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Draven Rineheart

"I've always wanted a little songbird..."

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a character in “Cantarella: The Masks”, as played by Cienpher


Draven Rineheart

Prince 3




Draven’s the sort of person whose actions often don’t match his words, and his words rarely match his jovial tone. Typical of his demonic nature, he is cruel and manipulative. There is little he enjoys more than messing with others, trying for certain reactions. The more interesting a person’s reactions to his provocations, the more he toys with them – it’s the natural order of things. Draven is of the cynical sort, and mockery is evident in near every word that leaves his mouth. He quite enjoys attaching 'terms of endearment' to people and his enemies, but once again, most are teasing in nature. He is a braggart and of the boasting sort, always demanding attention whether it be positive or negative.

However, he has a particularly twisted sense of loathing towards his brother - he refuses to see the angel happy. Often enough, he goes out of his way to spoil a pleasant event in Loki's life, just to show how much he loves him - not at all... This is a direct result of an event in their shared past. In a way, Draven is simply directing all his anxieties and loathing of his history to the only one who was present in it: Loki Rineheart.

Draven wasn't always twisted - he used to be eager to please, hard working, kinder... and he cared what people thought of him. Thanks to the past, the demonic prince changed significantly. He lives to have fun - he doesn't care what people think of him since they have their own preconceptions about demons anyway. Since it's too difficult to go against it, he would simply reinforce it - it's more fun and less troublesome that way, he tells himself. He doe things when he feels like it, and only what he feels like doing. As for kindness... let us not mention him and kindness in the same sentence. If he is being kind, more often than not, there is an ulterior motive.

However, despite all this, remnants of his past self remain, as those never truly disappear.Although significantly more languid and care-free now than before, when he finds a task he feels like he has to do, he will concentrate solely on that. He will disregard everything else until that one work has been completed to meet his surprisingly high standards. Although significantly hardened, beneath the more prickly appearance, Draven is still quite soft on the inside. He does in fact care, although he tries his best to convince himself otherwise... sometimes that kindness backfires and he grows to loath himself, as he did for so long back then...

He is confused, because both the new distorted traits and the old kinder traits are both him. Even the new mocking nature really is his personality now, even though it was originally an act. Put in simpler terms, he is a little unsure of who he really is.

Brief Description
He is of a taller stature - quite possibly the only trait he shares with his brother. Typical of a demon, Draven has dark hair with eyes that seem darker from the shadow of malice that seems to linger in them. He has a paler complexion from nocturnal tendencies, and he has swirling markings on his wrists and left cheek that betray his demonic nature. He prefers to dress in darker shades of clothing, often enough with a black cloak. He wears the hood carelessly, so often times it obscures part of his face. He is of leaner stature, but is far from seeming frail - especially when one sees the expression he wears. Often enough, he wears a smirk with a knowing, mocking glint to his dark eyes.

Skill(s)/Abilities Image
If it counts as a skill, Draven is very good at learning a person's habits and dislikes. He usually uses it to his advantage to rouse certain reactions from them. He is observative and is prone to noticing thing most others ignore. Due to his demonic nature, he is stronger and faster than most all other creatures, but his stamina is certainly nothing to boast about. He tires out very, very quickly.

Some more demonic qualities include a minor power he has to speak with ravens - not crows however, as they're far too chatty for his tastes. Unlike his brother, he cannot summon them at will, but if he happens to find one.. well, ravens are wise and notice quite a few things. If he chances to discover a whole murder of them, he can sometimes coerce them into doing him a favor.

A far more significant power is his ability to take a form of an animal, and his is well... a rather unusual black lion - crimson eyes and twisting horns. It is stronger and faster than a normal lion, and far more frightening of course - in this form, he cannot speak and it uses an absurdly large amount of energy. After spending even a brief period in this form, he is usually incapacitated and bedridden for three or four days, sleeping the exhaustion off. Almost always, he will catch an illness after the sleep as well, so he doesn't become the black horned-lion just for the fun of it.

Although Draven doesn’t particularly need them, weapons are always nice. He likes to get up close and personal during battles, so his only choice of weapon is a small but rather sharp, crescent dagger. The curve of the blade maximizes the pain of a cut, and literally drains the blood. An injury from this blade bleeds three faster and heals two times slower than a normal wound. In this manner, even the most insignificant of wounds can become life threatening if left untreated. The dagger is black and set with small violet jewels and silver engravings at the handle. The blade can fold into the handle that also functions as a sheath of sorts, making the weapon small enough to carry around on his person at all times. He’s quite adept at using it in creative ways, and the reinforced metal of its blade is enough to stop even his brother’s bullets.

-Apples (However, only the red ones. It’s interesting how he is so easily tempted by a good apple pie…)

-Reactions (He loves seeing how different people react to different situations, with him instigating all of them of course.)

-New Moons (There are few things that Draven likes more than the complete darkness of a moonless night.)

-Music (Although most would assume him to enjoy more discordant melodies, Draven actually enjoys more soothing songs.)

-Ravens (He views them intelligent creatures and fine for conversation. They're rather interesting and never lie, so they are always reliable sources of information.)

-Nicknames (He loves to pin what he lovingly calls, 'terms of endearment' to friends and foe alike. They are most often teasing in nature.)

-Angels (or more specifically, his brother. Just the sight of Loki is enough to ruin Draven’s mood for the rest of the day, and that doesn’t end up nicely for anybody. Ten times worse if his brother looks happy.)

-Doves (They remind him too much of angels and his brother. Draven doesn't hesitate to kill one when he sees it.)

-Boredom (When he’s bored, things become dangerous for the people around him… he is very inventive when it comes to ways to entertain himself…)

-Jarring Noises (Particularly when he’s enjoying a moment of quiet or listening to a song, he hates interruptions of any sort. The source of the disturbance usually dies or suffers great bodily injury.)

-Bitter Foods (This demon has a fondness for sweets, not bitter treats like dark chocolate or coffee.)

-Daytime (The sunlight makes him sleepy.)

-Stereotyping (There is nothing he despises more than those who base who he is around the fact that he is a demon. Yes, there are many shared traits amongst demons, and yes he in fact does fit the stereotype, but he chooses to fit it. He does not appreciate people concluding he is evil just because he's a demon. If they decide he's evil after witnessing his behavior, well, then he can't really complain.)

-Being Left Alone (He attributes this idea to the fact that it would be boring without people to mess with, but in reality, he finds the idea of solitude rather depressing, and just a little... terrifying.)

-Being Nothing More than a 'Demon' (He had been lost beneath the race for so long, he doesn't want to be simply 'a demon' or 'a prince'. He wants to be Draven and recognized as such... but from what he has seen so far, it seems that isn't possible.)

Once upon a time, Draven and his brother were able to at the very least, tolerate each other. Being a demon, the boy spent more time with his Father while his brother spent more time with their mother, the angel. The two rarely saw each other, but they were constantly compared by the people of the land. From their strange relationship, the young demon was confused with his identity - why was he alone, deemed evil, while his brother of the same age, who shared the same blood as him, was respected and loved? Was it because he didn't have wings?

It was around this time, when the boy was six, that he learned to speak to the ravens - although perhaps he always had known how. He asked the black birds how to earn wings, a childish wish, as even demons start out as children. The raven told him that he could not have wings unless his other form had wings. Unaware of his own demonic powers, Draven was merely confused by this statement.

Years passed, and he was still the only one of the two to be labeled the 'evil' prince. However, within those years, the demonic prince became more aware of his powers. He learned of what his 'other form' was, a black horned lion of sorts, although he fell asleep for more than a week at the first attempt. As soon as he awoke, however, eager to boast, he went to show his brother... who had in that short amount of time, grown from tolerant to loathing.

What Draven didn't know at the time was that Loki's human, the one the angel had loved, had been slain by a demon. When he learned of it later, Draven wasn't sure what to think... was he shocked? Should he be scared? After all, he had blank patches in hsi memories of his first changing experience... but he couldn't let anyone know that, especially not his brother. The angel hated him enough already for things he couldn't control - just because he was a demon... If Loki learned of the demon's faulty recollections, surely the angel would leap for the unsure conclusion...

However, the people leapt to their own conclusions, and rumors did indeed spread... and if something is uttered enough times, it becomes as good as a truth. Draven fell into a cycle of self-loathing for a mere possibilty of what could have happened... and it was around this time that Draven's own personality grew distorted. If people were going to conclude him a murderer anyway, he might as well be one. If they deemed him evil before even looking at him, he might as well act the part. If they assumed him a trouble maker, then he could be one without problems! He might as well live the way they saw him... and he would have fun with it too.

So he lived that way - forced himself to live that way at first... killing didn't come naturally to all demons it seemed... but over time, he grew accustomed to it. Murder is something relatively insignificant to him now, although that may simply be because during those times, he didn't truly open up to anyone. Even now, now that he's at the castle, he doesn't plan to reveal his past self to any of them. In fact, he now finds it difficult and embarassing to show any aspect of his former, kinder self... it's just been too long since he was remotely 'kind'.

The result of these strange events are what led to the twisted, demonic Prince Draven the people see today...

Who are they engaged to?
Girl 3, the Neko (whom he has 'affectionately' dubbed Pretty Kitty). It's not that he didn't like her from the start, but seeing as she immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was evil for his race, he took a disdain towards her. However, seeing as her reactions are always so interesting, he can't help but provoke her every once in a while.

Love Interest
Draven is interested in none other than his brother’s fiancé. What started as an initial attempt to irritate Loki ended up as genuine affections towards the girl... except Draven can't really understand how he feels about her. He justifies it to himself that he simply wants to keep his brother from being so happy, but then there shouldn't be any need for him to try so earnestly for her attention...

Hex Code
color= #2E0854

Draven's black lion form is actually a lot more serious than he is, or at least seems so. Perhaps that is simply because he choose to transform in only the most dire of situations.

Theme Song Title Here

So begins...

Draven Rineheart's Story


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Draven Rineheart

Draven was, frankly put, greatly irked. That darn brother of his kept glancing at him every other minute, only so that cold blue eyes could meet with shadowed dark in a glare. Really, clad in white and with his wings, the angel couldn’t possibly stand out more than he was right now… then again, Draven was hardly one to talk. In his less-than-formal black attire and silver-trimmed mask, the demon prince had quite a presence as well. He was all too aware that the attention was probably less than positive, but really, he didn’t care what the others thought of him. It wasn’t as if he had wanted to attend such a boring event anyway. Boring. Tedious. Far less than interesting. There were far too many words to describe such a pointless and suffocating event.

Just as Draven was about to leave, hoping to catch a breath of fresh air, he noticed the rustling of white wings. Whatever could his dear brother have been up to now? Now normally, Draven wouldn’t have cared less – simply going off on his own little mischief-making… but then he noticed what the angel had seen. A girl? He noted that she was a little short for his tastes. Really, it would be tiresome to stare down at her all day. ‘Like an insect,’ he mused... and then he sighed. Just a mere couple years ago, he never would have even dreamed of such condescending thoughts. Whether it was a change for the better or the worse, he wasn’t all too sure. If there was one thing Draven was sure about, it was that Loki wasn’t going to have a pleasant evening. Not if he had anything to say about it.

The demon didn’t decide to follow his brother exactly, but chose to keep tabs on his actions. If he was so interested in that girl, there were so many ways Draven could have things go wrong. When he saw a small white bird appear in the angel’s hand, it took all his willpower to keep from beheading the creature right then and there. Really, what could his brother have seen in such aggravating creatures? Doves? Flaunting white feathers, pretending to be pure… they were related to the common pigeon, really, how pure could they be? Like Loki and Draven. When an angel shares blood with a demon, really, how pure could he be?

It all merely got worse when the dove began to sing… oh, how he wanted to strangle the irritating bird… he would have too, if it weren’t for a different sound – a sweeter sound. Singing along with the bird? No, the bird was singing along with it. How strange. ‘This whole ball got a trifle more interesting,’ he thought as he searched for the source of such an enchanting melody. His realization was a startling one. The small girl? Really? He certainly hadn’t expected such a sound to come from such shy-seeming girl.

The dove soon disappeared – oh, good riddance. To Draven’s dismay, however, the song had also stopped – what a waste. The demon rolled his eyes when the angel stretched his wings in excitement. One day, his brother would see just how useless they were – that and they were going to poke an eye out someday. However, when Draven saw why, he merely found the angel’s gesture amusing – really? All this over a short little girl?

And then she trips. Draven couldn’t stifle the snicker that escaped him in time. Such a clumsy girl… but then, ever the hero, Loki had to go and save the day. Of course. The demon prince watched as his brother dashed forward, grasping the girl’s hand tightly and placing her back on her feet before she could collide rather painfully with the polished ballroom floor. There was silence. And then a bow. And then an introduction. How sweet. Draven just had to ruin the moment for the two.

Putting on a grin, he stepped forward, clapping his hands in mock applause. “Wonderful save, dearest brother,” he chimed, mirthful in tone and demeanour… but there was merely malice in his eyes. Loki was such a hateful being… so of course Draven couldn’t just leave him in peace.


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Draven Rineheart

Draven’s grin grew as the girl’s attention was redirected. Surely Loki wasn’t all too pleased about that… ah, yes. Responding. “I’m Draven Rineheart, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Tsuiyomi,” he said, still in that cheery tone of his. “I apologize – I didn’t quite mean to eavesdrop.” Lies, all of it. Of course he had been listening intentionally. And really, it wasn’t at all a pleasure, but at least for now, a show of courtesy couldn’t hurt. After all…

“So, you’re my dear brother’s fiancé.” He cast a glance at the angel, gauging his reaction – after all, everyone reacted in different ways… they were always the most interesting and entertaining aspect of people. Just to let the angel know his intent, Draven sent a small smirk over his shoulder before turning his attention back to the short girl. Smiling broadly, he asked seemingly in jest, “Are you certain you wouldn’t care for a change of partners?”

Draven couldn’t care less who he was engaged to… he just didn’t want Loki look so darn happy. It was aggravating, that angel’s smile… Despite the cruel thoughts, Draven’s expression remained composed, fixed in that air of joviality. Ah, putting on an act was second-nature to him now… but if he was lucky and managed to set off just the right chain of responses, his true self would show soon enough.


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Draven Rineheart

As he watched the short girl’s retreating figure, Draven turned back to his brother, a satisfied smile on his face. “Well, it seems I have. Sorry about that,” he said, tone far more than mocking. Then, with a careless wave of the hand, the demon departed. Finally, this tedious ball was coming to an end… but he realized that he hadn’t really fulfilled the purpose of it. His fiancé… after his brief encounter with the short girl, Draven found himself just a tad bit curious about the nature of his own engagement.

However, with the ball over and all, it was unlikely that she was still lingering about. He pondered his next move… should he actually bother looking for her? But that was so troublesome, especially seeing as he knew absolutely nothing about her but her name – … er…Vanilla, was it? Well, that was a sweet name, for sure. Draven was always fond of sweets. He threw the thought aside – he learned not to judge by a name a very, very long time ago. It seemed an appropriate time for that breath of fresh air he had wanted earlier. Without even a last glance around the ballroom, he stepped out the door.


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Draven Rineheart

Finally he was out of that dreadfully over-decorated ballroom. It felt like Draven could breathe at last as he tore the extravagant mask from his face. Really, a masquerade – there was nothing more foolish. People were easily recognized by their voice and their mannerisms. Covering the face hid nothing. It was simply another source of irritation. He wasn’t fond of the idea of carrying such a useless object around all day, so Draven instead carelessly cast it over his shoulder as he walked. Who cared where it landed?

Frankly put, the demon was bored… very bored. The palace was pretty and luxurious and all, for sure, but there was very little he could actually enjoy within its walls. Perhaps he should go search for a raven? That seemed an appropriately entertaining course of action for him, but just as Draven was about to do so, he heard a clear tone call out, “You’re Loki’s brother, right?”

Oh how he hated being called that angel’s brother… Although Draven often called the angel such to annoy him, the demon was also greatly irritated by reference to their relation. He immediately looked up, searching for the offender. Then he spotted her in the distance – a slight young girl… a person he most certainly hadn’t expected. Loki’s fiancé… how interesting. What was her name again…? Even though he couldn’t quite recall, he pulled on a smile and waved to the girl.

“Yes – but do call me Draven,” he called across to her. What route did he have to take to get to the short girl’s window again? Really, he couldn’t quite recall her full name… he hadn’t thought it necessary to remember it. ’Miku…?’ Her surname completely escaped him. “If I recall correctly, you’re Miku,” he said, ignoring the fact that he might be being a little too familiar with her. Honestly, he didn’t really care.