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Card Wielders

Card Wielders


The power of the cards is now yours. Use it wisely.

801 readers have visited Card Wielders since ViviOrunitiaFF9 created it.


Thousands of years ago, there were a group of heroes called 'Card Wielders'. There were 14. 7 belonging to good, and 7 to evil. They fought in a war and it ended with their deaths. Now, there are 14 more 'Card Wielders' in the worlds but the 7 that were belonging to good were brought up in the Earth realm and the 7 of evil, were brought up in Chorlaen. One day, very soon, they will meet and fight to defend the balance of the worlds.

Warrior: The warrior uses 'weapon cards' to conjure weapons in which they fight with. They have the strongest attack but the lowest stealth. They also have average defence and cannot use magic. Their starting card choices are:
'Short Sword Card', 'Bow and Arrow Card' and 'Dagger Card'. Warriors can only use weapon cards.

Rogue: The rogue can uses any three types of cards, (Example: weapon cards, elemental magic cards and alchemy cards.) but they are weaker then the originals. They must have one non magical type and up to two magical types. They have the second strongest attack and have the highest stealth. They also have below average defence and can use magic. They have one starting card from each of their three types of cards. (Example: Dagger card, fire ball card and sleeping potion card.)

Alchemist: The alchemist uses 'alchemy cards' to conjure the recipe of a certain type of potion. They have above average attack and below average stealth. They also have the second lowest defence and are not magical. Their starting card choices are: 'Weak Sleeping Potion Card', 'Weak Exploding Potion Card' and 'Weak Antidote Card'. Alchemists can only use alchemy cards.

Mage: The mage uses 'elemental magic cards' to conjure the elements. They have the second lowest attack and above average stealth. They also have above average defence and can use magic. Their starting card choices are:
'Fireball Card', 'Thunderbolt Card' and 'Gale Card'. Mages can only use elemental magic cards.

Healer: The healer uses 'healing magic cards' to heal wounds and ailments. They have the lowest attack and average stealth. They also have the second highest defence and are magical. Their starting card choices are:
'Minor Cut Card', 'Minor Ailment Card' and 'Minor Wound Card'. They can use healing magic cards and one aeon card which they have from the beginning along with their starter healing card.

Summoner: The summoner uses 'aeon cards' to summon aeons into battle. They have below average attack and the second lowest stealth. They also have the lowest defence and can use magic. Their starting card choices are:
'Feline Aeon Card', 'K-9 Aeon Card' and 'Flying Aeon Card'. The summoner names the Aeon themselves, the card is not called 'Feline Aeon card'. (Example: Feline aeon card becomes Midnight Aeon Card. Midnight is the feline aeon's name.). They can use aeon cards and a few basic healing cards.

Witch: The witch uses 'spell cards' to cast spells. (The three categories of spells are Barriers, Strikes and Miscellaneous which consists of curses etc.) They have average attack and the second highest stealth. They also have the highest defence and can use magic. Their starting card choices are: 'Basic Magical Barrier', 'Weak Stun Strike' and 'Basic Wart Curse'. They can use spell cards and have one weapon card which they have from the beginning along with their starting spell card.

When they are transported to Chorlaen, they discover string pendants around their necks which are holding different coloured uncut gems which correspond with their class.

Warrior: Garnet - Red
Rogue: Onyx - Black
Alchemist: Opal - Orange
Mage: Sapphire - Blue
Healer: Emerald - Green
Summoner: Diamond - White
Witch: Amethyst - Purple


Warrior: Reserved for fullmetal642
Rogue: Seiko Ikida
Alchemist: Open
Mage: Sarah Ravencroft
Healer: Reimi Cellings
Summoner: Ibram Gaunt
Witch: Jonathan Eastbrook


Warrior: Reserved for Jaxson
Rogue: Altarix Almas
Alchemist: Open
Mage: Open
Healer: Open
Summoner: Open
Witch: Reserved for MacO'Connor15


Age (15 - 25):
Starting Cards:
Orientation (Good or Evil):
Appearance (Anime preferably):
Where do you hold your cards:

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Jonathan was still in his bed and it was three in the afternoon! A rare occurrence for him...then again, he didn't get much sleep anyway. He showered and changed then went for a jog. The air was a little cold, but nothing he couldn't handle. The continuous rhythm of his foot steps against the ground calmed him and he was out until 6:48 jogging without stop.
"Jog done, then food and then bed." He got to his kitchen and looked around for something that he wanted to eat when he saw a card on his table. Jonathan walked over and picked it up then looked over every inch of it. The picture was darkness with a red tear drop shape in the middle which looked like it was in motion. The red shape was lighting up the darkness and he could see a tree in the background.
"How the hell did this card get here?" He read the writing at the bottom. "Weak stun strike...? Ok..." He said sarcastically before he threw it back down on the table and continued to get his dinner but kept looking back at the card.


Sarah was reading her favourite book which she had read about a million times. She turned the page, only to see a card drop out.
"Huh...?" She picked it up and looked at the picture and writing.
"Thunder Bolt...? Uh huh..." The picture was a dark night with brightened clouds in the middle at the top of the card. From this lighter spot was a bolt of lightning which didn't touch the bottom of the card. /she put the card down and went back to her book but couldn't focus on it. Her mind was still full of thoughts about the card.


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#, as written by Akantha
Reimi awoke that morning with all the usual intentions. School had been out for the weekend and she made sure to relax as much as she could. She got dressed and headed downstairs to snatch up her pocky box before heading out the door to go to her favorite cafe. Once there she would be able to read and sip luxurious tea while hot guys walked around with friendly smiles. She could blush all she wanted too because wasn't it natural to be nervous when ordering food? You could pick the wrong thing and screw up then embarrass yourself. Of course, those were only excuses in her mind. She took a seat in the back watching the usual patrons go about talking and laughing before she picked a pocky biscuit from the box and plopped it into her mouth. It being her favorite candy, she enjoyed having it at all times of the day. Her hand went for the second but instead pulled out a slender card.

Her face scrunched into a scowl of curious wonder as she stared at the intricate designs of the card. For all she thought it was a tarot card. "Minor wound card? I see. I wonder if it's Karen's." She murmured softly thinking of her friend who used tarot cards all the time. She jumped startled when her waiter appeared with a smile, and a blush crept up her face. She laid the card on the table to begin her order. She would figure out while she had the card eventually since Karen usually called after a while unless it wasn't hers. Reimi pursed her lips thinking. "Ma'am? Would you like sugar with that.?" She blinked then began to blush deeper. "So sorry. Must be my pocky getting to me. No sugar. Thanks." The waiter walked off shaking his head and she let out a sigh before looking back to the card. It's strange. I'm sure tarot cards don't have those designs...


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#, as written by Jaxson
“Piper! Y-you did this!?” Jimeniette gasped and sank to her knees. Her long, dark brown hair fell around her like a curtain. Piper stared at the little bird. It had kept her up at night with its chirping and moving about. So Piper had gotten out of bed and gone into Jimeniette’s room where she kept the bird locked up in a small little cage next to her bed. It had been a simple task. After all, the woman was a hard sleeper, which was why she didn’t mind the bird anyways. So she hadn’t heard when Piper took the bird out and carried it outside. Piper had killed it quickly enough, not for merciful reasons, but she was tired.

“Wh-why would you…how could you do this! He was just an innocent little bird and you KILLED him![/i] Jimeniette screamed. Piper laughed quietly. Her black hair hung in her face and covered her eyes from Jimeniette’s view. She could hear her hysterics and was amused by them. Really, all that fuss for some little bird? How pathetic, really.

“Goodbye, Jimeniette,” she said with a grin. Her brown leather messenger bag was slung over one shoulder and she was ready to go. Piper turned and walked away from her big yellow house, leaving her sobbing. Apparently, she had hatched the bird and raised it, named it Jack in honor of her dead husband; she was recently widowed. Rather stupid, how does that help oneself? It’s just some little bird, really there was no big deal. Jimeniette was cursing Piper. Piper giggled hysterically, rather like a dangerous resident of a psycho ward, one who had escaped and was wreaking havoc upon society. A girl like the daughter of the Joker from Batman, Piper was a girl that the devil would smile at with approval.

Piper looked at the card that she had found earlier that morning. It was of a bow and arrow. She wasn’t sure why she took it. It was probably a waste of space, but she could throw it away later. Maybe sell it when she got into a town. Then she could get some money, maybe eventually enough to buy something really worthwhile.

"Jack fell down..." she spoke in an eerie, sing-song voice that would give just about anyone chills. She looked down at the card in her hand, "And broke his crown."


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"Well, at least that match is done..." Ibram wipes the sweat off his head as he wins the tennis match. "Huh, what's this?" He says, finding a card on top of his tennis bag. "Huh, looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh card..." he holds it in his hand, and looks in detail at it. "K-9 Aeon Card? Never heard of this one, probably a prank or something..." he stuffs it in his pocket and heads out.

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Character Portrait: Ibram Gaunt
0 sightings Ibram Gaunt played by Commisar_Gaunt
"Alright, bring it on! Fireheart Aeon Card, open!"
Character Portrait: Altarix Almas
0 sightings Altarix Almas played by fullmetal642
"Tsk Tsk Tsk you should really have stayed home, because now I have to KILL YOU!"
Character Portrait: Reimi Cellings
0 sightings Reimi Cellings played by Akantha
"I don't talk to strangers. I'm not sorry."
Character Portrait: Virgo Sarah Lionheart
0 sightings Virgo Sarah Lionheart played by DarkPhoenix
"are you scared? don't be, I don't bite...much."
Character Portrait: Akira Hosugaki
0 sightings Akira Hosugaki played by fullmetal642

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Character Portrait: Piper June Tyren


Character Portrait: Piper June Tyren
Piper June Tyren

Emotions hold people back from their true potential. Therefore I try to limit mine.


Character Portrait: Piper June Tyren
Piper June Tyren

Emotions hold people back from their true potential. Therefore I try to limit mine.

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Character Portrait: Piper June Tyren
Piper June Tyren

Emotions hold people back from their true potential. Therefore I try to limit mine.

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Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

vivi for now im giving you full control of my character because im kinda gonna be M.I.A stuff i need to do
(oh and vivi make it sound like me not like you)

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

could i possibly switch my second character to the good warrior, i dont want two bad guys?

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

The roleplay has started. Post to your hearts content!

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

then i would like to reserve the evil mage

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

If you are wanting to double up on characters, the by all means go ahead. I'm going to get a second character as well.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

Should People double up on characters?

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

I didn't realize to just now but both of the rogues comments seem to make a conversation.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

I finished my character.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

can i reserve the evil warrior? i can have the character by tonight

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

Commisar_Gaunt wrote:Does the Summoner only have one card, or does he have one of each type?

The summoner only has one aeon card at the beginning. It can be your strongest or your weakest and you will build up o the strongest.

Like I said, I'm giving people a lot of independence in this one.

Lightningflash wrote:One more question for now. Do alchemy cards summon the potions themselves, or just recipes for the wielder to follow?

Sorry but yes. The potions just appearing would be too easy. You could have it that you make the potions and them transfer them into the card for when you need them but you will only get as many as you put in. I suppose that would be ok.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

That's what I suspected, but I just wanted it clarified. I was just unsure because it would seem more practical for the cards to summon the potion itself, although I guess that would make it too easy!

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

I know the answer for the second question!!! I read the description and copy and pasted! XD It says: "The alchemist uses 'alchemy cards' to conjure the recipe of a certain type of potion."

So I'm guessing it's just the recipe.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

One more question for now. Do alchemy cards summon the potions themselves, or just recipes for the wielder to follow?

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

Does the Summoner only have one card, or does he have one of each type?

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

Chorlaen is based in the 17th to 19th century. Their weapons are very primitive. Bow and arrow, sword etc. Think of Narnia, then combine it with the Salem witch trial period style houses and a few more modern house for the rich and shameless. The seven evil card wielders control the land, each watching over certain parts of Chorlaen.

No, those who come from Earth have no idea that Chorlaen exists. The evil card wielders do however because they grew up there. The evil card wielders know about earth but very little.

I hope this is enough information.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

I would like to know a little bit more about Chorlaen and do the card wielder know about there powers on that side, it would help with my history which is right now all i have left.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

I asked a few questions through PMs and Vivi thought it would be a good idea to post them,

Can rogues start with 3 cards?
A: Yes, the rogue will start with 3 cards but they will be weaker than the originals.

If so then what is the limit on them?
A: At least one non magical class and up to two magical. Only one of each starting card from the three classes that you choose.

Will we be able to acquire new cards along the way?
A:Yes. More cards will be acquired along the way. It is explained in the intro.

Can a weapon give some two of the same type of weapon, as in dual wielding.
A:I never really thought of that. I suppose you could get a card which has a picture of dual weapons which will give you two swords, two axes etc.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

My original idea had been a portal in the shape of a door. They are basically drawn to it but when they open the door they black out and wake up in Chorlaen. It's not very original but that's why I asked for suggestions. I like both of your ideas and I would like to use them. I just need to know what the portal would look like and so on. The door idea just doesn't really seem very...I don't know...well, for lack of better words, original.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

I would have to say the magical portal idea would work best in my opinion. It does seem kind of bland and sort of expected, but its a classic and you cant go wrong with a classic most of the time.

As for who should teach them, well if you do the magic portal idea. why not have the person who opened the portal be the one to teach them.(another cliche, but it works.)

p.s. I did the editing to my character like you asked, i just couldn't send you a reply through pm because I can't send messages yet.

Re: [OOC] Card Wielders

Well, the simplest idea would be a magical portal, but that could turn out to be a bit bland. Another idea would to have the people who are seeking the heroes' help come and kidnap them (with chloroform, an unmarked white van, the works) and then have them transport there somehow, like a warp drive, or the portal thing again.

A more abstract idea would be that they would all go into simultaneous comas, so they would only be in Chorlaen in the sense of Astral Projection, but still be able to fight and get hurt. For now, that's all I have.