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Halo, last name forgotten.

"Ow! Why did you just hit me? You told me to answer honestly, so yes, you do look fat in that dress! You have problems with it, then lose the weight."

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Prince 5




Halo can be seen as a cocky type of guy, even though he isn’t really, and with good reason. He is very confident in his abilities. Normally he is very hard to anger; he is just so innocent, he can never tell when someone hates him, or when someone is trying to trick him. Okay, well you could also call that being gullible, so whatever. It isn’t very surprising to hear that Halo has a sweet side to him. If he sees that someone is sad or upset, he will do his best to comfort them, sometimes unsuccessfully. His innocence can sometimes just make things worse. For example, if your female character is sad because she just broke up with her boyfriend, and she decides to tell Halo what was wrong, he will tell her what he honestly thinks, and can sometimes be a little too honest, if you know what I mean. Asking him simple questions can make you hate him for weeks. Lets say your female character asks, “Does this dress make me look fat?” and it does, he’s going to say yes. When he attracts females, he doesn't even realize it; it isn't his fault. Apparently he 'looks like an angel', and it kind of makes him feel sheepish when people use that term. He doesn't realize the effect he has on most people. But back to the point that I somehow managed to stray from in the first place. If your character says, “I am not being annoying! Am I being annoying?” and you are, he’s going to say yes. The hilarious part of it all is that he won’t even know what he did wrong. Apparently he just assumes that if you ask, you want a very truthful and honest answer. Whenever Halo feels bored, I promise you that he will go roaming the streets, trying to find someone he can just go and bother. Some girls find this most charming, which he thinks is stupid. All right, if he is doing something you don’t like, the reasonable reaction would be to hate him for it. The bottom line is, Halo expects people to want complete honesty from him and other people to be completely honest to him. Halo is completely unpredictable, and you can never expect what he is going to do next. If he sees someone hurting a young woman in an alleyway when she didn’t do anything to deserve it, he will, of course, intervene. Halo is a bit of a pacifist, trying to avoid fighting at all costs, but he is still an excellent Martial Artist. Don't get any thoughts of him being a coward just because he is peaceful. When he is happy and you make him laugh, he has a killer smile, showing off pearly white teeth. Okay, so at times Halo can seem to be dim-witted and clumsy, which he really is. Some people say that he isn't the 'sharpest crayon in the box', or something like that. That isn't really true, though. Actually, inside of that head is something close to a genius. A genius that can keep a steady 4.0 grade average. There are brief times during this lifetime that you will be able to see him as he really is; intelligent and laid-back.

Brief Description
Halo stands around 5'11'', though he carries a fairly casual posture. This kid isn't one to maintain a straight pose even in the face of superiors, as he probably wouldn't care either way. Many have tried to tell him to just 'stand up straight', 'you'll be crooked in the future!', but Halo just fixes them with his calm stare. Ever since Halo was a child, his stare has been a most transfixing one. At first glance, Halo's eyes are a pure, light shade of green. They are. But if you keep looking, you'll notice hints of yellow spark up wherever the light hits. At times, Halo's eyes are almost completely mistaken for yellow, often keeping people at bay, which I doubt he minds. However, Halo usually has to push his hair back out of his eyes, as the messy strands tend to fall in his face. But his hair's style isn't the most unusual part about Halo, as his hair is white. White as the snow. There is nothing wrong with him, it's just the gene he got, as he never even thought of dying his hair a different color. To this day, Halo's hair is light, fluffy, and, indeed, white. It has a very soft feel to it, and almost seems as though you're touching air. Very soft, making some bold people almost want to /touch/ it, much to Halo's annoyance. Though Halo's hair is fairly straight, it tends to fly at all different angles, mainly because he usually doesn't take the time to comb his hair. Still, the 'messy look' seems to fit him well, giving the calm and straight faced boy a little more 'character', or 'personality' so to say. Halo's hair is layered, and I still can't believed he found time to have it actually done. Still, it is, and adds to the fluffy feel to his hair. Halo has always had a lighter shade to him, considering the eyes and hair. Even his skin is lighter than average, though I wouldn't call him 'Pale'. Halo has a color that is considered a 'very light peach'. There are no flaws on this smooth skin, besides the fact that he has one scar, and one tattoo. The scar is in the shape of an X, and sits upon Halo's forehead. The tattoo appears to be in a star like form, created out of intricate swirls all coming out of one circular swirl near the middle of his wrist. Still, Halo's skin is quite smooth and soft, making those who touch him almost believe that they could cut the boy just by gently touching a feather to him. But, as you might have guessed, Halo is little more than just some porclein doll. Halo has muscle, though you wouldn't consider him buff, as it is more of a muscle tone than anything. Covering Halo's body are fairly loose shirts and jackets, along with plain blue jeans. As you could have probably guessed, Halo doesn't care too much about his appearance, if any at all. Still, Halo has some attachment to a silver cross necklace always dangling from his neck. He folds large, white wings underneath his clothing.

Halo has the ability to heal wounds and illnesses. He can't, for example, regrow a limb. If you want an arm back, you have to have the limb with you so that he can reattach it to your body. Yeah, I know, he's such a masculine guy xD. He is very knowledgeable with different medicines, and he knows how to treat wounds even without his powers. He is also very experienced when wielding the sword. Outside of fighting abilities, Halo knows how to play both the harp and the piano, as well as the violin. His skin also glows in the dark if he wishes it to. If he is in a pitch black place it is likely that he will take off his shirt so that he can get more light in the room. His wings practically turn into light; they do not appear to have feathers. They appear to be merely light formed into the shape of wings. Any good-hearted character who touches his skin is completely healed from a life threatening injury, no matter what it is. He can only use this three times person, otherwise he dies. When they touch him while using this, he gets drained of nearly all life force and has to lay in bed for a day or two, sleeping for the entire time.

This sword was created by the angels. When held by Halo, the edges of the blade glow with a white aura. This causes the edges to emit white light, and this also makes the edges of the weapon very sharp; it can cut through almost anything without effort. However, after a while this starts to drain Halo of energy.The sword cannot break.

-Playing the harp and piano
-Meeting new people
-Any and all types of food
-The color green

-Being disrupted while in thought
-Unreasonably aggressive people
- The dark
-Bad music

-The dark
-His father
-Being kept in one place for too long

Hmph. Well, all right, let’s see here. Halo doesn’t have too much of a terrible past, compared to Lamia or Mao. At least, not physically. Halo was just a little boy when his mother left his father, along with him, taking nearly everything with her. All of the food…the money….the clothes…All gone, just because of one simple argument. Halo’s grandmother was queen. But unfortunately, no human being can live forever, and she died of old age at the age of 87. Now I know that this is a very sad event in a person’s life, but this is different. Remember, his grandmother was the heir to the throne, and she needed a successor. So his father’s side of the family had a huge dispute over that, and who would get the throne. Halo’s father was starting to get tense and unforgiving, and that is when his mother decided to leave. For three months Halo and his father were living in poverty, with nothing but the clothes on their backs, struggling to get by. And that is when the will was all sorted out. Out of all of the grandmother’s relatives, Halo’s father was the person she let take over. So now Halo was able to live in luxury. For a while, at least .After a week or so, his father began to get quite unreasonable. At dinner he would snap at Halo for talking too much, or not talking at all. He got very annoyed with the simple way that Halo would dress; he never was the flashy kind of guy. Then, as his father started to get even more selfish and self absorbed, Halo figured out that he had gone mad with grief and anger for his wife. His father grew even more unreasonable, locking Halo in a pitch black room for days on end with no food or water while saying negative comments to him through the wall. It was here where he forgot his real name. Five years of this was more than enough; Halo started to plot his escape. He told father that he was going to leave; of course, he didn’t believe him. He just laughed and took out a knife, walking up to the boy. He gave his son a small X mark in the middle of his forehead, and said, “Haha, very funny. I guess I’ll play along…if you leave, I’ll send bounty hunters to hunt you down and kill you.” Chuckling to himself, he left his bleeding son, just standing there. He never left, though he wants to. He avoids the palace whenever possible.

Who are they engaged to?
A person, I figure.

Love Interest
None yet. He hasn't met them yet.

Hex Code


In the Dark by Flyleaf
Ive written songs
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark
I’ve felt inspired
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark
I hide myself
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark
Used to be afraid
Of the dark, of the dark, of the dark, of the dark
Those in the light know we die
In the dark, in the dark, in the dark, in the dark

There’s only artificial light here
My flaws hide well here
I used to be afraid of cluttered noises
Now I’m afraid of silence
Fill this space
Idle words

I’m scared to death of light and silence
Jesus kill me inside this
Raise me up to live again
Like you did, like you did

Now I am mute despite myself
All of them are gone
The silence overtakes me
The idle words forsake me
And I am left to face me

I’m held accountable
For every idle word
Curse the idle words

I’m scared to death of light and silence
Jesus kill me inside this
Raise me up to live again
Like you did, like you did

Glory shows up
Exposes us
I’m naked here
Forsaken here
By the dark
By the dark
Damn the dark

I’m scared to death of light and silence
Jesus kill me inside this
Raise me up to live again
Like you did, like you did

So begins...

Halo, last name forgotten.'s Story