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Cantarella: Masked

Cantarella: Masked


5 Princes all have to have an arranged marriage, and at the masquerade ball they will be matched with one girl out of 5, but once the mask is removed, will they actually fall in love? (Full!)

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(*deep breath* Ok, so, this whole roleplay idea is based off of kellycat122's original version of this and this version was created by cat847 who I asked if I could use so yeah >.> the whole process was confusing but I worked it out :3)

I really want this roleplay to go on for quite a while, so if you're not going to post often, and you aren't dedicated to actually keeping the roleplay going, do not join. I want people who really enjoy this roleplay and want to keep it going to join.

All posts must have at least one paragraph, No one liners
No cussing all the time, you can but just not all the time
Romance is encouraged, but don't blind us >.<
Post at least once or twice a day, if you can't do this, don't join the roleplay
If you will be gone for a certain amount of time, please say so in OOC
Make sense in your post
No killing someone without their permission
Follow the plot and character skeleton
Please don't post until I say so
Once we have all the characters for the roleplay, I will pair up characters.
Have fun
When you join, pick a Hex code for your character;

The Story

In a palace folded into the mountains and surrounded by a lake, there lives 5 princes, all at age 18. It is by law that each prince has to be married at age 18, so 5 unknown girls were brought to the palace without a choice. At the palace, they were told they were forbidden to see the princes until a certain special night, the princes weren't even told that they were there, until the night of the masquerade ball.


During the night of the masquerade ball, the 5 princes were to pick which one they were going to marry out of the 5 girls. The 5 girls will have to wear a mask to the ball, and till after the 5 princes have chosen who they are going to marry, they can't take off the mask. But once the mask has actually been removed, will they really fall in love with the one they chose? Or will secret affairs and relationships bloom?

Character Slots

Prince 1
[Taken By Spectrum]

Prince 2
[Taken By pieluver]

Prince 3
[Taken By Equilibrium]

Prince 4
[Taken By Annaky]

Prince 5
[Taken By HunterOrdo]

Girl 1
[Taken By Me]

Girl 2
[Taken by ChildOfNone]

Girl 3
[Taken By Lady Ethereal]

Girl 4
[Taken By MirrorMirror1498]

Girl 5
[Taken By NinaKerndall]


Vampires: They are highly dangerous. They come out only at the night and they love to mess with the weak and tease them. They have dark hair and fangs. Their eyes are usually normal colored but at night they will turn red. Vampires usually trick other humans into loving them so then they will be able to drink their blood. They are very devious and can turn into bats. They are very dark creatures and they take the form of a human.

Angels: Everyone usually has a guardian angel, but some angels don't guard a human. They usually have light hair and light eyes, they also have white feathery wings on their back. They hate to see others in pain and they will always help the weak. They don't like to fight and they try to solve things with words, not fighting. They take the form of a human with white feathery wings on their back.

Nekos: These creatures are part human and part cat. They have catlike instincts and characteristics. They take the form of a human with cat ears and a cat tail. They are very sweet and they get along with others easily. They are always full of energy and they are very active and good and lots of things, like balancing and climbing. They can be good or evil.

Mages: These are very powerful creatures. They take the form of a human. They can be good or evil. The mages that are alive are very powerful and their powers are very strong. They usually can do anything with their powers. They can turn into animals but they usually stay as humans. Mages are very beautiful.

Cancións: These creatures take the form of a human and they have powers that they can use through singing. They have different songs for different things, but some Cancións don't have songs for everything. Like they can have a song for healing and a song that can cause pain to others. There are such things as Canción Mages, but they are very rare. Cancións are very beautiful. They can be either good or evil.

Armas: Armas are creatures that take the form of a human. They can bend metal and they can use any weapon that they get their hands on like a professional. Armas are usually warriors and they can be either good or evil. They are very tough and strong. If they don't have a weapon nearby they will usually just bend some metal into a weapon and use that.

Potencias: Potencias are creatures that have one certain power. Like for example one Potencia can control anothers action and another Potencia can make other people see things. Potencias can be either good or evil. Potencias take the form of a human.

Deseos: Deseos can control one of the following elements; fire, ice, dark, light, water, air, earth, and soul. They are masters at controlling the one element that they can control. They can be either good or evil, and they take the form of a human. They have the traits and personalities of their element, like for example if they can control dark, they are evil, dark, and love to mess with the weak people. If they are ice they are cold and rude, but beautiful and they always have a soft side.

Cambiars: Cambiars are creatures that can change into any type of animal. They can be either good or evil and they always have one main animal that they change into a lot. Cambiars have the symbol of their main animal somewhere on them as a tattoo. Cambiars have the traits and personalities of their main animal also. They usually live outside and not inside.

Demons: All demons have dark hair and dark eyes and they take the form of a human or they can take the form of an animal. They love to pick on the weak and mess with them, they usually will get close to someone weak and then kill them. All demons are usually evil, but not always, and they don't mind the daylight, but they don't love it, they usually prefer nighttime. You can see them a lot during the nighttime, but not a lot during the day.

Esperos: These creatures are part human and are part animal. Like for example one could be part fox and part human, they are part any animal. They have the traits and characteristics of their animal and they often tend to look like their animal when in human form. They also have something of the animal on them when they are in human form, like for a Fox Espero, whenever they are in human form they have fox ears and a fox tail. They can change into their animal and they can be evil or good.

Humans: Do I really have to explain? Humans can be villagers, warriors, and really just anything you can think of.

Hechizo: Hechizos are creatures that are very skilled at potions and spells. They can do any kind of potion and spell, and most of them last forever, well, besides the love spell, but the love spell can last for a long time. For some spells they have to have certain things to make it. They can be either good or evil.


Code: Select all

    [left][color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][size=200]FULL NAME HERE[/color][/size]
    [img]DIRECT IMAGE URL HERE, please only use anime[/img][/left]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Role[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Prince 1? Girl 2? Etc.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Gender[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Male or Female[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Race[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Put your race here[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Age[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Princes have to be 18 years old, the Girls can be any age.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Personality[/b][/color]
    [size=90]At least 5 sent.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Brief Description[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Anything that cannot be seen in the picture.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Skill(s)/Abilities[/b][/color]
    [size=90]At least one paragraph. Describe what Skills and Abilities they have, this also means if they have any powers or such[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Weapon(s)[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Describe what weapons they have if the have any. Also describe what they do, and how to use them. If the character doesn't have any weapons, don't include this in your character profile. If can, please include pictures.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Likes[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Any type of list. At least five.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Dislikes[/b][/color]
    [size=90]At least five.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Phobia[/b][/color]
    [size=90]No more than five.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]History[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Be creative! At least five sentences.[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Who are they engaged to?[/b][/color]
    [size=90]This will be announced once the roleplay starts[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Love Interest[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Who do you have your eye on? *Wink wink*[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Hex Code[/b][/color]
    [size=90]put it here also make sure no one else used it.[/size]
    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][b]Other[/b][/color]
    [size=90]Anything else?[/size]

    [color=#Put your character's Hex Code here][size=200]Theme Song Title Here[/color][/size]

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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Haley Nix

Haley was about to head over to a solitary corner when the ballrooms music came to an abrubt stop. A palace announcer mentioned that the pairings were to be announced and that we should gather to the center of the ballroom. Haley's stomach knotted and twisted painfully in utter nervousness. She wasnt completely for this whole thing but she wasnt entirely against it either. She had come of her own free will, had she not? Her foster brothers came to mind. Oh how she missed them! Stuffing those thoughts away, she calmly made her way to the middle of the room along with the others.

Haley looked straight ahead and didnt look around her. She didnt think that would be the best thing to do right now. Then again, she could think of other worse things that you shouldnt do at this very moment. With a deep intake of breath, Haley cleared her mind of all her doubtful and chaotic thoughts. Then she focused on what the man ahead was about to announce- her future.

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Character Portrait: Leda Inbera Kerndall
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Character Portrait: Prince Sindri Katanova
Prince Sindri Katanova

"For just one moment. I wanted her to look at me.. like she does him."

Character Portrait: Michael Cayne
Michael Cayne

Watch out, if you trip up, you end up flat on your face with a sharp in your chest.

Character Portrait: Leda Inbera Kerndall
Leda Inbera Kerndall

Water is the giver of life. It can also take it away just as easily. Pick your choice with me wisely.


Character Portrait: Leda Inbera Kerndall
Leda Inbera Kerndall

Water is the giver of life. It can also take it away just as easily. Pick your choice with me wisely.

Character Portrait: Michael Cayne
Michael Cayne

Watch out, if you trip up, you end up flat on your face with a sharp in your chest.

Character Portrait: Prince Sindri Katanova
Prince Sindri Katanova

"For just one moment. I wanted her to look at me.. like she does him."

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Character Portrait: Michael Cayne
Michael Cayne

Watch out, if you trip up, you end up flat on your face with a sharp in your chest.

Character Portrait: Prince Sindri Katanova
Prince Sindri Katanova

"For just one moment. I wanted her to look at me.. like she does him."

Character Portrait: Leda Inbera Kerndall
Leda Inbera Kerndall

Water is the giver of life. It can also take it away just as easily. Pick your choice with me wisely.

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Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Yeah, you and Equilibrum. :D

Because like I stalk the people I RP with. ^/////^ You have a character who's America. Aik something... ^^'" And Equilibrum's siggy is USUK.
There ya go. :D

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Yes! Sorry about the wait, Nina. Dx Who's a Hetalia fan? Are you referring to me? Did I miss something? Where did I mention that? xD I am, but, where'd you get the idea from? I'm a slow person on occasion. xD Dx

Oh! Shizu! When will the announcement post be...well, posted? I'm just curious! I'm not trying to sound pushy at all! I'm really just wondering. ^^;;

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Yaay, you posted, Spectrum! <3


Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

I'll make the character right now.

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

May I apply for the spot?

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

D: Someone abandoned there character, now there isn't the full amount of characters

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked


Oh crap! I'm so sorry you guys! I have been busy, but that's no excuse for not posting here. >< I meant to yesterday, I really did, but I ended up posting in other places and finishing a character and before I knew it, I was about to get kicked off the internet. I'm really sorry Nina! Have the couples been announced yet, Shinku? >< I would post now--I really, really wish I could--but I have practice and am literately running late for it now by posting this, but I felt an apology was in order. Um. Unfortunately, this is a long practice since we're also taking pictures today, so I won't be home until after 8:30, but I will post when I get home tonight! I'm sorry again ><

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Sure if you want to NinaKerndall

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Should I try posting first? Because Spectrum appears to be busy, lately.

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

>=D Time for the big announcement

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Eh I just hate the Guant stories.. In their books imperial guard are all but invincible (which they shouldn't be... I like Imperial Guard cause they arnt.) Also.. Im not a Dan Abnett fan. I find he spends too much time on character development and not enough on the story itself, or describing the surroundings.

In Cains stories, the Imperial Guard are who they are meant to be.. :) regular men and women who are way outclassed by almost every enemy. They dont pull out victories out of thin air, in fact they lose often.. I love that, many of the Characters die.. I just love the way its written, how the characters are displayed.. everything.

Personally my favorite 40k writers are Graham McNeil and Sandy Mitchell, but this is just my opinion XP

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Lol, Cain is really funny. Though I'm a fan of the Ghosts just a bit more. I try to follow Ibram's ideals in my own life as much as I can. I'm even trying to work his ideals into this character.

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Hmm I suppose :)

>.> Random, but Iv always been A Commissar Cain fan myself. Any man who can run away from the fight and be dubbed the Hero of the Imperium is just awesome. Also, Cain is epically funny. He IS the humor of Warhammer 40k.

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Yeah I know, but I didn't have any better person that follows the same ideals.

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

lol :) im sorry but since this is a fantasy world im not sure Richard the lion heart existed. Of course, you could say he did... and just make up a story, I love fantasy for that.

Also.. Your characters main weapon is a bow, yet you lead from the front? A little Legolas thrown in there as well? :)

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

I'm going to give all the characters a little time to get to know each other before I announce the pairs

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Sorry guys I had planned to post last night, but roleplaygateway had stopped working for me >.> so I just decided to post it today. I'll post it right now.
@NinaKerndall- The girls are really just being brought to the ball, like leaving there own home and stuff, like my post is an example.

Re: [OOC] Cantarella: Masked

Fire and Water? Would be a funny match.

I'm looking forward to what the pairs will be :P.