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Karl Twittz Fitzgerald

"Well, don't you say? I should roll out the red carpet? Get my butlers to serve you a few hairballs?"

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a character in “Candles & Clockwork”, as played by DatFishMunkie



Name: Karl Twittz Fitzgerald

Nickname: Twittz | Fitz

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Class: Ground Resident (Inventor, Scientist, Augmenter.)

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Emerald

~ . ~

Likes: Pottery, Augmentation needing people, prosthetic limbs, pie, muffins, blueberries, kittens, technology, inventions, well constructed lists.

Dislikes: Sloppy handwriting, superior snobs, people who are afraid of prosthetic limbs, monkeys, canines, disorganization, people with poor humor, strippers especially of the small people variety, ghosts, the dark, typewriters.

Spontaneous constructions – Very simply put, given few items at any time that calls for it, Karl can construct a contraption to be convenient for a situation.
Sociopath – He definitely shows no care, or rather shows the wrong emotion at all times; joy. He joyful when someone gets hurt, or perhaps he is right when they win a reward of sorts. To save himself the worry of others he has gone through extensive programs to at least fake facial expressions; all in all being a Sociopath means he shows no remorse, has no regret, and will do almost anything within reason.

Staff Master – Preferring to use less brutal weapons due to his want to stay out of too much trouble, he took it upon himself to learn the ways of staves; yes, he has become truly one with a stick. No matter the size of the stick, or whether it has been fashioned for his use in melee combat, he can use it. He commonly uses his techniques to assist with powering his own contraptions, to prevent others from stealing them or using them without his permission.

Terribly afraid of the dark – Yes, a sociopath is afraid of the dark. It's quite hilarious. He can handle somewhat dim, or a little bit darker than dim; however, when he can't see his shadow very well, he gets anxious. He's been to therapists, he's tried to face his fear, but the unknown frightens him too much. If caught in the dark in any situation he might freeze up, doubt himself, and at the very least fight to find the light.

Clumsy – Perhaps not the best when he is the inventor of contraptions that require extreme care to operate. Yes he can be clumsy, but fortunately when he is less preoccupied or focused. In the case of fighting, if it is one that depends on his life he tends to be a bit more careful of his footwork, but this means he's more open to attack. On the soft side of most things he can be lenient towards his balance issues, and lets be what will be.

Man of many limbs – While his prosthetic limbs are one of a kind, and reliable; the loss of any can be detrimental to his health. He has to keep in check, inflammation or any other infections caused by his fake limbs, they need work every other day, and to add; if taken away they immobilize him. He is also terrified of being away from his limbs, without them it feels like he has a ghost limb. He really doesn't like ghosts.

Many Pet Peeves – While they can be considered more 'dislikes' this is really touchy, and requires it to be it's own weakness. While he doesn't have OCD, he takes his time being neat, too much time. All of his dislikes, if triggered, can send him into a mood and down a bad road. Dogs make him angry, ghosts make him scream, the dark is it's own realm, he'll try to correct even the slightest issues with one's grammar or handwriting, if caught in the same room with a working typewriter Karl will be tempted to sabotage it so it may never make that annoying cash register noise. All of his dislikes can distract him more than anything, and can cause a hindrance during any seemingly good situation or even a bad one if he can't ignore one properly.
~ . ~
Personality: A sociopath, would be registered if possible. Nonetheless, Karl is a scientific person and deems all things require rational observations; from people to plants, from animals to rocks. The stars, the dirt, the sky, the atomic structure of coffee. Dedicated to his work, he strives to be a great inventor, therefore anything in his way can easily be moves; should it be possible he find someone to put up with him not caring for them in anyway at all, should they prove to be holding him back well...Out they go. If it's an enemy, worse could happen. Friends, none. Friendly, seems so. Enemies, probably. Mean, not at first glance. His fake expressions are not a personality, but rather his face doubling as a mask. While he could care less, should he make enemies where they'd distract him from his work it'd be awful, just awful; if he at least appears to be of the friendly, social group no one should bother him. He'll attend a party, he'll conspire in acts of skin on skin friction, he'll show up at rallies, hell he'd even speak on behalf of someone or to people just to keep them from seriously preventing him from acting as a barrier on this road to legend status.

History: Family wise, Karl is completely normal in that area; no deaths to his parents, in fact his parents were very loving. They treated him as any caring couple would their child, and they did not spoil him either. Being very poor, but luckily only having one child (Karl) they easily survived until the boy spoke his first words, on his first day of school, when he had his first date. They're still alive, somewhere of course. During all this though, one would have to wonder where Karl gets his distasteful nature from; nowhere. It's just how he was born. It's not that he hasn't asked himself before, he simply can't prove the need to care about someone. Indeed he loves his parents, but does not care for them; he does not need their existence to be true. He never had imaginary or real friends, he never needed pets, he never needed toys other kids had, he never needed a beautiful gal on his arm, he never needed to be better than anyone; except for other inventors. He first showed prowess as a genius in a freak accident that cost him his right leg, he refused to walk on crutches for the rest of his life; so he had his parents scrounge around a junkyard for anything they could find, from cogs and gears to scraps of metal, they cleaned the junk free of everything they could. Remarkably only twelve the boy created a working prosthetic leg. He could walk on it without much of a problem. Soon the surrounding towns learned of this invention and came clambering for their own; for children, lovers, parents, and all other forms of cared people. His parents earned quite a lot due to this, and if it not for Karl's sociopathic mindset, he would've never let his parents keep a small fortune; he made everything from fake eyes, to...Ahem...Personal love devices. The boy proved to be a prodigal son, and furthered his studies in books scattered, or forgotten by time. He made his own foraging runs in old libraries, one of which was situated atop a small hill on the outskirts of a small flourishing town. There, he called home after a while. Refurbishing the building until it suited all of his needs. He adopted two cats, of whom are still alive now; he was able to care for cats, while sociopaths normally don't show affection, he did, but only to cats or kittens; especially kittens. They showed the same affection, for they had the same mindset; should he die they can eat him. Should they die he'll just replace them. Until then though there was a mutual love. In the end though, he just sits in his makeshift observatory; making astronomical predictions, creating more prostheses for those who need them, ontop of continuing his dream of one day becoming the world' the universe's best inventor. His dream like wanting to fly like a bird, might be impossible. Although, he guarantees like inventors before him had proved flying could be achieved through inventing amazing machinery, that he too would maybe create an invention that would allow man to escape the planet and expand. Find new wealth to end poverty. While he dreams of this, he also hopes that he dies being known as a friendly person; not the resident sociopathic crazy person slash amazing scientist who just happened to be handsome.

Relationships: None.
~ . ~

So begins...

Karl Twittz Fitzgerald's Story


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[Dammit I was gonna post Saturday not 3am Sunday!!!]

The morning parades were beginning and all over Aether the excited screams were muffled by music and balloons. Aether Ascension Day as it was called was supposedly a happy day, a day to be celebrated by all no matter or age or class. But this was a false reality told by the rejoicing upper-class so they could excuse themselves for blowing a small fortune on overly frivolous party gifts. In reality the upper-class were the only ones who truly got to celebrate the day, with parades and tea parties in the morning and after noon then at night fireworks and parties. Meanwhile the middle class would toil preparing the party for the upper class before they would return to there own homes at 3am or if there were upper-class bachelors they would spend the evening in a middle-class island blowing money on alcohol and girls. And the lower class well they lucky to get to go home early. As for the surface well it was doubtful they would celebrate the day they got abandoned. And it is on this day amidst the innocence and ignorance that our story truly begins...


'Happy Aether Day! Remember to grab your free balloon at the gate and thank you for flying-' Callie let out a sigh as the automated message repeated for the third time, the jingle of over happy music could have actually made Callie ill. Every year was the same, horribly joyful music, a slew of grinning faces and overly dressed people cramming close together to celebrate the joy and leaving behind millions to die. Though this year was different for Callie, previous years were spent in her hotel room watching the parades on t.v this year she was going to an upper-class island. Not by her own choice mind you. She had received a very sudden call from a previous employer asking her to pick up a job, it was sudden but Callie had been running out of funds so she had accepted of course once she accepted she regretted it. She was going to be in the engine room of a Surface Craft, aptly named for being bulky armored air-ships designed to fly down to the surface and bring back copious amounts of something. In this case it was Crawlers. The disgusting looking creatures were considered a delicacy by the upper-class and of course there weren't enough to feed everyone at her employers party so she was scrambling to send a team down to the surface to collect some crawlers for her creme. Sighing again at her misfortune Callie stood as the airship docked she had plenty of time to get to the next dock and onto the hunk of metal...

Admittedly Callie could see the benefits of this job. She had never seen the surface before and she had heard rumors of the beautiful Fractal Forests. But that did not change the fact that she was currently sitting in the poorly cared for engine room of the Surface Craft staring at what she could see through a small round window. The engine unleashed another hiss and Callie sighed to see that there was yet another leak. She would have to talk to her employer about actually fixing the engine instead of just patching it with duck-tape. Pulling out the duck-tape Callie patched the small hole before grabbing her tool kit, she had a good half hour before the ground party came back with there haul and then no doubt they would head straight back up so that the crawlers could get fried or however they were cooked. While Callie got caught up in her work she barely heard the sound of footsteps on the floor above her. It was only one set so it could not be the ground party return from there hunt... Curious and more then a little paranoid Callie stopped her work and grabbed her screw driver, [which made a surprisingly good weapon] and headed up the ladder to see who the other person was.