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Kierel Lightowler

the demon prince

0 · 115 views · located in The Palace of Cantarella

a character in “Cantarella”, as played by saiwalo


Name: Kierel Lightowler
Age: Eighteen
Role: Prince One
Race: Demon


Dark amethyst-purple eyes beneath a shock of hair of a similar colour. He rarely wears clothing of any colour but black and has the ability to turn into a large black raven, giving him a natural affinity with birds. He often wears a feather around his neck. Kierel can also 'grow' a pair of enormous black wings, unfolding them from his back, but he tends to stay in his human form and keep them locked away. Not only are wings very impractical when not flying, but bringing them out of his back is a painful and bloody process, ensuring that he only does so in a state of extreme emergency. His wings have gleaming black feathers and are absolutely huge, as they must be to support his weight, and they get in the way a lot when they are out.

Personality: As is natural with demons, Kierel has an innate deviousness and darkness that he was born with. He has no patience for the weak and the downtrodden and is a bloodthirsty creature of the night. He is good at tricking others into thinking he is sincere though he rarely feels for others. He has a sociopathic streak, always seeing others as beneath him and constantly striving to make the lives of others harder. Stubborn and hopelessly stuck-up, few people get to know Kierel very well and he is a frightening heir to the throne indeed. He’s a bit of a brat but is blind to his own flaws, being an utter narcissist and seeing himself as the best thing since sliced bread. Because he sees himself this way he insists in his mind that clearly he is irresistible; he is seductive and an utter flirt, his eye always straying to the next pretty thing but never forming deep connections. Upon first meeting someone he will usually be polite and courteous, even benevolent, but unless they are up to standard it will not last for long. He has a quick tongue and a sarcastic streak a mile wide, always pushing people to their limits. He likes to give little nicknames to others-- they are not always flattering.

Arranged marriage with: Ceil
Love Interest:
Skill(s): He is incredible at lying—it’s almost impossible to tell when he is doing so. He is intelligent and a master of intrigue and turning people against each other. Though he has the capacity for causing physical damage, Kierel loves to mess with people’s minds most of all.
Powers: Kierel doesn’t have any powers as such besides his transformation, but he has the natural demonic penchant for buttering others up, using his hypnotic gaze and honeyed voice to trick others into doing his bidding.
Likes: being in charge, pretty girls, birds of prey, feathers, amethyst, fire, getting what he wants.
Dislikes: loudmouths, stupid people, people in general, being disobeyed, being exposed.
Hobbies: causing trouble, spying on others, flirting with girls, looking in the mirror.

History: Kierel was born to be royalty. He always knew that he would be king one day and never doubted that he would be the best demon king there ever was. His parents gave him everything he ever wanted but eventually became aware that they were spoiling him too much and began cutting off his privileges. As a child Kierel was always getting punished for committing terrible deeds and not being apologetic in the least. Because his angel brother was much less trouble, Kierel was always second-best to his parents and it has probably helped to turn him into the bitter creature he is today.

Other: He is not looking forwards to marriage as he hates being told what to do and the thought of being tied down—then again, there’s always infidelity. Kierel is not taking this period of his life seriously at all-- he knows that once he is king, things will be much more difficult and serious, so he's taking this opportunity to have a good time. He honestly doesn't care what comes of it and whether he makes any enemies or not. He's a bit of a wild child and is expecting to get away with it.

So begins...

Kierel Lightowler's Story