Axelle Polarius

Casian's younger sister that's tired of being in his shadow

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a character in “Capitol Academy”, as played by Aurelier


Name - Axelle Polarius

Gender - Female

Race - Magus

Age - Appears 21, but is actually 24

Birth Rank - Royal

Weight- 110 lbs

Hair/Eye Colour- Black hair, bright blue eyes

Build- She stands at around 5' 5" so she's average-sized. Her body is absolutely perfect

Other-She has a tattoo, but you're not allowed to see it unless she wants you to.

Marital Status - Single, because getting married to her would be a challenge for anyone and she hates all the suitors that she comes across.


Personality - Devious and manipulative, Axelle is evil to the core. Her only goal in attending the academy is to get her chance to destroy the prince. She doesn't think her brother is fit to rule, because he is weak and Shar needs a strong leader. She is very spoiled and always gets what she wants.

Hobbies- Fighting, getting things done her way.

Crushes- None at the moment

Equipment- She wears blue and gold chords on her uniform which she modified to fit herself. She usually wears a short skirt and unbuttons her shirt to the point that it's barely legal. She usually wears knee-high socks and some very expensive shoes. Axelle carries two small, silver daggers in her skirt.

History- Axelle was raised in the shadows of her two older brothers and has despised them for as long as she can remember. As a princess, she is often forced to talk to suitors that she finds annoying and boring. Up untill this point, Axelle has gotten everything she wanted. Right now, the thing Axelle wants most is Casian dead.

So begins...

Axelle Polarius's Story