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~ Name ~
Callie Nickel

~ Nickname ~
Nic, Cal, Callie

~ Gender ~

~ Age ~

~ Class ~
Aether Resident Middle

~ Hair Color ~
Brown Red that fades into Blonde

~ Eye Color ~

~ Likes ~
ღ Junk Food
ღ Beads
ღ Jazz
ღ Frogs
ღ Engine Rooms

~ Dislikes ~
✘ Cigarette Smoke
✘ Losing Her Beads
✘ Shopping
✘ Scorching Heat
✘ Pineapple

~ Skills ~
♦ Mechanist - Give her an engine and she can have it purring.
♦ Airship Repair - Engines are one thing but steering a flight is another.
♦ Basic Cooking - Fried potatoes with bacon?
♦ Basic First Aid - Minor wounds ok bullet wound not ok.
♦ Fast Learner - She taught herself how to read.

~ Flaws ~
♢ Stubborn - Callie refuses to submit to anyone and is more then willing to kill over it.
♢ Charitable - While this is usually good Callie can't say she only rescued good people.
♢ Hot Head - Callie was raised in a tough place she is very defensive and trusts few people.
♢ Books - Callie never went to school as the oldest she was expected to stay home and help.
♢ Female Charm - Callie is a tom boy she lacks the ability to be charming or sweet or subtle.

~ Personality ~
Callie is a wild spirited young girl who never stays in one place long. Kind in nature she's quick to make friends wherever she goes. But for all of her kindness Callie is just as stubborn often getting into fights or refusing to back down from an argument. Her hot headed defiant nature has gotten her in trouble with the Angels more then a few times, luckily though even there shes managed to make friends. In her work life Callie is well appreciated by her employers for her hard work and loyalty, always putting in more effort then they ask for. She's also seen as 'one of the guys' as she works in a primarily male based job she appreciates the fact that they see her as one of there own instead of an outsider it does help that she is rather rough and tom boyish though. If you were to ask Callie on her feelings toward the Aether Upper-class she would tell you only this: "Oi, im pretty sure there not all so bloody spoiled and annoying but it's about time someone put them in there place, they really are starting to go to far... I heard they've started taking people to do tests on and now I don't know if thats true or not... But I'm getting worried..."

~ History ~
Callie was more of less raised by her father. The first born of 5 she was also the only daughter. Her mother ran a bead and jewelry stall and brought in a fair amount of money from the visiting upper class while her father worked in the air-ship yard where Callie would often join him in repairing engines and wings. Her mother was never fond of Callies interest in mechanics but allowed her to pursue it anyway which as it turned out was a good choice. When Callie was 14 she was working at the air-ship yard on her own and one day she ended up repairing a wealthy woman's engine, the woman was impressed and offered Callie a job on the airship as the new mechanic. Callie accepted quickly and it was off to explore. She remained in service to the woman for 2 years before quitting and then taking a new job on a larger airship that had 3 separate engine rooms, for the next 2 years Callie jumped from job to job her last one being the mechanic to a rather impressive luxury air ship. More recently though Callie has stopped off on another middle class Aether city and is working in the air-ship yard once more while she contemplates her next move. She only hopes she doesn't get into another scuffle with an Angel and gets fired again...

~ Relationships ~
Clara M.P. Heany - "Can't say I've heard of her should I have?"
Nina Crosby - "She's got the name of a ritchy so chances are I don't know her."
Cyril Finnahan - "Cyril? Doesn't ring any bells I know a Cyprus she makes good pie!"
Karl Twittz Fitzegerald - "That's quite the name but its one I've certainly never heard of.
Quinton Mylod - "Huh, he... Actually sounds familiar? I usually don't forget people though..."
Isaac - "He's like a brother to me... It's weird he's an ANGEL but who am I to complain?"

~ Gallery ~

- Face Claim -
Regina Curtis from Atelier Ayesha



So begins...

Callie Nickel's Story


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[Dammit I was gonna post Saturday not 3am Sunday!!!]

The morning parades were beginning and all over Aether the excited screams were muffled by music and balloons. Aether Ascension Day as it was called was supposedly a happy day, a day to be celebrated by all no matter or age or class. But this was a false reality told by the rejoicing upper-class so they could excuse themselves for blowing a small fortune on overly frivolous party gifts. In reality the upper-class were the only ones who truly got to celebrate the day, with parades and tea parties in the morning and after noon then at night fireworks and parties. Meanwhile the middle class would toil preparing the party for the upper class before they would return to there own homes at 3am or if there were upper-class bachelors they would spend the evening in a middle-class island blowing money on alcohol and girls. And the lower class well they lucky to get to go home early. As for the surface well it was doubtful they would celebrate the day they got abandoned. And it is on this day amidst the innocence and ignorance that our story truly begins...


'Happy Aether Day! Remember to grab your free balloon at the gate and thank you for flying-' Callie let out a sigh as the automated message repeated for the third time, the jingle of over happy music could have actually made Callie ill. Every year was the same, horribly joyful music, a slew of grinning faces and overly dressed people cramming close together to celebrate the joy and leaving behind millions to die. Though this year was different for Callie, previous years were spent in her hotel room watching the parades on t.v this year she was going to an upper-class island. Not by her own choice mind you. She had received a very sudden call from a previous employer asking her to pick up a job, it was sudden but Callie had been running out of funds so she had accepted of course once she accepted she regretted it. She was going to be in the engine room of a Surface Craft, aptly named for being bulky armored air-ships designed to fly down to the surface and bring back copious amounts of something. In this case it was Crawlers. The disgusting looking creatures were considered a delicacy by the upper-class and of course there weren't enough to feed everyone at her employers party so she was scrambling to send a team down to the surface to collect some crawlers for her creme. Sighing again at her misfortune Callie stood as the airship docked she had plenty of time to get to the next dock and onto the hunk of metal...

Admittedly Callie could see the benefits of this job. She had never seen the surface before and she had heard rumors of the beautiful Fractal Forests. But that did not change the fact that she was currently sitting in the poorly cared for engine room of the Surface Craft staring at what she could see through a small round window. The engine unleashed another hiss and Callie sighed to see that there was yet another leak. She would have to talk to her employer about actually fixing the engine instead of just patching it with duck-tape. Pulling out the duck-tape Callie patched the small hole before grabbing her tool kit, she had a good half hour before the ground party came back with there haul and then no doubt they would head straight back up so that the crawlers could get fried or however they were cooked. While Callie got caught up in her work she barely heard the sound of footsteps on the floor above her. It was only one set so it could not be the ground party return from there hunt... Curious and more then a little paranoid Callie stopped her work and grabbed her screw driver, [which made a surprisingly good weapon] and headed up the ladder to see who the other person was.


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Callie was more then a little relieved to notice that the noise she'd heard from below was in fact just a rat. Letting out a sigh of relief that she wasn't going crazy the sound of wheeze and loud pop brought her out of her thinking. Sliding back down the ladder she groaned as the room began to fill with smoke. Walking over to the window she'd been starring out of earlier she popped it open and began trying to shoo the smoke out, but she soon realized it was useless to fight the smoke when more kept boiling out of the engine. So she picked up her welding mask and dove through the smoke to see what the problem was.

After a good 15 minutes Callie was proud to say she'd fixed the engine and the smoke was almost completely gone. The problem as it turned out was a rock, lodged in one of the pipes causing the smoke to build up. Looking down at the little gray rock Callie could not help but wonder where it had come from. Few people had to be stupid enough to shove a rock in such a place. So the only thing that could really cross her mind was that it was done on purpose. Probably by someone thinking they were clever. Letting out a puff of breath Callie stood and made her way to the round window closing it back up. It was then that she heard footsteps above her again. Though she was quick to dismiss it as the rat again she could not shake the feeling of being watched...

It did not take much longer for the hunting party to return and soon the airship was off rising back toward the islands. Callie was mildly disappointment she had not got to see anything other then the engine room but she was rather pleased with herself to hear the engine purring. She really had to admit she was good. Rising took longer then descending so Callie was invited to the ships upper levels to enjoy the view, and of course the hunters seemed fond of Callie and she was on the receiving end of quite a bit of flirtation and more then a few stories. None of it really impressed Callie, these were after all the same men who were known to at times kidnap people from the surface and that just did not sit well with her. She also noted another man on the ship whom she had not seen earlier that day. But she shrugged it off and soon returned to the engine room. Even after they landed she stayed there fixing up the rusty old thing. After all she had nothing else to do today and hey, her employer knew her fairly well that if Callie mentioned fixing the engine problems she might get a bonus. She could use it if she was going to go visit Isaac later this evening.