close to people, so she tends to break people’s personal bubbles by accident. She’s known for giving surprise hugs, whether they’re wanted or not.

One very important thing people should know about Rylee is her short temper. Its very easy to make Rylee angry, and when you do, well, good luck. Rylee has been mentally examined, and it has been concluded that her anger issues are from a form of anxiety. She’s constantly getting angry and bottling it up, until something makes her snap completely, and the end results are never good. She’s supposed to take medication to help with her anxiety, but she usually refuses to take them.
Rylee has a constant battle going on within her at all times. The battle is between the shy, anxious, jumpy girl she tries to suppress, and the happy, energetic girl that she really is. Rylee is always afraid she’s going to get too angry and hurt someone she loves, so she tries not to get too close to people.

Girls On The Shorter Side
Video Games

Loud Sounds
Doctors and Needles
Large Bodies of Water
Suffocating Darkness
Being Alone
Small Spaces

{"Do we have to talk about it?" }


|Place of Origin|
Moscow, Russia

|Known Languages|
English, Russian

|Family Tree|
Roman Kaplan || Father || Alive
Jennette Kaplan || Mother || Alive
Diana Vernon || Aunt || Alive

Rylee was born to a Russian mother and American father. She was born in Moscow, Russia, where her mother worked as a famous chef and her father as a successful business man. She was born an only child, with high expectations set on her.
She grew up learning the streets of Moscow, walking to school and back. Since the beginning, the thought that the feelings she had towards other girls was wrong. Her aunt had practically been thrown out of the family after they learned she was to be engaged to another woman. So she kept it a secret.
Rylee started taking martial arts classes when she turned ten years old. She took to it immediately and continues to take classes, along with competing in competitions.

A little after Rylee’s fifteenth birthday, her father told the family he would have to move to America to follow his business. He asked them to come with him. Rylee couldn’t refuse after her mother agreed to leave her homeland. So off they went to America. She attended an American high school; luckily she had taken English in the years of school she had been in previously.

It was at this school that she had her first relationship with another girl. She had brought her over and tried to explain to her parents her true sexuality, and she got the exact opposite response she thought she would have. Her mother, who was born and raised under Russian influence, practically completely accepted her. Her father, however, was outraged. He refused to believe it, and the two ended up arguing and storming off before the problem could be resolved.

As time went on, Rylee continued to grow more distant from her family. Her anxiety levels only seemed to increase and she was spending more time out of the house with her girlfriend. But it didn’t take very long for the relationship to turn sour. It quickly fell under the “abusive relationship” category. Rylee’s girlfriend at the time, Jessie, would force Rylee to buy her things with her parent’s money. Jessie would mock her and harm her verbally, and whenever Rylee said she would tell someone about it, Jessie would break down and tell her that she would hurt herself if Rylee tried to leave.

Rylee was stuck in that relationship for months, until she reached out to the only person she felt comfortable talking to: her aunt. Her aunt had come out of the closet a long time ago. Rylee was in tears as she tried to explain her situation to her aunt over the phone. Her aunt gave her advice that helped her finally break up with Jessie. She would probably still be stuck in the relationship if not for her aunt.

The news got to her parents, and her mother felt nothing but sympathy while her father tried to use it as fuel for his argument. The turmoil between the two only increased. Her mother tried to learn as much as she could on the subject, but was extremely naive. That was when she stumbled upon this camp, Camp Pride. Rylee was terrified at the idea of being forced to go to a camp like this, but with some convincing from her aunt, she finally agreed.

{"Yeah, that’s my jam~!" }

For The First Time In Forever (Reprise) || Kristen Bell + Idina Menzel
Face Your Fears || Bria and Chrissy
Mirror Mirror || Jeff Williams
I Wanna Be Me || Sara Bareilles
Stutter || Maroon 5
Falling In The Black || Skillet
In Love With A Girl || Gavin DeGraw
We Could Happen || Aj Rafael
Make This Leap || The Hunts

{"Just thought you should know." }

FC is Anna Speckhart
Dialogue will be Navy.

So begins...

Rylee Kaplan's Story


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{ Haven’t Met You Yet }

{"Am I really going to do this?" }

“Are we there yet?”

“I swear to fucking God, Diana, if you ask that damn question one more time I’m going to kill you. Repeatedly.”

“Ooohh~ Someone’s getting feisty.”

The shuffling of movement in the back seat notified Rylee and JJ, Diana’s wife and Rylee’s aunt, of the energetic blonde’s full waking. She leaned forward against the back of the driver’s seat, resting her chin on her wife’s shoulder. JJ immediately jerked her shoulder, the sound of Diana’s bottom teeth clinking against her upper teeth. She yelped and flew back, slamming against the leather seat, bouncing slightly due to the movement of the car. “Geez… I guess you're grumpy.” She grumbled, rubbing her jaw.

“You made me drive for almost six hours. Of course I’m grumpy!” JJ snapped.

“Nooo! I drove for at least forty-five minutes. That means you’ve been driving for about five hours.” Diana corrected.

“You are sooo going to get it later…”

“You guys are like two five years olds!” Rylee exclaimed with a hearty chuckle, leaning her head back against the headrest.

“Two very adorable and fantastic five year olds, yes.” Diana hummed pleasantly, smiling widely.

JJ huffed, rolling her eyes. “You are so lucky you’re cute.”

“Is that the only reason you love me? Because I’m cute?” Diana asked with a faux startled and frightened voice. She flashed a pout in the rear-view mirror, trying not to break into a fit of giggles as she saw JJ glaring at her.

“That would be very awkward, you know, since you guys have been married like five years.”

“Six!” Diana practically shouted.

“We’ve been married six years, and we still act like a high school couple.” JJ finally gave in a smiled rather widely.

“It is pretty cute though.”

“Being cute is better than being… not-cute. Being not cute is lame. No nose bumps and tickle fights. Laaaame!”

“Aren’t we supposed to be the adults here?” JJ asked sarcastically, fighting down a snicker.

“I’m pretty sure that Diana is a twelve year old trapped in a thirty-five year old woman’s body.”

“I second that!” Diana nodded.

“You weren’t supposed to agree…- Hey, I think we’re almost here.”

Suddenly, Rylee felt as if a crushing weight was dropped on her chest. She clamped down on her bottom lip, a mixture of fright and nervousness swelling inside of her. It didn’t take very long for both JJ and Diana to pick up on this. JJ’s gaze occasionally drifted to the uncomfortable teen sitting passenger beside her, but quickly darted back to the road.

“Rylee..?” The surprisingly cautious words came from Diana, who’s rambunctious mood was dialed down. “Did you take your meds this morning?”

Rylee inhaled deeply through her nose, swallowing hard to re-salivate her drying mouth. She fiddled with her thumbs, licking her lips anxiously.“I-I… well, I just… No.” She sighed, her tone laced with shame.

“Hmm… Good.”


“Well, not good specifically because you didn’t take them. I said ‘good’ because you made an adult decision. If you feel like you don’t need them, then you don’t take them. If you feel like you need to take them… I trust you enough to make the decision to take the meds.” Diana scooted to the other side of the back seat, leaning forward so she was closer to Rylee. “I know you don’t like having your emotions controlled by the contents of a small orange bottle, but the medicine is there to make you feel better. Ok?”

Rylee swallowed the lump in her throat. “I… Alright.” Diana’s warm hand rested on Rylee’s forearm, giving her a reassuring squeeze.

“You’ll be fine. You’re going to make friends and have lots of fun, I promise. I wish we had camps like this when I was a kid.” JJ added, smiling softly.

Rylee nodded, staring down at the floor of the car, moving her feet around.

“Ah, we’re here.” JJ hummed as she scanned the trees.

The waving of the rainbow flags and all of the smiling faces would have brightened Rylee’s mood, if she had not known she would be surrounded by complete strangers for the next month. She took a few quick, shaky breaths, her hands clenching into tight fists. JJ slowed and parked their Altima.

All three of them got out of the car, a sense of gloom looming around Rylee thicker than a cloud. Her shoulders sagged as she grabbed her backpack. Diana popped the trunk and pulled out Rylee’s dufflebag, letting out a quiet grunt. “The hell you got in here girl?”

“It’s really not that heavy…” Rylee muttered, picking up the dufflebag easily. Diana glared at her, but there was no anger behind it.

“There’s no need to boast your washboard abs and super-powerful ‘ceps.” Diana murmured spitefully, sticking her nose in the air.

The contrast between the two of the two was astounding. Rylee, quite literally, looked down at her 5’2’’ blood-related aunt and snickered. Diana sported a pixie cut that looked naturally good with her light skin and blonde hair. Rylee turned to her adopted aunt. JJ’s long, light brown hair was in one thick braid that was draped over her shoulder, a tan tint to her complexion. She was slightly taller than Rylee, being almost 6’ tall.

“It looks like you sign in over there.” JJ gestured to a few tables where people holding clipboards were seated.

“Ok.” Rylee said, her voice quiet. She straightened her t-shirt and jeans, still biting her bottom lip. Her hands were noticeably shaking.

“Goodluck, sweetcheeks. Come ‘ere.” Diana opened her arms to give Rylee a hug.

“Would you like a step-stool, dear?” JJ said without skipping a beat, stifling a laugh.

Diana gave her arm a playful twack, an angry scowl on her face. She eventually dragged her niece into a hug, squeezing her midsection rather tightly, eliciting a breathless squeak and cough from the younger girl. She released her and Rylee caught her breath again.

“See you later, sport.” JJ hummed, giving her a quick hug as well. She let go and returned a stern stare in Diana’s direction. “You’re driving. And buying me lunch.” She said as she hopped into the passenger side. Diana smiled and shrugged, jumping into the driver’s seat. She started the car and gave the teen one last wave before gunning out of the lot. Rylee could hear JJ shouting at her now.

Rylee took a deep breath, but the tightness in her chest did not cease. She let out an annoyed groan and began to slowly make her way to reception, dragging her feet.

Sorry for dragging it on so long!