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"What is it... that I can't remember?"

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a character in “Candles & Clockwork”, as played by Gintoki Sakata



∞ Full name ∞

∞ Nickname ∞

∞ Age ∞

∞ Gender ∞

∞ Class ∞

∞ Hair Color ∞

∞ Eye Color ∞

∞ Likes ∞
β™₯ Nature | Whenever she is not on missions or at her residential ANGEL base, Gladys can always be found loitering around the few forested areas of the middle-class islands. Finding a sense of familiarity with wildlife and growth, Gladys feels most at peace in these areas. She also has a particular fondness for flowers.
β™₯ Humans | Gladys adores humankind and even envies them from time to time. She often sometimes wishes she could be like them, instead of the weapon they now use her as.
β™₯ Hunting | While she isn't exactly able to explain it very well, Gladys has an uncanny knack for hunting. Its almost like a hidden desire of hers, that she prefers to keep secret.

∞ Dislikes ∞
βœ– Violence | Despite her newfound purpose in life, Gladys has never been one for fighting. If there were solution that could exempt violence from the equation, then that is the one she would shoot for, first. Not to say that she won't fight back if threatened. She isn't passive enough to give up her own life, just like that.
βœ– Crime | Although her sense of justice is somewhat warped, Gladys does not tolerate even the slightest act of criminal behavior. She seeks to wipe out crime and rebellion wherever it stands.
βœ– Densely Populated Areas | While she does enjoy the company of people, Gladys dislikes the fact that artificial creation has taken over such a vast portion of the world. While Androria has begun returning to its natural state, Gladys finds it troubling that she is usually restricted to the islands, where true nature is a rarity.

∞ Skills ∞
βœ” Herbalism | While spending time in the forests, Gladys has managed to recall basic talents she has picked up during her time as a human. She can spot out different types of plant-life that could prove to either be helpful or dangerous. She can even make medicine and small poultices with some of them.
βœ” Hunting | Another talent Gladys has remembered. Whenever she ventures out into the island forests or visits the surface, she likes to give into her guilty pleasure of tracking down wild-life and slaying them. Whether it be for sustenance or pleasure, Gladys will do so without hesitation.
βœ” Close-Quarter Combat | Not being the best with ranged weaponry, Gladys specializes in melee combat. Her skills are on pair with any other ANGEL equipped with close-quarter equipment. She does however prove to be much swifter than the average ANGEL.

∞ Flaws ∞
βœ– Pyrophobia | Explosions, magma, even just heat in general terrifies Gladys. The mere sight of fire makes her sweat profusely and shake uncontrollably. Her only counter to this is manually deeming fear irrational, eventually pushing the thought from her mind. After that, then she can handle any type of heat just fine for a small while.
βœ– Passive | Preferring to talk things out, rather than resort to fighting, Gladys will often place herself in the peacekeeper's role. Doing so puts her at a great risk of being attacked or injured, without a chance to react.
βœ– Airheaded | Gladys isn't the brightest person when it comes to direction. She tends to forget important information in a heartbeat after hearing it and couldn't find her way home, if a giant sign was laid out in front of her.

∞ Modifications ∞
Upon being introduced to the ANGEL mutagen, Gladys' right eye immediately began the deterioration process. Thus, a robotic eye that resembles her old one was socketed in it's place. The eye has photosynthetic properties, as it can passively absorb light. Whenever Gladys focuses her eye, she can generate energy and shoot out a destructive beam of concentrated light. This does however tire her and it would take several hours for Gladys to recover her stamina after unleashing a single blast. It is also notable that the amount of light her eye absorbs directly affects the lethality of its power. The beam at maximum power is enough to wipe out an entire office building. To keep such disasters regarding her eye under control, Gladys wears a specially made eye patch over it that makes it to where no light can reach it.

∞ Personality ∞
Gladys is a very introverted girl. It isn't that she doesn't like talking with others, but rather that she doesn't know how to. Being sheltered by her parents at an early age, she didn't adopt very many social skills. Even so, Gladys would prefer to keep to herself rather than join a group of strangers in conversation. For the most part, her attempts at conversation come out as awkward. Any other means of dealing with people is handled utilizing the protocol that had been programmed into her brain.

Gladys does come off as a little shy at first, but after talking to her for a bit, she gradually becomes an open book. She is a very wholesome girl, who has yet to understand the cruel but true nature of the world. If she hadn't lost her memories of the past, her outlook might be very different from how it is now, considering the experiences she had as a human.

Always being somewhat of a goodie-two-shoes, Gladys has developed a deep sense of justice that she feels she needs to live by. Although, Gladys can be unruly and defiant at times, the government has taken her sense of justice and twisted it in order to have better control over her. They have fooled Gladys into thinking that every citizen within her sector of patrol is a potential villain who must be apprehended if they show the slightest bit of criminality. To this, Gladys obediently obeys seeing it as an opportunity to bring some good to Aether.

Saying that Gladys is defiant, wouldn't be entirely accurate. Gladys follows the protocol given to her to the T, but tends to deviate when it is convenient for her. Such examples would be going out to forested terrain instead of reporting back to headquarters at her appointed time or prioritizing an object of her curiosity over the mission at hand. Little details like that don't seem to bother her. All in all, Gladys will do simply what she is comfortable with doing.

There are times where Gladys comes off as cold and unexpressive. This usually only happens when Gladys begins to recall memories of her past. In order to keep this from happening, a firewall has been implanted in her head, acting as security for whenever her old self starts to resurface. In order to do this, the firewall locks down the portion of the brain the generates emotion and personal memory. While in this Security mode, Gladys becomes nothing more than a regular ANGEL puppet. Any trace of her old self is locked away and she takes whatever tasks she is given as her upmost priority. Anything that stands in the way of accomplishing that mission is forfeit and she will not hesitate to execute that obstacle at any cost.

Now for what happens after the firewall mode wears off... Whenever Gladys' firewall shuts down, a surge of emotions passes through her head in an instant. Unable to cope with the jumble of emotions, her sanity begins to wear little by little. Eventually, she becomes an uncontrollable psychopath who will kill anything in her path. While she has temporarily lost her sanity, Gladys seems to have a motive, although even she is confused as to what exactly it is, since her memories are being blocked. Preparations are usually taken before Gladys reaches this stage. She is locked away in an underground facility and restrained until her nerves have settled down. Even so, those who have seen her in this state have reported her yelling a single name over and over. "Cyril".

∞ History ∞
While Gladys was not happy with the lifestyle her parents led in order to take care of her and her brother, she was at best content with the conditions they lived in. Being the type who prefers to see the better side of a situation rather than dwell on the bad ones, Gladys has managed to maintain a level head throughout her childhood. Much unlike her brother, Gladys preferred to stay home and read the few books and scripts her parents recovered from their 'outings'. At first, she questioned the red stains that drenched their clothing as they returned, but passed it off as nothing as time went on. Her parents sheltered her, realizing that she just couldn't handle doing the kinds of things they did. Leaving her in the dark was the best thing they could do for her.

It was until Cyril started going out with her parents, that Gladys became worried. Inseparable since birth, Gladys felt uncomfortable whenever her twin wasn't around. He always gave her a sense of security and unyielding companionship. She always worried whenever he came home in the same condition as their parents. She grew scared. Not only for his safety, but scared of Cyril himself. Recently after he began going out with their parents, he had started staying up for long periods of time, staring at the entrance of their hovel, eerily. She often wondered just what exactly he was expecting to come through. Overall, her fear of the unknown proved more ominous than Cyril's odd behavior. It didn't stop there. Every now and then she would catch the same look occasionally passing over her and in random directions. She didn't like it when he looked at her that way. There were even a few times when Cyril approached her, in which every nerve in her body told her to run. Of course, his usual demeanor would return and he would continue to treat her same way he always had, not too long after. However, there was little Cyril could do to push her worries away.

After the series of events leading up to her parent's deaths, Gladys began to shut down. She clung to her brother now more than ever. Even during their escape from the villagers, Gladys showed very little drive to survive. If Cyril hadn't been there, it wasn't likely that Gladys would survive another week in the Underground. For a while, Gladys was completely dependent on Cyril. He did everything in his power to provide for them and keep them safe. Life outside the Underground was harsh. Even so, her brother managed to beat the odds. If there was one good thing that had come from all of this, it was that Cyril seemed to have returned to normal. Gladys' since of duty eventually kicked in and she asked Cyril how she could help out. Worrying for her safety, Cyril initially began with giving her small tasks such as gathering firewood no more than a few yards from their camp or boiling what drinkable water they managed to find. Even so, Cyril monitored her every action, afraid that something might happen. As time went on, Cyril trusted Gladys with more important jobs, finding some relief in having his workload shortened. Gladys did everything he asked her to do without question, even if it seemed like something beyond her means.

One day, Gladys asked her brother to teach her how to hunt. While it was definitely a more dangerous task than she was used to, Cyril figured it would be better for her to at least learn basic survival skills like this. To her brother's surprise, Gladys took to hunting like a pro. From tracking to dealing the final blow, Gladys picked up on everything as if she was born to hunt. Soon, she even surpassed Cyril's hunting prowess and was put in charge of hunting duty from thereon. Gladys couldn't describe it, but when she hunted, she didn't see it as an act or murder or violence. It filled her with a sense of ecstasy, that she soon grew addicted to. Some would call it "The Thrill of the Hunt". Unfortunately, her hunting duties led her to a dark fate. After following the tracks of a bear who was near extinction by now, Gladys simply couldn't let it get away. Once she found the bear, she was captured by a team of Raiders who were short on people to bring back up to Aether. From then on, whatever life Gladys knew was forfeit to the one she would now lead.

It almost made her wish for death... What was done to Gladys after her capture was a torture she had never even thought possible. Surviving the experiments necessary to make a functioning ANGEL, Gladys was now an empty husk of the person she used to be. She didn't feel anything anymore other than a dark, emptiness that inhabited her entire being. For a time, she was used in the Upper Level Islands up until a certain incident where she broke out into a murderous rampage. Luckily, the other angels managed apprehend her before very many casualties could be made. From then on, Gladys was moved down to the lower islands, finding that the facilities there could better manage her. Her small portion of her emotions were allowed to fluctuate, so she would act more humane.

From then on, Gladys's curiosity with the world came into fruition. She found joy in little things she liked and sadness in sites that she portrayed as desolate. Not only that, but she began to develop relationships with people. Gladys isn't too big with talking to humans as there is an undeniable difference in their behavior towards her than her more frequent company. Although most of her relationships never went far beyond camaraderie among fellow ANGELs, Gladys found at least one person among them who she could consider a friend.

Isaac, also known as ANGEL - XIII. While she didn't know much about him personally, Gladys felt he knew how it was to be human better than any of them. He was a valiant leader and a trusting ally. Among all else, one things Gladys finds that she shares in common with Isaac is her deep since of curiosity. Although, hers' would probably be considered a little odd. Happy to serve under his command(as far as she knows), Gladys is content with having found her place in the world. But in the end, there is always something eating at her mind, as if she were subconsciously trying to remember something important... Or perhaps someone.

∞ Relationships ∞
β–Ί Callie Nickel - "Ah! She seems to be very close to Isaac. Other than that, I don't know too much about her."
β–Ί Clara M. P. Heany - "She's from the Upper Levels, right? I probably don't know her."
β–Ί Nina Crosby - "I believe her name showed up in a report or two last year."
β–Ί Cyril Finnahan - "That name... Why does it seem so familiar?"
β–Ί Karl Twittz Fitzgerald - "I don't recall..."
β–Ί Quinton Mylod - "Um... I might have heard about him a few times from Isaac"
β–Ί Isaac - "A very trusting leader. As long as I follow his orders, then maybe I can bring some order to this world."
β–Ί Jinji Ko - "Is that some type of food?"

[size=95]∞ Face Claim ∞

Nu. 13 from Blazblue
∞ Gallery ∞

So begins...

Gladys's Story


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Cyril Finnahan/Quinton Mylod

"Yoohoo~ Wake up, Rat." Cyril stirred in his sleep, rolling back and forth, before finally opening his eyes, slowly. Blinking away his drowsiness, Cyril mumbled a few incoherent curses before shifting his body into a sitting position and reaching into one of his pockets. A tinge of irritation lurking through his mind, Cyril hesitated before bringing a small mechanical device out of his pocket and raising a questioning eyebrow at the screen. "What do you want, Snake? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?"

A slender man with green hair smiled charismatically through the screen, with his eyes squinted open ever so slightly. To most it would seem that his eyes weren't open at all. "Come on, pal. Is that any way to talk to an old friend?" At the mention of the word 'friend', the man's grin distorted into disturbing, toothy smile for a split second. Cyril merely stared at the man, expressionless. He's spoken with Quinton enough times to be used to the man's odd mannerisms. "Just get to the point. Do you have more information about Gladys?" Knowing the man no doubt had another mission for him to accomplish, Cyril saw no point in dawdling. He casually began suiting up for whatever crazy plan Quinton had in mind. "As impatient as always, I see. Very well, then..." Giving himself a few moments to collect his thoughts, Quinton continued his explanation. "I have one final task for you to do for me. Oh! And this is a big one, so make sure not to get lost during the rundown, alright? Just tell me if you have any problems keeping up." Cyril grimaced at Quinton's statement. While he failed to grasp the insult that was implied, he knew that there was definitely something he didn't like about Quinton's tone. Even so, he listened intently as he strapped a leather bracer to his arm.

"To put it simply, there is a certain individual I would like you to... take care of per say. She is a daughter of a prestigious family who I'm sure no one would miss." Quinton sported a cocky sneer before continuing. "If I were to be perfectly honest, she was a random pick out of a select few, but her death is quite necessary in order to further my goals." Cyril took a pause in his movements, feeling somewhat caught off guard. While he didn't have any problems with killing, this was unlike any of the other requests Quinton had asked of him. He contemplated asking him the reasons behind this request, but decided against it. He didn't really care why Quinton wanted this person dead. This was merely a means to an end. Besides, he knew by now that Quinton only told him what was necessary. Even didn't even uncover his real name after all the time he's known him. "Alright then... Who am I supposed to be killing?" Cyril asked, as he tied the ends of his hair in a short, messy ponytail. "The lucky girl's name is Nina Crosby. Here's a photo of her." At the end of those words, the screen flickered over to an image of a Nina. Cyril eyed it as if scanning every inch of it. After finishing his analysis of the picture, Cyril nodded, signaling that he understood who his target was.

"Whatta you think? Quite the looker, isn't she? Not that I can say she's really my type." Cyril ignored Quinton's comment. Right now, he was only interested in the important details. "I think you're missing something, Snake. How exactly am I supposed to get to the target from down here?" To this question, Cyril stopped what he was doing to look at Quinton directly. If this mission was impossible to accomplish, then there was no use in getting geared up for it. "Come now. Do you really think 'I' would make such a mistake? I've already made preparations for your departure to the Upper Class islands. You see, there is a certain cargo ship not too far North from your position that should be ready to take off any time now to said location. I'm sure you're well aware that after completing my task, you'll no doubt try looking for your sister, right?" At this, Cyril finished getting ready and grabbed the device as he began to walk out into the series of caverns that was the Underground, making sure to secure his hovel before leaving. "Alright. So that solves how I'll get there. But what makes you so sure I'll do this for you, now that I have my ride?" Cyril questioned, looking around for any suspicious characters; also know as residents. Let's see... For one, you don't know the island she's on, or even what level she patrols. You could spend your whole life looking for her up here, with no clear idea of her whereabouts. Another thing would be..." Quinton stopped himself, contemplating whether or not he should continue. "I guess I can let this one slip. Another freebie for old times' sake. Your sister doesn't quite look like her old self... You could say her appearance has changed drastically from the way it used to be." Taking in all of the information, Quinton soon made his way to one of the many mouths leading in and out of the Underground. He knew a long time ago that people don't look the same after they have been changed into ANGELS. But Quinton did have a point on both of those accounts. Cyril couldn't deny that. Over the year, Quinton has made sure to only give Cyril just enough information to seem reliable, while holding back as much as he could for future use.

"From your silence, I take it you have no further complaints? Alright, then! Make sure to tell me once you've reached the Upper levels, so I can tell you where to find the target. Just so you know, there is a set of clothes hidden underneath a panel at the uppermost right corner of the cargo hold. You'll need to sneak in there and dress into them. Oh, and make sure you're seen once you've killed her. That's all for now. Good luck~" With that Quinton blinked out, leaving the screen black. Cyril took a moment to think about this task. He noticed that Quinton had planned everything out up to the point where he assassinates Nina. He left out the part where Cyril is supposed to escape. Ultimately, Cyril decided that he would just have to improvise at that point. Rushing through the Fractal Forest, Cyril made his way to the Surface Craft.


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Quinton Mylod/Gladys

Upon hanging up, Quinton began chuckling, eventually breaking out into manical laughter. "At last. The fruits of my labor are finally showing. Its only a matter of time before these god damn islands all come crashing down." Snickering to himself once again, Quinton finally managed to calm himself. "Oh, that's right. I still have to move a few of my other pieces into play." Fidgeting with the main transmission dial on his device, Quinton finally got it to the frequency he wanted. After adjusting the middle and smaller dial, he raised the device to his ear. "Hey there, buddy! Get those weapons I asked for?..." A few moments passed after Quinton had received his answer. "Dear me. Now that's mighty unfortunate. You see, I'm running a very tight schedule right now and I'll need those weapons pronto! If you can't deliver..." After a few panicked ramblings and empty promises from the other end, Quinton continued. "Very well, chum! I'll give you one more day. Have them ready by then, alright? You know what will happen if you don't." With that, Quinton once again cut the connection.

"Now..." Turning his head to the two men and the abomination that was once a failed ANGEL attempt behind him, Quinton eyed them quizzically. "Did you gentlemen need something?" Quinton asked, not even pretending to be interested in their answer. "Hey, boss. We gotta get dis thing fixed. It almost ripped Jacob's leg off this mornin'." The generic grunt explained, pointing to the ANGEL behind him, cautiously. The ANGEL's gender was not even recognizable by appearance at this point. It had suffered results from both the experiments and mutation from Acid Rain, before Quinton's men picked it up from the surface. It merely stood there, it's deformed, red eyes fallen to the floor as it's bulbous face leaked a bit of pus onto the floor. Looking back, Quinton could see that a generous trail of the substance was made on the way to his establishment. "And pray-tell... How is this my problem?" Giving an irritated sigh, Quinton opened the middle drawer of the desk in front of him, taking out a sheet of paper from a scattered pile with three numbers written on it. "This is the frequency for a mechanic not to far from here. Do make sure not to be seen entering his establishment, alright? I'm short on tech suppliers and really don't need another one getting arrested." Taking a moment to consider something, Quinton added in another detail before dismissing the men. "Do make sure to take 'precautions' in case that does happen." With a sinister smile, the man replied. "Oh. Don't worry, boss. We'll make sure the snark don't say a word." With that, the trio exited the building, leaving Quinton to himself once more.

With a sigh, he dialed his device again. "Oh, hello! Remember what we talked about before?... That's right. So about it? Get me those ANGEL units, my good man?" The next sound that filled the air a was a thunderous bang. In fact, it had been Quinton's clenched fist that hit the top of his desk. "You do know how I hate to wait... You command those pieces of scrap, so WHY is it so hard to get them reprogrammed to follow my orders?... Enough excuses, old man. If you have to, get that damn figurehead unit to do the job. Or else." Having made himself clear, Quinton hung up. Immediately after, he grasped his head in agony. "AGH! Dammit! These useless cretins... Why can't they do anything right?!" Quinton exclaimed, banging his hand on the desk numerous times as he fought to focus the pain somewhere other than his head. Meekly reaching for the medicine in his pocket, Quinton brought it out with a shivering hand. Upon delivering it into his stomach, Quinton gasped heavily for a few more minutes before his breathe began to calm."Just a little longer... I'll become a god once more... In just a little while longer..." With those words, Quinton began to chuckle to himself again. Eventually, it transitioned into a noise that could be mistaken for sobbing.

"Hey lady. Are you dead?" Gladys winced at the sunrays that playfully danced over her eye, in between the cracks of a swaying branch. Opening it, she looked up only to meet the eyes of another. "Wha-..." Before Gladys could finish her question, a scream was heard from behind the figure before her. Her uncovered eye now fully opened, Gladys jerked up. It turns out that the one who woke her up was a child, no older than 4. Turning her confused glare towards the direction of the scream, a frightened woman came into view. She seemed startled, or and least deeply disturbed by Gladys' presence. Gladys moved to get up from the tree she had been leaning against, which caused the woman to stiffen. "W-we weren't breaking any laws. J-just on our way to visit our grandma. We decided to take a shortcut." The woman explained, trembling as she did so. She seemed to be inching towards the child ever so slightly, keeping her eyes on Gladys. Gladys tilted her head, still somewhat puzzled by the situation. Standing up, Gladys gave the woman one final cursory glance before speaking. "U-u-um. Protocol states that all residents must take public transport if their destination exceeds 2 kilometers from their initial starting point." Suddenly feeling a bit nervous, Gladys resorted to using her protocol to deal with the situation. "We know! We just didn't have enough money to get a cab. Plus... There aren't many people who would drive us to the middle of a forest..." Gladys stared at her, somewhat unsure on how to respond. Before she had the chance to, the woman dashed towards the child and man a B-line in another direction. Gladys stood there, watching them. She felt somewhat relieved having gotten through the awkward situation.

"Ah! Fuckin' finally! God. I thought this piece of shit would never work." Suddenly, a masculine voice roared in Gladys' head, startling her for a second. "Hello?..." Gladys cautiously greeted the voice, feeling some kind of familiarity with it, although she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Yeah. Hey, dummy. You know how long I've been tryin' to get in contact with you? Five fuckin' hours. Newsflash, Bozzo. Ya need to stop turnin' off yer damn radio chip." Gladys' face lit up with cognizance. "Ezikiel!" Gladys replied, her only words a simple exclamation. "I know my own damn name. Wai-... Where the hell are you?" Gladys looked around her, slowly drifting her gaze over the landscape. "Um... A forest?" Gladys answered, although it seemed more like a question. "Are you freaking kiddin' me?! A forest again?! God! Who knew ANGELs could be such fuckin' airheads. Get your ass back to HQ NOW. I gotta check up on your circuitry. There's also supposed to be some dumb ANGEL formation in a few hours, so get here FAST!" The angry man hung up, obviously displeased with the ANGEL he was put in charge of.

Gladys slowly made her way back to HQ, her curiosity urging her to make little detours at the various places she crossed on the way. There was even a parade going on that she took particular interest in. There were ANGELs stationed at the streets, allowing the atmosphere to become cheerful but under control. Eventually, she made it back only an hour before the formation was to take place. Gladys was eager to see Isaac again. She wanted to tell him about the new flower she discovered on her trip to the forest and over her encounter with the child and his sister. However, Ezikiel had other ideas in mind before she was allowed to do so. "Welcome back, princess. Did you have a nice little trip? You were supposed to be patrolling St. Malcolm through Walburn street, you slacker. Ezikiel greeted, with a mocking tone added to his already sarcastic personality. Gladys looked down, feeling a bit guilty that she failed to follow her orders. "Whatever. Just com'ere and turn around. I need to make sure your modulator ain't shorting out." Obeying Ezikiel's orders, Gladys waited until he was finished fiddling with her machinery. "There. That should keep you from manually shutting off yer radio. Da fuck you doing that for anyway?" Ezikiel asked, annoyed to find that Gladys had consciously been blocking communication with him. She continued to stare at the floor, afraid to respond to the man's question. Finding that he wasn't going to receive an answer Ezikiel shook his head and returned to his chair. Look at me. Talkin' to a fuckin' robot. Jus' get outta here." Gladys left the room, closing the door behind her. While she didn't exactly dislike Ezikiel, she hated when he yelled at her for neglecting her duties.

Aimlessly wandering the halls, Gladys suddenly remembered the formation Ezikiel mentioned earlier. Realizing that she was about to be late, Gladys rushed to the formation area, only to find that the briefing was about to start. Most of the other ANGELs were already present, waiting for Isaac to show up and issue out their orders. Feeling embarrassed that she was so late, Gladys sprinted over to her spot at the end of the formation, a snicker or two escaping some of the other ANGELs who were more aware of her frequent tardiness record than the rest. She blushed slightly, trying to maintain what little composure she could muster before the meeting began.


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Isaac was intimidating, or so he'd been told by his supervisors. He was told this was a good thing and he should bank on the advantage fear gave him over others. Oddly enough he did not understand but he did comprehend that he was doing something that was earning him praise. That is why Isaac made it his goal to continue being intimidating, even to his own troops. It was a cheap facade really, he was actually quite kind to all of them but it did earn him a certain level of respect. Stepping out of the command room he marched toward the assembly of ANGEL's they were his troops, loyal to his command, and although he got his orders from an even greater source it filled him with pride to know they were on his side. Stepping in front of his troops he was silent for a moment they could not see through the red glare of his gas mask but he could see them and he took time observing each face, he spotted Glady's in her place looking frazzled. He was friends with her so he could not help but soften his resolve when it came to any discipline he might be ordered to give. She was one of them, an ANGEL not human and they had to stick together, because even if he'd been tortured he knew that things were going to start burning and no one would help them. Well, Callie might but she was a rare breed of human, hardened to death like an ANGEL but with all of her brain capacity reserved to herself. An admirable human being.

Pulling off his mask and pulling out a clipboard with the arm and hand that had not been turned into a weapon of death he quickly looked over the assignments. Today was important and he needed to make sure everyone was prepared for there job. Looking up piercing red eyes looked over the assembled. "Alright. I'm going to say this once so pay attention." He was proud of how his voice carried making all eyes shift to him and the entire assembly quiet even further. Good, they had caught his serious tone. "Today as you all know is Aether Ascension day, as we all know the Middle class islands will be quiet most of the day with perhaps the odd parade. However this does not mean you get to slack off, and doing so will result in a consequence from our makers." He always loathed saying that, but it was fact and unavoidable at best. "You all will be following your regular assigned routs until tonight where you are requested to team up with one other ANGEL, as we all know the upper class bachelors will be coming down in bulk to celebrate, they can get rowdy and disobey the rules and regulations." Isaac's voice took on an edge and the air got sharp. Every ANGEL had the desire to uphold the law beaten into them anything but was almost sickening. He shifted a little taking a moment to eye his troops again. "We will NOT be allowing any criminals to escape this night, you are to be deliberate and fair we've been given the right to use deadly force if they resist. Your patrols will cover wider areas and breaks are not going to be given." He eyed everyone making sure his words were clear, then he began going over the names of who was patrolling where and whom they were to team with for the evening, Glady's was going to be with him that evening patrolling the docks. It was an important task. When he was done he looked back to everyone. "Your dismissed, make plans with your patrol partner, rest for a moment and then get back to work."