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Tae-Hyun Choi

"This is supposed to be fun?"

0 · 798 views · located in The World of 'Camp Slender'

a character in “Camp Slender”, as played by Kuukakulily



| Full Name |
최 태 현 ~ Tae-Hyun Choi


| Gender |

| Age |
Seventeen ~ 17

| Nationality |

| Sexuality |

| Appearance |
Tae is what you expect an average, Asian male of his age to be. He stands at an average 5'9" with a slight build. He has a darker complexion compared to many other Koreans, but it's not an uncommon trait in his family. His hair is dark-brown and black hue and is very unruly. His eyes are an unusual shade of jade green. Where he inherited the color from, no one could say but it fits hims well.
Tae was involved in a car accident at a younger age and due to that, he has a rather large scar on his left side that extends from his left collarbone down to his just above his waist. The accident also left it's mark on his face with a few smaller scars.
He has never cared very much for his appearance, so he often looks like he just rolled out of bed. His attire reflects his lazy personality, consisting of baggy shirts, hoodies and sneakers. Image
| Personality |
Tae is seen by his peers as lazy and stoic, never smiling nor joking. He doesn't show much interest in anyone or anything besides his books and food. He is an introvert and views strangers as potential threats rather than potential friends. Tae is confident when it comes to his intelligence, but less so when it comes to matters of the heart.That being said, Tae is very shy around women.
Tae can be bossy at times,especially whe he tinks he's right, but he doesn't posess the charisma to be much of a leader. He's a terrible liar and has never been very good at expressing things through words. He's become very good at hiding how he feels. He adopts a bored expression to hide any facial reactions. He is fairly calm under pressure and doesn't scare easily. Being fairly intelligent, he is often analytical and observant. He is most comfortable by himself and finds social interaction mentally taxing.


| Likesㅣ
Books~"I like mystery and fantasy novels the most."
Watching Korean Variety Shows~"Running Man is the best one, but they're all pretty funny."
Sleeping~"There's nothing like a good nap."
Food~"Spicy food is my favorite, but I'll eat anything really."
Animals~"Animals can't talk so they're better than people."
Solving Puzzles~"Nothing like a good puzzle to get your mind working."
ㅣDislikes |
People~"People are too judgmental."
Ignorance~"Always check your facts."
Bullies~"I've had my fair share."
Cars/Driving~"Ever since the accident they just..."
Sweets~"Not a huge fan of sweet foods."
Being Wrong~"I'm pretty smart so this is a given."

| Hobbies |
ReadingㅣPlaying Video GamesㅣRestingㅣTrying New FoodsㅣPlaying with his cat, Mong-JiㅣSolving puzzlesㅣWatching Running Man

| Fears |
Since his accident last year, Tae does his best to avoid vehicles altogether. He remembers the intense pain from the wreck well and doesn't wish to experience it again. Not only that, but the death he inadvertently caused still haunts him.

~Social Interaction~
Tae finds people intimidating. He has never thought very highly of himself and doesn't want to expose himself to the judgement of his peers. He prefers the non-judgmental company of his books and animals.

Image| Crush? |
Tae avoids girls like the plague. Not only that, but he hasn't had the time to be very interested in the fairer sex. That's not to say he hasn't gotten their attention. He's had several admirers over the years, but he's not had the guts to act on any of their affections.


Fatherㅣ최 태환/ Tae-Hwan Choiㅣ39
Motherㅣ최 민희/Min-Hee Choiㅣ37
Sisterㅣ최 민영/Min-Young Choiㅣ15
Brotherㅣ최 태민/Tae-min Choiㅣ13

| History |
Tae's life before the accident was largely uneventful. He was born to Korean immigrants, Tae-Hwan and Min-Hee Choi in Canada. Growing up, he helped his parents in their restaurant when he didn't attend school. They were by no means rich, but they had it better than other people. He never clicked well with his peers and didn't really have any friends. He instead turned to a life of academia, reading novels and doing well in school. His lack of social graces were never left unnoticed and he would often be picked on by his classmates. When the bullying started he adopted an attitude of indifference and most bullies soon lost interest in him.

When he turned sixteen he got the ever-praised right of passage in the form of a driver's license. He was a decent driver and always obeyed the laws of the road. On a rather rainy evening, he was coming home from the library when the wreck occurred. A drunk-driver was on the wrong side of the road and Tae only just missed him. Unfortunately his vehicle swiped the driver's side of the other car and it spun into the field where it overturned several times, flinging the drunken man from the windshield, killing him. At the moment of impact, Tae's vehicle also spun and overturned once into a ditch, trapping him. Through the intense pain he felt along his left side, he managed to call emergency responders, before losing consciousness.
When he came to, he was in a hospital and all he felt was excruciating pain. He was later told that the other man had been drunk and that when he wrecked, his ribs had pierced a lung and a large gash had been caused by the glass of his windshield. He was told by many he was lucky to even be alive. The death of the other driver has always weighed heavily on his mind ever since and has made him sink deeper into himself.

His parents noticed that his self-imposed introversion had gotten worse since the accident and upon the advice of his psychiatrist, signed him up for a summer camp. He objected, albeit silently, but his parents insisted it would be good for him. Their hope is that he'll gain more social skills and at least make a couple of friends. He conceded to go to humor them but doesn't expect much excitement.

| Face Claim |
Oreki Houtarou ㅣ Hyouka

So begins...

Tae-Hyun Choi's Story