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Bellamy Kimball

"I was born into this life to be shit on by as many people as much as possible."

0 · 591 views · located in Sacramento, CA

a character in “Camp Tolerance”, as played by xLevesquex


Bellamy Kimball

I was born into this life to be shit on by as many people as much as possible.
тнємє: Alphabet Boy by Melanie Martinez

diαlσgυє cσlσя: #0C137E

тнσυgнт cσlσя: #222CD1

fαcє clαiм: Keith Powers

Bell // Kimball

αgє, biятнdαy αиd zσdiαc:
17 years old // August 28th // ♍ Virgo ♍

иαтiσиαliтy αиd єтниiciтy:
50% Kenyan/25% American/25% German & Mulatto

First language: English (Fluent)


Biromantic // Heterosexual

яσмαитic iитєяєรт:

ςℓαѕѕιfιςαтισи & яσℓє:
Upcoming Senior // Prep


|| Quiet || Irritable || Pretentious || Kind || Distant || Adventurous || Shy || Envious || Humble || Anxious || Fashionable || Sarcastic ||

♥ Sweaters & Comfortable Clothing ♥
♥ Short Girls & Long Hair ♥
♥ Coffee & Hot Chocolate ♥
♥ K-POP & Korean Television ♥
♥ Sports & Soccer ♥
♥ Long Phone Calls & Deep Conversations ♥
♥ Cooking & Baking ♥

✗ Tea & Pop/Soda ✗
✗ Drugs & Alcohol ✗
✗ Loud Noises & Concerts ✗
✗ Texting & Small Talk ✗
✗ Conflict & Violence ✗
✗ Airplanes & Boats ✗
✗ Beaches & Pools ✗

☠ Acrophobia - Fear of heights ☠
☠ Aquaphobia - Fear of water/drowning ☠
☠ Insectophobia - Fear of insects ☠

-Rolls his shoulders tensely when stressed
-Clenches his teeth tightly and flexes his jaw almost all the time
-Rolls chap stick between his fingers and applies it often

-Watching Korean Dramas
-Playing Soccer

-Bellamy was raised from a young age to be a nice, Christian boy, but he doesn't believe in Christianity in the slightest and hides this from his family.
-He pops sleeping pills to relax
-Has romantic feelings towards guys sometimes


нєigнт & wєigнт:
6' 2" & 176lbs.

bσdy тyρє:
Fit & Muscular

єvєяydαy αρρєαяαиcє:
Although Bellamy does prefer comfort when choosing his clothing, he does still manage to pull off comfortable clothes and still remain fashionable. Bellamy is normally seen wearing a light colored sweater or blouses with khakis or dark sweatpants. On hotter days, he'll wear blouses with the sleeves rolled up and the buttons undone further down his chest or a simple t-shirt with shorts or his usual khakis. He typically only wears flat shoes or flat sneakers, sometimes sandals. Bellamy will sometimes wear scarves or bracelets with his outfits, however he is always seen wearing his golden watch that he got from his grandmother at a young age. He doesn't wear much jewelry other than a silver ring on his left index finger and a golden cross around his neck that his mother gets angry at him for not wearing sometimes. His hair is too short to style and he doesn't grow much facial hair but stubble on his upper lip, which he shaves right off whenever it appears.

รcαяร, biятн мαяkร, тαттσσร, єтc.:
-Scar on his nose from eating dirt while playing soccer at age 8
-A paw shaped birthmark on his inner right thigh

If anyone was looking for the poster boy for the "American Dream" lifestyle, Bellamy is that said poster boy. It's no secret to his friends that he has lived a very secure, sheltered, religious life. For the first ten years of his life, Bellamy wasn't allowed to have sleepovers because of his mother's fear of him "experimenting" with other boys. As it turned out, Bellamy does have romantic attraction towards some boys but suppresses that part of him fearfully. He grew up with a very simple, yet lonely life. His strict parents didn't show much affection to him or his younger sister and they were almost always at work, leaving them to be raised by nannies that came in and out of his house throughout the years. However, things changed when he finished grade eight. Bellamy imagined his first year of high school to be an amazing one, with new friends and possibly a new girlfriend (maybe Lindsey Brown?) but he ended up moving from his comfortable home in New York to Sacramento, California because of his mother's job.

It was his first year of high school and he was facing it completely alone. He didn't know anyone in Sacramento and he was a very shy kid (he still is). Bellamy dreaded his first day of school, but obviously had to face his fears and go. The first week of school, he didn't talk to anyone at all. However, he was approached by a group of nicely gathered looking boys and girls. When they asked about Bellamy's life, he answered honestly and obviously passed their social test, gaining him some friends and a new social clique called "The Preps" and Bellamy seemed to fit in perfectly. Bellamy didn't really make any "best friends" but he still had people that he hung out with and that was enough. He continued schoolwork as normally but for some odd reason, it suddenly wasn't enough for his father. B's weren't satisfactory anymore and he pressured and forced Bellamy into getting A's, taking privileges away left and right.

Bellamy's life became rapidly more stressful, which didn't help his already naturally anxious behavior. He already didn't like parties that much because of how loud and dangerous it typically was, but he still wished he could live the teenage experience without his parents' forceful behavior keeping him locked in his room. Bellamy loved school in his elementary years, but he quickly began to hate it and hate the idea of university. However, a part of him did crave for his parent's approval, so he fought through it. When he was fourteen, he truly thought he had had enough but a blessing in disguise came along named Anastasia. Apparently, his parents had been looking into adoption services for a while because they wanted to give troubled children the "Christian lives they deserved". So obviously, they had to go for the most fucked up kid they could possibly find. The one covered in tattoos and a few strange piercings here and there.

Bellamy didn't like Ana at first, as he saw her as competition (although she definitely wasn't ideal in his parents eyes). They tried changing Ana and she pushed them away even further. Bellamy didn't understand her rebellious behavior in the slightest, how could she disobey these adults so straight-forwardly, slam doors and stomp her feet down the halls? How were his parents being so patient with her, when he'd get belted anytime he tried being bratty when he was younger? Bellamy felt jealous towards her and hated her bratty, spoiled behavior. Bellamy and Ana bickered nonstop, just as she did with his parents. The only one Ana seemed to get along with was his younger sister, and even she was intimidated by Ana at times. However, Bellamy quickly began to realize that the pressure and attention was taken off of him and he didn't have to be so picture perfect all the time.

The idea that he needed perfect grades was already drilled into his brain but somehow having this obnoxious shit head he called his new sister took a lot of weight off his shoulders and gave him more time to see his friends. Fast forward to the end of his Junior year, things were going a lot better for Bellamy. Of course, he was still a stressed teenage boy with academic pressure, but things were a little better and he had more time for soccer and friends. There was talk of a camp that some bad kids were being sent to and Bellamy secretly hoped that Ana would be one of those selected kids, because he wanted just one summer away from her. She had gotten a lot less bratty and rude and they became closer, but he still didn't see her as a sibling and she neither. They still fought all the time and that unfortunately for Bellamy included in public places too. It was always Ana who started public arguments with him, but somehow Bellamy got blamed for this particular argument. Their argument in school on the last day got out of hand and Ana was screaming and crying. A student went and got a counselor, who brought them in her office, called their parents and they all arranged that the two of them would be attending Camp Tolerance to solve their problems. Bellamy is currently bitter towards Ana because of this and refuses to speak to her.

Johnathan Kimball // Father // 53 // Alive
Payton Kimball // Mother // 49 // Alive
Anastasia Kimball // Adoptive Sister // 17 // Alive
Casey Kimball // Sister // 14 // Alive

ѕнєєт ςяє∂ѕ тσ:

So begins...

Bellamy Kimball's Story