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a character in “Canines and felines”, as played by Hinata Hyuuga


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General Information

First name: Una (Likes to go by Okami mostly)
Middle name(s): Okami
Surname: Shei
Age: 18
Date of birth: Unknown
Race: Wolf
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

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Physical Appearence

Height: Nearly 6 1/2 feet tall
Weight: 178.5 lbs
Eye colour: Ice
Skin/fur colour: White
Tattoos: Vein-like marking along the left side of her face, gradually growing
Piercings: None
Wears: None


Likes: Hunting, pain, bloodshed, males (guyfriends)
Dislikes: Females, bright colors
Education (if human): N/A
Fears: Looking weak, losing to a human


Birth country: USA
Hometown: In the forest
Childhood: Harsh
Teen years: Harsh
Adult years: Not at age yet
Past places of residence: N/A
History of family: Unknown
Briefly explain life story:
She had three twin brothers that she was raised with in a small pack. She was the trouble maker of the litter and she has quite a rough attitude towards some things. But despite what most think about her, she can be very nice toward others who return the kindness. Una left her small birth pack at a young age, due to her father dying of illness and her mother dissapearing with her brothers. She set off on her own and learned to hunt, defend herself, where not to go, ect.


Parents: Near and Light
Siblings: Gaia, Thypon, and Eros
Any enemies: Yes
Childeren: None

So begins...

Una's Story