Rose Gardener

Just because I control Earth doesn't mean I'm nice

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a character in “Capture the "Flag"”, as played by gezzygezzy


Name: Rose Gardener
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heteriosexual
Image(not the dress or tattoos)
Tattoos or scars?: Has quite a few scars and tattoos. Around her left arm is a tattoo of a vine with thorns on it that goes all the way up to her shoulder. Their is a ring of dying roses on her right ankle and has a small heart on her waist. Their is a scar she made herself through the heart but has others from disobeying rules. Their are scars on her back that seem to run up and down, clawing marks on her left forearm, and a slashing scar on her left calf. She hides the scars on her back. She could heal them, but they remind her that the pain isn't as bad as the rules, at least that's what she tells herself
Element: Earth
Symbolic animal: Tiger
Weakness: Fire
Personality: Rose is not sweet like most make out Earth controllers to be. She's like a rose in fact. Looks beautiful and sweet, but when you get closer you find the thorns. She is sarcastic, and doesn't really care about pain. She doesn't care if she has to kill somebody. She's almost emotionless except for anger...almost. She may try to hide it, but she does have a soft spot for the other 'pearls'. She also has a weakness mentally. Whenever she loves somebody, which has never happened before excep for once, she would do almost anything for them. If she realizes she's being tricked she gets angry and when she gets seriously angry she gets violent.
Doing what she wants
Being told what to do
More for a later date
Any weapons other than your element?: Has two swords from the picture above, and prefers to use them instead of her powers
Anything else you want to add?: She doesn't like that they were captured for their powers, so she uses them as little as possible, not that she hasn't been finding little ways to learn things. She observes her surroundings and nature, then she thinks of ways to use it for a later date. She has been practicing in private though so nobody know shes using her powers at all.

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