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Emily Barnett

| Full Name | Emily Elizabeth Barnett
| Gender | Female
| Age | 16, though most assume she's younger.
| Nationality | 50% English, 25% German, and 25% Ukrainian
| Sexuality | That's... actually a pretty good question. She hasn't thought much about that. | Undecided

| Appearance |
Emily is... small. Quite short and slight, along with her general lack of, er, physical development, in certain areas, she's sometimes mistaken of a girl of nearly half her actual age. This surprisingly doesn't seem to affect her, and she tends only to correct people when the situation calls for it.

While her hair is a fairly unremarkable shade of brown, falling about midway down her back, her eyes are a startling scarlet, seeming to glimmer when something truly interests her. Other times, they merely survey their environment passively.

As far as attire goes, Emily almost exclusively wears a blouse, accompanied by an ascot/cravat/neckerchief/bow, and a skirt, along obviously with socks and shoes. Even when not dressed in these, Emily seems only to dress in white and red, with the sole exclusion of her shoes, which are usually brown.

| Personality |
Emily is, as far as anyone can tell, almost completely devoid of emotional reaction to almost any given situation. This can be beneficial, avoiding any arguments that might arise from being unable to listen to reason, along with being almost immune to fear entirely, but it can also have its drawbacks, particularly in the field of socialization. That and the fact that fear is sometimes the proper response. Failing to express the proper, or any, reaction to various situations tends to have detrimental effects on how others view you, considering that people usually expect something along those lines, whether they realize it or not. In truth, Emily actually does feel a bit more than she shows, but rarely expresses it directly.

Aside from her lack of social savvy, Emily is a genius. Quite literally. She has taken the tests, and carries the certification to prove it. With a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of almost everything in existence, and a knack for picking up and adapting to new information, she is a natural academic, and the quintessential example of a child prodigy. Oddly enough, even though this brilliance does extend to psychology and sociology, it seems not to help her in the least when interacting with others. It's a good thing that, despite her intelligence, she has no desire to tell others what to do, as she lacks the people skills required to get them to do so.

In most conversations, Emily rarely says a word, with her usual non-expression not helping toward divining her thoughts. When she does speak, she is usually polite, though she can be quite blunt. Despite this, and the other ways in which she is interpersonally inept, she does sometimes actually enjoy time spent with others, and she would willing die for someone she calls her friend.

| Likes | Tea, quiet, reading, dressing nicely, red, flowers, roses specifically, learning new things, whether about old things or new things
| Dislikes | Running (it's hard for her to keep up), hiking (same deal), nature and the majority of the things within it, reality television, bright lights
| Hobbies | Reading, whether on the internet or the old fashioned way, listening to other people speak, playing the piano and other various musical instruments
| Fears | Emily doesn't really fear anything. She would rather not lose her life, though she knows that has to happen anyway at some point. Were she truly close with someone she'd fear losing them, but, seeing as the only person she currently finds herself sort of close with is her mother, who doesn't seem to be in danger of any kind, that isn't really an issue at the moment.
| Crush? | None to speak of thus far.

| History |
Emily's past, while by no means average, is not really that interesting. She was born the only child to a single mother who, thankfully, cam e from a wealthy family in London, England. Early on she showed signs of intelligence far above her developmental level, and, with doctors advice supporting it, she was put on an at-home curriculum that could easily adapt to her ever-growing hunger for knowledge. By the time she was ready to be sent to school, she was ready to be skipped ahead a few grades. As soon as she was old enough, she was placed in a boarding school, specifically designed for students who either had her level of ability, or had parents or grandparents with significant influence. In her case it was actually both, but no matter.

About six years ago, when Emily was ten years old, her grandparents and her mother got into a dispute, and a rather heated one at that. Exactly what the dispute was about, Emily never found out, something that bothers her to this day, but the effects were plainly obvious, as mother and daughter left the country to go to Canada. Why Canada specifically, is another thing she never found out, although this time it was less due to her mother being unwilling to discuss the matter, and more as a result of her not having a very satisfactory answer. Thankfully, by this point n her life, Ms. Barnett was financially sound enough, primarily through owning stock in her parents company, that this was not a problem, though they were hardly rich.

Unfortunately, it seemed, the public school system was not for Emily, nor she for it, and they hadn't the money to both maintain their current lifestyle and send her to private school. So it was decided that Emily would be homeschooling. Of course, since her mother was out most of the day, this pretty much meant that Emily was pretty much on her own, had no set curriculum, and studied whatever caught her fancy. Thankfully, that ended up covering pretty much everything.

Eventually though, her mother decided that she was receiving neither enough fresh air and sunlight, nor enough socialization with people her own age, and thus she decided to send Emily off to summer camp. While Emily had several objections to this, she has taken her usual route and not mentioned them. To be fair, doing so probably wouldn't have helped anyway.

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