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Ana Kimball

"Changing might hurt right now, but losing hurts forever."

0 · 784 views · located in Sacramento, CA

a character in “Camp Tolerance”, as played by xLevesquex


Anastasia "Ana" Elizabeth Kimball

Changing might hurt right now, but losing hurts forever.
тнємє: Play Date by Melanie Martinez

diαlσgυє cσlσя: #581845

тнσυgнт cσlσя: #AF2F89

fαcє clαiм: Ashley Holat

A // Ana

αgє, biятнdαy αиd zσdiαc:
17 years old // August 1st // ♌ Leo ♌

иαтiσиαliтy αиd єтниiciтy:
25% Scottish/25% French/50% Canadian & White

First language: English (Fluent) // Second language: French (Fluent)


Biromantic // Bisexual

яσмαитic iитєяєรт:

ςℓαѕѕιfιςαтισи & яσℓє:
Upcoming Senior // Skater


|| Sensual || Sarcastic || Flirtatious || Rebellious || Independent || Passionate || Humanitarian || Distant || Blunt ||

♥ Pizza & Junk Food ♥
♥ Flirting & Sex ♥
♥ Tattoos & Piercings ♥
♥ Cartoons & Manga ♥
♥ Drawing & Painting ♥
♥ Music & Playing Piano ♥
♥ Art & Makeup ♥
♥ Weed & Hallucinogens ♥

✗ Commitment & Relationships ✗
✗ Hot Weather & Tropics ✗
✗ Her Adoptive Family & Her Biological Family ✗
✗ Curry & Spicy food ✗
✗ Government & Authority ✗
✗ Horror Movies & Dark Rooms ✗
✗ School & The Education System ✗
✗ Pity & Being Treated Like A Child ✗

☠ Monophobia - Extreme or abnormal fear of being alone ☠
☠ Nyctophobia - Fear of darkness ☠
☠ Virgivitiphobia - Severe fear of being raped ☠

-Scratches her forearms and blinks quickly when nervous
-Always carries a pen to doodle or chew on
-Talks to animals whenever she sees one, although they obviously don't reply

-Playing the piano
-Reading graphic novels and watching cartoons
-Applying makeup

-Had an abortion in her junior year of high school after her boyfriend left her and the state
-Has a past of abuse from her biological parents
-Has severe anxiety


нєigнт & wєigнт:
5' 6" & 126lbs.

bσdy тyρє:
Slim; Curvy hips and butt

єvєяydαy αρρєαяαиcє:
From simply looking at Ana, it's clear that she has a unique style and appearance. She likes expressing herself through her body and look, which is why appearance is important to her. Normally, Ana will wear simply dark colors, but does mix it up sometimes. She likes to wear crop tops, hoodies, graphic tees and lace shirts. For bottoms, she likes short shorts, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, leggings (either a solid color or intricate design) and occasionally a high-waisted skirt. Her shoes vary between flats, converse and boots. Ana has long black hair and bangs that cover her forehead, but she doesn't always wear her bangs down and clips them back sometimes. Somedays she'll toss her hair back in a bun or ponytail but other days she'll spend more time styling it with braids, curls or just straightening it. She wears a lot of jewelry, so much so that it takes at least 5 minutes to remove it all. Ana has stretched out ears, altogether 15 ear piercings (varying from cartilage, industrial, tragus, anti-tragus and rook piercings) a septum piercing in her nose, a simple tongue piercing, nipple piercings and a bellybutton piercing. Other than that, she wears a lot of bracelets around her wrists, a choker (most of the time) and multiple rings.

รcαяร, biятн мαяkร, тαттσσร, єтc.:
-A tattoo of a geisha woman on her right shoulder, a tattoo of a pirate ship on her left upper forearm, tattoos of a rose and cherry blossoms on her left under forearm, a tattoo of an anchor on her ring finger on her left hand, a tattoo of a Leo symbol (♌) under her right ear lobe, a tattoo of the name "Annabelle" along her right bicep and a tattoo of a slice of pepperoni pizza on her right wrist
-A scar on her hip from a skateboarding accident

Ana Kimball has lived an incredibly hard life. Her and her twin sister were born in Montreal, Quebec into a life of drugs, prostitution, rape and abuse. Bonnie (her mother) was always too drugged up to care for her children, so Anastasia and Annabelle had to look out for themselves. Sylvain (their father) came in and out of their lives for many years but whenever he came, it wasn't a pleasant experience. He'd have them over for a while, but would leave them for days on end without food in the house, would bring home two girls at a time, would snort blow right in front of them or beat the girls up whenever he got mad or was just too high to know what he was doing. He'd apologize over and over and cry and little Ana and Anna forgave him each and every time.

Things at school weren't any better either. Both girls never had suitable clothing and often smelled bad or had bruises when they went to school. Child Services was called many times when they were children, but for some reason, her mother was deemed a suitable parent every time. Until, one fateful day. It was a few days before the twins' birthday and although they never got anything from their parents (probably because they didn't even remember), Ana had gathered up enough money over the previous few months (yes, from stealing) and had gotten her twin sister a gift to show her appreciation. It was a golden heart locket with the name "Annabelle" engraved in it and she was so excited to give it to her sister. They were lying together in their bed, in their crappy little apartment, when Ana asked her sister to get her water because she was thirsty. Annabelle got up to go get them water but after about a minute of her being gone, there was a scream heard and a lot of angry voices.

Anastasia immediately jumped to her feet and ran into the other room to see what exactly had happened and there was her sister, her mother and a strange man. His eyes were huge and bloodshot and he was screaming wildly and smashing the little amount of dishes that the family had. Ana assumed that this crazy man was one of her mother's clients, but although she and her sister had been assaulted by "clients" before, she had never seen one this insane and tweaked out of his mind. Suddenly, he grabbed a beer bottle that had been on a nearby counter, smashed it off the counter and began waving it in their mother's face. Anastasia got scared, as any person would in that situation, and told her sister to run towards her quickly. The man accidentally bumped Annabelle back into the table, where she hit her head. Despite her head bleeding and her vision blurring, Annabelle still tried getting up and making her way back to her sister, but the man turned around and in a moment that felt like an eternity, he stabbed her in her delicate little throat with the broken beer bottle.

The police had already been called beforehand because of the loud conflict and they came in time to see the sobbing mother, the filthy man with a broken beer bottle covered in dripping blood and the twin holding her dying sister in her arms. After that, the man was sentenced to life in prison and Bonnie was sent to rehabilitation, while Ana was dropped off at her father's place. She continues to wear the locket with "Annabelle" engraved into it till this day. After the death of his daughter, Sylvain tried to become a better father for Anastasia, but he simply couldn't and fell into a deep depression, causing him to drink, snort, smoke, inject more. The final time child services was called, Ana was twelve and they found multiple bruises all over her body, as well as a tweaked out father, so they put her into foster care. Up until that point, Ana had no rules and became a very disobedient child, so nobody in the foster homes wanted to keep her for long and nobody wanted her in general. Until one day.

When Ana was fifteen, she was informed that she would be sent to a family in California to be adopted. Of course, Ana just wanted nothing more than to be alone and live her own life, but she wasn't eighteen yet, so that wasn't an option. She made life very difficult for the Kimball family. She'd straight up rebel, tell them no, break things and leave whenever she wanted. The family called the cops on her multiple times to have her brought home and there was a lot of fighting. She wanted the family to regret adopted her because she didn't want a family. Ana just wanted to live by herself and stay far the fuck away from anyone and everyone. However, she did find herself sensitive to Casey, her new adopted sister. Casey reminded her a lot of her own sister and she can honestly say that she loves her. Bellamy Kimball is another story entirely.

It would be an understatement to say that Bellamy and Anastasia didn't get along. Bellamy's goody-two-shoes behavior found a way under her skin and pissed her off to no end. "Why are you sneaking out?" "Because I can." "But mom said no." He was so dense, stupid and conformative and it gave Ana joy to irritate him, bully him and tease him. In the end, it did make Bellamy have thicker skin, but that wasn't her intentions. She was hurting and he wasn't, so she was envious of the carefree life her supposedly lived, not knowing that he had a lot of internal problems himself. Of course, over the course of two years, Anastasia did settle in to her new family a little bit and is more comfortable around them than before, but she is still distant and disobedient.

At the beginning her junior year, she met an older man who was 20 years old at her local tattoo shop. Of course, she lied about her age to get tattoos and it wasn't a tough lie either as she looks mature. They hit it off immediately with their bond over tattoos, piercings and art in general. She did let him know almost immediately of her age and he didn't care, they ended up dating. For the first while, it was a comfortable, passionate relationship. Then, around Christmas time, Anastasia got the gift of motherhood. She was pregnant. It took her a lot to tell her boyfriend this but he promised to stay by her side and told her he wouldn't leave her. They even went out and got an anchor tattoo on their ring fingers together to symbolize "engagement" and that their relationship would stick. However, he completely disappeared a few months later and left the state. Not knowing what to do, Ana had no choice but to bring herself to the abortion clinic and to this day, the only person who knows of this is Bellamy.

Fast forward to the last day of her junior year, she started an argument with Bellamy and it got out of hand. Ana was screaming and crying and a student went and got a counselor, who brought them in her office, called their parents and they all arranged that the two of them would be attending Camp Tolerance to solve their problems. Bellamy is currently bitter towards Ana because of this and refuses to speak to her, to which Anastasia can't help but feel a little guilty. She tries to play it off, but truly does feel bad for getting the goody-two-shoes sent to a camp where he doesn't belong.

Johnathan Kimball // Adoptive Father // 53 // Alive
Payton Kimball // Adoptive Mother // 49 // Alive
Bellamy Kimball // Adoptive Brother // 17 // Alive
Casey Kimball // Sister // 14 // Alive
Bonnie Fontaine // Mother // 31 // Unknown
Sylvain Fontaine // Father // 39 // Unknown
Annabelle Fontaine // Twin Sister // Murdered at 10

ѕнєєт ςяє∂ѕ тσ:

So begins...

Ana Kimball's Story