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Isaac [ANGEL - XIII]

"Please remain calm and orderly."

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a character in “Candles & Clockwork”, as played by Fantastical-Ducks



- Name -

- Nickname -

- Gender -

- Age -

- Class -
[Head Angel for all of District C's Middle Class Islands]

- Hair Color -
Bright Blue with Hint of White

- Eye Color -

- Likes -
ღ Soft Cotton Clothes
ღ Engine Rooms
ღ Callies Cooking
ღ Birds
ღ Music

- Dislikes -
✘ Screaming
✘ Stasis Chambers
✘ Sweet Food
✘ Paintings
✘ Staying Still

- Skills -
♦ Good Leader ~ Charismatic and positive Isaac invokes confidence and trust.
♦ Fast Learner ~ Despite his late start in life Isaac has learned allot about life.
♦ Conscious ~ Isaac is able to move past things he has done in the past.
♦ High Pain Tolerance ~ Like most ANGEL's pain has little effect anymore.
♦ Close Combat ~ Come to close and he will snap your neck without remorse.

- Flaws -
♢ Naive ~ Despite what he has learned Isaac is still naive to how deep the manipulation runs.
♢ Emotional ~ Isaac is either clingy and dependent or cold and distant he has a hard time handling emotions.
♢ Compliant ~ Due to the severe training hes live through Isaac has a hard time handling the urge to obey.
♢ Pain ~ Being an ANGEL pushes both mental and physical health so pain is a common thing in Isaac's life.
♢ Hero Complex ~ If Isaac believes its for the best or greater good he can be a bit... Excessive.

- Modifications -
Like all ANGEL's Isaac's body was strengthened by the mutagen but like all his peers that did not allow him to escape the mutagens horrible deteriorating effects. In Isaac's case his spine and right arm. His spine was of course removed first and fitted with robotic version allowing him full control of his body it also has served as an attachment for his right arm's weapons as well as being able to get fitted with a tank full of either poison gas or flammable liquid (there is also a smaller tank he may attach to his back/spine filled with oxygen for his gas mask). Isaac's stump of an arm was cut even further up to the shoulder and fitted with a arm gun that is attached to a tank of his back depending on whats in the tank Isaac can either quickly kill his enemies with poison (his preferred tactic to reduce the screaming and pain) or flammable liquid so that he might burn them alive either way both require that he carries around a gas mask. He also carries several replacement pieces for his arm allowing him to turn it into a machine gun or simply switch it out for a blade. Compared to most of his peers his modifications are not so drastic or shocking though his bright red eyes and made people wary of his either way.

- Personality -
Like most ANGEL's Isaac's personality has been shaped from as young as he can remember. Obedient, polite, attentive, and and silent are the traits that were beaten into him sense the moment he could understand what they meant. And for the most part Isaac seems like the perfect representative of the qualities he's been forced to accept. Except there is a slight flaw or maybe two. Unlike most ANGEL'S Isaac is quite free thinking although he wasn't always like this curiosity allowed him to expand his realm of possibility and develop traits very 'unique' amongst his peers. For instance unlike most of his peers Isaac shows strong promise in leader ship and has quite the sway over other people though he thanks his charisma to Callie she claims that it something unique to himself. Another unique personality trait would in fact be his curiosity he is always thinking and wondering something that is considered worrisome for his kind. Isaac has also shown to be extremely protective and will and has gone to great lengths to protect certain people and he is /not/ forgiving. Despite his work Isaac like to believe himself an ANGEL of true protection, with Callie having such an impact on his life he truly wants to protect people who need protecting and has come to hate getting orders from Aether Upper-Class for he feels they do not care for the those in true need, some would say he has a sort of 'hero' complex other might call it the virtue of pure intention, Callie calls it having a brain. If you were to ask Isaac on his feelings toward the Aether Upper-class he would only tell you this: "I use to see them as my protectors and masters... But Callie has opened my eyes. They protect only themselves."

- History -
Isaac has no memory of a childhood before his servitude as an ANGEL he only remember's the training and the pain. The training was for obedience and the pain came from the surgeries. All ANGEL's are stronger then humans, physically there bodies can handle more pain, they can run and fight better but with it comes pain of losing something such is the way of the mutation so much goes to furthering the body that something is lost. For Isaac it was his right arm and his spine that would suffer deterioration and it would be his right arm and his spine that would be removed and replaced only helping to further his eternal mission of destroying whatever he was ordered to destroy. And for the most part that is what Isaac remembers of his life, orders to destroy and destroying, orders to capture so capturing. It wasn't until he was older working as a guard on one of the many Middle class islands that Isaac's memories become more vivid more... real. And it all began with the first time an act of violence was done by someone elses hand. The day he met Callie Nickle. It was for the most part like any other day he patrolled his regulated area when the sound of a struggle reached his tuned ears. Running toward the noise he arrived in time to see a wild red headed girl stabbing a screw driver into a mans abdomen. It was the first time Isaac had seen someone that wasn't an ANGEL commit such a brutal act without hesitation and it left him for the first time ever afraid. But he did his job and called it in arresting the young girl trying to ignore her venomous words toward the bleeding man.

As it happened Callie had been defending herself from the man who apparently tried to corner and assault her on her way to work. And although she was proven innocent and released the entire thing left Isaac curious and confused and a few days later unable to rid himself of the memory he searched out the red-head and demanded an explanation he wanted- no needed to know why she had done it why had she not called for help why she had without so much as a blink taken such brutal action into her own hands when there were ANGEL's, the answer he received was a cold spoken: "ANGEL's aren't here to protect the people there here to protect assets, we /people/ have to look out for ourselves heaven knows you wont.". Callie's words struck something within Isaac something that made him feel hate for the people he served and something that only made him more curious, why did he not serve the people? why did he patrol only the areas invested in by the rich, why were weapons that could kill hundreds in seconds strapped to his body. His questions lead him nowhere and every day he began the ritual of returning to Callie to ask her for answers. Every-time he asked she answered it was something knew and over time the questions became more personal and the conversations turned into "how was your day." over time the two formed what Callie called friendship. Overtime they came to value each other as family and despite being older Callie treated him like she would her younger brothers. But Callie was not one to stay anywhere long and in time she left with the promise of keeping in touch. Isaac then turned his goal into changing how things were done.

Within the span of a few years Isaac became the head ANGEL for all of District C's Middle-Class islands for the most part he plays the role of a figure head receiving orders from his commanding human and relaying it but he also has his own power able to help choose patrol roots and taking a central part in any major issues. He knows however that he must tread lightly because any sign of too much independence and he could end up terminated. However his job does give him access to other ANGEL's and its given him the opportunity to share his questions and independent ideas with them and although most don't listen to busy lost in the void of thought and command some have begun to display signs of remorse, genuine feeling, and there own ideas. It's in essence a mild revolution. Through-out this time Isaac has also stayed in close contact with Callie telling her of his exploits and although she seems concerned about the idea of revolution she is proud.

- Relationships -
► Nina Crosby - "This name is unfamiliar to me..."
► Clara M.P. Heany - "I beg your pardon... But I have no idea."
► Callie Nickle - "She is like a sister to me and I value her opinion and words above all others"
► Cyril Finnahan - "I believe I have heard this name before... Perhaps from another ANGEL?"
► Karl Twittz Fitzegerald - "A lovely name to be true but it means little to me."
► Quinton Mylod - "I have seen his name in a few reports but nothing substantial."

- Gallery -

~ Face Claim ~
KAITO from Vocaloid




So begins...

Isaac [ANGEL - XIII]'s Story


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[Dammit I was gonna post Saturday not 3am Sunday!!!]

The morning parades were beginning and all over Aether the excited screams were muffled by music and balloons. Aether Ascension Day as it was called was supposedly a happy day, a day to be celebrated by all no matter or age or class. But this was a false reality told by the rejoicing upper-class so they could excuse themselves for blowing a small fortune on overly frivolous party gifts. In reality the upper-class were the only ones who truly got to celebrate the day, with parades and tea parties in the morning and after noon then at night fireworks and parties. Meanwhile the middle class would toil preparing the party for the upper class before they would return to there own homes at 3am or if there were upper-class bachelors they would spend the evening in a middle-class island blowing money on alcohol and girls. And the lower class well they lucky to get to go home early. As for the surface well it was doubtful they would celebrate the day they got abandoned. And it is on this day amidst the innocence and ignorance that our story truly begins...


'Happy Aether Day! Remember to grab your free balloon at the gate and thank you for flying-' Callie let out a sigh as the automated message repeated for the third time, the jingle of over happy music could have actually made Callie ill. Every year was the same, horribly joyful music, a slew of grinning faces and overly dressed people cramming close together to celebrate the joy and leaving behind millions to die. Though this year was different for Callie, previous years were spent in her hotel room watching the parades on t.v this year she was going to an upper-class island. Not by her own choice mind you. She had received a very sudden call from a previous employer asking her to pick up a job, it was sudden but Callie had been running out of funds so she had accepted of course once she accepted she regretted it. She was going to be in the engine room of a Surface Craft, aptly named for being bulky armored air-ships designed to fly down to the surface and bring back copious amounts of something. In this case it was Crawlers. The disgusting looking creatures were considered a delicacy by the upper-class and of course there weren't enough to feed everyone at her employers party so she was scrambling to send a team down to the surface to collect some crawlers for her creme. Sighing again at her misfortune Callie stood as the airship docked she had plenty of time to get to the next dock and onto the hunk of metal...

Admittedly Callie could see the benefits of this job. She had never seen the surface before and she had heard rumors of the beautiful Fractal Forests. But that did not change the fact that she was currently sitting in the poorly cared for engine room of the Surface Craft staring at what she could see through a small round window. The engine unleashed another hiss and Callie sighed to see that there was yet another leak. She would have to talk to her employer about actually fixing the engine instead of just patching it with duck-tape. Pulling out the duck-tape Callie patched the small hole before grabbing her tool kit, she had a good half hour before the ground party came back with there haul and then no doubt they would head straight back up so that the crawlers could get fried or however they were cooked. While Callie got caught up in her work she barely heard the sound of footsteps on the floor above her. It was only one set so it could not be the ground party return from there hunt... Curious and more then a little paranoid Callie stopped her work and grabbed her screw driver, [which made a surprisingly good weapon] and headed up the ladder to see who the other person was.


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Callie was more then a little relieved to notice that the noise she'd heard from below was in fact just a rat. Letting out a sigh of relief that she wasn't going crazy the sound of wheeze and loud pop brought her out of her thinking. Sliding back down the ladder she groaned as the room began to fill with smoke. Walking over to the window she'd been starring out of earlier she popped it open and began trying to shoo the smoke out, but she soon realized it was useless to fight the smoke when more kept boiling out of the engine. So she picked up her welding mask and dove through the smoke to see what the problem was.

After a good 15 minutes Callie was proud to say she'd fixed the engine and the smoke was almost completely gone. The problem as it turned out was a rock, lodged in one of the pipes causing the smoke to build up. Looking down at the little gray rock Callie could not help but wonder where it had come from. Few people had to be stupid enough to shove a rock in such a place. So the only thing that could really cross her mind was that it was done on purpose. Probably by someone thinking they were clever. Letting out a puff of breath Callie stood and made her way to the round window closing it back up. It was then that she heard footsteps above her again. Though she was quick to dismiss it as the rat again she could not shake the feeling of being watched...

It did not take much longer for the hunting party to return and soon the airship was off rising back toward the islands. Callie was mildly disappointment she had not got to see anything other then the engine room but she was rather pleased with herself to hear the engine purring. She really had to admit she was good. Rising took longer then descending so Callie was invited to the ships upper levels to enjoy the view, and of course the hunters seemed fond of Callie and she was on the receiving end of quite a bit of flirtation and more then a few stories. None of it really impressed Callie, these were after all the same men who were known to at times kidnap people from the surface and that just did not sit well with her. She also noted another man on the ship whom she had not seen earlier that day. But she shrugged it off and soon returned to the engine room. Even after they landed she stayed there fixing up the rusty old thing. After all she had nothing else to do today and hey, her employer knew her fairly well that if Callie mentioned fixing the engine problems she might get a bonus. She could use it if she was going to go visit Isaac later this evening.


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Quinton Mylod/Gladys

Upon hanging up, Quinton began chuckling, eventually breaking out into manical laughter. "At last. The fruits of my labor are finally showing. Its only a matter of time before these god damn islands all come crashing down." Snickering to himself once again, Quinton finally managed to calm himself. "Oh, that's right. I still have to move a few of my other pieces into play." Fidgeting with the main transmission dial on his device, Quinton finally got it to the frequency he wanted. After adjusting the middle and smaller dial, he raised the device to his ear. "Hey there, buddy! Get those weapons I asked for?..." A few moments passed after Quinton had received his answer. "Dear me. Now that's mighty unfortunate. You see, I'm running a very tight schedule right now and I'll need those weapons pronto! If you can't deliver..." After a few panicked ramblings and empty promises from the other end, Quinton continued. "Very well, chum! I'll give you one more day. Have them ready by then, alright? You know what will happen if you don't." With that, Quinton once again cut the connection.

"Now..." Turning his head to the two men and the abomination that was once a failed ANGEL attempt behind him, Quinton eyed them quizzically. "Did you gentlemen need something?" Quinton asked, not even pretending to be interested in their answer. "Hey, boss. We gotta get dis thing fixed. It almost ripped Jacob's leg off this mornin'." The generic grunt explained, pointing to the ANGEL behind him, cautiously. The ANGEL's gender was not even recognizable by appearance at this point. It had suffered results from both the experiments and mutation from Acid Rain, before Quinton's men picked it up from the surface. It merely stood there, it's deformed, red eyes fallen to the floor as it's bulbous face leaked a bit of pus onto the floor. Looking back, Quinton could see that a generous trail of the substance was made on the way to his establishment. "And pray-tell... How is this my problem?" Giving an irritated sigh, Quinton opened the middle drawer of the desk in front of him, taking out a sheet of paper from a scattered pile with three numbers written on it. "This is the frequency for a mechanic not to far from here. Do make sure not to be seen entering his establishment, alright? I'm short on tech suppliers and really don't need another one getting arrested." Taking a moment to consider something, Quinton added in another detail before dismissing the men. "Do make sure to take 'precautions' in case that does happen." With a sinister smile, the man replied. "Oh. Don't worry, boss. We'll make sure the snark don't say a word." With that, the trio exited the building, leaving Quinton to himself once more.

With a sigh, he dialed his device again. "Oh, hello! Remember what we talked about before?... That's right. So about it? Get me those ANGEL units, my good man?" The next sound that filled the air a was a thunderous bang. In fact, it had been Quinton's clenched fist that hit the top of his desk. "You do know how I hate to wait... You command those pieces of scrap, so WHY is it so hard to get them reprogrammed to follow my orders?... Enough excuses, old man. If you have to, get that damn figurehead unit to do the job. Or else." Having made himself clear, Quinton hung up. Immediately after, he grasped his head in agony. "AGH! Dammit! These useless cretins... Why can't they do anything right?!" Quinton exclaimed, banging his hand on the desk numerous times as he fought to focus the pain somewhere other than his head. Meekly reaching for the medicine in his pocket, Quinton brought it out with a shivering hand. Upon delivering it into his stomach, Quinton gasped heavily for a few more minutes before his breathe began to calm."Just a little longer... I'll become a god once more... In just a little while longer..." With those words, Quinton began to chuckle to himself again. Eventually, it transitioned into a noise that could be mistaken for sobbing.

"Hey lady. Are you dead?" Gladys winced at the sunrays that playfully danced over her eye, in between the cracks of a swaying branch. Opening it, she looked up only to meet the eyes of another. "Wha-..." Before Gladys could finish her question, a scream was heard from behind the figure before her. Her uncovered eye now fully opened, Gladys jerked up. It turns out that the one who woke her up was a child, no older than 4. Turning her confused glare towards the direction of the scream, a frightened woman came into view. She seemed startled, or and least deeply disturbed by Gladys' presence. Gladys moved to get up from the tree she had been leaning against, which caused the woman to stiffen. "W-we weren't breaking any laws. J-just on our way to visit our grandma. We decided to take a shortcut." The woman explained, trembling as she did so. She seemed to be inching towards the child ever so slightly, keeping her eyes on Gladys. Gladys tilted her head, still somewhat puzzled by the situation. Standing up, Gladys gave the woman one final cursory glance before speaking. "U-u-um. Protocol states that all residents must take public transport if their destination exceeds 2 kilometers from their initial starting point." Suddenly feeling a bit nervous, Gladys resorted to using her protocol to deal with the situation. "We know! We just didn't have enough money to get a cab. Plus... There aren't many people who would drive us to the middle of a forest..." Gladys stared at her, somewhat unsure on how to respond. Before she had the chance to, the woman dashed towards the child and man a B-line in another direction. Gladys stood there, watching them. She felt somewhat relieved having gotten through the awkward situation.

"Ah! Fuckin' finally! God. I thought this piece of shit would never work." Suddenly, a masculine voice roared in Gladys' head, startling her for a second. "Hello?..." Gladys cautiously greeted the voice, feeling some kind of familiarity with it, although she couldn't quite put her finger on it. "Yeah. Hey, dummy. You know how long I've been tryin' to get in contact with you? Five fuckin' hours. Newsflash, Bozzo. Ya need to stop turnin' off yer damn radio chip." Gladys' face lit up with cognizance. "Ezikiel!" Gladys replied, her only words a simple exclamation. "I know my own damn name. Wai-... Where the hell are you?" Gladys looked around her, slowly drifting her gaze over the landscape. "Um... A forest?" Gladys answered, although it seemed more like a question. "Are you freaking kiddin' me?! A forest again?! God! Who knew ANGELs could be such fuckin' airheads. Get your ass back to HQ NOW. I gotta check up on your circuitry. There's also supposed to be some dumb ANGEL formation in a few hours, so get here FAST!" The angry man hung up, obviously displeased with the ANGEL he was put in charge of.

Gladys slowly made her way back to HQ, her curiosity urging her to make little detours at the various places she crossed on the way. There was even a parade going on that she took particular interest in. There were ANGELs stationed at the streets, allowing the atmosphere to become cheerful but under control. Eventually, she made it back only an hour before the formation was to take place. Gladys was eager to see Isaac again. She wanted to tell him about the new flower she discovered on her trip to the forest and over her encounter with the child and his sister. However, Ezikiel had other ideas in mind before she was allowed to do so. "Welcome back, princess. Did you have a nice little trip? You were supposed to be patrolling St. Malcolm through Walburn street, you slacker. Ezikiel greeted, with a mocking tone added to his already sarcastic personality. Gladys looked down, feeling a bit guilty that she failed to follow her orders. "Whatever. Just com'ere and turn around. I need to make sure your modulator ain't shorting out." Obeying Ezikiel's orders, Gladys waited until he was finished fiddling with her machinery. "There. That should keep you from manually shutting off yer radio. Da fuck you doing that for anyway?" Ezikiel asked, annoyed to find that Gladys had consciously been blocking communication with him. She continued to stare at the floor, afraid to respond to the man's question. Finding that he wasn't going to receive an answer Ezikiel shook his head and returned to his chair. Look at me. Talkin' to a fuckin' robot. Jus' get outta here." Gladys left the room, closing the door behind her. While she didn't exactly dislike Ezikiel, she hated when he yelled at her for neglecting her duties.

Aimlessly wandering the halls, Gladys suddenly remembered the formation Ezikiel mentioned earlier. Realizing that she was about to be late, Gladys rushed to the formation area, only to find that the briefing was about to start. Most of the other ANGELs were already present, waiting for Isaac to show up and issue out their orders. Feeling embarrassed that she was so late, Gladys sprinted over to her spot at the end of the formation, a snicker or two escaping some of the other ANGELs who were more aware of her frequent tardiness record than the rest. She blushed slightly, trying to maintain what little composure she could muster before the meeting began.


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Isaac was intimidating, or so he'd been told by his supervisors. He was told this was a good thing and he should bank on the advantage fear gave him over others. Oddly enough he did not understand but he did comprehend that he was doing something that was earning him praise. That is why Isaac made it his goal to continue being intimidating, even to his own troops. It was a cheap facade really, he was actually quite kind to all of them but it did earn him a certain level of respect. Stepping out of the command room he marched toward the assembly of ANGEL's they were his troops, loyal to his command, and although he got his orders from an even greater source it filled him with pride to know they were on his side. Stepping in front of his troops he was silent for a moment they could not see through the red glare of his gas mask but he could see them and he took time observing each face, he spotted Glady's in her place looking frazzled. He was friends with her so he could not help but soften his resolve when it came to any discipline he might be ordered to give. She was one of them, an ANGEL not human and they had to stick together, because even if he'd been tortured he knew that things were going to start burning and no one would help them. Well, Callie might but she was a rare breed of human, hardened to death like an ANGEL but with all of her brain capacity reserved to herself. An admirable human being.

Pulling off his mask and pulling out a clipboard with the arm and hand that had not been turned into a weapon of death he quickly looked over the assignments. Today was important and he needed to make sure everyone was prepared for there job. Looking up piercing red eyes looked over the assembled. "Alright. I'm going to say this once so pay attention." He was proud of how his voice carried making all eyes shift to him and the entire assembly quiet even further. Good, they had caught his serious tone. "Today as you all know is Aether Ascension day, as we all know the Middle class islands will be quiet most of the day with perhaps the odd parade. However this does not mean you get to slack off, and doing so will result in a consequence from our makers." He always loathed saying that, but it was fact and unavoidable at best. "You all will be following your regular assigned routs until tonight where you are requested to team up with one other ANGEL, as we all know the upper class bachelors will be coming down in bulk to celebrate, they can get rowdy and disobey the rules and regulations." Isaac's voice took on an edge and the air got sharp. Every ANGEL had the desire to uphold the law beaten into them anything but was almost sickening. He shifted a little taking a moment to eye his troops again. "We will NOT be allowing any criminals to escape this night, you are to be deliberate and fair we've been given the right to use deadly force if they resist. Your patrols will cover wider areas and breaks are not going to be given." He eyed everyone making sure his words were clear, then he began going over the names of who was patrolling where and whom they were to team with for the evening, Glady's was going to be with him that evening patrolling the docks. It was an important task. When he was done he looked back to everyone. "Your dismissed, make plans with your patrol partner, rest for a moment and then get back to work."