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V. Morris

"Even if I did think I could stop?"

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a character in “Cape and Cowl”, originally authored by SilverInk, as played by RolePlayGateway




Theme Song(s)-Big Girls Cry/ Chandeler- Sia

Name: V. Morris -Her real name is unknown-

Gender: Female

Age: 24?

Occupation: Receptionist

Codename: Lethe


Height: 5,3

Weight: 120

At a glance:

With an average height and build, there is nothing too out of place about this young woman. The only eye-catching feature is her actual eye color which is an enticing fuchsia color. Her hair is straight, pitch-black in color reaching around her waist if set free. This is normally managed through styles that keep it out of V's face such as ponytail or braids. Her face seems to be constantly refreshed with concealer and various make-up, her excuse is that she has to look a certain way for her profession. Although, if caught at home it's bit more hard to believe it is a valid excuse.

Underneath the clothes and make-up is something that would definitely catch eyes and not in a pleasant way. Her entire body is covered in scars ranging from small incisions along her feet to large gashes along her upper thighs. The damaged tissue ranges from faded lines barely noticeable unless touched to pinker ones that would catch anyone's eyes. Even her face is not spared from the plague as there are two over each of her eyelids and on both of her cheeks. This is the true reason behind the heavy make-up.

Without any make-up to draw focus away from her face, her eyes seem to be even brighter and even less trusting. One possible reason for this is the seemingly perpetual darkened rings under her eyes indicating a poor sleeping pattern or even a complete lack of sleep.Image


Given the origin of her codename, it isn't surprising to see her paying tribute to the river of her namesake. Her entire body seems to be covered in a fishnet material from throat to her feet. The threading gives way to faintest glimpse of her scars underneath and seems to designed for mobility. There is something odd about the material threading, although it could just be nothing. Her face can be hidden through the use of a wide-brimmed hat with silver netting about it, it can easily be clipped to the side with a pin.Sharp, but small silver anchors hang from her ear lobes and seem to be capable of being used as last resort distraction on weakly protected feet.


Her temper seems to define her personality as is her impatience regardless of if it's her public or private persona. The glory of having a public relations position is that very rarely will she ever have to see the same exact person for more than a few minutes. This mini timeframe gives her lessens her fears of her scars somehow appearing through carefully applied foundation resulting friendlier V. Outside of actual work, she seems to be quieter and more thoughtful to others although that is not to say she becomes a social butterfly.

While in actual 'hunting' mode, her persona becomes more one-track minded as in find, locate and destroy her target or beat the information out known associates of her target. Given this change in mind set, it isn't exactly hard to loose her temper if the situation becomes dicey or unfair in her situation. Yet, the most shocking development of this change is when she finally locates and approaches her target, she can become extremely flirtatious and surprisingly sweet..luring unsuspecting men away from the crowds to someplace more private.
This 'black-widow' type persona is dumped faster than a hot potato once she has the advantage and will tie the target down as best as possible before conducting her own methods of seduction on them. Starting with skinning a section of skin from their body depending on who they are. Her emotional state is extremely fragile during this time period as her moods can swing from blisteringly sadistic to bursting into tears, even more disturbing fits of laughter. Those that comes upon her this process will be dealt with efficiently.


Power: Her power is the gift of near photographic facial I.D as she quickly memorize a person's height, gauge the weight, hair color, eye color, facial markings, clothes worn, as well as any notable personal processions such as a wedding ring, watch etc. In extreme cases of adrenaline, she will actually go into a trance-like state and be able to access her own memories that have been sealed away from her. The color of her eyes seem to glow in this mindset giving it a very eerie feeling if present during this time. This chance of recalling her past is what is truly driving her to use her talents for personal use.

Weaponry: Truly an opportunist when it comes to dispatching enemies, she will make use of anything to get out alive. Her favorited execution styles from her recent outings seem to have involved drowning the victim, suffocation, or simply letting them bleed out through the use of a glass shard. Her actual weapons are a pair of knives curved like a sickle reach to about her wrists as well as the tough threading of her costume could be used in an emergency situation as a improv guillotine wire if its wrapped thick enough around a body part the threads leave small cuts as pressure is increased.

    -Multi-tasking abilities ranging from juggling the needs to clients to driving a blade through someone’s face while monologuing.
    - Adept in ways of disguises ranging from contacts, wigs as well as changing her facial appearance through the use of make-up products.
    - Emotionally manipulative
    -Competent sketch artist

The Blessing: Being blessed with a photographic memory through botched experiment is not exactly the easiest way to acquire powers. This experiment was supposed to be her out of turning tricks as it involved a complex brain surgery with a high mortality rate..yet the pay was phenomenal. According to the lead surgeon who has since been barred from medical practices everywhere, her desire for the chance to change her life or end it in a dramatic fashion. One misstep in the procedure resulted in extreme long term memory loss and a completely blank past with fragments coming in pieces.


The Curse: The saying curiosity killed the cat could wrap around her mind every time she closes her eyes. Those locked memories seem to be behind a door for a reason, yet it seems to burst open at night through brutal flashbacks of her life as a pro. Indescribable need for revenge seems to fill her in these dreams as her assailants faces always seem to be shrouded and impossible to identify. Insomnia is merely a side effect of these night visits along with tears and need for a strong drink. Her sanity is slowly coming undone the longer she puts off finding her next target as the nightmares remain loud and vivid.


Chances are you could make a game of Pictionary from the massive blank spots in her past. From the interview sessions of her screening process as a potential in the experiment, she was born in the city, went to school here until graduating from high school. Not a single file mentioning of her home life or family as well as her actual profession..then again most scientists only care about the core facts. From her own visions, she can faintly recall the warmth of a mother's hug followed by the shattering of glass, possibly a beer bottle.

However, from her police record there is a bit more light shed on the subject of her profession and her skin problem. When she was first arrested for turning tricks at the age of eighteen and left off with a small warning. Her hair was shorter back then and only slightly roughed up in terms of a black eye from possibly an unruly client. After this incident, she seemed to want to keep a low profile and only arrested once in her 21st year. There are notes that her appearance has changed with longer hair and minuscule scars along her back once again her excuse is rougher clientele with fetish for knives. Several outreach groups seemed to try to get in touch with her before the pro vanished once again.

Yet, the final file of two years later is one that disturbed the peace officers as this was butterfly emerging from the chrysalis complete with markings unique all her own. Extremely uncooperative and aggressive was noted in the file at the request of complying to a mandatory photo session to document all unique markings. To say the number of photos that had to be taken of the scars along V's body ranging from her legs to her once unmarred face after the heavy make-up had been removed as was the dead look inside her eyes. The inflictor of the more extreme scars was never revealed by the time V walked out of the police station with a large fee and court date in her mind.

Said court date was missed several times and eventually forgotten by law enforcement as bigger problems had arisen in their sectors. To say one of the officers was given a shock when he ran into her one sunny day carrying a coffee and dressed in a black office dress with a apology falling from her lips seconds later. Gone was the temperamental hooker with snark, her hair was the same, but the blank look on her face off-putting. After doing some digging, it was revealed V had lost her memories from an research project and her previous files had been sealed out of respect as this was literally a chance for her to turn a new leaf. The scars remain as do the strangers of her past that greet her in seedy bars with questions of where the hooker had gone, only to be met with puzzled expressions and the flash of anger.

So begins...

V. Morris's Story


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It was a dawn like any other day as birds slowly began their songs greeting the new day. Cheerful cheeps and tweets like in fairy tales awakening the sleeping princess from her dreams with a choreographed musical number. Although, the current setting would have only been suitable for the darker fairy tales of old if one were to peer into the open window. It was like any other apartment, a bit dirty but it had a quant feel about it. Or at least, that was the atmosphere until the night before as fragments of the bedroom glass mirror gleamed sharply in the morning sun, perhaps there was an accident? One of the occupants of the bed let out a small yawn as she ran a hand through her frizzy bed-head and silently slipping from the sheets, narrowing missing the dangerous mess.

Steam rose from the bathroom as hot running water danced over the woman's nude body. With the heavy steam it was difficult to make out any defining features that was until the figure emerged, draping a towel about her person and ruffling her hair with another spare towel. Bright fuchsia eyes stared back in her reflection as the woman delicately applied make-up from her supplies arranged neatly on the counter with the final touch being the placement of boring green contacts to hide the bright coloring of her eyes. Ebony hair was strangled into a high ponytail as the woman did a final check of her appearance. Her cheeks seemed to be less hollowed and there was not a single trace of fatigue under her eyes thanks to the cosmetic products.

Lipstick-covered lips formed a small pout as she leaned against the doorframe of the bathroom "Are you going to just sleep the day away, sweetheart?". Her voice seemed unnaturally sweet as she gently teased the dozing man before slipping into a more professional choice of attire. Her black long sleeve clung delicately to her frame as it matched with the grey office skirt she had chosen. Her choice of shoes were a little less formal as her job could involve being on her feet all day, so a pair of flats would have to do. As the man in the bed did not stir an inch even after a hand delicately ran through his curly locks. The only item she needed now was a fragile leather-bound notebook which she gently placed in her purse before leaving the room with a blown kiss "Then again dead men do need their rest."

Crossing the name 'Weston Ire' off the notebook's pristine white paper with a faint smile on her face as the receptionist known as V. Morris response politely to the morning greetings of her coworkers before settling down behind her own work station readying for another hectic day. One of the doctors commented on her good mood and inquired if her sleeping problems troubled her the night before. That same mysterious smile appeared as the young woman responded "It only took a few hours to get settled down..but I managed". Even in his drunken state Weston had put up a fight when caught off guard by his lovely bar date slammed his head into the large bedroom mirror. His date brushed it off cooly as an accident and had pressed her lips to the small trickle of blood coming from his head wound. The mood seemed to improve when his date inquired if he had any ties or something similar around...

Being gagged apparently wasn't on his priority list and neither was getting slapped multiple times in the face by his moody date. The surprised look on his face when V reached for a glass fragment and gashed it against his face would be one that would float about her daydreams for quite sometime. Her latest target had been a fighter until the very end as not many men can handle being gutted quite literally. Soft silk sheets became rougher as blood had the tendency to do that..yet the distraught woman could careless as she fell into the sheets, sleep embracing her at last. Her nightmares were silenced at least for now...the shrill ringing of her desk phone could bring them back if it tried hard enough. After finishing the call, a sigh escaped her lips as her night had not gone as planned she wasn't 'deep' enough to bring back any memories..this time around. Now to see how long it would take for the cops to find the body, that always an interesting bet.