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Camp Slender

Camp Slender


Summer's arrived! Eight kids arrive a bright, gorgeous camp. Suddenly, after the first few days, kids start to go missing. The eight must escape, before that 'Thing' catches them...

1,190 readers have visited Camp Slender since Zinai created it.



Based on the hit game Slender: The Eight Pages


It's the year 2013. Summer arrived, and now, many kids and students wish to go to summer camps. Excited by this, eight kids enbark in a journey together at a new camp. Until...they realize that something strange is going on. Kids start going missing after day 4.

A rumor unheard since 1967 starts to spread around the camp, telling them that it's been haunted from a strange being...for invading it's forest. With most of the campers gone, only a few are left to fend and survive against this being. How will the eight survive?



Welcome to Camp Slender!

Here, you will all roleplay one of the eight students that will be attending Camp Green-Lake.
It's their first year here, and they've never heard of such a rumor, until the incidents start to happen.

This is a simple roleplay, no strict schedules or any sort. The camp was built that way. But here's a little
schedule that will be certain to happen in the next few days:

|| Maximum Wake-Up Time || 8:30 AM ||
|| Curfew Time || 9:30 PM ||

|| Breakfast Hours || 7:30 AM - 11:00 AM ||
|| Lunch Hours || 3:00 PM - 5:20 PM ||
|| Dinner Hours || 6:20 PM - 8:00 PM ||

|| Camp Halls, Council Office Open || 7:00 AM - 8:30 PM ||
|| Indoor Activity Cabins Open || 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM ||
|| Outdoor Activity Grounds Open || 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM ||
|| Lake Opens || 10:30 AM - 9:30 PM ||

|| Around-Lake Activities || 12:00 PM - 8:30 PM ||
|| Club (Indoor) Activities || 9:30 AM - 8:30 PM ||
|| Ground Activities || 10:00 AM -9:00 PM ||

These times will also be crucial in the first parts of the roleplay! The schedule has been automatically entered by the camp staff, and the 'Paths Panel' that controls all the doors and gates, will always be using this schedule to open doors and gates, then close them.

Like I said, there will be eight roles open, unless there are any exceptions or request that have been approved by me.
The following roles will all be students, and must be in between 14-17 years old. Any kids younger than that are certain to die, unless they have been approved by me. There will be two leaders, as the rest simply follow them both, or even rebel against them in the storm of the situation.


|| Leader #1 || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Resereved by: mister-cavalier)
|| Leader #2 || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Soft Reserved by: Miyer / Avalon Knight)

|| Survivor #1 || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Reserved by: Meow Meow)
|| Survivor #2 || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Reserved by: ABC)
|| Survivor #3 || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Reserved by: Miyer / Avalon Knight)
|| Survivor #4 || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Reserved by: XtremeVelocity)
|| Survivor #5 || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Reserved by: xLevesquex)
|| Survivor #6 || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Reserved by: Kuukakulily)

|| EXTRA Survivor || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (Reserved by: Brynnie Boo)
|| EXTRA Survivor || Name || Gender || Age || Link || (OPEN)

{| Slendermen || Name || Gender || Age || Link |} (Reserved by: Zinai)

Don't let him find you..
This game is quite survival-like, and also consists of adventure and action. The horror does kick in and makes the roleplay much more intense and thrilling, and makes the roleplay concept very complex and heart-breathing.
The main task in the whole roleplay is collecting the 'Eight Pages' in each area you face. An OOC post for areas will be made, but the locations for the pages will be unknown. For every while, I will pick out someone randomly, edit their post, and give them a 'Page'. It depends on the level for the rarity of the page, so do not think it's such an easy roleplay! Once Slenderman catches someone, they will be put into a coma, until you collect all the pages. Slendeman will not abduct them, kill them, eat them, etc. He's simply trying to scare them away from the forest, but once you all reach the last two levels, Slenderman will be on the verge to death. He will try to kill you to take your soul, and expand his lifespan. There will be 12 levels overall, all with an interesting, different setting. If you'd like to know more, please comment on the OOC.

As for the character sheet, I expect it to be detailed and nice. You may add extra commands and pictures. The more the detail and pretty-ness, the better the chance you have top get accepted! Picture/Face claims must be from animes, mangas, or visual novels! (Sorry to all the people who like realistic roleplays!)

Code: Select all

| Full Name |
| Gender |
| Age |
| Nationality |
| Sexuality |

| Appearance |

| Likes / Dislikes |
| Hobbies |
| Fears |
| Crush? |


| Face Claim |

You may reserve in the OOC. Rules will be posted later in the OOC forums, and good luck to all roleplayers who will participate in this roleplay!


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Character Portrait: Tae-Hyun Choi
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Character Portrait: Tae-Hyun Choi
Tae-Hyun Choi

"This is supposed to be fun?"

Character Portrait: Angel Bergeron
Angel Bergeron



Character Portrait: Tae-Hyun Choi
Tae-Hyun Choi

"This is supposed to be fun?"

Character Portrait: Angel Bergeron
Angel Bergeron


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Character Portrait: Angel Bergeron
Angel Bergeron


Character Portrait: Tae-Hyun Choi
Tae-Hyun Choi

"This is supposed to be fun?"

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Most recent OOC posts in Camp Slender

Re: Camp Slender

My character is finished. I look forward to roleplaying!!

Re: Camp Slender

Okay, good. I have 4 WIPs in, already accepted. Remember not to post before I even announce it's start. I guess I'll have to start on my WIP...I hope the rest of you also submit, otherwise it'll probably be a 4-man survival game. Oooh. That's be interesting....>:3


Re: Camp Slender

@Zinai I finished my character. Hopefully you'll like them, but. as always, please let me know if there's anything that should be changed.

Re: Camp Slender

I've submitted my WIP and will try to have it completely finished by tomorrow evening :)

Re: Camp Slender

I'll definitely have a WIP up tomorrow morning, been busy with mental stuff and what not.

Re: Camp Slender

Yeah, that's fine. I am expecting some WIPs! I will be accepting WIPs today!

Re: Camp Slender

Hey Zinny :) I'm working on mine now, a WIP will be done by tonight. And is it ok if I use the same character sheet I used for Ao Oni? It does include all the stuff you put in yours ^^ Just some extra stuff I'm too lazy to add in ;P

Re: Camp Slender

Thanks for the notice, ABC. And about your question, I do remember sharing that detail with someone else via PM, but I'll say it anyways.

It is at an English Speaking country. In fact, it's in Canada. No, definitely not that sterotypical 'Eh'-accented talkers. It's a simple country, with a pretty close relation to USA (Minus all the urbanism...). The location will be in the Borean Forest, an area that's been expanding around Canada. The camp will be close to Thunder Bay (Not Tampa Bay...), and the area will be around the lakeshores of the Bay of Fundy, if I'm correct.

The students/campers of the camp are a huge mix. There are japanese, korean, american, canadian, indian, etc. The eight will be a mix, that speak fluent english. Well, english that's good enough for them all to communicate perfectly.

I was expecting a few WIPs to be in, but I've only received one nicely done, correct WIP. I will be accepting that character so that you can all see a good example. It doesn't have to be that good, and simply following the character sheet I provided for you all, will be good enough to be accepted in.


Re: Camp Slender

I should be able to have my character finished within that time.

Sorry that I haven't finished them already actually. I probably would have, were it not for being sick like I mentioned. Unfortunately, whatever this is is a bit stronger than a cold, and its pretty much been beating my immune system senseless. Despite this, however, I still hope to get back to roleplaying, starting today. The main reason I feel the need to bring it up is so that, if I do suddenly disappear, you have something of an explanation.

By the way, I meant to ask where this takes place, globally that is? I assume based on the name that it's in an English-speaking country, but that still leaves more than one possibility.

Re: Camp Slender

That's fine. I'm still looking in for a 10th roleplayer. I may also work on something else, like a private roleplay for a certain group of people I know myself (in real life), but this roleplay will work still under my surveillance. I expect WIPs to be in by next tuesdays.

Re: Camp Slender

Hay Zinai, I am going camping this weekend so I won't be able to get my character in till Monday as I won't be allowed online long enough to creat a proper character and not a half assed characters. Sorry!!! TT-TT

Re: Camp Slender

I have no idea if anyone has ever heard of Markiplier but I just thought I would share this for shits and giggles :P

Re: Camp Slender

I'm all good with taking the leader :)

Re: Camp Slender

Nooooooooooo!!!! Pressure!!!!! TT-TT

Well I currently have an idea brewing for the surviver and I did say the leader was a soft reserve so if Avalon is cool with taking the leader then that's that but I'm not to bothered either way ^-^

Re: Camp Slender

@Meow Meow
I said it's fine. For now, that'll have to do (10 spots). I'll stick with Slenderman.

I hope you guys at least submit WIPs, and read the introduction. I've been receiving terrible character sheets that have been submitted too quickly. Please, to all who reserved and to all who haven't, READ THE INTRODUCTION PROPERLY! AND USE THE CORRECT CHARACTER SHEET I HAVE PROVIDED! Thank you.

Re: Camp Slender

You sure? I mean it is my fault for being late... (God Damn School!) If you wanna play both like in Ao Oni, I'm totally fine with that... I don't want to be an inconvenience. And looky here, I'm refusing like you told me not to :P

Re: Camp Slender

I can't believe I'm doing this...I'll be extending the slots to 10, so that Brynnie Boo actually get a chance to try making the character sheets and one last person to join us. Remember, if you aren't active in the roleplay, you will be immediately kicked out. My roleplays are strict in rules, and I will enforce them when I have to.

Re: Camp Slender

@Meow Meow
.....Meh. I'll drop out of my spot then, so go ahead and take it. I'll be taking the Slenderman role though, and don't worry, I'm actually pretty fair when it comes to these stuff as being a villain. Go ahead and take my spot, Meow Meow. actually came pretty late. Don't try to refuse, it's fine. I was planning on taking the Slenderman role anyways, and the survivor role was just for assurance in case anybody wanted the Slenderman spot. Well, I'll go ahead and post those reserves.

@Avalon Knight
That's fine too, but let's check with Miyer first.

Re: Camp Slender

I... I... was too late... What have I done? What have I doooooooooooooooonnnnnneeeeee Zinnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyy-pooooooooo?!

Re: Camp Slender

Zinai wrote:Wow. That's a lot of people. We can fit you all in, but Miyer's gonna have to trample her reserve for a survivor, so that you can all fit in. It's up to Miyer to settle if you all get to reserve a spot, so what's your choice, Miyer? Take the leader spot you reserved, or continue with survivor?

I will take the Leader if Miyer wants the survivor. It makes no differ to me I just want to be in this roleplay :D