Can Best Friends Fall In Love?

Can Best Friends Fall In Love?


Two trainers start an adventure together, falling in love with each other.1x1 between me and Mileenazel.

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Image Image Sinnoh Region is another region a the pokemon planet.There lies two pokemon trainers, who are best friends, and are setting off for an adventure in this region.They want to do it together, they want to start at there home town Sandgem, then continue on to many other towns, and city's gaining gym badges.Soon when they start their adventure together, they start to both like each other, but thinks that the other doesn't feel the same way.This is their journey......

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Suzumi woke up, and wiped some drool from her face.Suzumi turned around to see Pik, and Quick snuggling together.She smiled, then turned around to face the tv, which she turned on."It will be a high chance of rain today in Jubilife City." The reporter said, pointing to Jubilife City on the map behind him."Great." Suzumi muttered, grabbing her clothes and walking to the washroom.She walked out with her new outfit.


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Rayne was making a cruel, scrunched up and disgusted face as Coron licked it. He wanted to open his mouth and say stop but,
he didn't want to make out with his pokemons tongue either.
When Suzumi walked out of the bathroom, Coron finally stopped and sat up in the bed.
"Oh thank god" Rayne let out a breathe and wiped his face with the blankets. The eevee was jumping over Raynes feet over and over again without stopping. "What is it?" Rayne sighed, looking at the small eevee confused.
The eevee seemed to smile at him, and continued jumping over his feet.
"Are you hungry?" Rayne asked softly and shook his hair around, making it look cute. He was focused on his pokemon, and didn't notice Suzumi until Coron walked leaped over to her.
Coron began licking Suzumi's hands. "What is your problem?" Rayne laughed at the ninetails while taking out berries.


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Suzumi smiled."I almost forgot!We need to feed them." Suzumi chimed, swirling around in her new outfit.As soon as her pokemon heard the word food, they woke up, Pik wagging his tail so hard that he almost whacked Quick off.Suzumi giggled, and grabbed a bowl from the counter of there hotel room."Here~!" She said, pouring multiple dried berry's into a bowl for both of them."Now Pik, you don't get all of it!" Suzumi told her pokemon who was looked like he wanted to gobble the food up in a second."Ok?" She asked, and Pik nodded, letting Quick eat first.Suzumi got out hot, fresh, coffee for Ranye, and a small biscuit for her.


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Rayne fed both his pocket, then took a mug of coffee from Suzumi. "Thank you very much. That's new right? Im not just going crazy" Rayne pointed to her outfit, speaking unemotionally. He took small sips of his coffee while the eevee continued dancing around his feet. It confused him, but he didn't really care.

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