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Edith Bently

I may look innocent, but don't you dare judge a book by it's cover.

0 · 300 views · located in Cape Casanova

a character in “Cape Casanova”, as played by dabbsy2



ImageName: Edith Marrie Bently
Age: 20
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (Lesbian)
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Eddy, Ithy, Ben

Occupation: Waitress at Elizabeth Hardy's Diner.
Hobbies: Reading, swimming, watching TV,
Passion: Cooking & the food business

Strengths: Cooking, arguing, mental strategy.
Weaknesses: Running, phsical activities, can get extremely emotional, a bit to violent and vengeful at times.
Likes: Cooking, baking, shopping, rollerblading, swimming, cats, vintage cars.
Dislikes: Carrots, dumb blonde people, broadway & musicals, disney movies.
Personality: Edith is a very spunky, feisty bossy 20 year old, who loves to cook and bake. She is very cheeky and "cutesy" but at the same time, very mature and accepting of other people. She often has to seldom talk herself into doing certain things. Despite looking like the stereotype of "innocent" and "shy" she really isn't any of those things, infact she is quite the opposite. When provoked to a short extent she can get irrational and violent. She likes to pretend to be in love with a boy, only to tell them the truth before it gets to serious.

Apperance: Edith is 164CM tall and 52Kg in weight. She is extremely pale and has very exaggerated and big features, which she only exaggerates more with dark, heavy makeup. her hair is very soft and silky and is a shade of pastel purple. She often ties it into Minnie Mouse buns. Her eyebrows are thick and angular, and show her true hair colour, black. Most would say she was "average" looking. Her eyes are a hazel blue-y, big, and innocent. she has lower snakebite peircings.

Other: Her major goal at the moment is to start a restaraunt in a room at her shared house, unfortunatly she is doubtful that her roomies will be very happy about that.

Fashion Style: Pastel Goth, a bit of casual.

Background: Edith was living in the East London slum (Her family used to be very wealthy, until the financial crisis.) until her parents struck lucky and won her 100,000 dollars so she could live her suburban dream in Cape Casanova. Unfortunatly the money could only afford to share a house with four other people, who she had never met before. She quickly signed the papers for moving and she was off. Unfortunatly on her flight to America she got a devastating emergency call from her father. Her mother had been killed in a car accident...She panicked, and she was forced to fly back for the funeral as soon as the plane landed in America.

Image Writing sample:
Ediths murder mystery (A story from when she was at boarding school.)

It was a cold and rainy day, Edith Bently stepped carefully on her black Mary Jane shoe into Marilyn Boarding school's boarders train. She sighed. Another year at school. Well, except this year she would be somewhat of a celebrity with those old enough to understand what a detective is and does. She waved her parents goodbye with a bored, limp hand, and continued to walk into the ornate, old fashioned train. She shoved her cold hand into a wooly pocket of her french parkor coat. At last she found the carriage her bestfriend was in.
"Hey-" She was cut off by a tiny girl with fiery red hair lunging at her, pulling her into a big bear hug. Bobby.
"EDDY," Bobby McCartney screeched, pulling her into the carriage, "I missed you so much!"
"Same here!" She tucked a strand of pale blue hair behind her ear. (Her hair had been pale blue.)
They settled down and the train started, heaving like a puffed out old women.

At about halfway point to the school, the train aruptly stopped, and was plunged into darkness. Bobby was thrown into the window, cracking it.
"Oh my lord!" Edith grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around, facing her. "Are you alright.
Bobby rubbed her very bruised head and smiled slightly. "I'm fine," her eyes wondered to the carriage door. "But what about her?"
Edith followed her best friends gaze, a very tall and scared loking girl was walking past, suddenly breaking into a run.
The silent minutes ticked past with no sign of the train starting up again, when a shrill screech broke the silence.
Edith stood up, and grabbed her flashlight, just as blood started to seep under the door.

I really do hope you accept my character, I spent a lot of time and effort making this. Thanks for the form though, it really helped :)

So begins...

Edith Bently's Story