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Michelle "Michi" Ethelene

"If you make one more threat against my family b****, I'm going to rip your chest open with my bare hands and feed your f***ing guts to the zombies!"

0 · 287 views · located in Modern day America

a character in “Can I Help You?”, as played by Vanillasugar41


Name: Michelle Ethelene

Nickname: Michi

Song: “Still Here” by: Superchick

Age: 18

Blood Type: O+ (O positive)

Sexual Orientation: straight

Gender: Female

Looks: Fiery red hair with a golden amber color that reaches a few inches below her shoulders. She has amber colored eyes and a dazzling white smile. She’s extremely curvy possessing an hourglass figure with D cups (like her mother). About 135 pounds (since she has a large bust size) and 5’ 1", but insists she's another 4 inches because she wants to be taller. Her skin tone is slightly more tan-colored than normal with a health, peach glow, her heitage American/Irish.

Wears: She wears a white V-neck tank-top (not spaghetti strap) as her shirt. She took a pair of scissors and cut off the legs off of a pair of light blue jeans to make them short, athletic jean shorts. No piercings and often wears her hair in a high pony-tail. She wears comfortable, light brown moccasins with tightly laced straps so that they won't come off.


Personality: Sweet but gruff. She's an athletic, "I'll do it myself!" person who tries to let others take control but tends to end up in command anyways. She’s sharp-minded and very hot-headed. This makes her quick to anger, then that leads to fight, then that usually leads to victory. But this anger is a downfall because she’ll rarely listen to what others have to say when she’s pissed. It doesn’t take much to set her off but it takes a lot to calm her down.

Likes: fire, running, exercising, cuddling (though it’s embarrassing and she won’t admit it), the ability to move and swimming

Dislikes: complete darkness, small spaces, being cramped, stuff done to her out of spite, thirst/lack of water and zombies

Habits: stretching when bored, cracking her knuckles /popping her neck / etc, chewing on her tongue, flexing her fingers


• Dad (???)
• Mom (???)
• Sister - Vershai (???)
• Eldest Brother - Slomion (alive, bitten)
• Twin 1 - Kale (???)
• Twin 2 - Cile (???)
• Brother - Opsern (???)
• Kandi (alive, her)
• Youngest Brother - Rahv (???)

Michelle was born the second youngest of a very large family who lived in a ghetto area. She was raised in an area of constant warfare between her and her brothers, her only real comfort being Rahv, her younger brother. They often teamed up against their other siblings and became very close and strong when together. With their parents having to work and their only sister in college, it was them two against their other four brothers. Eventually, together, they could beat all of them except their oldest brother Slomion or the twins when they teamed up.

Being in such a disheartening family/financial situation, Michi (like her other siblings) were taught to be thankful for what they had and to strive for even greater things. So Michelle did just that and began to train herself to be the best fighter known, planning to go into boxing or a similar sport. Michi took classes in judo and karate. In a hardcore class she tried out she met George Smith and, with similar interests, they became friendly/rivals. She taught herself lock picking as well as throwing/fighting with weapons of various sorts. In addition she has become an incredible athlete and acrobat: making her especially good at running, swimming climbing or jumping. All the activity also gave her a terrible temper and she will gladly lash out at most anyone simply to assert her dominance.

Oddly enough though, Michelle has a deep respect for her elders and when confused she will often look to them for advice. Never once has Michi been rude to a senior citizen and she will become highly offended if someone else is a jerk to an older person. The most bothersome problem Michelle has is her night mares. They are so vivid she had trouble sometimes telling real life from her dreams and, if the dream is intense enough, she will act as she was in the dream (that including but not limited to): attacking others, screaming, crying, or other insensible or strange behavioral actions related to Michelle. In such an event, the only person she turns to so to talk about the disturbing nightmares: is Rahv.

Rahv had become a very good medic and was able to tend to Michelle’s wounds when she was injured. They made a very good team and were great friends, working best in a team. He even listened to Michelle’s dreams and helped her when she struggled with them. In fact, he believes her dreams may even predict small parts of the future. For now, Michelle is extremely worried for Rahv and seeks to find him as soon as she possibly can. In fact, Rahv were to die... to say the least, Michi mostly likely would be unable to tell the difference between another horribly vivid nightmare and real life.

(more to be added/editted later)

So begins...

Michelle "Michi" Ethelene's Story