Songrose Liadon

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a character in “Capitol Academy”, as played by Crystal Flamedance


Name- Songrose Liadon (Song; Rose)

Gender- Female

Race- Elf

Age- Looks 18; actually 27

Birth Rank- commoner

School Rank- private

Height- 5'6

Weight- 150

Hair/Eye Colour- Hair: Black; Eyes: Blue

Build- slim; somewhat fragile-looking

Marital Status- Single

Other- She usually keeps her hair tied back into a long braid, but keeps a cloth headband wrapped several times around her wrist, just in case.


Personality- She likes to make herself useful, even if others refuse her help. Sometimes, she can be pushy and bossy if they don't allow her to take care of any injuries or illnesses. She generally does as she's told, with little to no argument, but can be stubborn herself if she's being ignored. She is also a prefectionist, and something of a nneat freak. There simply can't be a mess; she'll start cleaning as soon as she finds one. She does, however, have a tendacy of being quiet around guys, rather shy around them.

Hobbies- reading, sketching, learining about the other races, music (usually singing or humming)

Crushes- none...yet...though she does look every now and then


Equipment- She wears a green uniform, with the skirt generally down to her ankles. She usually keeps her first aid kit in a bookbag on her back, prefering to carry it that way rather than carrying it in her hands or arms all the time. She only carries a small knife at her waist, which usually ends up being used for everyday, mundane purposes, though that wasn't what it was given to her for.


She grew up on her own, her mother having died while giving birth, and because she has no idea what ever happened to her father. She was raised by a human couple, who she started calling her mother and father, even if they weren't. The humans sent her to the academy, and the only thing she found suitable for herself was being a medic, mainly because she isn't very strong, but fast and alert enough to get where she is needed.

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