Fallyn Jade Roe

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Fallyn (pronounced fa-ah-lyn) Jade Roe


Sexual Orientation:


Fall, Lyn

Waitress at Hardy’s Diner

Reading, writing, dancing, arts and crafts, walking on the beach.

Writing, dancing, and nature.

Flexible, quick reader, people friend.

Gullible, shy, has A hard time expressing herself.

Cherries, dogs, dancing, anything vintage, nature, gypsy stones, incense, and astrology

Storms, jerks, shoes (even though she wears them she tries to wear open shoes like sandals and flip-flops except for work when she wears sneakers for work), being touched by strangers or anyone

Fallyn is a shy girl, which is opposite from her bold clothing and make-up. When it comes to actually doing her job she talks herself down from her anxiety on the way there. She likes to keep to herself and hates confrontation. If someone is angry at her and raises their voice she goes on the defensive. Fallyn will walk away so no one will see her cry. Other than being shy, she is a kind hearted girl who trusts maybe too easily. She gives other people the benefit of the doubt because she doesn't like to judge A person by their looks. Fallyn is not one for labeling people and tries hard not to.


Fallyn is 5'4 and is curvy. Her ivory skin is kind of pale but she prefer it that way. She has medium length auburn red hair that she may or may not dye to make it a little redder. Her eyes are a mixture of different shades of blues. They shine in the sun and change to an aqua blue when crying. She likes to enhance them with make-up. She wears glasses but only When reading or at her job.

Fallyn is taking the last of her creative writing classes online. Among taking these classes she is also writing a book that she hopes to finish in a couple months.

Fashion Style:
She likes a little of everything but dresses in hippy, vintage, and darkish stuff.

Fallyn was born in the south of Georgia on April 18th, 1992. Her father was a professor at the university and her mother was A nurse at the hospital. Many of the kids in her neighborhood would tease her except Marx Adams. Marx was the only one to actually invite her over to play. At first she refuse but the next day he came with cherries. She was stunned that he knew she liked cherries. They became best friends over the summer. He had introduced her to the woods. Marx had bit a fort and carved their names into the top of the door frame. Fallyn believed he was everything she was not. He was brave, adventurous, and cute. By the time they were in middle shoot she developed a crush on him. She was ready to quit dancing when Marx talked her into saying. He said she looked majestic.

In the last year of middle school Fallyn made a new friend, Stacy Prince. She was the one to get Fallyn into writing and vintage clothing. As she became close to Fallyn, Stacy became close to Marx. Within a few weeks they started to go out. Fallyn was heartbroken and soon started to shut away from them. Soon they became strangers as they entered high school. Marx and Stacy dated until Junior year when Stacy called it off so she could date some college guy named, Tony. Fallyn could see how heartbroken he was when she passed him in the hull or at lunch. One day he had stopped her in the hall and asked her to meet him at the fort. When she finally got there, after getting lost, they stood there in silence. He asked her why she stopped talking to him. She looked at him for the longest time before saying she loved him and walked away. He tried to stop her but she made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him. He had never tried to stop his friends from making fun of her. She told him she hope he would feel as empty and alone as she had. The beginning of senior year Marx died in a car accident. Fallyn felt guilty and refused to make friends after that. She was afraid of hurting someone else. Now two years after the accident her parents are forcing her out into the world to learn that stuff happens.

Image Writing sample:
Fallyn had looked at the three boxes and suit cases that were on the floor before collapsing on her bed. It was a joke. She had two suit cases of clothes and make-up. The three boxes by the door were full of books and maybe two picture frames of her and her parents. She dreaded this day, what if they didn’t like her? “I don’t know if I can do this.” She said as her eyes slowly took in her room. The room was bare, she hadn’t started unpacking yet. Her headboard faced the window so that she was facing the door. The dresser faced the closet on the opposite of the room. Her father had helped her bring her bed and dresser up. She never thought her little arms could lift something so heavy. Now she was exhausted, “I can’t fall asleep now. . . I wonder if I can take a shower..” She Sat upon her bed and stared at the door like a it was on fire.

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