Jinji Ko

"Monsters come in many forms.."

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- Name -
Jinji Ko

- Nickname -

- Gender -

- Age -

- Class -
Ground Resident - Monster Hunter

- Hair Color -

- Eye Color -
Very Dark Brown

~ . ~

- Likes -
ღ Sword-fighting; Dueling
ღ Killing beasts and mutants
ღ Devouring copious amounts of meat
ღ Seducing any female he deems interesting

- Dislikes -
✘ Aether middle-high class; Angels
✘ "Murk's with half a brain"
✘ Being manipulated; Seeing other's be manipulated
✘ Being ignored--especially by women

- Skills -
♦ High Agility ~ Flexible, nimble, quick -- think ninja except a little more beefy.
♦ Vitality ~ Living for any period of time on Androria's surface swamps will teach a man how to survive.
♦ Ace Swordsman ~ Once upon a time he became bored fighting with two swords. So now he uses three.
♦ Monster Lore ~ While his accomplice keeps monster data in a digital codex, Jinji is gifted at remembering every little detail about monsters.

- Flaws -
♢ Quick Temper ~ He tends to use his fists more than his words.
♢ Selfish ~ "I worry about me and my own. Anyone else can swallow a load of Murk slime."
♢ Highly Committed ~ When he decides to attack, there is no stopping until everything is dead.

~ . ~

- Personality -

Contrasting his high temper and "gung-ho" combat style, on an average day Jinji's demeanor will be very low toned. He has a strong passion for being the best Underground hunter and takes his responsibilities seriously. While striving for the reverence of others, Jinji never looks down on those less fortunate than himself and will become a charming host or a fierce protector in a wink.

- History -

Like many children from lower class Aether family's, Jinji worked various jobs on the Surface at a young age. There were many opportunities for work down there--farms, carpenters, tinker shops, small mills (most of the heavy industrial work had been moved to the Aether for safety), and of course the mines. Each morning all the youths would come running to the ferries; hoping to be employed by a fruit farmer even though muty worms were dangerous and could burrow into your skin for months; or to be apprenticed to a kind carpenter who would teach them a marketable trade in the thick haze of sawdust and wood chips; but every child tried to avoid the mines. Maybe it was a word of caution from your mother. Perhaps another friendly soul warned you about the mines. Or you might have learned what a dire place the mines were first hand. One morning Jinji was forced to work the mines and his life drastically changed.


- Relationships -
 Nina Crosby - "Dunno her."
Callie Nickel - "Dunno her."
 Quinton Mylod - "Dunno him."
 Cyril Finnahan - "Dunno him."
 Clara M. P. Heany - "Dunno her."
 Karl Twittz Fitzgerald - "Dunno him."
 Vross Imecia - "Good kid. I'd be shit without him."
 Isaac [ANGEL - XIII] - "I make it a point not to know any Angels."

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- Gallery -

{Face Claim: Zoro from One Piece}




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