Jet Mitsukuni

"Do you like cake, because that one looks sooo~ good~"

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a character in “Capture the "Flag"”, as played by Setsugie


Name: Jet Mitsukuni
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Appearance: Image
Standing at a mere 148cm(4'10 ft) with blond hair and over-cross twinkle eyes( http://images.wikia.com/airgear/images/ ... r_eyes.jpg ) but wears blue contacts, Jet looks like a 6 year old boy and is always seen carrying a pink stuffed bunny doll; pink smoke erupts from him like a small explosion, and he reverts into his normal body, standing at 183cm(6 ft) with the same blond hair and eyes with a fairly muscled body.
Anything else you want to add?: When he is serious or angry this image can be seen towering behind him( http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... rmking.jpg )


Personality:He's optimistic and likes to eat anything sweet. His childish appearance makes him look like he should still be in an Elementary School.
He appears to be dimwitted, but actually is very smart, and is able to outsmart scholars. Even though he is usually happy, he can be angered somewhat easily, and can be very intimidating to the other people even gang members. This often results in the people having strange rumors about him, such as Jet fighting off two platoons of US Green Berets, when the idea itself was impossible. It appears that when Jet wakes up he is cranky, irritable, and is also gained the name Low Blood Pressure Demon Lord.
Likes: He likes any type of sweet, he loves to eat in large quantity.
Dislikes: Depressing people. people that wake him up while hes napping.


Element: Wind
Weakness: Fire
Symbolic animal: Swallow
Any weapons other than your element?: Jet has been seen using this full blade


(Its that big too) wrapped in bandages or its high above the earths atmosphere(Uses the wind to keep it up there).


Jet was abducted when he was a baby and experimented on, he was part of a bio-engineering program, for many years he was experimented on for being the ultimate weapon, though it backfired, his body was severely altered which is why he looks like a elementary school boy when hes 19 years old; Though he can revert his body to its original form for a maximum period of 1 and a half hours per day then he reverts back. Soon after he hit 17 years he escape the installation/facility he was held in, and started to live a new life....

So begins...

Jet Mitsukuni's Story