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Anaki Totoro


0 · 29 views · located in Canese University

a character in “Canese University”, originally authored by kailani98, as played by RolePlayGateway


Anaki Totoro [Nickname: Toto, Ana, Aki, and Ki. But she likes her full name better.]
Human Neko Form: Image
Cat form:Image

Female Neko 2


Will be announced


Anaki is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She loves to make friends. But humans reject her because shes abnormal, like people say. They call her weird and other names but that doesn't take away her happiness. She always has a bright smile and always tries to make peoples days better. Although hen it comes to boys she has a crush on she snaps and she gets really shy. She can't say full sentences and things may come out wrong. That's what she hates about her self. She just can't help it. She also has a devil side. Its when you get on her nerves. She will flip and become angry if you say to many mean things or physically hurt her or her friends. Its pretty hard to get that side out of her though. She also loves a good talk or play. She loves to play with anyone and even though she seems to old for it shes pretty childish.

Brief Description
Anaki is a very cute girl. She has a whitish purplish hair type. Its a weird color. Lets put it that way. Her hair goes to her shoulders and her cat ears blend in perfectly with her hair.. She has emerald eyes that sometimes turn to more of a aqua color. Shes sort of tall and is very skinny. Her chest is actually quite big. Bigger then most girls. She also wears any type of clothing. She loves dresses though. In her cat form she is white. Pretty much when she is a full cat the purple is extracted from her hair/fur. Her eyes are brown and shes quite small. You probably would mistake her for a kitten.

Anaki is a cat what do you expect? She has great senses. She has Great hearing and smelling so you wont be able to get past her without her knowing. Her vision is better then most cats so she can see fairly well. SHe has cat like reflexes and usually she doesn't break much stuff. She usually catches it in time ore something along those lines. She is also very fast. Also even though shes a cat she is a great swimmer.

+ Swimming
+ Food
+ Friends
+ Being a cat
+ Boys (Yet she can barely talk to them)
+ Sweets
+ Playing
+ Hugs
+ Rain, The cold, Clouds. (Don't ask)
+ Dresses
+ etc.

- Mean people
- Judgement
- small spaces
- heights
- Thunder/ lightning (She likes the rain part, not the loud scary noises.)
- Snakes
- The way she looks sometimes
- etc.

* Thunder/ lightning
* Snakes
* Small spaces
* Heights

Anaki used to have a sister a brother a mom and a dad. They were all a great family until one day when Anaki was 9 years old and went to a friends house to play. When Anaki came back home the door was open and her whole family was brutally murdered. Anaki was stunned she cried for days. She was put in a orphanage for a long time. No one wanted to adopt her because they thought she had a curse.Then one day she was drawing and People kidnapped her and she was experimented on. At first she was scared and freaked out. But then she kind of liked the thought of being a cat. The scientists took her to a university and for now she is really happy. She does remember her family but her memories were a bit blurry on the murder and other bad parts so that made her really happy.

Who is their partner?
To be announced

" I... I... Ummm." *Face turns red.* [TBA]

Hex Code

Anaki really likes sushi and pastries. She also loves desert. Anaki also loves to act. Most people don't know. But it doesn't really matter anyways.

Sakura Kiss

When I realize it, I’m by your side all the time
But is it really hate? Love? Is it a fantasy?

If I can see my feelings clearly
Then even if I’m a lady, even if I’m a host, I don’t mind

Everyone has different reasons
For falling in love, but MAYBE YOU’RE MY LOVE

I want to meet the kind you now; if my heart pounds with a sakura kiss, let’s fall in romantic love
The present is more important than the future; the beautiful spring love is a blossoming maiden’s art

For example, I want to try looking for you, who I don’t know
Yet I’m scared

In denim, in frills, in casual, or Chinese dress
I prepare myself to change inside out every time we meet

The doors of love that open one after another
Are fully loaded with thrills- Let’s fall in definite love

On days when we’re busy and pass each other by, a sakura kiss is so romantic that it hurts
Let’s accept each other’s weak spots, too; love that touches one another is invincible; the two of us who seem to bloom are the protagonists

Let’s create memories that won’t lose against the blindingly bright sky now

Let’s fall in definite love

I want to meet the kind you now; if my heart pounds with a sakura kiss, let’s fall in romantic love
The present is more important than the future; the beautiful spring love is a blossoming maiden’s art, YEAH
A blossoming maiden’s art


So begins...

Anaki Totoro's Story