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Mika Kurtis


0 · 260 views · located in Fores, Ohio

a character in “Can We Escape?: The Reboot”, as played by ShykKedid


"Life is but a big, elaborate game."

Full Name:
Mika Audry Kurtis
"Yeah, not too special, if you ask me."
Nicknames and Aliases:
"Yeah. Just drop the 'a' on my name, and we're all good."
"Isn't obvious?"
18 yrs old
"I remember when I was seventeen.
I thought I was getting old."

Sexual Orientation:
"That's right. I love girls. Their just so beautiful.
And guys tend to be jerks."

Hair Color:
Dyed a dirty blonde; naturally a brunette.
Eye Color:

A small scar on her knee from a biking incident a few years back. Not to mention a few small scars on her hands from climbing.

{Sarcastic, Humorous, Skeptic, Gamer}
In short, one could describe Mika Kurtis as your average sarcastic bitch who wont take anyones word for anything. Well, on a bit of a factor, that might be true, but not entirely true. Mika is that type of person who seems to treat everything like a joke. She's one of those people who laugh and critique a (supposedly) scary movie through the whole thing, commenting on what they could have done better and how bad the movie actually is. It's as if years of playing those indie horror games that are so much scarier than anything else desensitized her to anything and everything scary. Now, of course, this isn't true. Horror movies like Insidious and Poltergeist still make her jump, just like a lot of other games and movies, but she doesn't believe them at all. She doesn't have nightmares after watching or playing a certain horror game or movie. She's one of those rare people that keeps in her mind that everything is caused by science. And science does not have any stable proof proving the existence of ghosts.
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Face Claim:

So begins...

Mika Kurtis's Story